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How long does it take to beat Moving Out and unlock all trophies?

Around 8-15 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Moving Out and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Moving Out have online trophies?


Does Moving Out have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Moving Out have missable trophies?


Does Moving Out have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Moving Out?


Does Moving Out have a Platinum Trophy?


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Moving Out Trophy Guide and Road Map

This fantastic couch co-op title is a lot of fun with a friend but can also be completed solo. Within this Moving Out Trophy Guide, you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough as well as in-depth details on every trophy and how to earn them.

Moving Out Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

Couch Co-op

Moving Out is a game created to be played with up to three friends in the same room. You cannot play online with someone except via Share Play. Unfortunately for your trophy-hunting friends, only the person who started the game will be able to unlock trophies, if your friend wants the Platinum too, you’ll have to help them with it in a second playthrough.

Despite the game being more fun with a friend, you can still complete it solo and won’t have that much trouble.

Assist Mode

Assist Mode will make the game a lot easier. When you load your game or start a new one from the main menu, you’ll be able to activate Assist Mode.

This will give you a selection of settings that you can activate to make things easier regardless of whether you’re playing solo or with a friend.

Note that if you plan on doing this game solo then Assist Mode is definitely recommended.

Here you’ll find the settings you can apply as well as details on what they do:

  • Longer time limits – Gives much more lenient time thresholds for Gold and Platinum medals in each stage, making many trophies easier to acquire.
  • Objects disappear on delivery – Usually you need to somehow fit all of your delivered items into the truck by being smart how you place them to save time, however, with this setting on you can just throw everything in willy-nilly and it will disappear, removing the need to manage space in the truck.
  • Reduced difficulty – The items and quantity of items you need to deliver are simplified.
  • Skip Level on Fail – Gives you the opportunity to play the next level even if you were unsuccessful in completing the one before. Since you need gold medals on every stage, this isn’t a very helpful setting on the platinum journey.
  • Lighter 2P items – Makes things much easier because you can then drag large items like refrigerators, beds, and sofas without needing help from a second player. Important for those playing solo.
  • “Moving In” Auto Snap – Makes objects snap into place when playing “Moving In” mode. Which you don’t need to do for the platinum anyway.

I honestly recommend activating almost all of them. This guide will assume that you are using Assist Mode and playing solo, but you will definitely enjoy the game a lot more with a friend in tow.

Phase One – Story Mode

During this first phase of our Moving Out Trophy Guide, you will just want to complete the game. In an ideal playthrough, you would;

Seems like a lot to remember, right?

Well, I’ve prepared a Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough, which will not only provide tips for completing each stage, but it will tell you each level’s Bonus Objectives, Hidden Console Location, and every other piece of information you might need for the trophies in the list above.

None of these trophies are missable because every level can be replayed, and you can even get The Friendly Ghosts by replaying the relevant levels. So, if you choose not to follow the walkthrough and would like to experience the game for yourself, then during this phase of our Moving Out Trophy Guide, you should focus on completing every stage. Then, go back through to complete the rest of the trophies listed here before moving on to Phase Two.

Complete Story Levels

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Certified F.A.R.T

Complete all Story levels

Once you have completed all 30 stages for the first time, regardless of your completion time and how many objectives you’ve completed, you’ll unlock this trophy.

Consider using our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough to ensure you have the smoothest possible playthrough here.

You will also earn these three unmissable story trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Totally Certified

Complete Mandatory Training

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Choo Choo

Complete “The Chase”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Who’s the Boss?

Defeat the Rat King

Complete Optional Objectives and Trophies

The trophies in this portion of our Moving Out Trophy Guide will require additional effort. For these, you’ll need to complete all objectives, get gold in every stage, sit (more like stand) on every toilet, deliver all pets, deliver all Hidden Consoles, slap every Mailbox, and avoid slapping Ghosts.

Our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough will help you do all of these things in one single playthrough.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Golden Mover

Get a Gold Medal in one level

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Moving On Up

Complete 10 story levels with Gold medals

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
PHD In Moving

Complete 20 story levels with Gold medals

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Masters in Moving

Complete all levels with Gold medals

Whenever you complete a level under the pre-defined time limit for a Gold Medal, you’ll be awarded one. You can also earn Platinum Medals for certain time thresholds (which you’ll probably do for every level if you are using Assist Mode) but Platinum Medals are not required for the Platinum Trophy.

All you’ll need to do is aim for the Gold Medal. You can find the time thresholds for all 30 levels in our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough but know that your time limits will differ depending on your Assist Mode setup and the number of friends helping you out.

Once you have successfully earned 30/30 Gold Medals, you will have all four of the trophies above!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
An Eye for the Details

Complete all bonus objectives in one level

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Objectives Complete!

Complete all level objectives in every level

Every level has three bonus objectives you can complete as you play. In an effort to increase replay value, the objectives are hidden upon your first playthrough and are revealed to you once you’ve completed a stage for the first time.

