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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hiram Shaw’s Church Guide

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In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, one of the many mysteries on the Abbey Grounds has to do with Hiram Shaw’s Church in the Northeast corner. Solving this mystery will earn you the “A Coven Restored” trophy. You will also need to have solved this mystery in order to acquire the “Purify” Word of Power.

How to Solve the Mystery of Hiram Shaw’s Church

To solve the mystery of Hiram Shaw’s Church, you will need to be able to reach Hiram Shaw’s Church. You can find it in the northeast “Valley of the Winds” sector of the map, which is first accessed by traveling through the crypt where you got the Reveal Word of Power (oh yeah, you’ll need that too. See here.)

Once there, use the “Open” Word of Power to open both doors in the Church and access a barrier on the other side. Agatha will suggest asking Strange about it.

Return to the Abbey and speak to Dr. Strange to bring him to the gate. After this, you will need to wait one in-game day and then speak to Strange again.

The next step of the quest is to acquire the Symbiote Sample from the table in the Forge. This will only be there if you’ve progressed the story enough at this point.

Once you have it, you’ll need to return to the church, but you can just fast-travel via the map now.

Interact with the barrier behind the church to break into the cave, revealing some roots bursting from the center of an octogram. Inspect the bones nearby for a conversation with Agatha.

Return to the rear-most room of the church and use the “Reveal” Word of Power on the three sheets of blank parchment on the table there for another cutscene with Agatha.

Each parchment is revealed to be a drawing, depicting the location of a Witch’s hideout. You may have even found some of these before, but they won’t have been useful until now.

For the Witch’s Warren locations, I’ve provided screenshots in the gallery below. Before you can go to them, though, return to the Abbey, wait one in-game day, and then speak to Agatha in the Library. 

Once you have, head to each location below and collect some of the soil there.

Return to Agatha with the three soil samples and she’ll set something up at her altar. Speak to her again to see a cutscene where a new drawing is revealed.

Head to the Hanging Tree location, which you can find here:

Get up close and use the “Reveal” Word of Power on the tree. The “A Coven Restored” trophy will immediately unlock, and you will be able to collect another Moon Seal at the base of the tree, which you’ll need for the “Purify” Word of Power.

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