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How long does it take to beat Control: AWE DLC and unlock all trophies?

About 5 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Control: AWE DLC and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Trophy Guide

Control AWE Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4 and PS5

One of the two DLC packs for Control; Altered World Event adds 11 new trophies to the game and a familiar face from another franchise into the Oldest House. Below, you’ll find our Control AWE DLC Trophy Guide which aims to take you through the methods required for unlocking each trophy in this 5-hour DLC Expansion.

Before You Begin

While you do not need to find all the Collectibles in this DLC, you will need to find 80% of them. This isn’t too difficult as they are once again hidden in relatively plain sight and are hard to miss. Regardless, be mindful of this requirement and vigilant in collecting any Collectible you see. It won’t hurt to take a moment to look around any new areas you find yourself in, just to ensure you don’t miss any.

You may find it helpful to note that there was a patch which added the Assists Menu to the game, found in the Options. Using these assists you can make yourself immortal and turn on one-hit kills, it’s essentially a huge pack of cheats and you can use them without issue. They will not void your trophies, so activate as many as you like and go ham.

I would recommend that you play the game legitimately, though, as it’s a fantastic game that deserves to be experienced properly, but if you do struggle then know that the option is there.

Phase One – Play the Story

This DLC adds one chain of Main Story Missions and several more Side Missions. During this phase of the Control AWE Trophy Guide, I suggest that you focus on just completing these missions, however, in order to reduce the grind you’ll experience in your cleanup, you should also be aware of the following things you’ll need to do later in your journey:

  • You will need to craft and upgrade the new Surge weapon form to the maximum level.
  • You will need to kill 50 enemies with the new Surge weapon form.
  • You will need to kill 25 of the new “Airborne Ranger” enemies.
  • You will need to purchase the Multi-Launch upgrade for your Launch ability and use it to hit three targets.
  • You will need to hit an object with a Surge grenade and then Launch that object at an enemy.
  • You will need to find and destroy Altered Vending Machines — This is complicated, but if you see any Vending Machines with their lights on, shoot them. If the lights go red, keep shooting them until they’re dead. More on this when you come to it, but for now just do that.
  • You will need to play a single game in the Arcade by completing the SHUM side mission.

To make Phase Two easier and reduce the grind, try to ensure you’re working towards those goals throughout your experience of the story.

Note that there’s not really any reason to do any Side Missions except SHUM. You can, of course, feel free to do as many as you like. You’ll be awarded extra resources for completing these Side Missions.

Story Mission Trophies

There’s just two trophies related to this DLC’s story, and they’re unmissable. Simply complete the AWE Mission chain and the trophies will unlock.

Trophy Image
Familiar Methodologies

Fight off Hartman

Trophy Image
The Third Thing

Defeat Hartman

Phase Two – Enemy and Ability Trophies

As highlighted in Phase One of this Control Foundation Trophy Guide, there are a few main objectives in Phase Two which, if not at least attempted during your story gameplay, can be quite a grind. Each is tied to a trophy which you will find listed below.

Enemy and Ability Trophies

Trophy Image
Surge of Power

Upgrade Surge to the maximum level

To Construct the Surge Weapon Form, you will need to start the AWE DLC story by entering the Investigations Sector. Once you’ve claimed a Control Point there you should be able to craft the weapon in the “Astral Constructs” menu on the control Point.

In order to unlock the trophy you will have to fully upgrade Surge to its maximum level, so you will need to craft it, upgrade it, and then upgrade it again. You will need a lot of Source, Shaded Facets, Confiscated Motives, and Hidden Trends. Shaded Facets and Confiscated Motives are exclusive to the Investigations Sector, but the Hidden Trend resource is not. You actually earn it from powerful enemies like Hiss Warped, and completing Bureau Alerts. They’re also very common in the Foundation Sector in the Control: The Foundation DLC.

You should be able to get enough of these resources just by defeating enemies in the Investigations Sector as you complete the story and do a little exploring for a few other trophies, you likely won’t need to go out of your way to farm them. If you do, then you’ll just need to make round trips through Investigations looking for enemy spawns and resource crates.

Trophy Image
Surge Protector

Kill 50 enemies with Surge

Once you have built the Surge weapon, you’ll need to kill 50 enemies with it to unlock this trophy.

