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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Friendship Guide

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In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there are many reasons to want to increase a character’s Friendship Level. However, for us trophy hunters, the main reason to do so is for trophies such as “Are You On Superlink?”

When speaking to heroes in the Abbey, you will notice that they each have small heart-shaped icons by their names. These icons contain a number from 0 to 5, with them each starting at 0 when you meet them.

When you fill the circular gauge around the friendship level for a character, their level will increase by one. This will give you access to many things including cosmetics, combos, and more.

You can increase this in a number of ways, many of which we’ll cover in this Friendship Guide, but your best opportunities to increase friendship levels with your companions is to interact with them in the evening.

Each day, you will have a morning of preparation before taking on a Mission at the Mirror Table. Once done, you’ll return to the abbey in the evening where the Midnight Suns are all winding down and socialising.

Raising Friendship Level Through Dialogue

Simply speaking to other characters in the right way can give a slight boost to your Friendship Level.

As a general rule of thumb, just be nice. Most dialogue choices consist of three options; one which is friendly, one which is neutral, and one which is a bit less friendly. They’re usually quite easy to distinguish.

However, another good hint of what the best thing to say is comes from the Light/Dark morality system. Some options will have either a light flare icon or a dark flare icon next to them. These indicate that they will sway your character’s morality either toward darkness or light.

As you get to know the characters in-game, you will also come to understand their morality preferences. For example, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is the world’s most famous goody-two-shoes and we love him for it. So, naturally, Spider-Man likes it when you choose dialogue options that have a light alignment.

Magik, on the other hand, is quite edgy and likes it when you talk dirty choose dark-aligned dialogue options.

Gifting in Midnight Suns

As you level up your Friendship between Hunter and other characters in the Abbey, the total friendship level will be tallied into a “Team Friendship Level.” Increasing this will eventually unlock the Gift Shop, found near the doorway to the forge.

Prior to unlocking it, you can still collect some small gifts while exploring the Abbey.

From there, you may use accumulated “Gloss” (in-game currency) to purchase gifts to give out to others.

Although each gift given will increase the Friendship Level by a small amount, you will gain a huge denomination of Friendship Level by giving the gift to the “correct” character. That is to say that each gift is more suited to one or more characters and by getting to know them and speaking to them, you’ll come to understand who prefers which gifts.

You will get an opportunity to give a Hero a gift whenever you visit a Haven or Hangout with them.

Joining Hangouts with other Heroes

On an evening, after a fight, you may sometimes see that a few people in the Common Room have speech bubbles over their heads with a heart inside it.

This means that you can join a hangout with them. You can only do this with one Hero and the opportunity won’t arise again for a while, but it’s certainly worth doing.

Carefully select which of the available Hangouts you’d like to join and then reap the friendship rewards.

Visiting Havens on Abbey Grounds with companions

By exploring the Abbey Grounds a bit, you will come to find large swirling blue circles of light on the ground. Interacting with these will unlock the surrounding area as a Haven where you can choose to take Heroes.

Once you have unlocked one or more Havens, approach a character in the Abbey and choose the “Invite to Haven” option.

You will then be able to partake in a more intimate one-on-one hangout with that character, wherein you will gain a large amount of Friendship Level XP, which you can maximize by selecting dialogue options that please the other character.

One major downside to Havens is that you can only take each character to each haven once. So, if you’ve gone on a little fishing trip with Magik, you’ll never be able to do that a second time, but you can take her to other Havens she hasn’t yet visited with you.

For that reason, Havens are great for a quick boost in Friendship XP but can’t be relied on for farming Friendship XP.

Giving Compliments to other Heroes

Just another method for administering a quick boost to your Friendship Level with a character. Whenever you level a character up, complete a Hero Op, finish a Research Project, or any similar accomplishment you may unlock the opportunity to compliment relevant characters on their efforts.

To do so, simply approach a character and hold . If a compliment opportunity is available, you will see a “Compliment” gauge above their head start filling up.

Note that you should not spam the same hero with compliments back-to-back as this will give diminishing returns. To fully capitalize on your compliment usage, be sure to compliment a mix of different heroes rather than getting tunnel vision and thirsting after Tony Stark.

Daily Friendship Activities in Midnight Suns

There’s a wealth of different activities you can do every single day as you walk around the Abbey. One of the most important things to do in the morning is to visit the Daily Sparring and spar with a hero. You can then follow that up with a leisurely stroll of the Abbey to catch up with any heroes that have a “Talk” prompt above their head.

Sometimes they’ll have a “?” prompt above their head and you can opt to lend them a hand. They’ll pose a dilemma to you and you can choose what advice to give them based on the rewards (and consequences) they’ll yield.

Once you’re done there, do your other daily duties such as Forge Research and Hero Ops, then it’s time to begin a Mission at the Mirror Table.

When you return, it’ll be evening. This is the time to go around speaking to everyone again, looking for opportunities to speak and help with Hero Requests.

You can also pay them compliments, give them gifts, and join in on Hangouts. Some of the Hangouts will even lead to you joining Clubs, which lead to even more Friendship XP in huge quantities.

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