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Immortals Fenyx Rising Mythical Boss Guide

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This guide is part of a much larger Trophy Guide, which is very comprehensive and should be a huge help to anyone hoping to earn the Platinum trophy.

Below you’ll find information and screenshots which will help you find the location of all Mythical Bosses for the “Who’s the Boss?” trophy.

Where to find all Mythical Bosses for “Who’s The Boss?” Trophy in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Osomene – Valley of Eternal Spring

Osomene is the easiest boss, both to defeat and to find.

In the south-west portion of the Valley of Eternal Spring region, you’ll see a large stone island with a tornado raging at its highest point.

Head to the island and make your way up and around to the back, where Fenyx will begin talking about how she can hear big wings, and then a cutscene will begin to play.

Osomene is a giant Harpy boss so a lot of the combat will be aerial. The + Godly Power Upgrade called “Herakles’ Leap” will really come in handy here.

Osomene will move to the top of the island once you weaken her enough and you will need to follow her to finish the fight.

Eventually, Athena will give you a quest called “Oso-meanie” which will ask that you defeat this boss. It doesn’t affect your progress or cause any issues for you if you beat Osomene before this, and you’re free to wait until you have that quest if you want a marker to help you locate the boss.

Medusa – Grove of Kleos

In the north-west corner of the Grove of Kleos, you’ll see a large island with dead trees and thick fog – it doesn’t look like a nice place to visit.

Well, this is where you will find Medusa, by a temple towards the center of the island. As you approach the temple, the narration will let you know that you’re on the right path.

Medusa is a boss fight you may have done before, as you’ll have to fight her 4 times in one of the God Vaults, but naturally this fight is a little harder than those as you’re fighting the real Medusa at full power.

Occasionally she will turn to stone, which is irritating because she’ll keep throwing attacks at you and can’t be damaged until she changes back.

Do your best to dodge her attacks and deflect the large spirit-bomb style orbs she throws as well as the small blue orbs. If you deflect a full stream of blue orbs you’ll do a massive amount of damage to her.

She’s quick and will often teleport elsewhere, so locking on with is a huge help.

Look out for her stone-sight attack. If she covers her eyes, start moving, and don’t stop moving until she has finished firing purple lasers at you. If they hit you, you’ll turn to stone.

Polyphemos – The Forgelands

In the North-east corner of the Forgelands, there’s an island with a huge circular arena in the center. It is just to the right of the island where the”A Tale of Fire and Lightning” pre-order sidequest takes place.

At the center of this arena, you will find Polyphemos, a giant Cyclops. This fight is not unlike every other Cyclops fight, except his attacks will spawn damaging shockwaves, and when he stops the ground he leaves a pool of purple light which will damage you over time.

Defeat him by using perfect dodge to your advantage, slowing time enough for you to avoid all shockwaves and deal enormous damage.

Kottos – War’s Den

Kottos, unlike the other bosses, is not on an island. Instead, you can find him in Ares’ fortress.

Ares’ Fortress is inaccessible for a good portion of the game and you won’t be able to enter until you’ve progressed enough through Ares’ main questline, therefore, this will likely be the last boss you face.

As soon as you have access to the Foretress, though, go to the large building at the back and climb to the roof. Just as you reach the top of the building, a cutscene will play and you’ll be facing this foe.

He’s got quite an annoying moveset to be honest, with a lot of attacks which spawn rocks below you which can keep you stun-locked for quite a while.

Do your best to avoid all of his attacks and pepper him with attacks of your own. I found it best to get under his legs and wail on them, just being careful to move out of the way whenever he slams the ground.

Who’s the Boss? Trophy

Once you’ve defeated all four of the bosses listed above, you’ll be awarded with the “Who’s the Boss?” trophy.

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