The Surge is a remote sticky grenade launcher. You can fire up to three rounds (which will stick where they land) by holding and pressing . Pressing with all 3 rounds fired or without holding will detonate them. You can also detonate a Surge grenade by shooting it with another Weapon Form such as Grip.

The SHUM Arcade Game you need to play for the Workplace Recreation trophy is a great place to farm this due to the large number of enemy spawns.

Trophy Image
Elevated Mind

Kill 25 Airborne Rangers

This DLC adds a new kind of enemy; a Shotgun-wielding Hiss Ranger who is also Elevated, meaning they can levitate. These enemies are pretty tough and the fact that they can float pretty much anywhere while pebble-dashing you with shotgun rounds makes them quite a formidable foe.

To unlock this trophy you will need to defeat 25 of them, which unfortunately won’t happen from just beating the DLC’s story. You’ll need to go out of your way to fight a few more once you’re done with the main missions.

They seem to spawn most commonly in Turntable areas, of which there are three in Control AWE, so I’d recommend moving between the three locations to farm them.

Additionally, you could try the Crowd Control mode in the SHUM arcade machine you need to play for the Workplace Recreation trophy, as they have a chance of spawning in there. But they only appear in the Crowd Control (Challenge) mode that you unlock for completing Crowd Control once, but the challenge variant is really tough. Either way, 7 are guaranteed to spawn there and you could always turn on assist mode to make it much easier.

Trophy Image
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy

When a Surge grenade is fired, it will stick to the surface it lands on. This includes enemies and indeed Launch-able objects.

Stick a Surge grenade to any object small enough to launch, and then Launch said object at an enemy. It will explode and this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Multiple Applications

Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets

Once you have the ability to hold three items at once with Launch, you will need to hold to begin Launch and then press [L2] for each additional item (up to two for a total of three) you would like to add to your Launch attack.

Multi-Launch just so happened to be the last ability I bought in the base game for Parautilitarian

You’ll then need to find three enemies grouped relatively close together. Hiss Charged are good for this as they often slowly float toward you in a group. You’ll need to position yourself so that all three enemies have a targetting diamond over them and then release .

Jesse will throw all three items, with each one going towards a different enemy. If they all hit their targets, the trophy will unlock. You don’t need to kill the enemies you hit, simply hitting them is enough.

The SHUM Arcade Game you need to play for the Workplace Recreation trophy is a great place to farm this due to the large number of enemy spawns.

Phase Three – Secrets and Collectibles

Unlike the Foundation DLC, Remedy returned to form in this AWE DLC by not requiring you to find every single collectible, just 80%, which is not hard by any stretch and may even occur naturally. They also want you to find just 4 of the 5 new Hidden Locations (For which this Hidden Locations Guide will be of help).

The worst trophy you’ll need to complete here is “Vending Spree” which a lot of people have complained about.

Collectible & Secret Trophies

Trophy Image
Chief Investigator

Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector

As mentioned, there are a total of 5 new Hidden Locations to find in the Investigations sector, and you just need to find 4 of them. The best way to find them is by using our Hidden Locations Guide which can direct you to each individual one.

Trophy Image
Vending Spree

Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

This nightmare of a trophy relies entirely on RNG. It’s a crack in an otherwise completely reasonable trophy list and is a complete time-waster.

In Control: AWE, there are several vending machines, some will have their lights on, some won’t. Whenever you find a vending machine with its lights on you should shoot it right away!

There’s a small chance that vending machine will be an Altered Item and by shooting it you will activate it. Its lights will turn red instead of just going out when you shoot it and it will retreat, dropping rare and valuable resources, including high-level personal and weapon mods! You will need to destroy the Vending Machine before it gets away, so chase it down and deal as much damage as you can.

There are 5 spawn locations you can count on, and so you should go on a farming route whereby you start in the Abandoned Offices and end in the Operations Center. Along the way you will hit all 5 vending machines, and then you will return to the main menu and load back into the game to reset all 5 before trying again. It sucks, but it’s the most efficient way to farm this trophy.

Here’s where you can find all 6 Vending Machine Locations:

Abandoned Offices Vending Machine 1

From the Abandoned Offices Control Point, head straight forward, past the objects that are duplicating themselves, and then go around the corner towards the Firebreak. Immediately around this corner, next to the Security Checkpoint you will find one Vending Machine.

