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How long does it take to beat Lake and unlock all trophies?

6 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Lake and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Lake have online trophies?


Does Lake have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Lake have missable trophies?

Does Lake have glitched trophies?

Yes, Shutter Bug.

What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Lake?


Does Lake have a Platinum Trophy?


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Trophy Guide and Road Map for Lake

Lake is a captivating video game developed by Gamious, released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This unique title takes players on a tranquil journey, immersing them in a nostalgic world filled with small-town charm and personal discovery.

The game’s story revolves around Meredith Weiss, a successful career woman who temporarily leaves her fast-paced city life to revisit her hometown, Providence Oaks. Set in the 1980s, the game beautifully captures the essence of a small community, where everyone knows each other and life moves at a slower pace. As Meredith, players will embark on a heart-warming and introspective experience, taking on the role of a mail carrier for two weeks. Through her interactions with the townsfolk, players will uncover the intricacies of their lives and forge meaningful connections. Each day brings new encounters, stories, and choices that shape the narrative, allowing players to experience the joys and challenges of small-town life.

Phase One - Blind Playthrough

For Phase One of our Lake Trophy Guide I would recommend just jump right in and enjoying the story and the characters you’ll meet along the way. The game isn’t very long and is quite calming which would be undone by following a guide.

Though, if you’d rather just unlock the platinum as quickly as possible, move on to Phase Two. If you do choose to play a blind playthrough then you’ll likely only get the unmissable intro trophy and one of the three ending trophies with a possibility of some others should you explore and talk to everyone you can.

Trophies in this phase:

Unmissable Story Trophies

Good Morning

Unmissable Story Trophies

Good Morning

Start Your First Day

What is this?



This is the only unmissable trophy in Lake. Good Morning unlocks during your first day on the job.

Phase Two - Missable Trophies

In Phase Two of our Lake Trophy Guide we will be mopping up all the missable trophies that you missed in Phase One, or have yet to unlock if this is your first playthrough, as well as the remaining ending trophies. Check each of the trophies below before you start your work day on September 3rd and make sure to complete any of the objectives outlined in order to unlock each of the trophies. If this is your second playthrough then just check which trophies you have yet to unlock and focus on those.

Either way, in order to get all three endings in one playthrough you will need to keep the RV until September 13th. After delivering your final package/mail on September 13th drive back to the Post Office but don’t end the day yet. Instead make a manual save ( to bring up the menu and then select “save”). We will use this manual save to “save scum” the endings. Once you have reached this point you should refer to the Ending Trophies section. Lastly, if you’d like a day-by-day guide then check out our Lake Day-by-Day Guide. It will cover every step you need to take in both the Morning and Evening of each day to unlock the platinum in one playthrough.

Missable Story Trophies

Cat Lover

Help Mildred by taking Mortimer to Burt

What is this?


On September 3rd you will deliver some mail to Ms. Jenkins at 200 Lake Rd. Whilst there she will ask you to take her cat, Mortimer, to Mr. Mackey as he seems to be unwell. You must choose “sure, I’ll get right on it” to agree to help her. Load the cat into the back of the Mail truck and go to Mr. Mackey’s location which will be marked with an exclamation point on the map. Drop Mortimer off and finish your day.

On September 4th you will need to pick Mortimer up from Mr. Mackey and take him back to Ms. Jenkins. After reuniting the cat with his owner you will unlock Cat Lover.

Higher Ground

Reach the hill with the church

What is this?


Any time before September 13th you can drive up a small dirt path near Main St to reach a Church (see map below). Doing so will unlock Higher Ground.

WARNING, POTENTIAL GLITCH: This trophy might not unlock on your first attempt. An easy workaround is to make a manual save at the bottom of the road that leads to the Church, reboot the game completely and try again until it unlocks.

Shutter Bug

Help Nancy by testing the photo camera

What is this?


Glitched/ Bugged

On September 5th you will have to deliver a package to Nancy at the General Store on Main St. While there she will talk about setting up a photo lab in the store at which point you can ask her for a camera to test it out. You must then take 12 pictures and return the camera before September 10th so either take 12 pictures of inside the store and return it immediately or have fun and take 12 pictures of scenery around the Lake. As long as you return the camera with 12 pictures before September 10th you will unlock Shutter Bug.

WARNING, POTENTIAL GLITCH: If you are playing the PS4 version on your PlayStation 5 console then interacting with the camera in any way will force the game to crash to the “desktop” i.e. the game will close completely. This occurs even if you take all 12 photographs, just one, or none at all. As long as the camera is in your hands you can’t put it away without the game crashing. There’s no workaround for this other than to transfer your save to a PlayStation 4 console and play it on there.

Metal Detector

Talk to Andy the detectorist

What is this?


On September 5th you will make a delivery to the farm. As soon as you turn on to the dirt road to the Farm look at the fields on either side for a person walking around. He moves about a bit so make sure to really scan both fields. As soon as you spot him jump out of the Mail Truck and go talk to him. After the conversation Metal Detector will unlock. See the map below for the exact location of the farm.

Tower Watcher

Climb the watchtower

What is this?


During any day you can visit the watch tower (see map below) and climb it to unlock Tower Watcher.

Movie Carrier

Help Angie by delivering the moviebox

What is this?


On September 3rd you will be introduced to Angie at the Flick Shack where she will give you a VHS called The Postman Knocks Twice. Make sure you watch it on the Evening when you are given the option and return to Angie the next day to deliver a package to here. While there you can talk about the VHS and she will ask to see you in the Evening for a “business opportunity” to which you should agree. Later in the Evening she will ask you to deliver a Movie Box to Lori and Burt (Mr. Mackey).

On September 5th you can deliver a Movie Box to Lori along with a choice of VHS. You can also choose to let Lori watch a VHS back at your place on the following Sunday but this isn’t necessary for any trophies to it’s entirely optional. Pick up the Movie Box from Lori the next day and take it back to the Flick Shack and deliver another Movie Box to Burt.

On September 8th you can pick the Movie Box up from Burt and take it back to Angie to unlock Movie Carrier (and also land a date with her, if you want).


Help Steve out both times

What is this?


During the Evening on September 3rd you will receive a call from Steve where he will ask you to do some work on “Addit ’87”. Agree to help him and over the next few days whenever you get an option to “Work on Addit ’81” during the Evenings make sure to do so.

Steve will call again on September 7th and ask you to help him once again on a “Monster Deal”. Help him and the next Evening choose to work on the deal to unlock Workaholic when he calls the next night.

Ending Trophies

Life in the Fast Lane

Go back to the big city

What is this?



To unlock this ending you must choose to leave and return to the city on September 15th. You can give the RV to Angie or Lori to make it easier to choose this ending, however, you can lock this ending in when Frank asks if you’re staying; you can choose say no and you should head back to the city. If anyone asks you to stay or do something other than returning to the city, turn them down.


Stay in Providence Oaks

What is this?



Staying in Providence Oaks is as easy as telling Frank you’re going to stay on September 15th. Give the RV to whomever you want and refuse any option that isn’t staying in Providence Oaks.

Free Spirit

Leave in the RV

What is this?



Leaving in the RV is a bit tricker as you can choose to give the RV to Lori days before the ending which would lock you out of this trophy. If you kept the RV then you can tell people that you intend to travel and on September 15th you can embark on your road trip. If you romanced Angie then she can show up and you can choose to bring her along though this isn’t required to unlock Free Spirit (but it’s a really nice and wholesome ending).


Delivery Status: Complete

Collect all trophies in the game

After collecting every trophy in this Lake Trophy Guide, the "Delivery Status: Complete" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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