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How long does it take to beat Lord of the Click and unlock all trophies?

Around 1 Hour.

How difficult is it to beat Lord of the Click and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Lord of the Click have online trophies?


Does Lord of the Click have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Lord of the Click have missable trophies?


Does Lord of the Click have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Lord of the Click?


Does Lord of the Click have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Lord of the Click Trophy Guide and Road Map

Lord of the Click is another Victory Road platinum, just like Of Tanks and Demons III and Dark Sauce. This means that the Platinum trophy is very easy, but also that by entering a cheat code you can make it infinitely easier, you’ll find those cheats below in this Lord of the Click Trophy Guide.

Phase One – Purchase all Upgrades in the First Stage

With the infinite money cheat, this phase will be a doddle as we can immediately afford all available upgrades from the start.

Unlimited Money Cheat Code

At the main menu, enter the following cheat code for infinite money, thus making the spending required for the platinum much easier to achieve:

, , , , , , , , , ,

Once you’ve entered the above button combination, an applause sound effect will indicate you have done so correctly. You’re now free to begin the first level. Skip the tutorial, and then begin purchasing upgrades via the bar along the bottom of the screen.

Do not purchase the “Coin Grabber”, Windmill, or Mine upgrades on the right side of the bar once they’re available. Keep this in mind and you will know when to do this later. These are the three purchases on the right side with the moneybag, cogwheel, and pickaxe icons, just avoid them until further notice.

Upgrade Trophies

By purchasing all upgrades in this first stage, you will unlock all of the trophies in this phase of our Lord of the Click Trophy Guide below:

Trophy Image
Hi-tech tower

Purchase all tower upgrades

Trophy Image
Faster than rabbits

Purchase all unit creation speed-up upgrades

Trophy Image
Work, work

Build a mine

Trophy Image
Windmill, windmill for the land

Build a windmill

Phase Two – Push buttons 7777 times and collect 500 coins

Once you have the above trophies from phase one of Lord of the Click Trophy Guide, it’s time to start playing through the game’s 7 levels. Our next goal is to collect 500 coins and push buttons 7777 times to collect the related trophies and all those leading up to them.

Button Trophies

There are 6 buttons we’re going to be pressing repeatedly here:

  • used to purchase the highlighted unit or upgrade. Repeatedly purchase the first two items on the left side of the bar along the bottom of your screen. This is the most efficient way to defeat the oncoming enemies.
  • press this to collect any coins that the enemies have dropped.
  • Press this to activate the Tower
  • Press this to activate the Windmill
  • Press this to activate the Mine
  • Shoot enemies who are not on the main path between your base and the enemy’s.

The quickest way to earn the trophy is to be constantly pressing all of those buttons all the time, whether they’re needed or not. Just mash on them until the following three trophies have popped.

Trophy Image
Button toucher

Press the buttons for 1000 times

Trophy Image
Button pusher

Press the buttons for 4000 times

Trophy Image
Button masher

Press the buttons for 7777 times

Coin Trophies

As you will be mashing throughout this phase for the above trophies, you should unlock the following two trophies with no problems. This is because – as stated before – collects any coins dropped by enemies, and you’ll need to collect a total of 250 and then 500 coins for both trophies below.

Trophy Image
If I had a little money…

Collect 250 coins

Trophy Image
It’s a rich man’s world!

Collect 500 coins

Purchase a Coin Grabber

Once you have all five of the above trophies, it is now safe to purchase a coin grabber. The reason for avoiding this up until now is that the coin grabber removes the need to press , which is one less button we can mash for the 7777 trophy. With that in the bag, it’s now safe to buy your coin grabber.

Trophy Image
Money, money, money!

Purchase a coin grabber

This trophy will unlock as soon as you have purchased the coin grabber, which is the upgrade third from the right on the bar along the bottom.

Additionally, you can now purchase the Windmill and Mine upgrades. We were avoiding those because they reduce the need to press and , which would further decrease the speed at which we can grind out the 7777 button presses.

Phase Three – Finish Lord of the Click

Now, purchase any of the remaining upgrades that you would like to have, and then continue purchasing the first two items on the bar over and over until you beat the game. You’ll be very overpowered and won’t struggle at all thanks to your infinite money.

Level Completion Trophies

The following trophies will unlock naturally as you progress through the game, many of them will have already unlocked during the last two phases of your journey.

Trophy Image
Goblin slayer

Defeat goblins (Beat level 2)

Trophy Image
Demon slayer

Defeat demons (Beat level 3)

Trophy Image
Vampire slayer

Defeat vampires (Beat level 4)

Trophy Image
Samurai slayer

Defeat samurai (Beat level 5)

Trophy Image
Invader slayer

Defeat invader (Beat level 6)

Trophy Image
It’s over

Complete the game

Enemy Defeat Trophies

The following trophies for defeating 200 flying and 500 total enemies respectively should all unlock naturally throughout the game, but feel free to replay any stages and grind them out if you find it is necessary.

You can shoot flying enemies out of the sky with when they are highlighted with a white outline.

Trophy Image
Thumb of air destruction

Defeat 200 flying enemies

Trophy Image
Thumb of destruction

Defeat 500 enemies

Troop Spawning Trophies

The following trophies for spawning 250 and 500 units will all unlock naturally throughout this part of the journey:

Trophy Image
It’s a squad!

Purchase 250 units

Trophy Image
It’s an army!

Purchase 500 units

Phase Four – Spawn More Troops!

The only trophy you should have remaining is for spawning 1,000 units in total across the game, as you won’t quite reach that many by the time you complete the final level.

Spawn 1,000 Units

Trophy Image
It’s a legion!

Purchase 1000 units

To unlock this trophy easily, just load the last stage again and then keep purchasing the first item on the left of the bar at the bottom of the screen. This will spawn another squad of 10 units each time you buy it.

Repeat this process until the trophy unlocks, and the Platinum trophy will come with it!

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Under my thumb

Сollect all trophies

Once you’ve collected every other trophy, you’ll be awarded with this fine new platinum, which only took you an hour to earn!

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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