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How long does it take to beat Trailmakers and unlock all trophies?

Around 15 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Trailmakers and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Does Trailmakers have missable trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Trailmakers Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Trailmakers Trophy Guide and Road Map. Trailmakers is an interesting vehicle-construction game similar to titles like Kerbal Space Program. Using lego-like blocks and various powered pieces like engines and servos you can create any vehicle from a drone to a Star-Wars-style walker.

The game is packed to the brim with various activities that you can use to test out your creations, this includes three sandbox areas, two racing-focused game modes, and even a full campaign!

Phase One – Stranded in Space

To kick things off in this Trailmakers Trophy Guide, you should load up the “Stranded in Space” single-player game mode. It’s essentially the Trailmakers campaign and will teach you all about the different physics systems at play and slowly introduce you to various important vehicle parts.

You can find salvage on the campaign map, so your goal should be to build vehicles capable of recovering and transporting these pieces of salvage.

Throughout this campaign, you will learn how to make vehicles suited to various different tasks, and get to grips with the vehicle builder.

I recommend that you check out the default templates in the blueprints section of the vehicle builder. There, you’ll find several vehicles specially designed for overcoming the challenges introduced along the way. I found that the best way to slowly make your way up to building the Spaceship was to first focus on building the other vehicles in the template list.

The last one I ended up needing was the pick-up drone, from there I was able to recover all the parts needed for the Spaceship and could skip the other templates.

On the matter of the pick-up drone; due to a physics update, the pick-up drone no longer works. It’s completely unusable. So just note that once you have the required parts, you will need to build a working one yourself, and cannot rely on the one provided. Try browsing the online library (see Car Collector) for a better one designed by other players. The excellent one I used was “Gimbal Car 2.0” by “master-max19” but it requires Gimbal Jets.

Stranded in Space Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Ready for take-off

Rebuild your spaceship



This is the main goal of the Stranded in Space campaign. You must find enough salvage to build a spaceship that you can get off-world with. The Ready for take-off trophy doesn’t actually unlock when you get off-world, or even when you build your spaceship. All you actually need to do is find all of the parts needed to build the spaceship and then it will unlock!

You can view which parts you still need by opening the Template section of your blueprints tab in the builder and then highlighting the Spaceship blueprint at the far-right side.

If there are some parts you still don’t have, they will be listed there.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bring Marshmallows!

Enter the volcano!



In the Stranded in Space campaign, the set of islands you are on contains a volcano. You will actually need to enter this volcano anyway if you wish to complete the campaign because the Dragon Jet part required for the Spaceship is found inside.

To get in there, you just need a flying craft such as an airplane, but you will have a much better chance of recovering the Dragon Jet if you have a working pick-up drone.

Once you’ve entered the volcano, regardless of whether you can recover the salvage inside, the “Brind Marshmallows!” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Power Core Collector

Find 15 Power Cores in the campaign



The Power Core Collector Trophy can only be earned in the Stranded in Space campaign mode. The main objective of the campaign is to collect enough salvage to build a spacecraft. The spacecraft requires 24 Power Cores so you can’t actually complete the campaign without earning the Power Core Collector Trophy.

Power cores are one of the main types of salvage you can find and they will allow you to equip more powered pieces on your vehicles, such as engine parts, propellors, electromagnets, and more!

The Power Core Collector Trophy will unlock as soon as you bring your 15th Power Core Salvage to a Recovery Drone.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Leonardo da Vinci

Stay airborne in a zero Power Core vehicle for 60 seconds

During the Stranded in Space campaign, once you have unlocked the Prop Plane blueprint by collecting the relevant salvage, fly up to one of the floating islands way up in the sky and land on one.

Once up there, open build mode and then remove all of the propellers from the plane. Make sure that the plane is using zero power cores. If you haven’t modified it from the default blueprint then just removing the propellers is all you’ll need to do.

Once you’re sure it has no power cores, assign it to your + quick transform menu and then switch to a car or other powered vehicle. The reason for the car is that a propeller-less plane can’t even move, so we need something temporary to drive over the cliff in.

