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Easy (3/10)

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This guide is part of a much larger Trophy Guide, which is very comprehensive and should be a huge help to anyone hoping to earn the Platinum trophy.

As you work your way through Hermes’ Heroic Tasks for the related trophy, you’ll eventually be asked to retrieve 8 (and later, 10) Molten Fragments from various “Arena” Vaults of Tartaros hidden across the islands.


The difficulty with that is that there’s very few of these Vaults which are “Arena” vaults, and finding them all is going to mean checking pretty much every vault. Which is fine for most people, but for those who want to save themselves some time… I’ve got your back.

Below you’ll find the locations of all “Arena” Vaults. These are Vaults in which the goal is simply to defeat three waves of enemies, and then collect the lightning at the end. However, all of these Vaults have a lever which is locked until all three waves have been defeated.

Pulling this lever and defeating another final wave of enemies will open up a route to a chest, which is always in the same place, near the lever to the left. This chest contains the Molten Fragments you need for Hermes’ tasks.


Where to find all Arena Vaults and Molten Fragments for “More than Twelve Labours” Trophy in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Arena Vaults in Valley of Eternal Spring

Arena of Fortitude


The Arena of Fortitude is an Easy Arena Vault found on the southernmost landmass in the Valley of Eternal Spring.

Arena of Heroism


The Arena of Fortitude is an Medium Arena Vault found in the West of the Valley of Eternal Spring, just below the “e” in Valley on the map.

Arena Vaults in the Grove of Kleos

Arena of Agility


The Arena of Agility is a Medium Arena Vault, found along the border between the Valley of Eternal Spring and the Grove of Kleos, at the top of the salt pools.

Arena Vaults in The Forgelands

Arena of Bravery


The Arena of Bravery is a Medium Arena Vault found in the northern parts of the Forgelands, near to “Atmos Mechanikos”.

Arena of Legends


The Area of Legends is a Hard Arena Vault, found on the tip of a curved portion of the map along the northeastern edge of the Forgelands.

Arena of Strength


The Arena of Strength is a Medium Arena Vault, found right on the border between the Forgelands and War’s Den, just a short ways south of the “God of the Forge” statue.

Arena Vaults in War’s Den

Arena of Humility


The Arena of Humility is a Medium Arena Vault, found along the border between the Gates of Tartaros and War’s Den.

Arena of Wisdom


The Arena of Wisdom is a Medium Arena Vault, found on the eastern side of War’s Den, inside a large crater just north of Ares’ Fortress.

Arena of Champions


The Arena of Champions is a Hard Arena Vault, found behind Ares’ Fortress on the very southern tip of War’s Den.

Arena Vaults in King’s Peak

Arena of Finesse


The Arena of Finesse is a Medium Arena Vault on the southern coast of King’s Peak. You do not need access to the upper parts of the mountain to reach this Vault, you could go there from the start of the game if you wanted.

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