Abandoned Offices Vending Machine 2

Head past the Security Checkpoint to the firebreak doorway, there’s another Vending Machine right there.

Abandoned Offices Vending Machine 3

Now, head back into the Abandoned Offices area and look for a corridor with a sign above it saying “Service Tunnel” on the east side of the room. Here, next to that sign, you’ll find the third Vending Machine in this area.

Operations Center Vending Machine 1

Start at the Operations Corridor Control Point and head through towards Operations Center. As you walk through the door, look left to the stairwell on the west side of the room, there you’ll see a Vending Machine at the top of the stairs.

Operations Center Vending Machine 2 & 3

Head through the double doors next to the last Vending Machine, and then through the next set of double doors directly in front of you. You’ll then be facing two Vending Machines side-by-side.

There are more than just those 6 in the game, but it’s easier to just try those and then reset. Once you’ve shot all 6 of them, quit to the main menu, then fast travel to the Abandoned Offices again. It’s been noted by some that fast travelling to Central Executive first, and then to the Abandoned Offices will improve your chances of finding a Vending Machine.

I can’t confirm this as I actually got pretty lucky and found all 4 without too much trouble, but it can’t hurt to try if you’re struggling.

The reason I had such an easy time is because I actually found two of these vending machines in one room by completing the hidden clock puzzle. Check out the information on the Shifted Passage Hidden Location in our Hidden Locations guide.

Once you have defeated “80% of the Vending Machines” the trophy will unlock. I’m not sure why it is worded this way. You just need to spawn and defeat the Vending Machine 4 times.

Trophy Image
Workplace Recreation

Play a single game in Arcade Mode

To start the missions related to this trophy you will need to find a collectable in the Observation Deck area of the Investigations Sector.

It’s in the dark area where the light is that you need to use to remove the Darkness from the battery slot. Next to a crate you can open for supplies.

It was right where my crosshair is, but I grabbed it already!

The objective for the SHUM side-quest is to “Find and interact with the Arcade Machine Altered Item” which can be found in the “Active Investigations” area, in the back corner.

Hold on the Arcade Cabinet for “SHUM” to play it. Choose either Crowd Control or Deadline. Unfortunately, you can’t just play the game and die and have it count as playing “a single game on the Arcade Machine” as you might expect. No, instead, you will have to complete a whole round in the game.

In “Crowd Control” you will have to survive against waves of Hiss enemies to complete the level. In “Deadline” – which is the easiest of the two, in my opinion – you will need to defeat 50 enemies within a time limit. More time is added for each enemy you kill.

Complete either of these game modes one time to unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
In-depth Investigations

Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector

As mentioned, you’ll only need to find 80% of the total collectables in this DLC. I’d recommend you play through the story and all other trophy requirements first, saving this for last.

The reason for that is that by the time I was done with everything else I had 50 out of the required 53 collectibles, emphasising that you really don’t have to go out of your way to get the 80% you need.

I would advise you of course take every opportunity to grab a collectible when you see it, don’t get complacent about them because you’ll end up stuck trying to find them all at the end of your playthrough.

Remember to thoroughly check every location where you had a boss fight in Investigations’ many AWE rooms. With the lights now on in those rooms, you’ll find there’s often quite a few collectibles to pick up. Especially in the small Mobile Lab rooms dotted around these areas.

The majority of the collectibles are found in the Sector Head Office area, so be sure to check there thoroughly, including the small offices up the stairs.

Control Trophy Guide

If you’re bothering to get the DLC Trophies using this Control AWE Trophy Guide, then you surely want to grab the Platinum from the base game too? Well, just as we put together this useful guide, we have one for the base game too!

Check out our full Control Trophy Guide and Road Map here.

Control: The Foundation DLC Trophy Guide

The contents of Control’s “The Foundation” DLC will take about 5 hours if you’re going for full trophy completion. You’ll get access to new abilities and there’s nothing too challenging but it does add 10 more Hidden Areas you need to find, for which you can count on our Hidden Locations Guide, of course.

Check out our full Control: The Foundation DLC Trophy Guide and Road Map here.

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