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Cult of the Lamb Holy Talisman and Fleece Guide

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Hands down the lengthiest trophy to acquire in Cult of the Lamb will be the Transmute trophy, which asks that you unlock all 5 of the Fleeces that can be purchased using Holy Talismans via the “Crown” upgrade option at the Temple.

Unfortunately, though there are only 5 Fleeces and therefore 5 Holy Talismans, each talisman is broken up into four shards which you will need to acquire via various different means.

Fortunately, this here Cult of the Lamb Holy Talisman and Fleece Guide will show you where and how to unlock all Holy 20 Talisman Shards.

How to Acquire All 20 Holy Talisman Shards in Cult of the Lamb

Each Holy Talisman Shard in Cult of the Lamb will come from a single questline. Of the five questlines, you will need to complete four quests, one for each Talisman Shard.

Fish for the Fisherman

Once you have met the Fisherman on one of your Crusades to the Darkwood, you will be able to visit the “Pilgrim’s Passage” free-roam area. There, near at the south coastline, you will find the Fisherman again.

Speak to him, and he will ask you to bring him four rare catches; a Squid, an Octopus, a Crab, and a Lobster.

You can only catch fish at the fishing spot next to the Fisherman, so you’ll need to keep fishing at this spot until you have one of each of the catches he’s asking for.

If you have it, the “Ritual of Ocean’s Bounty” will help to increase the number of fish at the fishing spot and the rarity of the fish you catch there for a short while.

Once you have each of the catches, take them and deliver them to the Fisherman, who will give you a shard for each fish, totalling a complete talisman!

Mushrooms for Sozo

After meeting Sozo’s followers on one of your Crusades into Anura, you will be able to access the “Spore Grotto” free-roam area. There, in the giant mushroom at the back, you will find Sozo waiting for you.

He’ll ask you to bring him mushroom spores gathered from Anura. They won’t spawn until you speak to Sozo at the Spore Grotto, but once they do you will find them frequently on your Crusades in Anura.

Bring him the desired number of mushroom spores twice to get two of his four Holy Talisman Shards. He will then also teach you how to perform a Brainwash Ritual.

Return to your Cult Grounds and then perform the Brainwash Ritual for the first time to complete the next part of Sozo’s quest. Speak to him again to receive the third Holy Talisman Shard, a Mushroom Sculpture Blueprint, and instructions to build it.

Upon building the Mushroom Sculpture in your Cult Grounds, you will complete Sozo’s final request and can return to him for the fourth and final shard he has to offer.

Eyes of Witnesses for Plimbo

Eventually on your crusades into Anchordeep, you will come across an NPC named Plimbo. After meeting him, you will be able to visit him at the Smuggler’s Sanctuary free-roam area.

When you speak to him there, he will ask you to bring you four items called “Eye of the Witness.” To get an Eye of the Witness, you will need to defeat an four “Witness” mini-bosses, one in each area.

After you have defeated the bishop of an area, you can return to that region and continue to run Crusades there for resources. The first time you reach the room where the Bishop would have been on your first run after defeating them, a Witness Mini-boss will have taken their place. Defeating The Witness will drop an Eye of the Witness.

You will need to first defeat all four Bishops and then run each of the four areas again for the first time after doing so to then find and defeat the Witnesses.

After retrieving all four eyes, bring them to Plimbo. In exchange, you will receive one Holy Talisman Shard for each eye.

Sacrifices for Midas

While exploring the Silk Cradle via Crusades, you will eventually come across a very strange-looking signpost.

Interacting with it will reveal the free-roam area “Midas’ Cave” on your map, allowing you to travel there. In the cave, you will meet an NPC called Midas, who will explain the various facilities available in this greed-laden cavern.

One of the things you can do here, via an altar below a throne at the back of the cave, is sacrifice followers to Midas. For each follower that you sacrifice, you will receive one Holy Talisman Shard in return.

Offerings for the Red Wolf

In each of the four main free-roam areas (excluding Lonely Shack) you will find a small blue moon-shaped symbol, which seems to do nothing at first. However, if you approach one of these symbols at night, you will find that you can press to “Peer into the Darkness.”

Upon doing so, a red, hooded wolf will creep out of the shadows to speak with you. Each time you speak to him, he will ask you to sacrifice something of value. Be that money, hearts, followers, or friends. For each deal that you agree to, he will give you a Holy Talisman Shard.

If you are not ready to accept one of his offers, you may decline it and attempt it again later without consequence.

Cult of the Lamb Fleeces

Below you will see the details of each of the five available Fleeces. You will need one complete Holy Talisman for each Fleece. You will need to acquire all five if you want the Cult of the Lamb Platinum Trophy, as the Transmute requires them.

I strongly recommend acquiring the Golden Fleece first, as this will help a lot with the Perfect Boss Run Trophies.

Golden FleeceDamage dealt increases after each kill, but resets when hit. Take double damage.
Fleece of the Glass CannonCurses deal double damage and cost half the Fervour, but melee weapon damage and health are halved.
Fleece of the Diseased HeartGain a diseased heart every time a tarot card is drawn, but 100% of items will be lost if killed.
Fleece of the FatesDraw 4 tarot cards at the start of a run, but none can be drawn after.
Fleece of Fragile FortitudeAll hearts will be replaced by 1.5x the amount of blue hearts.

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