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How long does it take to beat Cat Quest 2 and unlock all trophies?

Around 10-12 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Cat Quest 2 and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Cat Quest 2 have online trophies?


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Does Cat Quest 2 have missable trophies?


Does Cat Quest 2 have glitched trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Cat Quest II Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4

Welcome to our Cat Quest 2 Trophy Guide. Cat Quest 2 is the sequel to Cat Quest, for which I made a guide very recently. The sequel is very much more of the same but with more equipment, more dungeons, more side quests and more skills. Plenty to sink your claws into!

The trophy journey is very similar too. You’ll begin by focusing on the Main Quest, sprinkling in some side-quests and dungeons along the way to boost your level for the increasingly difficult main story bosses. After that, you’ll need to complete every dungeon, every side-quest, collect (almost) every piece of equipment, acquire every spell, and reach Level 99. Simple, really!

Oh yeah, and nothing is missable, of course.

Phase One | Complete the Main Quest

For this phase of our Cat Quest 2 trophy Guide, you simply need to focus on beating the Main Quest. Along the way, you’ll find yourself needing to level up more and more, which you can do fairly easily by completing any Side Quests and Dungeons that you meet the level requirements for.

The more of them you complete now, the less cleanup you’ll need to do later. That said, it’s ultimately your choice how you wish to play.

Unlike its predecessor, Cat Quest 2 has a difficulty option that you can select when you start a new game. You can play on either Story or Normal difficulty as neither will affect your trophies!

Trophies in this phase:

Unmissable Story Trophies

Catventure Begins

Completed the first quest!



After a short tutorial, you’ll receive the “Catventure Begins” trophy unavoidably.

The Lupus Empire

Entered the new continent!



You’ll enter the Lupus Empire while following Kit as part of the story after acquiring your first Kingshard. As such, you’ll unavoidably receive “The Lupus Empire” upon arrival there!

Royal Fur

Unlocked 3 Royal Arts!



While working your way through the Main Quest, you’ll automatically receive three new abilities; a dodge roll that deals damage, a powerful end-of-dodge attack, and the ability to walk on water!

Upon receiving the third Royal Art; Water-Walking, you’ll unlock the “Royal Fur” trophy!

Paws Together

Completed the Main Quest!



You’ll receive the “Paws Together” trophy at the end of the Main Quest. You’ll have to complete the “Epilogue” quest, which is just a short cutscene with no extra fights or anything. Don’t worry about points of no return or anything like that, you can select “Continue” from the main menu to resume playing even after wrapping up the main story!

Phase Two | Cleanup

When you’ve completed the Main Quest in Cat Quest 2, you’ll be able to continue playing as normal, allowing you to mop up any Side Quests and Dungeons you’ve still left incomplete. The trophies below are divided up into groups based on the activities you’ll need to complete, and I recommend tackling them in the order shown below too. You should end up receiving most (if not all) pieces of equipment while completing Side Quests and Dungeons, you’ll definitely earn enough exp for Level 99 while working on those too. That just leaves the Spells, which you should end up coming across along the way anyway!

Complete all 67 Side Quests

Furriend of the People I

Completed 7 Side Quests!

The “Furriend of the People I” trophy will unlock after you’ve complete just 7 of the game’s Side Quests. This is likely to happen naturally as you progress the story because you’ll need to use Side Quests to level up quicker than by just clearing dungeons and defeating enemies. See Furriend of the People III for more information on Side Quests.

Furriend of the People II

Completed 37 Side Quests!

Completing 37 of the 67 Side Quests required for Furriend of the People III trophy will net you this “Furriend of the People II” trophy.

Furriend of the People III

Completed all 67 Side Quests!

To unlock the “Furriend of the People III” trophy, you must complete all 67 Side Quests in Cat Quest 2. You can see available Side Quests by opening your map and scrolling around. Blue speech bubbles with “!” icons inside will indicate the location of a Side Quest, and now you can even see the recommended level for that quest from the map too!

