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How long does it take to beat Cult of the Lamb and unlock all trophies?

Around 15 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Cult of the Lamb and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Cult of the Lamb have online trophies?


Does Cult of the Lamb have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Cult of the Lamb have missable trophies?


Does Cult of the Lamb have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Cult of the Lamb?

One, but bear in mind this is a roguelike so your playthrough's length could vary based on RNG.

Does Cult of the Lamb have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4 & PS5

By blending in resource-management and community-building mechanics centered around completing favours for potential new cultists, Cult of the Lamb takes the familiar Roguelike format and injects new life. Within this Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide, we aim to take you through the eerie but adorable 15-hour Platinum Journey, which—unlike many other roguelikes we’ve written guides for—is comfortably easy, making for a relaxing yet addictive adventure.

Phase One | Complete the Story

We begin our Cult of the Lamb Trophy Journey by simply playing through the story. Absolutely nothing is missable, so feel free to explore a bit and solve as many mysteries as you like while completing the story objectives provided to you along the way.

Make sure you pay close attention to the wants and needs of your cultists because the game will actually end if they perish.

Worry not, though; there are no difficulty trophies, so you can just enjoy a comfortable time on Easy Difficulty if that’s what you wish. You’ll be asked to select a difficulty toward the start of the game, but you can change it again at any time via the options.

The gameplay loop here is pretty straight-forward once you’re done with the introductory stuff;

  1. Head out on a Crusade for resources, followers, story progress, and more. On your fourth successful crusade to any region, you will be able to fight the Bishop of that region.
  2. Back at your cult grounds, use your resources to improve the camp.
  3. Hold a Sermon and a ritual at your temple. Acquire any upgrades you need via the temple.
  4. Gather devotion and tend to your followers’ needs.
  5. Repeat

Obviously, it will vary at times, but that’s the general flow of this phase. You can explore side-content as much as you like but make sure you’re always prioritizing your followers’ needs.

Though you can play pretty much any way you like and still acquire the platinum, there are a couple of Doctrines to look out for that will make things a lot easier. Look out for Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty and Ritual of Enrichment as both will be very helpful for speeding up your platinum journey. However, if you do miss them, you won’t be locked out of any trophies.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Deal with the Devil

A deal that cannot be undone.

What is this?



Completely unmissable, the Deal with the Devil trophy will unlock during the game’s introductory sequence.

First Follower

The first devotee to the Cult of the Lamb.

What is this?



In the game’s early moments, you will encounter and rescue a poor would-be sacrifice. Not long afterward, Ratau will teach you how to indoctrinate the potential follower you’ve rescued.

Following this mandatory tutorial will unavoidably unlock the First Follower trophy.

Death to Non-Believers

Defeat the first mini-boss.

What is this?



After being introduced to your cult-grounds, you’ll be sent out on your first crusade, expected to return with followers and gold coins.

Successfully reaching the end of this crusade will mean defeating your first miniboss at the end, who will become the follower you are to return with.

Defeating your first mini-boss in order to progress will unavoidably unlock the Death to Non-Believers trophy.

Preacher of Truth

Let the Word be known.

What is this?



In learning how the Cult of the Lamb works in the game’s early hours, you will build a Temple in which you can hold sermons for your followers. You will eventually be asked to do this as a story objective, making the Preacher of Truth trophy unmissable.

It will unlock after you perform your very first Sermon.

The Flock Grows

Gain 5 Followers.

What is this?




As the story requires you to gain at least 20 followers to reach the final boss, this trophy, “The Flock Grows,” will unlock unavoidably when you have gained your first 5.

Flock of Many

Gain 10 Followers

What is this?




As the story requires you to gain at least 20 followers to reach the final boss, this trophy, “Flock of Many,” will unlock unavoidably when you have 10 followers.

Flock of All

Gain 20 Followers.

What is this?




The Flock of All trophy will unlock once the size of your cult following grows to 20. You can get followers in many ways; they’re often found for free on Crusades and you’ll get one for every mini-boss you defeat. You can also buy Followers from “Helob” the Spider NPC standing outside your cult grounds entrance, near the door to the Silk Cradle.

