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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Lilith’s Garden Guide

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In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, one of the many mysteries on the Abbey Grounds has to do with Lilith’s Garden in the Northwest corner. Solving this mystery will earn you the “A Mother’s Gift” trophy. You will also need to have solved this mystery in order to acquire the “Break” Word of Power.

How to Solve the Mystery of Lilith’s Garden

To solve the mystery of Lilith’s Garden, you will first need to be able to reach Lilith’s Garden. You can find it in the Northwest “Garden of Envy” sector of the map, which cannot be accessed until you have the Purify Word of Power.

When you get there, Agatha will want to speak with you. Talk to her to hear a bit of history about this place, including the fate of the next Moon Seal, which has been fragmented into 3 and scattered into the Abbey Grounds.

Use the gallery below to find all three fragments.

Once you have them all, return to Agatha and she will ask you to retrieve a flower for her from her Cottage, in the northeast corner of the map.

Bring the flower to Agatha in the Abbey’s Library and she will take you back to her Altar for another ritual. This time, to reform the three broken Moon Seal fragments.

Take the Moon Seal back to Lilith’s Garden and then look for the final Blood Gate, which is directly outside the door to the north of the Lillith Statue in the Greenhouse at Lilith’s Garden.

Complete the final Blood Gate Challenge, which has a recommended Player Level of 16. You will then gain access to the inner chamber, where you can place the now-fixed Moon Seal on the plinth and receive the “Break” Word of Power (as well as the “Set’s Favor” trophy).

Return to the Greenhouse in Lilith’s Garden and use your new Word of Power to break the doors on the crypt at the back.

Climb down the ladder to find yourself in a study of sorts. Examine the Altar in the study for a cutscene in which the mystery is solved. You will receive the “A Mother’s Gift” trophy once the cutscene begins.

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