To help you narrow things down once you approach the end of this 67-quest journey, though, I’ve prepared the below table, which details every Quest’s region, location, and recommended level:

Side Quest Region Start Location Level
Spell of the Cats Felingard South Pawt 10
Curse of the Dogs Felingard South Pawt 12
The Confurrsation of Secrets Felingard Arcane Headpawters 10
The Ancient Realm Felingard Arcane Headpawters 13
The Order of the Emeowrald Felingard Cat Face Outlook 19
The Purrotected Maze Felingard Cat Face Outlook 22
Revenge of Furindelmeow Felingard Cat Face Outlook 25
Meat Felingard Fishercat Village 12
Meat Meat Felingard Fishercat Village 15
Meat Meat Meeeaaat Felingard Fishercat Village 18
Rock, Paper, Scissors! Felingard Catnip Farm 15
Case of the Missing Blueprint Felingard Kit Cat Mailbox 15
Case of the Coded Note Felingard Kit Cat Mailbox 18
Case of the Secret Password Felingard Kit Cat Mailbox 20
Case of the Hidden Grudge Felingard Kit Cat Mailbox 22
Case of the Missing Piece Felingard Kit Cat Mailbox 25
Fur the Greater Good Felingard Whiskerest 20
Steal from the Rich Felingard Whiskerest 25
Give to the Poor Felingard Whiskerest 30
The Lost Treasure Lupus Empire Pound Town 25
Tale of a Cat and a Dog Lupus Empire Pound Town 28
Pundora’s Box Lupus Empire Pound Town 35
Prelude Lupus Empire Wall of Lupus 30
The Second Movement Lupus Empire Wall of Lupus 32
Coda Lupus Empire Wall of Lupus 35
The Spirit in the Lake Felingard Laketown 30
Of Metals and Magic Felingard Laketown 32
Of Swords and the Worthy Felingard Laketown 35
Fur’s a Crowd Felingard The Catpital 35
Fur the Son Lupus Empire Doge Town 37
Fur the Mother Lupus Empire Doge Town 40
Fur the Furmily Lupus Empire Doge Town 45
Book of Water Walking Felingard Pawt City 50
Artefact of Water Walking Felingard Pawt City 52
Gift of Water Walking Felingard Pawt City 55
Rivals of a Kind Felingard Near Felingard Statue 50
Bad Propawganda Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 55
Bad Doggos Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 60
The Twin Delivery Felingard Twin Towns 60
The Twin Delivery…again Felingard Twin Towns 63
The Twin Caves Felingard Twin Towns 65
The Twin Caves…again Felingard Twin Towns 65
Finding Purr-rivate Mewan Felingard Purrmaha Beach 65
Tracking Purr-rivate Mewan Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 67
Faking Purr-rivate Mewan Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 70
Rescuing Purr-rivate Mewan Lupus Empire Purrmaha Beach 72
The Pawlatinum Chef Lupus Empire Hotto Doggo Mailbox 65
The Power of the Horde Lupus Empire Hotto Doggo Mailbox 70
Over the Limit Lupus Empire Hotto Doggo Mailbox 80
The True Weapon Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 65
The Pawsitively Secret Contact Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 70
The Doge Knight Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 70
Good Intentions Lupus Empire The Pawasis 70
Bad Consequences Lupus Empire The Pawasis 73
Wooftopia Lupus Empire The Pawasis 75
Skull of a Warrior Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 80
The Young Pup Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 80
The Talented Soldier Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 85
The Magic User Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 90
The Powerful One Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 95
The Dragonblood Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 99
The Epic Staredown Felingard North Watch 100
Accept This Now! Ocean Founders’ Island 999
Deleting Data Now! Ocean Founders’ Island 999
Oh, You’re Gonna Get It Now! Ocean Founders’ Island 999
This Is It! Ocean Founders’ Island 999

Clear All 73 Dungeons

Dungeon Master I

Cleared 8 dungeons!

The “Dungeon Master I” trophy will unlock when you clear your 8th Dungeon. To clear a dungeon you will need to open every chest and defeat every enemy within. See Dungeon Master III for more info.

Dungeon Master II

Cleared 38 dungeons!

After clearing 38 of the 73 Dungeons in Cat Quest 2, you’ll receive the “Dungeon Master II” trophy. See Dungeon Master III for more info.

Dungeon Master III

Cleared all 73 dungeons!

To unlock the “Dungeon Master III” trophy, you’re going to need to clear every single dungeon (cave or ruin) in Cat Quest 2. These are very easy to find because you can see them from the map. This is even easier than in the first Cat Quest game because you can move the map around while looking at it zoomed-out, really allowing you to zero in on any you may have missed.

Caves you haven’t even attempted yet will have a “?” icon above them and caves that you’ve entered but didn’t finish clearing will have a diamond icon over them.

Much like in the previous game, you will need to find hidden invisible paths sometimes, which will then lead to hidden chests. This can be a pain as there are no visual indicators for where a hidden path is, you’ll just need to press yourself up against the edges of each platform and see if your characters start walking over water/pitfalls.

They’re much less prevalent in this game, though. You’ll be told via a large “Dungeon Complete” on-screen element when you’ve completely cleared a dungeon, which means opening every chest/crate and defeating every enemy.

