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How long does it take to beat Cat Quest and unlock all trophies?

Around 8-10 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Cat Quest and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Cat Quest have online trophies?


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Does Cat Quest have missable trophies?


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Does Cat Quest have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Cat Quest Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Cat Quest Trophy Guide. Cat Quest is a surprisingly enjoyable open-world RPG with very simple gameplay. Filled to the brim with cat puns, chests to open, and caves to explore, it’s a very casual yet somewhat addictive jaunt through a lovingly-crafted game.

The trophy journey will take you through the story and then you’ll need to wrap things up by clearing every dungeon, completing every side quest, and collecting a veritable horde of loot as you work your way up to Level 99. It’s easy, breezy, and only about 12 hours long!

Phase One | Complete the Main Quest

In this first phase of your Cat Quest Trophy Journey, you’ll basically just want to beat the story. There are a lot of things to do in Cat Quest, especially if you’re going for the Platinum Trophy, but none of it is missable at all. So you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. You’ll need to complete Side Quests to level yourself up between bosses and you can choose to do the bare minimum if you like, but you’ll eventually need to complete every Side Quest, so you might as well go out of your way to do as many as you can as and when they become available.

Additionally, you’ll need to clear every dungeon (cave, ruin, etc.) but many Side Quests will actually require you to clear a few dungeons that you might end up having to do twice so maybe save the Dungeons for much later.

One thing I strongly recommend doing as you play is activating monuments. These pillars will have “?” icons on them when you first find them (and they’re easy to spot from the map). You’ll need to interact with all of them at least once so press on any you find as soon as you find them!

Trophies in this phase:

Unmissable Story Trophies

Dragon Slayer

Defeated the Flame Dragon



The Flame Dragon is the first of the Dragon Bosses you’ll need to defeat on your way through the story. When you first approach it, you’ll probably be told to go and get stronger first by completing Side Quests. You only need to be around Level 15 to take this Dragon on, but you’ll actually find enough Side Quests in the area to reach around Level 30-35. Even more if you explore some dungeons while you’re at it. It’s entirely up to you, though, nothing is missable so just do what you feel like doing!

Dragon Master

Defeated the Ice Dragon



The Ice Dragon is the second of the Dragon Bosses you need to defeat as part of the Main Quest. You’ll need to learn water-walking from Pawt City in the Southwest to reach it, and should reach at least level 35 via side-quests and dungeons before attempting to take it on. Upon defeating it, you’ll unlock the Dragon Master Trophy.

Dragon Legend

Defeated the Arcane Dragon



The Arcane Dragon is the third of the Dragon Bosses you need to defeat as part of the Main Quest. You’ll need to learn to fly from Windmew City in the North to reach it, and should reach at least level 50 via side-quests and dungeons before attempting to take it on. Upon defeating it, you’ll unlock the Dragon Legend Trophy.

Dragon Hero

Completed the Main Quest



After defeating the Arcane Dragon (and completing a few exposition-driven stops), you’ll eventually need to head to a frozen island in the northwest to take on Drakoth. You should be at least level 65 before attempting this final fight, but I strongly recommend going above and beyond that to around 75-80 to make things much easier on yourself.

When you arrive at your final destination, you’ll have to defeat all three Dragon Bosses again, which will attack you simultaneously. After that, you’ll eventually come to face Drakoth himself.

Upon defeating him and concluding the game’s story, the main quest will come to an end, and you’ll receive the “Dragon Hero” trophy. Now you just need to mop up and that Platinum’s as good as yours too!

Phase Two | Cleanup

I’ve broken this second phase of our Cat Quest Trophy Guide up into a handful of sections depending on what it is you need to do. What you should mostly focus on, though, is completing every Side Quest available at quest boards all throughout the map, and clearing every Dungeon. You’ll want to make sure you open every chest in each dungeon too, though, as this is where you’ll get most of the gear you need too.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that most of these chests need a key, so your first stop should be the Founder’s Isle, off the south coast of the map. There, you’ll find a Level 1 Quest posted on the board which leads you into a battle that you probably want to be at least level 30 for. Upon completing the quest you’ll receive the key that opens all gold chests.

Then, while completing Side Quests and Dungeons, you’ll get most of the EXP and Gear you need for the other trophies, leaving just the 15 Monuments to find, if you haven’t found them already.

Complete 62 Side Quests

Helper of Cats

Completed 6 side quests

You will unlock the “Helper of Cats” trophy after beating your 6th Side Quest. You’ll undoubtedly do this on your way through the story as leveling up without doing them would be quite a chore.

You’re eventually going to need to complete all 62 Side Quests for the Saviour of Cats trophy.

Servant of Cats

Completed 30 side quests

When you’ve completed 30 of the 62 Side Quests required for the Saviour of Cats trophy, you’ll unlock the “Servant of Cats” trophy.

Saviour of Cats

Completed all 62 side quests

To unlock the “Saviour of Cats” trophy, you’ll want to complete 62 Side Quests. This used to be every Side Quest in the game, but thanks to some Christmas-themed Side Quests you can leave a few incomplete. That said, many of the weapons and armor you’ll need are Quest rewards, so you’ll probably still want to do them all.