As you need 20 Followers to access the final area of the game, this trophy is guaranteed to unlock naturally as you work through the story.

Crosser of Thresholds

A new world awaits.

What is this?



As part of understanding how your Temple works during the story, you will be asked to perform a ritual of any kind in the Temple. After gathering the required resources, return to your Temple, select “Rituals” and choose any that you have available.

Performing a ritual for the first time will unavoidably unlock the Crosser of Thresholds trophy!

See No Evil

Defeat Leshy.

What is this?



As instructed by the story objectives, complete four successful crusades into the Darkwood to unlock the door to Leshy, Darkwoods’ bishop.

Defeating him to progress will unavoidably unlock the See No Evil trophy.

Speak No Evil

Defeat Heket.

What is this?



As instructed by the story objectives, complete four successful crusades into Anura to unlock the door to Heket, Anura’s bishop.

Defeating him to progress will unavoidably unlock the Speak No Evil trophy.

Hear No Evil

Defeat Kallamar

What is this?



As instructed by the story objectives, complete four successful crusades into Anchordeep to unlock the door to Heket, Anchordeep’s bishop.

Defeating them to progress will unavoidably unlock the Hear No Evil trophy.

Think No Evil

Defeat Shamura

What is this?



As instructed by the story objectives, complete four successful crusades into Silk Cradle to unlock the door to Shamura, Silk Cradle’s bishop.

Defeating them to progress will unavoidably unlock the Think No Evil trophy.

Do No Evil

Defeat the One Who Waits.

What is this?




Once you have defeated all four of the Bishops, the chains on the large door at the center will be removed, allowing you to access the area where the final boss awaits.

Even then, you will need to have at least 20 Followers in your cult for you to perform a ritual opening the way to the final boss.

There, face and defeat The One Who Waits to unlock the Do No Evil trophy and complete the story in Cult of the Lamb.

The boss fight consists of two phases, and you will even need to defeat two minibosses before that, but the fight isn’t too difficult, and as long as you keep moving and choose a decent weapon/curse combo at the start, you should pull through with relative ease.

Don’t forget that you can play on Easy without consequences if you are struggling.

Phase Two | Cleanup

This second and final phase of our Cult of the Lamb trophy guide focuses on cleanup of remaining trophies. You’ve likely made a lot of progress towards these trophies, but with secret Follower Forms, hidden Tarot Cards, and many Holy Talismans to find, there’s likely still quite a bit you need to do.

One of the hardest things you’ll need to do in this phase is to defeat each of the Bishops without taking damage. However, there’s a good method for this and with some practice and a bit of luck, you’ll pull through without too much difficulty.

Knucklebones Trophies

Game of Chance

Win a Game of Knucklebones

What is this?

Once you have progressed the story to the point of being able to visit Ratau’s home, you will be able to access the minigame inside; Knucklebones.

This dice game can be played against one of four Knucklebones players in Ratau’s home, each more difficult than the last. However, at the start you will only be able to face Ratau.

Win a game of Knucklebones for the first time against any of the four Knucklebones players to unlock the Game of Chance trophy. You will need to eventually beat all four Knucklebones players to unlock Master of Chance.

Master of Chance

Defeat all opponents in Knucklebones.



What is this?


The Knucklebones game in Ratau’s home can be played against up to 4 opponents, including Ratau.

On your crusades into Silk Cradle, Anchordeep, and Anura, you will run into the three other possible opponents; Shrumy, Klunko & Bop, and Flinky. Once you have access to all four opponents, you will have everything you need to be able to acquire the Master of Chance trophy.

Go to Ratau’s shack and play Knucklebones with each of the four characters until you have beat them all at least once each. Knucklebones is a pretty simple game of chance, so you’ll mostly be relying on RNG, but there is some level of strategy.

Matching an opponent’s dice will destroy them, reducing their score. For example, if an opponent places a six in the center column, you can also place a six in the center column to remove their six.

Additionally, stacking dice of the same value in the same column will multiply them together in a rather strange way. First, the sum of the dice is calculated (i.e 4+4+4 = 12), and then the result is multiplied by the number of dice (so 12*3 = 36).

