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Steelrising Oil Burette Upgrades Guide

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Steelrising Oil Burette Upgrades Guide

Welcome to our Steelrising Oil Burette Upgrades Guide. The Oil Burette in Steelrising is the game’s version of the Estus Flask, Healing Gourd, Flask of Crimson Tears—whichever is your poison—from other popular soulslike series. When equipped to your quick action bar you can press to use it for a quick partial refill of your health bar. Just like the Estus Flask you can upgrade the Oil Burette to be more potent. To do this you need to find Lavoisier Catalysts and a Lavoisier Sublimators; there are 4 each.


Lavoisier Catalyst #1 – Immediately after acquiring the Compass you will slide down a muddy decline and land in front of a Vestal. Take the path that leads away to the left of the Vestal and you will come across a well surrounded by enemy Automats. Behind the well is an item pick-up that is the Lavoisier Catalyst.

Les Invalides

Lavoisier Sublimator #1 – While trying to repair the Mobile Walkway you will come to an area called Factory Port. To your left after you first land in the area there will be a chest with this Lavoisier Sublimator inside.

La Cité

After Les Invalides it’s recommended to visit La Cité before The Tuileries in order to acquire the grappling hook—Bishop’s Hook—which will help you traverse The Tuileries.

Lavoisier Sublimator #2 – Upon meeting Abbé Grégoire and interacting with Monseigneur de La Fare’s ring you will see a broken bridge just beyond a Vestal. Head to where the bridge is broken and you should see a chest down below. Inside is the Lavoisier Sublimator.

The Tuileries

Lavoisier Catalyst #2 – Progress through the area towards Mirabeau and you will eventually reach an area—after jumping to a balcony and cutting through a room—with an Assault Acolyte, and two Musketeer enemies on some stone steps. This is about 70m away from the “Find Mirabeau” objective marker. Defeat the enemies and look for a chest near the foot of some steps for the Lavoisier Catalyst.


Lavoisier Catalyst #3 – Shortly after beginning the area you will reach a large building with stone pillars on the front (Place de la Comedié). Head down the path to your right and you will fight a Ram enemy. Above this enemy is a grapple point that you can use to continue moving forward. Follow the path until you end up on a balcony above the street where you started. On the opposite side of the street is another balcony you can jump to using The Selenite Momentum ( + ) ability. Just beyond the room connected to the balcony is the chest with the Lavoisier Catalyst inside.


Lavoisier Sublimator #3 – While exploring the mines in Montmartre you will come to an area called The High Vein. In the middle of this area is a Ram and two Arachnid enemies. Dispatch these enemies and look for a collapsed wooden bridge with a cross sign nearby. Approach it and you should be able to grapple to some wooden walkways on the back wall. Once over to the wooden walkways, head down and you will see a chest with the Lavoisier Sublimator.

The Bastille

Lavoisier Catalyst #4 – When you reach the ramparts on top of the Bastille there will be a chest behind a large gold cannon that has the Lavoisier Catalyst inside.


Lavoisier Sublimator #4Ensure that you return to a Vestal and upgrade the Oil Burette before you face the final boss otherwise you will be locked out of the trophy. Shortly after the third Vestal in the area you will reach a small overgrown amphitheatre. At the top of one of the steps in the area is a chest with the last Oil Burette upgrade.

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