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Below you will find a table of dates and actions to take on each day in order to unlock every trophy, including the Platinum in Lake in a single playthrough. Each day in Lake is split into Morning and Evening with Meredith delivering packages and mail during the Morning. In the Evening Meredith will hang out or fulfil any task she agreed to in the Morning. Make sure to read everything to make sure you don’t miss any steps.

Sept 1stNothing special to do. Just finish the day as normal. Good Morning will automatically unlock.
Sept 2ndNothing special to do. Just finish the day as normal..
Sept 3rdMorning: Talk to Angie and receive The Postman Call Twice video. Agree to take Ms. Jenkins’ Cat to Mr. Mackey
Evening: When Steve calls agree to work on Addit 87. Watch the video from Angie.
Sept 4thMorning: Talk to Angie and choose “I’m In”. Return Ms. Jenkins’ cat to unlock Cat Lover. You can also drive to the Church near the Post Office to unlock Higher Ground. You can also drive to the Watchtower and climb it to unlock Tower Watcher. When delivering a package at the Farm, look for Detectorist Andy in the fields outside to unlock Metal Detector.
Evening: Agree to help Angie promote her business. Choose to work on Addit 87.
Sept 5thMorning: Talk to Nancy in the General Store and agree to take 12 photos for her (you can take all 12 right now and hand it back in immediately). Deliver the movie box to Angie (you can invite her to watch a horror movie at your place).
Evening: You’ll either be at the Diner with Robert if you agreed to help him out or at home. Neither are important events for unlocking trophies.
Sept 6thMorning: Pick up the movie box from Lori and take it back to Angie. Deliver another to Mr. Mackey at the Dock and pick any movie for him.
Sept 7thMorning: Day off.
Evening: When Steve calls agree to look at the Contracts.
Sept 8thMorning: Pick up the movie box from Mr. Mackey at the dock and take it to Angie to unlock Movie Carrier. Talk to June at the campground and agree to hang out with her.
Evening: Review the contracts for Steve to unlock Workaholic.
Sept 9thMorning: Finish day as normal.
Evening: If you have still yet to look at the contracts tell Steve you will look at them tonight and choose “review Contracts” when you have the opportunity to unlock Workaholic if you haven’t already.
Sept 10thMorning: Hand in the camera and the 12 photographs to Nancy to unlock Shutter Bug if you haven’t already. Today is the final chance to do so.
Evening: Hang out with June and agree to take the RV (do not give the RV to anyone when given the opportunity as it is needed for one of the three endings).
Sept 11thNothing special to do. Just finish the day as normal. Don’t give the RV to anyone.
Sept 12thNothing special to do. Just finish the day as normal. Don’t give the RV to anyone.
Sept 13thNothing special to do, however, make sure you make a manual save ( + “Save”) outside the Post Office before you end the day as we will use this save file to collect all three endings without having to do any repeat playthroughs.
Sept 14thEvening: Don’t give the RV to anyone during the Open Mic Night in order to secure one of the endings.
Sept 15thEnding 1: On this day you can choose to leave in the RV, with Angie if you’ve been dating her, in order to unlock Free Spirit. Doing so is as simple as saying to Frank that you’re going travelling (if you gave the RV to Angie the night before and have been dating her she will invite you to leave with her which will also secure this ending) and you will leave in the RV but before you leave you can take Angie with you if you’ve been dating her. Reload your save from Day 13 to get the next ending.
Ending 2: You can instead choose to stay in Providence Oaks by telling Frank that you want to stay. If you gave Angie the RV and have been dating her, she might turn up and try to convince you to leave with her. Tell her no and make sure you stay in Providence Oaks to unlock Homeowner. Reload your save from Day 13 to get the next ending.
Ending 3: When talking to Frank you can tell him that you wish to return back to your life in the City. Again, if you have been dating Angie and she has the RV she might ask you to leave with her. Tell her no and that you’re going back home and you will unlock Live in the Fast Lane.

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