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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide: Chapters 5 – 8

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Where to Find all Outfits, Guardian Collectibles, Items, and Archives in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2021, Chapters 5 through 8.

Welcome to the second part of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide. This portion of our Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Guide pertains to Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8. Please use the links below to navigate to our other collectible guide pages, and be sure to read the introduction at the start of our guide.

Chapter 5

Chapter 3 starts on your Spaceship. Go into Starlord’s room again to find the Chitauri Sear-Cuffs Item. This will only appear if you picked it up as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 3.

Go into Gamora’s room to find the Assassin’s Ring Item. This will only appear if you picked it up as a Guardian Collectible in Chapter 4.

Not long into Chapter 5, you will be in a Nova Corp waiting room on Hala’s Hope.

Go into the door on your left and you’ll find The Golden Force Archive on the desk.

After collecting the previous archive, you will need to shoot a vent in the same room so that Rocket can crawl through it and activate a power grid that you can manipulate through your visor, like you did in Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room in Chapter 4.

Using this power grid, reroute power to the left door and then enter it to find the Nova Corps Drax Outfit.

Now reroute the power to the big doorway on the right and enter the hallway. Go through another door leading into a Control Center.

On the left side of that room, you will find the Cold Case File Guardian Collectible.

Leave the Control Center and enter the hallway where you should be able to see a lot of red light.

Near the railings bathed in this red light (should be on your right as you approach the open door), you can find the Elevator A23 Archive collectible on the floor.

Continue until you reach a very blue workshop room with a Centurion Armor in the center. Next to the rig that’s holding the armor, you’ll find the Memo: Suit Protocol Archive.

Many Nova Corp encounters later, you will enter a warehouse-like and very yellow room with a yellow structure that you’re supposed to climb in the center of the room.

Head behind the forklift in the corner to find a Nova Corps Groot Outfit.

Chapter 6

Not long into Chapter 6, you’ll be outside a bar in Knowhere after meeting Mantis.

Drax and Gamora will then part ways with you, leaving you to explore Knowhere alone. After that, turn around and enter the bar.

On a table to your left you will see the Egghead Reviews: Mant-Blows Archive.

Leave the bar via the opposite door (not the one you just re-entered) and stay to the left.

Keep going until you see a very red character standing at the top of some stairs.

Walk down those stairs and enter a tunnel where you’ll find the Overhead Archive.

Head back up the stairs and follow the path to the right. you’ll come to a market area with several merchants that you can buy Compendium Item collectibles from. You MUST make sure you leave this chapter with at least 8000 Units left. Buy as many items as you like here, but make sure that you keep enough money to pay your fine in Chapter 9, otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock the “Galactic Frugality” trophy!!!

I recommend that you buy the cheaper items in this area; such as the Lottery Ticket, Claw Machine Prize, and Nova Force Lock Disabler. Don’t waste your Units on the Collector’s Emporium Ticket. Thankfully you don’t need them all to still achieve 65% compendium completion.

Anyway, continue down the path from the last collectible until you head up some stairs.

On your left you will see a massive egg, you can buy a Knowhere Lottery Ticket Item from this egg for 1000 Units. Remember to keep at least 8000 Units.

Turn right from the giant egg and head to the end of the path and you’ll find a Junk Dealer who will sell you the Nova Force Lock Disabler Item for 1500 Units. Remember to keep at least 8000 Units.

From the Junk Dealer, turn 180 degrees and you should be able to see a massive holographic head above a “Collector’s Emporium” sign.

Talk to the ticket seller in the doorway and you can purchase a Collector’s Emporium Ticket Item for a whopping 5,000 Units. Don’t buy this, it’s a waste of units if you want that Galactic Frugality trophy. Remember to keep at least 8000 Units.

Head inside the Emporium and talk to the holographic gift shop clerk. From him, you can buy a Collector’s Emporium Doll Guardian Collectible for 2000 Units.

This would be one of the most valuable items to purchase if you have the money to spare. Remember to keep at least 8000 Units.

Leave the emporium and head left back towards the bar. Just before you reach the bar, the path will split at a blue building with a Vase hologram above it.

Go up the stairs on the left, and then up the next set on your left, and a third set also on your left.

At the top of those stairs, you will be able to see a Claw Machine game ahead of you.

From this claw machine, you can spend 750 Units on one of three random prizes; either the Skaggler Doll Item, the Shoomy-Gorath Dangler Item, or the Plush Knowbody Item. You can only get one per playthrough, but as they are cheap you might as well grab one. Remember to keep at least 8000 Units.

From the claw machine, go onto the circular balcony to your left and head onto the upper section on the right side, where you’ll find the Nothing Archive.