To win the game, you must have the highest total score from the sum of all your dice when either you or your opponent has placed a die in all 9 slots of their board.

It may take some practice but mostly it takes luck. Once you have beaten all four players at least once each, the Master of Chance trophy is yours.

Collectible Trophies


Unlock all doctrines.



What is this?


Throughout the game, you will receive Commandment Stone fragments from things like leveling up followers, opening chests, and more. Three Commandment Stone fragments combine to make a full Commandment Stone.

With a Commandment Stone in your inventory, you can go to your Cult’s Temple and use the “Declare New Doctrine” option in the “Crown” menu. For each Commandment Stone you use, you’ll be able to select one of two rituals to unlock. Note that you cannot ever acquire the ritual you turn down, so be sure to read the options carefully. (Though remember that nothing is missable, even if you choose a regrettable commandment.)

You will unlock your first Ritual naturally, and then for the remaining 11; you will need to collect the aforementioned Commandment Stones. They are very common, and you will likely come by more than enough Commandment Stones before you’re even done with the story. If not, however, keep completing Crusades and leveling up Followers until you have the Stone Fragments you need.

Teach a Lamb to Fish

Catch 1 of every fish



What is this?


After meeting the Fisherman in the Darkwoods and gaining access to the Pilgrim’s Passage area, you can go there to fish by the southern shore.

There are only 9 different types of fish that you can find in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Minnow
  • Swordfish
  • Blowfish
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Squid
  • Octopus

Once you have captured all 9, the “Teach a Lamb to Fish” trophy will unlock. It’s not tricky to do, it’s just RNG-based so there’s some luck involved. You can increase your chances of catching rarer fish by performing a “Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty” at your temple.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to give a Crab, a Lobster, a Squid, and an Octopus to the Fisherman in exchange for a Holy Talisman that you can use to buy a new Fleece.


Unlock a New Fleece

What is this?

The “Transform” trophy unlocks when you purchase a fleece from the Temple’s “Crown” menu using a Holy Talisman. For further detail, see Transmute.


Unlock all fleeces.

What is this?
Full Flock

Unlock all Follower Skins.



What is this?


Full Deck

Unlock all tarot cards.



What is this?


Perfect Boss Run Trophies


Beat Leshy without taking damage.

What is this?

After each Bishop that you defeat, you can return to their region (i.e. Darkwoods, Anchordeep, etc.) and destroy one of their statues to fight them again.

You will have seen these statues before on a run, they give Devotion and will be at the start of every sword-icon area in a Crusade map. After the Bishop of that region is defeated, the statue gets a red X painted on it. Destroying the statue when it has a red X on it will spawn a small red portal in its place.

Step onto the portal and press to be teleported back into the boss fight for the relevant bishop of that region.

To unlock the “Order” trophy, you will need to enter the Darkwoods after beating Leshy, destroy their statue to face them again, and then beat them without taking damage.

No, unfortunately, that last part is not a typo. Fortunately, this is a lot easier than it sounds. First, you’ll need the Golden Fleece. The unique trait of the Golden Fleece is that your damage dealt increases with every kill but resets when you take damage. You also take double damage when wearing it, but as the goal is to not get hit, that’s not a problem.

Once you have the Fleece equipped, head out to the relevant Bishop’s region and then start racking up a kill combo throughout the Crusade. You can see your current damage bonus in the top-left of the UI. You’ll want to stack it up as high as you comfortably can by defeating enemies without getting hit on your way to the Bishop statue.

If you reach a Bishop statue but want to keep building your Combo, you are welcome to do this as there will be other Bishop statues if you skip one.

By the time you reach the bishop, you’ll want to make efficient use of your dodge roll to avoid taking damage while you also land as many hits as you can.

Although the weapons are RNG and you don’t get to decide which ones you’re given, I found that Merciless Axes and Merciless Swords were the absolute best for these perfect boss run trophies.


Beat Heket without taking damage.

What is this?

You can use the same methods to unlock Sate as those we listed for Order. However, to summarise:

  • Equip the Golden Fleece.
  • Enter Anura and build up a damage boost by killing enemies without taking damage.
  • Once your combo is high enough, re-challenge Heket via any Heket Statues you come across. Destroy them and press on the red pool to teleport to the rematch.
  • Defeat Heket without taking any damage to unlock Sate.

