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Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins Guide

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One of the lengthiest trophies to try and acquire in Cult of the Lamb is the “Full Flock” trophy which requires you to unlock every possible Follower Skin.

The main issue with this is not the sheer volume of Follower Skins, as they are quite easy to come by. Instead, the difficulty comes from a few select skins which have secret unlock requirements. Fortunately, this here Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins Guide will show you how and where to unlock every skin in Cult of the Lamb.

How Standard Skins Unlock in Cult of the Lamb

While completing Crusades throughout your time playing Cult of the Lamb, you will get new Follower Skins either by finding the “follower form” scroll or actually recruiting a Follower with a unique skin.

The skins in the game are divided up into 5 distinct categories; General, Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep, and Silk Cradle. As you can imagine, the latter four categories contain Follower skins that can only be retrieved by completing crusades in those areas.

Alternatively, however, you can visit Gacha machines in free-roam areas that sell Followers from specific regions. If you keep completing Crusades to a particular area but are constantly struggling to get one or more specific skins from that region, you can visit a Gacha machine to purchase them until you have them all!

The machine for Darkwood skins is in Pilgrim’s Passage. You’ll find the Anura skins in a machine in Spore Grotto. Smuggler’s Sanctuary has a machine selling Anchordeep skins, and you will find Silk Cradle skins at the Midas’ Cave machine.

This obviously leaves all of the skins in the “General” category. The majority of these are unlocked naturally, however, there are a handful which are unlocked via special means.

Special Follower Skins

There are 11 Follower Skins that do not unlock via normal means. To help you navigate these puzzles and acquire the last few skins you need, I’ve gone into detail on each individual skin below.

Wolf Follower Skin

You will receive the Wolf Follower Skin from the Red Wolf. You can only find the Red Wolf at Night but he can be found near moon-shaped symbols in some of the free-roam areas.

When standing on or near these symbols, a “Peer into the Darkness” prompt will appear. Press to summon the Red Wolf, who will ask you for a sacrifice in exchange for Holy Talisman Fragments.

Visiting him in all four areas and providing his desired sacrifice will leave you with a fully-intact Holy Talisman and the Wolf Follower skin.

Armadillo, Red Panda & Unicorn Follower Skins

The Armadillo, Red Panda & Unicorn are not tied to any specific region but can be unlocked similarly to the region-specific skins. To get the Armadillo, Red Panda, or Unicorn skins, you will need to keep your eye out for Followers with those skins that you can recruit, especially in Helob’s web outside the cult grounds.

Alternatively, buying Follower Skins from Forneus the Cat’s store while on a crusade can result in you receiving one of these.

Axolotl Follower Skin

After bringing 15 Firewood to the Lighthouse keeper as required for the Bringer of Light trophy, bring him the 25 Crystal Shards that he wants from Anchordeep to finish fixing the lighthouse. He will then reward you with an Axolotl skin.

Star Follower Skin

In the “Midas’ Cave” free-roam area, head all the way to the back-right corner and then look around behind the piles of gold for a prompt.

Interact with it to receive the Star Follower Skin!

Fish Follower Skin

The Fish Follower Skin can only ever be acquired by fishing at Pilgrim’s Passage. I recommend taking an in-game day or two to go to Pilgrim’s Passage and fish up the entire supply of fish from the lake. If the skin doesn’t unlock, try again the next day.

Using “Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty” can help with this if you have it, but isn’t required.

Poop Follower Skin

This one can be a bit catastrophic for your cult if you’re not prepared to deal with a potential sickness outbreak, so make sure you have plenty of beds and a healing bay before attempting this. Alternatively, you can try to spread the meals out across several days so as to not affect your Followers too much.

Essentially, you need to make a bowl of poop. 5 times, in fact. Whenever you have poop in your inventory, which can be collected from the ground or from outhouses, you can use it to make a “Bowl of Poop” at the cooking station.

Doing this five cumulative times (doesn’t have to be back-to-back, could be hours or even days apart) will unlock the Poop Follower Skin.

Crab Follower Skin

This is a nice easy one, the only problem is that you’ll probably end up spending money by accident…

Go to Smuggler’s Sanctuary once you have access to it, and then look for a cute little crab dashing around on the pier. To unlock the Crab Follower Skin, you must catch that crab with .

So why might you lose money? Well, Smuggler’s Sanctuary is essentially one big store containing items from Anchordeep. Purchasing these items is done with , which just so happens to be the button you grab the crab with, so… Either become so rich that you can buy everything there to get it out of your way or just be extremely careful with -button timing.

Snail Follower Skin

Once you have access to Anura and start running Crusades there, you will start to notice small Snails spawning at random throughout Anura’s rooms. In fact, you’ll probably kill a few without noticing in the heat of battle.

Well, when you kill one of these snails, they drop a little shell on the ground. You need to find and collect 5 of these Shells. As it turns out, once you have collected 5, the Snails will stop spawning anyway.

With the five shells in your inventory, you will need to visit the Lonely Shack, Pilgrim’s Passage, Smuggler’s Sanctuary, Spore Grotto, and Midas’ Cave to interact with the snail statues in each area. You can use the gallery below to find each statue.

Once all five statues have a shell on their back, you’ll unlock the Snail Follower Skin!

Mad Monster Follower Skin

This one is just wild, so buckle in. To start with, you’ll want to head out on Crusades.

While on Crusades, look out for areas on the Crusade Map that have a small house icon with some food displayed underneath it. Like the one highlighted below.

Head to this location as soon as you see one, and you will arrive at a Chef’s mobile restaurant. Behind the chef, there’s an enormous Snail.

Hit the snail. Hit the snail a lot. Hit the snail until the Chef attacks!

Defeat the Chef in the battle to receive a “Massive Monster Shrine” blueprint. Return to your cult and build this new structure.

At night, approach your new Monster Shrine and press to pray at it. This will unlock the Mad Monster Follower Skin.

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