However, you can complete these objectives even before the game tells you what they are, if you know what’s required beforehand.

Either way, our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough lists out each and every bonus objective for all 30 levels and even includes a few tips for completing the trickier and more vague objectives.

Work your way through all 30 levels and complete the 90 total bonus objectives in Moving Out and the two trophies above are yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Bird

Shoot a basketball hoop

In the level “The Hoop House,” one of the bonus objectives is to throw a basketball into the hoop above the garage. That’s where you’re most likely to earn this trophy.

To do it, grab one of the basketballs from the garden, stand on the hood of the blue car, and then throw the ball with into the basketball hoop. The trophy will unlock right away.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Where we’re going we don’t need thrones

Sit on every toilet in the game

What this trophy actually means by “Sit on every toilet” is “Stand on every toilet,” because you can’t actually sit on them. Most levels throughout the game will have toilets somewhere in them.

For this trophy you will need to find them all of these toilets and jump up onto them all. This is done most easily via our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough which will tell you which stages contain toilets to jump on.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Rain, hail or shine.

Slap every mailbox in the story levels

A lot of the houses you do jobs in will have Mailboxes outside of them. Some of these Mailboxes will even cause things to happen, thus helping you with the Optional Objectives.

You will need to find and slap all 10 of them throughout the game. Including the one in the Mandatory Training stage. Our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough will of course help with this, by letting you know where to find them all.

Once every Mailbox has been successfully slapped, you will unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
You Don’t Got Mail!

Smash the hidden letterbox with the truck

Up in the North-west corner of the map, behind the stage “Obadiah’s Orchard” you’ll find a narrow path heading between two cliffsides. Drive the truck down to the very end until you hit the mailbox next to the door, this trophy will then unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Friendly Ghosts

Complete all haunted levels without slapping any ghosts

There are three “haunted” levels which contain ghosts;

  • The AHHH-Tari Office
  • Dread Manor
  • Roundabout Mansion (contains two ghosts)

When ghosts see you they will chase you down and hug you into paralysis, you’ll drop anything you were carrying and–unless you escape–be killed and respawn. You can avoid this by slapping ghosts with , but this trophy wants you to avoid that. No big deal!

Just complete the three levels listed above without slapping the ghosts at all and the trophy will unlock.

Don’t worry if you have already been a bit slap-happy and given those ghosts a warm one on the side of their form-less faces, you can simply replay the levels and complete them again without slapping ghosts.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
That’s Not Landfill!

Deliver the hidden console from each story level

Every one of the 30 main levels in the game contains a Hidden Console (There are no hidden consoles in Arcade or Memory levels) and you will need to deliver all 30 of them.

There’s no way to track how many/which ones you have delivered so I recommend keeping a checklist of some sort so you can keep track. It will also help to use our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough which will tell you where to find each and every Hidden Console so there’s no chance of you missing any.

The Hidden Console must be in the delivery truck when you deliver the final item for it to count as delivered. With assist mode on, if you have it set up so that delivered items disappear, the Hidden Console will not disappear.

There are many games consoles in the various levels, but the one that you want is the one which looks a bit like an Atari; black with wood-like panels.

With all 30 Hidden Consoles placed in the delivery truck, the trophy will unlock at the end of the level where you deliver your last one.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Animal Lover

Deliver every pet

There are animals in a lot of stages and this trophy wants you to put every last one of them into the Delivery Truck. You can use our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough which will tell you exactly which stages have pets you need to deliver.

There’s just 5 animals which aren’t delivery requirements or bonus objectives to look out for:

  • The Turtle in Pepperoni Palace
  • The Chicken in the dog house at Hoop House
  • The Goose in Casa de Cliff
  • The Frog at Packmore River
  • The Sheep on Guavatron

As long as you remember to grab those, the rest will come naturally via completion of levels and objectives.

If you are sure you’ve delivered every animal but don’t have the trophy after delivering the Sheep on Guavatron, then it’s probably either the Goose or the Frog that you’re missing because they both have the annoying ability to clip out of the truck as it’s driving away.

For most players it seems to be the goose, as was the case for myself. I pinned the goose in the corner of the truck using the bed from the bedroom above the truck, thus preventing him from slipping out of the truck.

Phase Two – History and Arcade Missions

Now that you have completed the story and all optional objectives throughout each stage, you will have every Memory and Arcade Level unlocked. You may have even been completing them as you went along.

Regardless, this phase of our Moving Out Trophy Guide is the designated time to go and complete both the 10 Arcade Levels and the 10 Memory Levels, doing so will unlock the trophies listed below:

History and Arcade Level Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Remember The Time…

Complete all memory levels

There are 12 Memory Levels you can complete, but the latter 2, “The Mysterious Client Caper Reveal” and “The Parade,” will unlock (and be completed) as part of the story, so you needn’t concern yourself with those.

