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Steelrising Citizen Stories Guide

Welcome to our Steelrising Citizen Stories Guide. Citizen Stories in Steelrising are similar to side quests however most of them consist of just talking to faceless NPCs hiding behind doors and windows. Some of these NPCs will ask you to do various things which amount to fetch quests or boss fights but mostly you just have to talk and listen to them. There are 18 Citizen Stories to find in Steelrising.

Les Invalides

Citizen Story #1 – Upon reaching the very first Vestal in the area—just after getting off the boat—you should see a small fence between two buildings just ahead of you on the right side of the path. Jump over the fence and you will see a well with an item pick-up in front of it. Pick it up and follow the path away from the well which will lead you to a blocked road to your left, a graveyard ahead of you, and a large tree with some stone benches to your right. Go to the tree and hop over the railing to your right. Turn right again and you will see a large gate that was locked from the other side; you can open it from this side. Open the gate and then turn around and head down the path to the house with the lights in the windows at the end. There is a cockade above the door. The woman inside the house will ask for a bottle of water. Give it to her to complete the Citizen Story.

Citizen Story #2 – Continue making your way through the area after giving the woman some water and you will come across a town square that is ablaze. Opposite you on the other side of the square is an enemy who will shoot projectiles at you. Make your way to where he was standing and jump on the boxes nearby to climb up to the balcony above. Go through the building and drop down the balcony on the other side. Follow the path through this area until you see an opening on your right with a well in the middle. Walk towards the well and look to your left to find some boarded up windows with a cockade above on of them. As you approach you will be able to talk to a man inside. Keep talking to the Ploughman until he says “Allez-vous-en!” to complete the Citizen Story.

La Cité

After Les Invalides it’s recommended to visit La Cité before The Tuileries in order to acquire the grappling hook—Bishop’s Hook—which will help you traverse The Tuileries.

Citizen Story #3 – After picking up the bible during a cutscene in Île de la Cité you will see a Vestal on your left with a lit-up window to its right. Approach the window and talk to the Survivor until Aegis says she will go kill the large Titan Automat. Look for the wooden ramp opposite the Vestal which will take you to the boss arena. Defeat this boss and you will unlock the Bishop’s Hook (press + to grapple to ledges with an orange glow). Return to the Survivor in the window to complete this story.

Citizen Story #4 – After acquiring the Bishop’s Hook return to the Vest at the broken bridge where you met Abbé Grégoire earlier. There will be a road to the right of the burning building on the corner which leads up to a gate that you can unlock. On the right of this road is a window with a cockade above it right next to a “Vive la Liberte” poster. Speak to the Matron in the window and she will mention her lost son—the Survivor from story #3—at which point you can tell her you found him. Exhaust all her dialogue until you receive a reward to complete this story.

Citizen Story #5 – Use the Bishop’s Hook to cross the Pont au Change and about halfway across you’ll pass through a room and hear two men talking amongst themselves. Wait for their dialogue to end and then leave the room and walk back in. Do this a few times until one of the men say “I hope you’re right, Monsieur” to complete the story.

The Tuileries

Citizen Story #6 – After finding the first Vestal at the end of the gardens in this area you will come to a shield enemy—called a Hoplite—at a seemingly dead end. There will be a grapple point above to the right of where the Hoplite was standing. Directly under the grapple point is an archway with a door inside. Approach the door and a Resident will begin to speak. Exhaust all her dialogue to complete this story.

Citizen Story #7 (Can’t be completed right away) – Shortly after story #6 you will come to a main street with giant spiked wall barricades at either side. Head to the one on the right and you will see a cockade above a door to your left. When you approach you can hear some men talking. Speak to the Doctor and he will ask you to retrieve his tools which are in Luxembourg. You can come back after completing The Tuileries to complete this quest.

Citizen Story #8 – After unlocking the gate with the key Mirabeau gave you there will be an Ice Sprite enemy—has a big round body—in an area with a fountain. Kill the enemy and jump over a small waist-high wooden barrier and look behind you to the right to find a door with a cockade. Speak to the Landlady until she no longer has anything to say.

Citizen Story #9 – At the start of the area where the carriage is (you will need the wall kick ability ( + ) to get this story) will be some steps to the right of the bridge. Go to the top of these steps and dash to the wooden platform suspended ahead. From there jump to the next area and head down the steps, at the bottom to the left is a sewer entrance you can kick in. Go inside and follow the path until you smash down another wall and reach a metal bars with some cloth covering it. Behind the metal bars is two looters having a conversation. Exhaust their dialogue to complete the story.


Citizen Story #10 – At the start of the area you can see three roads. Take the center road and look to your left immediately after passing the broken down carriage. Approach the door with the cockade and listen to the conversation to complete the story.

Citizen Story #11 – Upon reaching the first Vestal in Luxembourg head right up the stairs and there will be a lit-up Inn right in front of you. Approach the door and speak to the Innkeeper until you exhaust their dialogue.

Citizen Story #12 – At the Vestal outside Palais du Luxembourg in the Luxembourg Gardens head to the left and look for a break in the metal fencing that you can drop down from. Head to the right and look for the cockade above a window on the Palais du Luxembourg. Speak to the Aristocrat in the window until you exhaust all his dialogue to complete this story.

Citizen Story #13 – After acquiring the Alchemist’s Ram ( + ) ability head out onto the street where the next Vestal is and head to the far right end of the street to find an entrance into a sewer. Go through the sewer to return to the gardens. Kick down the metal gate in the overgrown area of the garden behind Palais du Luxembourg. Cross the street and head through the large archway to find a cockade above a door to your right. Listen to the conversation to complete the story. This one seems to be quite buggy. You may have to leave and return several times to complete the story. For me every time I left and came back I received the next line of dialogue in the conversation.

Citizen Story #7 (continued) – Just above you and to the left will be a grapple point into Dr Lemonnier’s Surgery. Go inside and grab the Doctor’s Pouch from the table next to the chest. Take it back to the Doctor in The Tuileries to complete the story. It’s important that you go back and complete this story as soon as you finish Luxembourg as if you delay it any further there is a chance that you will fail the story.

Les Invalides, Second Visit

Citizen Story #14 – Opposite the Vestal outside Eugéne de Vaucanson’s Townhouse is a building with a cockade to the right of some double doors. Approach the doors and speak to Burgeois and exhaust his dialogue to complete this story.

Citizen Story #15 – Go down the stairs opposite the Vestal in the church and turn left to find a barricaded boulangerie. Approach the window and speak to the Baker’s Wife until you exhaust all dialogue to complete the story.

La Bastille

Citizen Story #16 – While heading to the Bastille you will reach a road that his engulfed in flames that is patrolled by a Flame Acolyte. to your right are some stairs with a grapple point above them and a path leading behind the buildings to a door with a cockade. This is an area you need to visit during the A Family Affair side quest so if you can’t activate the story you should come back later once starting the side quest.

Citizen Story #17 – On the path to the Bastille after the blazing street is a cockade one a door by some hedges. Approach the door and talk to the Survivor until you exhaust all dialogue.

Citizen Story #18 – When you reach the Bastille location—before jumping into the Moat—look to your left immediately as you enter to find a piece of bread in the corner. When you finally make your way inside the Bastille through a window there will be a prisoner behind a door to your right whom you can give the bread to.

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