From the last collectible, go back the way you came and then head straight up the stairs in front of you onto a platform with a big pink structure rising up from it.

At the base of said structure, you’ll see the Egghead Reviews: Spirit Tree Archive.

From there, turn around and look over the edge of the platform. On a set of red pipes and under that third set of stairs you climbed earlier when we spotted the Vending Machine, you’ll see a purple box.

Approach and open the box to receive the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Star Lord Outfit.

Chapter 7

Note: This Chapter contains many collectibles which are behind locked doors. You can access these doors using the Nikki’s Personal Device Compendium Item Collectible that you acquired during the elevator ride in Chapter 2. If you did not acquire this item, many collectibles in this chapter will not be attainable.

After acquiring the electric element for Peter’s blasters, you will use them on a switch above a door to progress.

After going through that door, you’ll enter a very red area, with the Warning Archive on the right side of the room.

From there, continue up the stairs to crouch under the blue canisters hanging from the ceiling.

Immediately on your right after this is a locked door which requires Nikki’s Personal Device to open.

Go through the door and destroy the brittle material on your right to reveal a gap in the wall.

Go through the gap and continue all the way to the end of this room to find the Cadet Gold’s Attendance Archive.

At the previous collectible, turn around and look at the ceiling. You should see some more Brittle Material under some crates. Shoot the Material and the crates will fall to the ground.

Jump on the crates to reach the upper floor and then look for the Drax’s Rap Sheet Guardian Collectible at the end of a path to your immediate right when you get up to that second floor.

Continue through the level until you’ve fought the first two groups of enemies. You’ll end up rerouting the power with your electric element again in a circular room.

Enter the room that is to the left when you leave the control room where Rocket is.

Inside, command Groot to raise the platform at the back while you’re standing on it.

From that platform, you should then be able to see an open air vent on the platform nearby. Crawl through it.

You’ll reach a locked room where your visor reveals more circuitry. On the right side there is a door you can power using the circuit puzzle.

Get into it and you’ll find the Nova Corps Rocket Outfit inside.

Continue through the level as normal until you reach electrified water several floors down at the bottom of some stairs.

Use your electricity element to shoot the switch under the stairs, stopping the electric current so that you can enter the water.

Tell Gamora to cut down the pipes in the area.

Head past them to collect the Nova Corps Gamora Outfit.

Continue the level as normal and you’ll receive the Chewbacca Toy Item automatically in Nikki’s hideout.

Also in Nikki’s hideout, in the same room that you found the Chewbacca Toy, look for the So Many Thoughts Archive on a red cushion.

When you leave Nikki’s hideout, look to your right and you’ll see the Urgent Quarantine Warning Archive on a yellow crate.

Progress until you’re inside Ko-Rel’s office, searching it for clues while Rocket attempts to hack the computer. Behind Rocket, next to the flag furthest from him by the window, you’ll see the Galactic War Commendation Guardian Collectible on the ground.

From the previous collectible, go through the corridor on the right side and then enter the first door on your right to find a yellow bed. At the foot of that bed, you’ll find the Upcoming Accuser Visit Archive.

Following your first fight with an Inquisitor (Big robot with laser beam attacks) you’ll enter a Command Room with a big sphere at the center.

Go to the back of the room and look for the Cycle Reminders Archive on a desk to the left.

In the same room as the previous collectible, check the desks on the right side of the room to find the Golden Shadows Archive.

Chapter 8

The first collectible in this chapter doesn’t show up for quite a long time. Just play through the chapter until you’ve completed the first major enemy encounter.

Follow Drax through a supposedly dangerous red fluid into a tunnel. Immediately after exiting the other side, look for a large box on your right.

Tell Drax to move the box in front of the tunnel you just exited…

…and then climb to the top, where you’ll find the Bad-Lord Star-Lord Outfit.

Continue until a cutscene that ends in a Comms room with some green monitors and a big orange hologram.

When the cutscene ends, turn 180 degrees and look for the RE: She Has Come! Archive on the desk immediately in front of you, where Groot was standing at the start of the cutscene.

Now enter the next room with a Workbench in it. To the right of that workbench is a big metal stack that you can climb up.

Clamber to the top into the upper area and look for the Deep Mine Device Guardian Collectible on a yellow tarp.

As part of the story in this area, you will need to salvage a battery from one of the Inquisitor robot enemies you’ve been fighting.

Next to this dead inquisitor, you will find the Notice Malfunction Archive.

Continue through the game now for a long while, until you complete a long section where you travel over a crowd via a series of platforms.

When the section ends, you’ll land in a big circular room.

On the opposite side of this circle, you can find the Cage Match Drax Outfit behind some containers against the railing.

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