Beat Kallamar without taking damage.

What is this?

You can use the same methods to unlock Cure as those we listed for Order. However, to summarise:

  • Equip the Golden Fleece.
  • Enter Anchordeep and build up a damage boost by killing enemies without taking damage.
  • Once your combo is high enough, re-challenge Kallamar via any Kallamar Statues you come across. Destroy them and press on the red pool to teleport to the rematch.
  • Defeat Kallamar without taking any damage to unlock Cure.

Beat Shamura without taking damage.

What is this?

You can use the same methods to unlock Peace as those we listed for Order. However, to summarise:

  • Equip the Golden Fleece.
  • Enter Silk Cradle and build up a damage boost by killing enemies without taking damage.
  • Once your combo is high enough, re-challenge Shamura via any Shamura Statues you come across. Destroy them and press on the red pool to teleport to the rematch.
  • Defeat Shamura without taking any damage to unlock Peace.

Miscellaneous Trophies

The First Death

Salvation awaits the fallen soul.

What is this?

You will unlock “The First Death” upon—you guessed it—the first death of a follower. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and there will even be times when you kill a follower on purpose. If you happen to sacrifice a follower (See Sacrificial Beast), even that will unlock the trophy.

Bringer of Light

Reignite the lighthouse.

What is this?

Before you can begin this trophy, you must first complete Crusades in the Darkwoods until you encounter the Fisherman NPC. He will tell you about the “Pilgrim’s Passage” area, which you can then access via the pentagram at your cult grounds.

Travel there to find a Lighthouse in the lower-left corner of the area. Inside, you will find a group of hooded figures praying for the lighthouse’s light to return.

At the back of the room, there’s a large furnace. With at least 15 pieces of lumber in your inventory, interact with the furnace and deposit your lumber to re-ignite it, much to the Lighthouse Keeper’s delight. This will immediately unlock the Bringer of Light trophy.

Sacrificial Beast

Sacrifice a Follower.

What is this?

Eventually and unavoidably as you work through the story, you will receive the ability to sacrifice Followers from The One Who Waits. This can be done via the “Ritual” option in the Temple.

Sacrifice a Follower for the first time via the “Sacrifice of the Flesh” Ritual to unlock the Sacrificial Beast trophy. You will need to sacrifice a further 9 to unlock Weigher of Souls.

Weigher of Souls

Sacrifice 10 Followers.



What is this?


As with Sacrificial Beast, the Weigher of Souls trophy requires you to sacrifice your own followers via the “Sacrifice of the Flesh” Ritual (obtained unavoidably), only you will need to do this to 10 different followers.

If you’d like to not lose 10 of your followers, I recommend making another save that you can revert to once you have the trophy.

This can be a bit of a grind, though, because the ritual has a cooldown of 7 days. You can reduce this with the “Ritual Cooldowns” Divine Inspiration upgrade at your shrine, which takes the cooldown down to just 3.5 days. Which is still quite lengthy!

You will need 35 bones to perform the ritual and, obviously, 10 disposable Followers. A good method would be to perform the ritual and then go out to farm bones while recruiting another follower in a Crusade to pass time until the next Ritual.

Please note that no other form of sacrifice will count towards the 10 needed for this trophy. That means followers you sacrifice to revive yourself, to appease the Red Wolf, or to appease Midas will not count.


Cook a Follower meat meal.

What is this?

Before you can unlock the “Cannibal” trophy, you will need to retrieve some Follower Meat. This is likely to happen naturally throughout the game as Follower Meat can be retrieved in a number of ways.

The easiest way to harvest some meat for yourself, though, is to wait for a Follower to die (or kill them yourself) and then harvest their corpse instead of burying it to receive plenty of meat.

Once you have some, take it to the Cooking Station and create the “Minced Follower Meat” meal. All you need to do is create one, and the trophy will immediately unlock. If you’re worried about the negative effects of feeding your followers to each other, you can save the game beforehand, pop the trophy, then load back to before you committed this ultimate sin.

Hoarder of Wealth

Have 666 gold coins.

What is this?


