Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide: Chapters 9 – 12

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Where to Find all Outfits, Guardian Collectibles, Items, and Archives in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2021, Chapters 9 through 12.

Welcome to the third part of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide. This portion of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide pertains to Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12. Please use the links below to navigate to our other collectible guide pages, and be sure to read the introduction at the start of our guide.

Chapter 9

It’s time to make our rounds once again and visit each of the Guardians’ rooms to interact with the various Guardian Collectibles we’ve found so far, speak to each Guardian about them, and add them to the compendium as items:

Exhaust all dialogue with Drax in his room about the Drax’s Rap Sheet Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 7.

Exhaust all dialogue with Gamora in her room about the Collector’s Emporium Doll Item, available if purchased as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 6.

Exhaust all dialogue with Gamora in Starlord’s room about the Galactic War Commendation Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 7.

Exhaust all dialogue with Rocket in his room about the Deep Mine Device Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 8.

Exhaust all dialogue with Groot & Rocket in his living quarters below deck about the Cold Case File Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 5.

That’s it for Chapter 9! There are no other collectibles in this chapter, so you can just enjoy the rest of the chapter without a care in the world!

Chapter 10

Play through the story until you meet Mantis again. Not long after that you’ll enter the “Creepy Cave” and cross a river inside it. As you cross said river, look for a waterfall on your right.

Simply walk through it to find the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Gamora Outfit in the area behind it.

Now, continue until you face a Slakebeast for the first time in this chapter. They’re the big blue octopus-faced quadrupeds from Chapter 3.

Continue down the story path and keep your eye out for a small opening in the cave wall on your left. Squeeze through it when you see it.

You’ll need to crouch under some crystals…

…and then jump up the two cliff ledges above you.

On top of this cliff look for some blue brain-like plants and the Mourning Candle Guardian Collectible hidden amongst them.

Continue through the level as normal now until a particularly challenging encounter against 3 Ogrodes–big ogre-like enemies who use charging attacks.

Afterwards, you’ll need to push some crystals around in order to progress. Don’t do that. Instead, look for a small hole in the wall on the opposite side of the clearing.

Tell rocket to crawl inside, where he will reveal a crack in the wall. Squeeze through said crack and you’ll be in a cave filled with Toxic Gas Leaks.

As you did previously in the game, shoot them with Ice element gunfire to clear the gas from the room.

In the middle, there’s a platform that you can ask Groot to raise, use it to reach a ledge above you.

Head through the opening up there, jump up to the ledge on your right. Turn right at the top to jump up another ledge there.

From there, make your way across the narrow ledge to the Hero of Halfworld Rocket Outfit on the other side.

After fighting your next group of Ogrodes, look around you for a blue root that you can use your new Wind elemental shots on.

Doing so will move a statue, revealing some Brittle Material.

Shoot the brittle material and then squeeze through the hole behind it into another gas-filled cave. Use your ice element to plug up the gas leaks and you will reveal another Wind Elemental root.

Pull it and then continue onwards to grab the Meditation Stone Guardian Collectible from the right side of the cliff edge.

Continue on through the cave but before you squeeze into the gap where the Guardians are waiting, look on the ground next to it, where you’ll find the Pip’s Quips Archive. It’s hard to miss.

Continue through the game until you fall into a very dark cave, in which Groot reveals that he can use bioluminescence to light the way.

You need to follow the next instructions very carefully. If you enter the wrong crack here you will not be able to get back into this cave and won’t be able to collect the next Outfit. Making a separate save here is advisable – just in case you enter the wrong one!

Press yourself against the wall on your right, and follow it until you see a crack that you can pass through. Before you reach it, you will reach a ledge, just treat it as a wall and follow the ledge until you’re near a wall again. If you find the correct crack, you’ll see a purple glow coming from inside.

Head into it and collect the Annihilation: Conquest Suit Groot Outfit.

Chapter 11

You’ll be pleased to know there are no collectibles in Chapter 11 of Guardians of the Galaxy. Feel free to just enjoy the chapter carefreely, and come back for Chapter 12!

Chapter 12

While you’re on the ship, there are a couple more new Guardian Collectibles to investigate, if you picked them up in Chapter 10.

Exhaust all dialogue with Gamora in her room about the Meditation Stone Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 10.

Exhaust all dialogue with Drax in his room about the Mourning Candle Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 10.

Exit the Milano and defeat the first group of enemies, waiting to meet you outside. At the center of the area where they were, there’s a big yellow container that you can instruct Drax to pull out.

Once he’s done, climb to the top where you’ll find the Thanos Imperative Drax Outfit. If you received this outfit as a pre-order bonus, there won’t be anything up here.

Drop back down and head to where the other Guardians went. On the left side of the path, there’s the Knowhere Safe Archive on some palettes. If you reach the elevator you went too far.

Now, get onto the elevator and ride it to the destroyed marketplace. At the bottom of the elevator, there’s a collapsed stall directly in front of you with the A Prophetic Convergence Archive inside.

In the same area, you’ll be attacked by a group of enemies. Defeat them and then approach the gap you’re meant to enter, but don’t enter it.

Turn right and look for a Wind Element node. Use the Wind element gun to move the wall and reveal The Smuggler Rocket Outfit behind it.

Continue through the level as normal until you’ve used the Wind Element to open a gate for your companions (from both sides).

Look to your left after opening the gate from the far side (second time you pull the Wind Element Node) to see the Egghead Reviews: That’s More Like It Archive on some palettes by the railing.

Continue by moving the orange debris in your way and you’ll eventually come across some vending machines ahead of you, to the left of the cables you’re supposed to ask Gamora to cut.

Look on the ground in front of them to find the Reply: Missing Persons Report Archive.

Now, slide down the metal ramp to your left.

Turn around and climb the ledges in front of you until you see a gas cloud ahead of you.

Plug the gas leaks with your Ice Elemental gunfire so that you can get onto the platform in the cloud.

On the platform, you will find the Glarnot Mask Guardian Collectible.

Progress until Drax waits by some debris so you can move it together. Ignore him and instead use your Wind Element guns on the wall to Drax’s left.

Pull it out of the way and then ask Groot to make a bridge for you.

Shoot the panel above the door at the opposite end and then use your Electric Element to power the door.

Enter the doorway and shoot the vent on your left so that you can send Rocket into it, where he’ll turn off the electric current affecting the water.

Now that you can cross the water, look behind the palettes on the right side to find the Impaler Groot Outfit. If you got this Outfit as a pre-order bonus, there won’t be anything here.

Continue until a point in the story where you ask Drax to break the ground, dropping you and the team on a slope.

At the bottom, turn around to find a small opening below the slope.

Crawl through it to the other side where you’ll find the Casual Kill Gamora Outfit.

Proceed even further into the level to a point where you need Drax to move a pillar so that you can access a higher ledge.

At the top of the ledge, look up to your right, where you’ll see some scratches on the wall indicating that Gamora can grip the wall.

Use this ability of Gamora’s to reach the overhanging ledge to the right.

On that ledge, you will find the Apocalypse-Lord Star-Lord Outfit.

Drop back down and then continue until you reach a set of stairs. There, activate your visor to look for a Groot platform past the workbench to your right.

Stand on the platform and ask Groot to raise it as high as possible. From there, you should be able to see some blue barrels on the upper platform. Grab the Investigating the Hand Archive from the yellow box next to them.

Now continue down the stairs to the gap where Drax will wait for you, but don’t go in.

Look in the corner to the left and you’ll find the Work-Related Death Report Archive.

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