There’s one very confusing dungeon called “Pawt Cave.” This cave has four entrances. One is on the mainland while the other three are on islands to the west of the mainland entrance. You can reach two of the other entrances by going through the cave, but the silver monster chest can only be reached by entering the cave through a fourth entrance that you can only get to with the water-walking ability. You may wonder how you’re supposed to open that monster chest if you can’t access the rest of the cave from that fourth entrance. Well, once you’ve cleared a dungeon of enemies for the first time, the monster chest will unlock permanently. So even if you leave and re-enter the dungeon, respawning all of the enemies, you will still be able to open the chest.

If you come across any dungeons that are locked and won’t let you in, complete some more Side or Main Quests as they’re likely to eventually unlock them.

For every Dungeon and its location & level, see the full list below:

Name Region Location Level
Brave Cave Ocean Starting Location 1
Tombstone Cave Lupus Empire South of Barkara Desert 1
Seaside Cove Felingard Catpital Lake 4
Cave Grotto Felingard Catpital Lake 6
Catpital Cave Felingard Catpital Lake 10
Decem Ruins Felingard Catface Outlook 10
King Sigil Felingard Near Arcane Headpawters 10
Octo Ruins Felingard The Catpital 10
Furrest Cave Felingard Catface Outlook 12
River Hole Felingard The Catpital 14
Riverside Cove Felingard The Catpital 15
King Lionardo Ruins Felingard North Felingard Coast 15
Novem Ruins Felingard North Felingard Coast 15
Septem Ruins Felingard The Catpital 17
Paw’s Cave Felingard The Catpital 19
Purrcluded Cave Felingard Catface Outlook 20
Whisk Cove Felingard Eastpaw Beach 20
Pawful Cave Lupus Empire Near Pound Town 23
Puss Cave Felingard Twin Towns 23
Cave Peasy Felingard Whiskerest 25
Ruff Cove Lupus Empire Pound Town 25
Winding Cave Lupus Empire Wall of Lupus Empire 25
Undecim Ruins Lupus Empire Near Pound Town 25
Quadecim Ruins Lupus Empire Near Wall of Lupus 29
Empty Hole Lupus Empire North of Wall of Lupus 30
Pawreign Cave Felingard Twin Towns 30
Duodecim Ruins Lupus Empire Southwest from Doge Town 30
Barking Cave Lupus Empire Northwest of Wall of Lupus 32
Sandy Pit Lupus Empire Doge Town 33
Far-Fetched Cave Lupus Empire North of Doge Town 35
Saxim Ruins Felingard Felingard Lake 35
Septencin Ruins Lupus Empire North from Doge Town 35
Woofhauser Ruins Lupus Empire Excavation Site 35
Devigni Ruins Lupus Empire Northwest of Doge Town 38
King Duos Ruins Felingard Whiskerest 40
Purrn Cave Felingard Purrning Forest 45
Blue Cave Felingard Puss Fields 50
Bullet Heaven Lupus Empire East of Throne of Lupus 50
Pawt Cave Felingard Pawt City 50
Unus Ruins Felingard Whiskerest 50
Howling Maze Lupus Empire The Pawasis 53
Bay Cave Felingard Felingard Lake 55
Mountain Cave Felingard Blue Mountains 55
Tomb of the Follower Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus Empire 55
Cave Mercy Ocean The King’s Paw 60
Cave Valor Ocean The King’s Paw 60
Cave Virtue Ocean The King’s Paw 60
Quattor Ruins Felingard Felingard Lake 60
Undevinti Ruins Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 60
Furrible Cave Felingard Felingard Lake 65
Pawasis Cave Lupus Empire The Pawasis 70
Unknown (Path to Lupus Tomb) Lupus Empire Barkara Desert 70
Sedecim Ruins Lupus Empire Island South from Throne of Lupus 70
Tres Ruins Felingard Felingard Lake 70
Roverdose Maze Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus Empire 72
Bat Cove Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus 75
Terrier-fying Tomb Lupus Empire The Pawasis 75
Triginta Ruins Lupus Empire West from the Pawasis 75
Wyvern Nest Lupus Empire Southeast of Pound Town 80
Quindecim Ruins Lupus Empire North of The Pawasis 80
Quinque Ruins Ocean West from Pawt City 80
Ultimutt Stash Lupus Empire Dog Barracks 90
Cactus Cave Lupus Empire North of The Pawasis 99
Fursaken Cave Felingard The Deep Forest 99
Hidden Cave Felingard East of Catnip Farm 99
Cursed Ruins Felingard The Deep Forest 99
Drakoth’s Key Ocean Island South from Mewment Shores
Drakoth’s Key Ocean Island West of Throne of Lupus
Drakoth’s Vault Ocean Island West of Throne of Lupus 99
Cave of the Lion Felingard Puss Fields – Beat the Story First 150
Tomb of the Wolf Lupus Empire Throne of Lupus Empire – Beat the Story First 150
Lonely Cave Felingard North of Whiskerest 200
Hidden Stash Lupus Empire Dog Barracks
Puggy Maze/Pugger Maze Ocean Island West of Throne of Lupus
Troll Cave Lupus Empire Island East of Doge Town
Infinity Tomb Felingard Northeast of Seaside Cove – Endgame content