As soon as you are airborne, use the + quick transform shortcuts to switch to your unpowered plane. You’ll still need to use to level yourself out as much as you can but, otherwise, the rest of this should be pretty easy. Just soar over the island for 60 seconds or more and the Leonardo da Vinci trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
So attractive!

Pick up a piece of Salvage with the magnet

You will earn this trophy in the Stranded in Space campaign mode, which has you collecting salvage left, right and center. Hands down the best way to collect salvage early on is to use a magnet, this way you’re not awkwardly ramming spheres across an unruly landscape, and can actually pick them up!

First, though, you will need to find the electromagnet piece. To get it, progress enough at the landing site to be able to build the “Amphibian” template in the blueprints menu. With that, you will be able to cross the water.

You should start at the beach near “Recovery Drone #42” and then head north-west across the water until you reach a small island named “Magnet Island” on the map. There, on a rock next to “Recovery Drone #9001,” there is a big piece of salvage containing the Electromagnet.

Get it to the Recovery Drone to unlock the magnet. The “So attractive!” trophy will unlock once you use it for the first time, so equip a vehicle with a magnet or two and then use them to grab a piece of salvage.

Phase Two – Trailmakers Rally

Once you’re done with the Stranded in Space game mode and the trophies within, it’s time to have a little bit more fun in the game, no more scouring the map for salvage!

For this phase of our Trailmakers Trophy Guide, you should switch to the Trailmakers Rally mode, which contains a series of races. You don’t need to complete them all but will need to at least progress far enough for the “Cliff Land” race to unlock.

Completing a race will unlock access to the next one so you’ll need to progress because there are three races you need to get a gold rating on. On every other race, feel free to just finish with a bronze rating, it doesn’t make a difference.

At the start of this game mode, you will have just one power core at your disposal. Each race has a different power core limit which will prevent you from making supercars right out of the gate. For the most part, though, the game’s default recommended vehicle is good enough to get gold. Just make sure you’re smart about how you turn corners and you stay close to the inside wall.

Your experience in the Stranded in Space mode should have given you a decent amount of experience with each block and also how to handle the aerodynamics of your vehicle, so you should be able to upgrade your vehicle in beneficial ways where needed.

Trailmakers Rally Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Get gold on Downhill Rush

Downhill Rush is the fifth course in Trailmakers Rally mode. To unlock the Goldrush trophy, complete it in under 00:44:31. The default vehicle is perfectly fine for this, there’s no need to modify it at all.

Don’t be afraid to release to slow yourself down a bit on the downhill section, and remember that this vehicle is using Racing Wheels, which are no good off-road, so try to stay on the tarmac!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Slide to Win

Get gold on Sunny Slide

As you get further into Trailmakers Rally mode, multiple races will unlock all at once, so keep an eye out for “Sunny Slide” unlocking on the right side of the map so you don’t miss it.

You will need to complete Sunny Slide in under 01:25:43 to unlock the Slide to Win trophy. The only modification I recommend doing here is to replace the rear engine with a Dragon Engine, which is much better and will make your vehicle a lot faster.

You should try your best to stay on the dirt track because if you hit the mud you’re likely to spin out immediately. There are a few jumps in this course which lead straight onto a mud flat, my advice for dealing with these is to release the accelerator as you go up the hill, to avoid flying out of control at the other side.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
To fly or not to fly

Get gold on Cliff Land

Cliff Land can be found near the middle of the map once it is available. Keep an eye out for this track at the bottom of the 8-shaped track.

To unlock the To fly or not to fly trophy, you will need to earn gold on Cliff Land by beating it in under 00:49:63. This is actually a lot easier than the last race, though.

Again, you can speed the default vehicle up further by adding a second Dragon Engine right in front of the one already attached. This will make staying ahead of the gold ghost a lot easier, but it negatively affects your aerodynamics, so be sure to add back the wedges you removed.

Don’t be afraid to slow down on the corners of this track, as you’ll easily be able to make up any lost time. You should also be very careful to keep the vehicle balance while soaring through the air, one bad landing is all it takes to shatter your vehicle to pieces.

Phase Three – Race Island

“Race Island” is a small island that you’re able to freely explore rather than teleporting from race to race. You can also enter races to test vehicles you’ve designed or downloaded. For the trophies in this phase of our Trailmakers Trophy Guide, however, you won’t need to enter any races.