Side Quests are found at Quest Boards in villages and towns throughout the game, and will have a gold “?” icon over them if a quest is available, and this is visible when you press to zoom out the map. Some quests won’t become available until you complete the preceding quest or progress the story.

The below table details all quests, their locations, and what level they are:

Name Level Location
The Golden Key 1 (You’ll want to be  at least Lvl 30) Founders Island
The King’s Mage 2
The Capital
The Growling Peasant 2 Mewtown
The Catnip Ritual 3 Mewtown
Blacksmith Assistance 5 Kit Cat
The Circle 6 Mewtown
Meat Meat Meat! 8
Fishercat’s Friend
The Mage Search 8
The Capital
The Catnip Cure 10
Twin Towns
The Strange Charm 10
Bermewda’s Triangle
The Catnip Cure…again 10
Twin Towns
Blacksmith Apprentice 10 Kit Cat
Fur-reedom 10 Mewtown
The East Suspicion 11 East Pawt
Meatmeatmeatmeat!! 12
Fishercat’s Friend
The West Investigation 12 West Pawt
The Spirits 12
The Capital
The Knightmare…again 15
Twin Towns
The First Day Of Kitmas 15 Queen’s Resort
The Escape 15
Bermewda’s Triangle
The Knightmare 15
Twin Towns
The Whispurrer 15 Mewtown
The East Shipment 16 East Pawt
Meat Disposal Crew 16
Fishercat’s Friend
The West Heist 17 West Pawt
The Book…again 20
Twin Towns
Blacksmith Master 20 Kit Cat
Path To Water Walking 20 Pawt City
Blacksmith Journeyman 20 Kit Cat
The Twin Resolution 20
Twin Towns
The Book 20
Twin Towns
The Sacrifice 20
Bermewda’s Triangle
The Lion King 20
The Capital
The Meat Seller 20
Fishercat’s Friend
The East Escort 21 East Pawt
The Magic Lock 23 West Pawt
The Fusion 23 Pawt City
The Sanctuary 25
Bermewda’s Triangle
The Missing Pages 25 Winters Edge
Rogue Mages 25 Pawt City
The Missing Soldiers 25
The Capital
The East Catfrontation 26 East Pawt
The Miracle 27 Pawt City
The Revelation 28 West Pawt
The Flying Bush 30 Windmew City
The Second Day Of Kitmas 30
Fishercat’s Friend
The Rescue 30
The Capital
The Protected Pages 30 Winters Edge
The Runway Acheologist 35 Winters Edge
The Magic Tree 35 Windmew City
The Dragon Worshippers 35
The Capital
The Treasure 40 Winters Edge
The Cult 40 Windmew City
The Servant Of God 40 Cat Grove
The Offerings 45 Cat Grove
The Third Day Of Kitmas 45 Cat Grove
Dragonflight 45 Windmew City
The Prayer 50 Cat Grove
The Ultimate Dragonsbane 50 Kit Cat
The Godcat, Muath 55 Cat Grove
The Fourth Day Of Kitmas 60 West Pawt
The Pawtato Mystery 60
Pawtato Mystery
The Heirloom Armor 60
The Capital
Everyone’s Invited! 65 Queen’s Resort
The Forgotten Hero 70 Death Isle
Mewry Kitmas 75 Queen’s Resort
The Furrbidden History 99 Final Rest


Clear all Dungeons

Dungeon Litter

Cleared 5 dungeons


You’ll unavoidably earn “Dungeon Litter” quite early in the game because even if you don’t choose to explore a lot, you’ll be sent to them for side-quests and more. Additionally, you’ll eventually need to clear all 52 dungeons for the Dungeon Master trophy.

Dungeon Scrounger

Cleared 25 dungeons

Once you’ve cleared 25 of the 52 dungeons needed for the Dungeon Master trophy, you’ll receive the “Dungeon Scrounger” trophy.

Dungeon Master

Cleared all 52 dungeons

There are 52 Dungeons in Cat Quest, which vary vastly in difficulty level. They exist in the form of Ruins and Caves mostly, but there are a handful of unique dungeons to clear too.

Clearing a Dungeon requires defeating every enemy inside. You’ll know when you’ve done this as the game will tell you when you defeat the last enemy in a dungeon. Many dungeons have secret paths that can’t be seen. The only way to find them is to push yourself up against the edges of the dungeon until you find an area where you can walk across the darkness/water. The water-walking ability has no effect in dungeons.

Dungeons you haven’t cleared yet will have a silver “?” icon over them. This icon is visible even when you zoom out with , which is a great way to find dungeons you haven’t cleared yet.

You may notice that if you leave a dungeon without opening every chest, a gold chest icon stays present above the dungeon. Opening all chests isn’t required for the Dungeon Master trophy, however, you will want to open them all for the Fashionista Lion trophy.