The other 10 will be unlocked once you have a total of 25 gold medals from completing stages under the time threshold for a gold medal.

They are not particularly difficult and are typically just there as a joke or a bit of fun. Memory Levels don’t contain different tiers of medal to unlock, hidden consoles, or optional objectives. They’re very straightforward.

Once you’ve completed the first 10 Memory Levels (regardless of whether you’ve completed/unlocked “The Mysterious Client Caper Reveal” and “The Parade”), this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Winners Don’t Move Rugs

Complete all Arcade levels

Similar to the Memory Levels, Arcade stages are additional bonus levels which are unlocked via gold medals. Arcade Levels also do not contain different medal tiers, hidden consoles, or bonus objectives. You simply need to take the furniture to the end of the stage.

These are a little more complicated than the Memory Levels, though. You’ll often be taking your furniture through pretty precarious gauntlet-like puzzles, avoiding getting hit or losing the furniture. Luckily, each stage has plenty of checkpoints and it’s just a matter of practice in most cases.

When you’ve completed all 10 of these, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
111% Effort

Achieve 111% in the game

Achieving 111% completion means doing a few things:

  • Earn all Gold Medals (Platinum not required)
  • Complete all 90 objectives
  • Complete all Arcade Levels
  • Complete all Memory Levels

You will already have done all of those things up to this point while working through this Moving Out Trophy Guide because each separate requirement is a trophy of its own, so this will come naturally on the route to the Platinum.

Phase Three – Clean Up

Here in Phase Three of our Moving Out Trophy Guide is your opportunity to collect any trophies you may have missed in your original playthrough, such as Friendly Ghosts.

That is not all, however, as there is a whole host of miscellaneous trophies for you to collect here too. Get hit by 125 cars, Break 100 Windows, Deliver 1337 items, and more; you’ll find them all listed here:

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Massive Window Attack

Smash 100 windows

Windows get smashed all the time in Moving Out. Bump into them with a box; smash! Jump through them; smash! Throw a bed at them; smash!

It’s honestly harder to avoid smashing windows than it is to actually smash them. There are even a few stages where smashing windows is a bonus objective, so I’m fairly confident that you’ll earn this trophy naturally.

If you don’t, however, just load up a level with a fair amount of glass (like The AHHH-Tari Office) and smash every window, restart the level, smash again, and so on.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Go Long!

Throw 500 items

If you’re going for gold times you’ll probably be throwing things into the truck all the time. And if you’re playing with a friend then throwing items to each other is a great way to move items quickly. Due to those two facts alone, this trophy is actually incredibly likely to unlock naturally.

If you want to be extra sure that it does, try throwing everything small enough to throw into the truck rather than walking it in.

If you do need to farm this trophy, just load up any level with plenty of boxes (such as Deserted Depot) and go wild, throw them to your heart’s content!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Nick of Time

Beat a level in story mode with under 5 seconds left on the clock

For this trophy you will need to have 5 seconds left on the timer for the Bronze medal when you deliver the item. You’ll need to let the timer expire past the Platinum, Gold, and Silver medal thresholds and then wait even longer until times is almost up completely.

I recommend that you stand by the delivery truck with the final item in your hands, ready to deliver when the time is right. The timer will get pretty noisy once you reach 10 seconds left, so you’ll know when to prepare. Wait until you have 4 seconds left on the clock and then deliver the item to unlock the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Minute Mover

Beat a level in under a minute

The best stage to earn this trophy is in a Memory Level called “The Packmore Small Business Soccer League Semi-Finals.”

This stage is intended as a small football/soccer minigame you can play with a friend for fun. However, if you have no interest in playing the soccer minigame, you can just deliver the two items on the sidelines.

If you do that immediately, you’ll complete this level in mere seconds and unlock this trophy in the process!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Quantity over quality

Deliver 1337 items

This may not actually happen naturally, especially if you follow our Moving Out Trophy Walkthrough and ace every level first try.

So, if you find yourself needing to farm this trophy, I recommend the level “Deserted Depot.” It doesn’t take long to complete, and the level contains 52 items.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Look left, then right…

Get run over by 125 cars

There’s two great places to farm this trophy; in the “Packmore River” level and in the Arcade Level “VRogger.”

Just run in front of a car, respawn, repeat.

It helps to know that when playing with a second (or third, fourth) person, all the times that they get hit by cars will count towards this trophy too! So, speed this up by bringing friends along, or use a second controller or Dual Mover mode to control two characters with the same controller.

After you’ve become roadkill the appropriate number of times, this trophy is all yours to enjoy.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master Mover

Unlock all of the Trophies

Successfully deliver yourself every other trophy in this guide, and you’ll get this fantastic Platinum same-day shipping!

Got the DLC? Check out our Moving Out: Movers in Paradise DLC Trophy Guide!

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