Instead, you’ll need to explore the island, and can use any vehicle you like to do so!

Race Island

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Island Hopper

Land on all the floating islands above Race Island

There are six small floating islands above race island, similar to those above the Stranded in Space campaign map. To unlock the Island Hopper trophy, you should use a helicopter or drone to fly up to them and then land on each one.

Try to keep track of which islands you have and haven’t landed on. The trophy will unlock once you land on the fifth island.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hot Air

Crash into the blimp on Race Island

The blimp is quite hard to miss, this giant red balloon above the map’s spawn point has large TV screens on either side of it. To unlock the Hot Air trophy, load in any Plane or Drone you like and fly directly into it!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Best view in town

Land on the lighthouse on Race Island

There’s a pretty difficult-to-miss lighthouse in the northeast quadrant of the map. Take a plane, drone, or helicopter and simply fly up to the top of it. Land your vehicle up there (or get close enough to just jump out onto it) and the “Best view in town” trophy will unlock immediately.

Phase Four – Danger Zone

“Danger Zone” is a Sandbox mode available from the main menu. Inside, you will have full free roam of “Danger Island.” There’s just a couple of simple trophies to pick up there during this phase of our Trailmakers Trophy Guide, before we move on.

Danger Zone Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
El Capitan

Reach the top of Danger Island

For the El Capitan Trophy, you just need to use a plane, drone, or helicopter, to fly up to the top of the highest peak on Danger Island. That’s the Southwest one.

The trophy will unlock as soon as you touch the top of the peak.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Shoot hoops on Danger Island

One of the great mini activities you can find on Danger Island is a basketball minigame. It is found very close to the spawn. The legitimate way to play this minigame is to create a fast car or other wheeled vehicle and then send it full speed up the vertical ramp. From there, you should try to land in one of the hoops.

As fun as that is, you can actually just take a drone or helicopter and fly right into a hoop. The 3-pointer trophy will unlock once you’re in any hoop.

Phase Five – Treasure Island

Treasure Island is another sandbox level with plenty of hidden things to see and do. For this fifth phase of our Trailmakers Trophy Guide, there is a handful of puzzles to solve, a few secrets to find, and several flaming rings to pass through.

Treasure Island Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Drive over 8 chickens on in one session

The “Monster!” trophy can technically be earned on most maps, even the Stranded in Space Campaign easiest place to earn it is in the Treasure Island Sandbox. Why?

There are six chickens that spawn in the same open area that you do. Just spawn in a car with a decent engine and then chase them down. You’ll need to hit eight of them in total without leaving the island, but the remaining two won’t be too hard to come by once you’ve hit these six first.

The trophy will unlock as soon as you hit the eighth chicken.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Moby Dick

Bump into the whales on Treasure Island

There is a small group of whales swimming a large circle around Treasure Island. They can be seen from the air, so I recommend flying a plane, drone, or helicopter around the island in search of them first.

Once you have located them, switch to a submarine and simply drive into one of the whales. The Moby Dick trophy will then unlock immediately.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Man in Black

Fly through all the rings of fire on Treasure island

There are 8 flaming rings to find on Treasure island, and you will need to find and fly through all 8 of them in a plane, drone, or helicopter to unlock the Man in Black trophy.

The first of them is on the beachfront to the south.

The next can be found in the small canyon to the north of the last one.

Above that one, to the right, you can find the third one.

Northwest of the last two rings, you will find this ring over the river.

Continue further north, towards the mountain, and you’ll find this ring on the cliff above a tunnel.

From there, fly to the ring on the floating rock which is in clear view.

You should then be able to see the next ring inside the canyon that splits the mountain.

For the last ring, fly directly upwards, far above the mountain, to find it on a floating island above the peak.

Once you’ve flown through a ring, it will start spewing green smoke which is very helpful for keeping track. Once you fly through the eighth ring, the Man in Black trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Problem Solver

Complete all the ball puzzles on Treasure Island in one game session

On the Treasure Island map, there are several small orange ball icons. Each one indicates the location of a ball puzzle. There are six in total and you will need to complete them all in the same session to unlock Problem Solver.