Obtain all 12 Spells

Arcane Paws I

Obtained 4 spells!


You’ll receive the “Arcane Paws I” trophy after acquiring your 4th Spell. See Arcane Paws III for more info on Spells and where to find them!

Arcane Paws II

Obtained 8 spells!


You’ll eventually need to collect all 12 Spells for the Arcane Paws III trophy. Along the way, when you have 8 of those 12 Spells, you’ll unlock the “Arcane Paws II” trophy.

Arcane Paws III

Obtained all 12 spells!


There are a total of 12 Spells in Cat Quest II, some returning favourites like Freezepaw and Lightnyan, plus some new powerful additions like ForceWoofer and Gravi-ruff. To unlock the “Arcane Paws III” trophy, you will need to find and collect them all. Fortunately, they’re not too difficult to find, but you’ll need to progress the Main Quest before you can reach some of them.

Spells are acquired via stone tablets you can interact with. They can be found both within dungeons and on the overworld map!

Spell Location
Flamepurr Inside “Brave Cave” – Unmissable
Freezepaw Inside “Brave Cave” – Unmissable
Healpaw Near “King Sigil Ruins” on the Overworld Map.
Astropaw Northwest of “The Long Road” on the Overworld Map.
Lightnyan West from “Wall of Lupus” on the Overworld Map.
Cattrap West from “Drakoth’s Vault” in the Northwwest of the Overworld Map.
Manapaw East from “The Banished” on the Overworld Map.
Furry Shield Inside “Cave Grotto”
Purrzerk Inside “Whisk Cove”
ForceWoofer Inside “Far-Fetched Cave”
Gravi-ruff Inside “Tomb of the Follower”
Celestail Inside “Cactus Cave”

Collect 101 Pieces of Equipment

Fashionista Tails I

Obtained 34 pieces of equipment!


You’ll receive weapons and armor by completing quests, opening chests, and even just progressing the main quest. After attaining 34 unique pieces of equipment, you’ll receive the “Fashionista Tails I” trophy.

There are 108 unique pieces of equipment in total, and you’ll need to collect 101 of them for Fashionista Tails III.

Fashionista Tails II

Obtained 67 pieces of equipment!


Obtain 67 of the total 108 unique pieces of equipment in Cat Quest 2 to receive the “Fashionista Tails II” trophy. You’ll eventually need 101 unique pieces of equipment to unlock Fashionista Tails III.

Fashionista Tails III

Obtained all 101 pieces of equipment!


Technically, due to an update, Cat Quest II contains 108 pieces of equipment, thanks to the addition of the “Bam Bam Hammer,” “Mystery Meat,” and the 5 “Dark Old Master” Pieces of Equipment that you can only get from the challenging “Infinity Tomb” post-game content. Either way, that only leaves you able to miss a handful items, and you’re still going to have to collect 101 unique pieces of equipment!

Equipment is acquired from chests, from Side Quests, and sometimes from the Main Quest too. You’ll also note that there are some large gold chests dotted across the overworld map that you can’t open. To open them, you will first need to go to “Founder’s Isle” which is east of Felingard. You will need the Water Walking ability to reach it.

Once there, you’ll see four NPCs, each of which has a Level 999 quest for you, but the first three are just fake-outs (yes, even the guy who says he’ll delete your save data!). The fourth and final guy will send you to a dungeon with three Mimics inside.

They’re Level 99 but with a ranged magic weapon and some careful dodging you can slowly chip away at them to defeat them while severely under-levelled.

The Mimics will drop a key that you can then pick up, which unlocks a door in the “Hidden Cave” back on the mainland.

Inside, you’ll find the Gold Key, which allows you to open all gold chests from now on.

You’ll be pleased to know that unlike in the first Cat Quest, gold chests are not found inside Dungeons (except the one in the Hidden Cave). They’re all on the overworld map and can pretty much be seen from the map tab in the menu.

