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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide: Chapters 13 – 16

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Where to Find all Outfits, Guardian Collectibles, Items, and Archives in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2021, Chapters 13 through 16.

Welcome to part four of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide. This portion of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide pertains to Chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16. Please use the links below to navigate to our other collectible guide pages, and be sure to read the introduction at the start of our guide.

Chapter 13

While on the ship at the start of the Chapter, exhaust all dialogue with Rocket in his room about the Glarnot Mask Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 12.

Proceed through the chapter as intended until your first enemy encounter. Once they’re dead, look for a scarred wall on the right side of the area.

Use Gamora’s abilities to reach the top of this wall and you’ll find the Black Vortex Gamora Outfit up there. If you already got this outfit as a pre-order bonus then you won’t find anything up there.

Continue until you’ve shimmied over a very narrow ledge into a cave entrance.

On your right as you enter the cave, you’ll see a side path.

Follow it around the corner to a dead end where you will find the Five O’Clock Sprouts Groot Outfit.

Continue through a poison gas tunnel and another enemy encounter until a point where Groot makes a bridge without being told to.

Cross the bridge and then look on your right to find a wall that Gamora can climb.

Get to the top of this rock with her help and you’ll find the Xatar’s Blade Guardian Collectible on the ground.

Proceed until you’ve entered a cave where you need to use your new Plasma (fire) Element to melt ice.

You’ll cross over a giant skeleton at the end of the cave. Immediately afterward, look up at the ceiling and melt the ice up there.

Melt the ice to cause a platform to drop, which Groot can raise for you.

Stand on the Platform and ask Groot to raise the platform so that you can reach a small alcove in the cave wall.

Jump across to it and open the container inside to receive the War-Lord Star-Lord Outfit. If you got it as a Pre-Order bonus, however, there will be nothing here.

Continue out of the cave into an open area where there are weird plants that release corrosive spores into the air.

After you vault the obstacle, swing immediately right and then go all the way to the cliff wall here.

On a short ledge on the right side, you will find a small plant pot on the ground. This is the Deeproot Plant Guardian Collectible.

At the opposite side of the area, look for a rock with three of the corrosive spore plants on it.

Destroy the three plants with your plasma elemental gunfire and you will find The End of My Hunt Archive on top of the rock.

Turn 180 degrees and start walking forward. At the far end of the area, on the right side, you will find The Stinger Rocket Outfit on another ledge lined with corrosive spore plants.

If you already acquired this outfit as a pre-order bonus there won’t be anything there.

Continue through the chapter until you’ve defeated the Alpha Wendigo and have just used Groot’s abilities to reach a ledge high above you.

Along this main path you will find the Wendigone! Archive on the ground.

Proceed until you meet a new character in a destroyed camp.

As part of the story, you’ll go up a hill left of where you met this character and can find the Unsent: Major Setback Archive in plain sight on the left side, before turning right towards Rocket, Drax, and Groot.

Shortly after leaving the above camp, there’s a long sliding section, at the end of which you should look up at the cliffs on your left, where you can see a purple container.

Climb up there via the ledges ahead of you and clear away the corrosive plants to find the Katathian Monk Drax Outfit.

Chapter 14

For one last time, while on the ship, make your rounds again and visit each of the Guardians’ rooms to interact with the various Guardian Collectibles we’ve found so far, speak to each Guardian about them, and add them to the compendium as items:

Exhaust all dialogue with Drax in his room about the Xatar’s Blade Item, available if found as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 13.

Exhaust all dialogue with Groot & Mantis in Groot’s Living Quarters below deck about the Deeproot Plant Item, available if purchased as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 13.

Continue through the chapter for a long while until you’re at a section in a wind tunnel where you lift floor panels to act as barriers, to avoid being pushed back by the fan at the end.

Once you get near the end of the tunnel, look for some platforms on your left (opposite the corner you’re supposed to round on the right).

Climb up the ledge and then run back towards the way you came from, you’ll see another platform with a barrier you can pull up. Wait behind it until the wind stops and then look to your right.

You’ll see another platform on the opposite wall with the Team-Lord Star-Lord Outfit on it near the barriers. If you already received this as a pre-order bonus then there won’t be anything here.

Continue through the chapter for a long time, through many battles. There will be a pretty awesome cutscene where Peter gets his music back, and then you’ll head back inside. Kill all of the enemies and return outside where you’ll be getting bombed from above by some enemy ships.

Eventually during this section Groot will make a bridge unprompted.

Cross the bridge and immediately go right, can you see it? There’s a purple container in the distance on top of a ledge ahead of you.

Jump across the gap towards it and use your Plasma Element to melt the ice wall. You’ll then be able to climb up to collect the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Drax Outfit.

Continue until you’re inside the “Big Rock”, in the underground mines. During this section, there are two geysers you need to freeze in order to progress.

At the second of these geysers (just before the workbench – if you reach the workbench, turn back) look left and activate your visor to see a row of three more geyser spots you can freeze.

Keep freezing and jumping to these geysers to reach a crack in the wall.

Squeeze into the crack and you’ll find a lot of upgrade materials, a corpse holding the To Whom It May Concern Archive, and the Chosen Daughter Gamora Outfit.

Those were the last collectibles in the game.

Chapter 15 & Chapter 16

Chapters 15 and 16 are completely collectible-free (except for some unmissable outfit unlocks), so you can just enjoy the last couple of chapters without worrying about finding missable collectibles!
Hopefully, you have all of the collectible trophies by now, otherwise, you’ll have quite a lot of work to do to recover.

Please note that once you have collected every Outfit in our Collectible Guide, you will still need to acquire and equip the following Outfits (they unlock naturally):

OutfitUnlocks in…
Gold-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 14
Golden Guardians Drax OutfitChapter 14
Golden Guardians Gamora OutfitChapter 14
Golden Guardians Groot OutfitChapter 14
Golden Guardians Rocket OutfitChapter 14
Sun-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 16 – For finishing the game (Also a Digital Deluxe Item)
City-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 16 – For finishing the game (Also a Digital Deluxe Item)
Social-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 16 – For finishing the game (Also a Pre-Order Item)
Sleek-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 16 – For finishing the game
Space-Lord Star-Lord OutfitChapter 16 – For finishing the game

As some of them unlock at the end of the game, you will need to start a New Game Plus save and then go through your outfits equipping all the newly-acquired ones.

If you need to revisit another part of this guide to figure out what you might have missed, use the quick links below:

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