The “Hoarder of Wealth” trophy requires you to be holding 666 coins or more at one time. This is likely to happen naturally in the end-game if you don’t spend too frivolously. Plus, if you save this trophy for last, you can sell all of your items at the Chest next to the Build station to scrape the needed funds together.

The easiest way to get a lot of coins all at once is to use the “Ritual of Enrichment” if you have it. This makes your followers donate hundreds of coins to you at once. The only downside is that their faith goes down by 20 when you do this.

You can negate that, however, by performing a Brainwashing Ritual beforehand. This locks your followers’ faith at full for 3 whole days and you can do anything you want to them—including robbing them blind—without their faith wavering.


Fully Upgrade Cult.

What is this?

To unlock the “Devotion” trophy, you must purchase the “Cult IV” upgrade using Divine Inspiration at the Shrine in the center of your Cult Grounds.

You will get 1 Divine Inspiration each time your Devotion bar at the top of the screen is filled. Devotion can be collected in many ways, but you will earn most of it from Followers praying at your shrine. You will need to visit your Shrine to collect Devotion. Once it is filled, no more devotion can be collected until you empty it.

Once you have a Divine Inspiration point, you must spend it at the shrine to continue collecting Devotion from it. For that reason, you are likely to acquire a lot of upgrades naturally throughout your initial playthrough.

If you haven’t acquired the Cult IV upgrade by the time you finish the story, continue catering to the needs of your Followers and collecting their Devotion until you have acquired the Divine Inspiration necessary.

Note that this trophy may not unlock immediately. If you don’t receive it upon purchasing the Cult IV Upgrade, leave for another area or a Crusade and then return, and the trophy should pop.

Weapons of Plenty

Unlock all weapons.

What is this?

The description for this trophy makes it seem like more of a Chore than it actually is.

Every day at your temple, you can hold a Sermon. Depending on how many followers you have and their current level of devotion, you will receive faith from your procession each time you hold a Sermon.

Whenever the faith gauge fills during a sermon, you will be allowed to choose from a selection of upgrades. These upgrades don’t affect the cult, they instead affect the weapons and curses you will find on your Crusades.

To unlock the “Weapons of Plenty” trophy, you must unlock all of the upgrades on the left-hand side of this upgrade tree.

Curses of Plenty

Unlock all curses.

What is this?

To unlock Curses of Plenty, you will need to follow the same process as Weapons of Plenty, except you’ll need to buy the upgrades on the right-hand side of the tree instead.

Keeper of Secrets

Take confession.

What is this?

Before you can unlock the “Keeper of Secrets” trophy, you will first need to build a Confession Booth. To build a Confession Booth, you’ll first need to purchase the relevant upgrade via the Shrine at the center of your cult grounds.

Once you have purchased the upgrade, you’ll find the booth in the Build Menu. It is a standalone structure, so you don’t need to build anything beforehand to place it.

Once you have built your confession booth, enter it and press to “Take Confession.” A menu will open up, from which you can select the Follower you’d like to hear from. Choose any follower and then wait for the short cutscene to play out.

Once you have control again, the Keeper of Secrets trophy will unlock!

Leader of the Crusade

Find all 5 locations.

What is this?

There are five hub areas to unlock in Cult of the Lamb, which you can travel to from the camp. The first of these areas is the Lonely Shack, which you will unlock automatically near the start of the game.

To unlock the remaining four, you must meet NPCs on Crusades who spawn randomly. There’s one per each of the four Crusade area and you will just need to complete Crusades until you happen to run into one of them. That being said, the chances seem rather high as I ran into all four naturally while completing the story. See the table below for a quick breakdown:

Location How to Unlock
Pilgrim’s Passage
Run into the Fisherman while exploring The Darkwood
Spore Grotto
Run into Sozo’s Followers while exploring Anura
Smuggler’s Sanctuary
Run into Plimbo while exploring Anchordeep
Midas’s Cave
Come across a mysterious signpost while exploring Silk Cradle

Once you have met all four NPCs and can access all 5 explorable areas, you will unlock the Leader of the Crusade trophy.



No longer a servant, no less than a God.

After collecting every trophy in this Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide, the "Godhood" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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