When you approach a ball, and the circle it is inside, a perimeter will appear which the ball must not leave. Inside that perimeter, you should see a glowing spot. The objective is to get the ball to that glowing spot, where it will lock in place.

Working through the six puzzles from the southern-most one to the northern-most one, here are the six puzzles and how I solved them:

The first one, on the southernmost island, is very simple. I just used a vehicle with several magnets on the front, picked the ball up, and moved it to the target destination.

The next puzzle, on the small island northeast of the last puzzle, is up on a platform. You could use a vehicle like the crane from the default campaign templates, or you can just use a drone to pick it up and fly it to the destination.

Next up, further northeast, just to the west of a swamp-like section of the map, is our third ball puzzle. This one is a lot like the last one, but the ball is now on a very tall pedestal.

Again, you can use a crane or drone vehicle to pick up the ball and place it where it belongs.

Continuing northeast, the next puzzle is on the east side of the main island. This puzzle is the opposite of the second one we completed. The ball is on the ground and must be placed on a raised platform. Once again, the best way to complete this is with a crane or drone you can pick up the ball with.

Moving northeast this time, our next puzzle is at the very north end of the main island. This one is a bit more complex than the others we’ve seen so far. There’s a short wall to get over and a ramp to climb up to reach the goal point. That being said, once again, with a crane or drone vehicle, the puzzle is a breeze.

For the final puzzle, you want to head east, to the medium-sized island at the northeast corner of the map. There, you will see the ball is up on a raised platform, and needs to be taken to a smaller raised platform. Surprise, surprise, the best way to do this is with a drone or crane. Note that the ball cannot touch the sand here so you must keep it elevated if you choose to use a crane.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Pay your respect

Visit the monument on Treasure Island

The monument is a large black slab on the highest floating island, directly above the mountain peak at the center of Treasure Island.

Just fly up to it and get close for the Pay your respect trophy to unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Hug the Tree on the Northeastern Island on Treasure Island

In the northeast corner of the northeast island on the Treasure Island map, there’s a large stone with a hole in the top of it.

Through that hole, you should be able to spot the top of the only tree on the island.

Use a drone or helicopter to lower yourself in and then simply touch the tree with your vehicle to unlock the Treehugger trophy!

Phase Six – Misc Cleanup

The trophies in this section of our Trailmakers Trophy Guide can essentially be completed in any game mode and may indeed have already been unlocked. Peruse the remaining trophies and see how to unlock any that you have missing!

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Sharing is Caring

Upload a vehicle to the Gallery


When you are happy with a vehicle you have made, you can open the tool wheel by holding and then select “Save” with by releasing when it’s highlighted.

Then, you can go to the blueprints menu on the bottom row and select the vehicle you just saved. With it highlighted, press to upload it. You’ll see a menu asking you to confirm the name and description before you upload.

It will take a short moment but once the vehicle is uploaded to the gallery you will receive the Sharing is Caring trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Car Collector

Download and load in a vehicle from the Gallery


When in the vehicle editor, the far-right tab is the downloaded blueprints tab. Before you have downloaded anything it will be empty, so you will need to click the large download icon in the bottom left to open the online gallery browser. In there, find any blueprint you like and then download it.

Once you have it, select it from the downloaded blueprints tab and choose to load it (even if you’re in the campaign mode and don’t have all the required parts) the Car Collector trophy will then unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Sonic Boom

Break the sound barrier

For the Sonic Boom trophy, you’ll want to go a little crazy. You want to build a vehicle that can go so fast that it breaks the sound barrier.

I highly recommend using the Test Zone to do this, which is a completely flat sandbox area where there are no limits to what you can build. From there, just whack a load of dragon jets on a vehicle and see how fast you can go.

If you don’t fancy experimenting and figuring this out, well that’s totally fine! Many other players have you covered! Just load up the online vehicle gallery and search “Sound Barrier.” You will see a lot of creations capable of blasting the sound barrier to pieces.

I chose to use the “Sound Barrier Destroyer” made by “Meme_ShlasherJs” which did exactly as advertised in a very explosive manner!

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master Builder

Gain all trophies

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Trailmakers Trophy Guide, the platinum will unlock.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Trailmakers Trophy Guide. Consider checking out our other guides!

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