Now, considering you will have to complete every Side Quest for Furriend of the People III and clear every dungeon for Dungeon Master III, you should end up with pretty much every unique item in the game by the time you’ve earned those trophies. The last handful will be found in those Gold Chests mentioned above, so keep a keen eye out for them on the overworld map. Many of them don’t contain unique items so you shouldn’t need to open all of them.

Below, you’ll find a total list of equipment in the game. After doing everything else in the trophy list, if you’re still missing a small handful of equipment, make sure you complete the endgame dungeons; Lonely Cave, Cave of the Wolf, and Tomb of the Lion.

Equipment Equipment Type
Arcane Mage Hat Head
Arcane Mage Vest Body
Arcane Staff Staff
Bam Bam Hammer Weapon
Bard Hat Head
Bard Lute Staff
Bard Vest Body
Blue Mage Hat Head
Blue Mage Vest Body
Bone-raiser Weapon
Cat Rags Body
Cat Soldier Armor Body
Cat Soldier Helm Head
Cat Soldier Sword Weapon
Catnip Bravo Jumper Body
Catnip Bravo Mask Head
Catventurer Blade Weapon
Catventurer Hat Head
Catventurer Vest Body
Chef Hat Head
Chef Vest Body
Crimson Armor Body
Crimson Edge Weapon
Crimson Helm Head
Dark Old Master Axe Weapon
Dark Old Master Body Body
Dark Old Master Head Head
Dark Old Master Mace Weapon
Dark Old Master Staff Staff
Dog Rags Body
Dog Soldier Armor Body
Dog Soldier Helmet Head
Dog Soldier Sword Weapon
Doge Knight Armor Body
Doge Knight Cowl Head
Dragonfire Weapon
Dragonfrost Weapon
Dragonvoid Weapon
Drakoth Armor Body
Drakoth Helmet Head
Dumbbell Weapon
Elder Mage Beard Head
Elder Mage Robes Body
Elder Stick Staff
Excalipurr Weapon
Fire Mage Hat Head
Fire Mage Vest Body
Fire Staff Staff
General’s Mace Weapon
Gentle Monocle Head
Gentle Suit Body
Healing Staff Staff
Ice Mage Hat Head
Ice Mage Vest Body
Ice Staff Staff
Invisibility Fur Coat Body
Jester Aee Cap Head
Jester Aee Mace Weapon
Jester Aee Suit Body
Jester Bee Cap Head
Jester Bee Mace Weapon
Jester Bee Suit Body
Knight Armor Body
Knight Axe Weapon
Knight Helm Head
Labrathor Helm Head
Labrathor Vest Body
Lightning Staff Staff
Mewlder Wand Staff
Mystery Meat Weapon
Ninja Hood Head
Ninja Katana Weapon
Ninja Shroud Body
Old Master Body Body
Old Master Head Head
Old Master Mace Weapon
Pawlonijr Staff
Pawple Katana Weapon
Pawple Ninja Hood Head
Pawple Ninja Shroud Body
Pawtimate Armor Body
Purrsecution Weapon
Purrsecutor Armor Body
Purrsecutor Helm Head
Ranger Axe Weapon
Ranger Cap Head
Ranger Vest Body
Scout Armor Body
Scout Helmet Head
Scout Sword Weapon
Skeleton King Armor Body
Skeleton King Crown Head
Storm Armor Body
Storm Helm Head
Stormbringer Weapon
The Architect Staff
The Bataxe Weapon
The Dragonmaker Weapon
The Hawt Dog Weapon
The Kingsblade Weapon
White Mage Hat Head
White Mage Robes Body
Wraith Armor Body
Wraith Helm Head
Wraith Mace Weapon
Zero Courage Body
Zero Faith Weapon
Zero Willpower Head

Reach Level 99

Kinghood I

Reached level 10!


You’ll reach Level 10 very early in the story and would have a real hard time making progress without doing so. Looking ahead, though, you’ll eventually need to reach Level 99 for Kinghood III.

Kinghood II

Reached level 50!


Reaching Level 50 will net you the “Kinghood II” trophy. Honestly, you’ll need to reach this level and beyond for the main quest alone, not to mention the fact you’ll eventually need to reach Level 99 for Kinghood III.

Kinghood III

Reached level 99!

Unlike in the original Cat Quest, reaching Level 99 doesn’t require an extensive grind. You will reach well over Level 99 by just completing every Dungeon, Side Quest, and Main Quest, which you’ll have to do for other trophies anyway!

Upon reaching Level 99, you will unlock this “Kinghood III” trophy.



You are pawsome!

After collecting every trophy in this Cat Quest 2 Trophy Guide, the "Pawlatinum " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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