Gold Chests cannot be opened without the key that you earn by completing the quest on the “Founder’s Isle.” To reach that island, walk across the ocean off the south coast, near where you started your journey. You’ll want to be at least level 30 for this quest, but it wouldn’t hurt to be even more highly-levelled than that.

The below table details all Dungeons, what level they are, and whether they contain a hidden Golden Chest:

Dungeon Name Level Hidden Gold Chest
Secret Cave 0 Y
Founder’s Cave 1 N
Alpha Ruins 5 N
Loot Cave 5 N
Bat Cave 8 Y
Bandit Cave 10 N
Furrest Cave 10 N
Beta Ruins 15 N
Old Ruins 15 N
Gamma Ruins 20 Y
Purre Cave 20 N
Delta Ruins 25 N
Purre Lair 25 N
Pawt Cave 30 N
Spiral Cave 30 N
Zeta Ruins 30 N
Eta Ruins 35 N
Theta Ruins 40 Y
Tiny Hole 40 Y
Dragon’s Rest 45 N
Iota Ruins 45 N
Old Masters’ Ruins (A) 45 N
Old Masters’ Ruins (B) 50 N
Ore Mine 50 N
Purrn Cave 50 N
Lambda Ruins 55 N
Mew Cave 60 N
Mu Ruins 60 N
Icy Glaive 65 N
Nu Ruins 70 Y
Wilted Cave 70 N
Xi Ruins 75 N
Omikron Ruins 80 N
Pi Ruins 85 Y
Rho Ruins 90 N
Hidden Cave 99 Y
Lonely Cave 200 N

Note that the Secret Cave is a bit of a weird one. Not only is it difficult to find, but there’s only one Mimic enemy in there. Everything else is spike traps. Well, those Spike Traps need to be killed too. You can kill them either by using a skill, or by waiting for the spikes to fade away and then quickly dashing to and attacking the center of the spikes, revealing a ghost that dies pretty easily.

As for where it is, you’ll find it here, in the northwest:

Collect 66 Pieces of Gear

Fashionista Kitty

Obtained 3 armor or weapons


Armor and Weapons can be acquired as quest rewards, from special shops, or by opening chests. You’ll unlock “Fashionista Kitty” early in your playthrough as you only need to find 3 pieces of gear to do so. That said, you’ll eventually need to have collected 66 different pieces of gear to unlock the Fashionista Lion trophy!

Fashionista Cat

Obtained 30 armor or weapons


Once you’ve acquired just 30 of the 66 pieces of gear needed to unlock the Fashionista Lion trophy, you’ll receive the “Fashionista Cat” trophy!

Fashionista Lion

Obtained 66 armor or weapons


There are, by my count, 69 pieces of gear in Cat Quest, so you’ll need to find almost all of them. Fortunately, most of them come from Quests and Dungeons, which you will be clearing anyway. Make sure you read the info about the dungeon chests and the key in the Dungeon Master trophy details above.

To help you narrow down any you may be missing and also help you figure out where they may be hidden, I’ve produced the table below:

Gear Name Gear Type Where to Find
Crappy Helmet Helmet Basic Chests
Crappy Armor Armor Basic Chests
Crappy Weapon Weapon Basic Chests
Knight Helmet Helmet Basic Chests
Knight Armor Armor Basic Chests
Knight Sword Weapon Basic Chests
Mage Hat Helmet Basic Chests
Mage Vest Armor Basic Chests
Mage Staff Weapon Basic Chests
Ranger Hood Helmet Basic Chests
Ranger Vest Armor Basic Chests
Ranger Axe Weapon Basic Chests
Chainmail Helmet Helmet Basic Chests
Chainmail Armor Armor Basic Chests
Chainmail Blade Weapon Basic Chests
Squire Helmet Helmet Basic Chests
Squire Armor Armor Basic Chests
Squire Axe Weapon Basic Chests
Furry Tank Helmet Helmet Basic Chests
Furry Tank Armor Armor Basic Chests
Furry Tank Mace Weapon Basic Chests
Arcane Hat Helmet Basic Chests
Arcane Robes Armor Basic Chests
Arcane Staff Weapon Basic Chests
White Mage Hood Helmet Basic Chests
White Mage Robes Armor Basic Chests
White Mage Staff Weapon Basic Chests
Ninja Shroud Helmet Basic Chests
Ninja Robes Armor Basic Chests
Ninja Blade Weapon Basic Chests
Thorn’s Helmet Helmet Gold Chests
Thorn’s Armor Armor Gold Chests
Lionshead Weapon Gold Chests
Champion Helmet Helmet Gold Chests
Champion Armor Armor Gold Chests
The Savior Weapon Gold Chests
Gentleman’s Hat Helmet Gold Chests
Gentleman’s Cloak Armor Gold Chests
Red Mare Weapon Gold Chests
Skull Helmet Helmet Gold Chests
Skull Armor Armor Gold Chests
Deathbringer Weapon Gold Chests
Magician’s Hat Helmet Gold Chests
Magician’s Vest Armor Gold Chests
Wingardium Weapon Gold Chests
Samewrai Helmet Helmet Gold Chests
Samewrai Armor Armor Gold Chests
Samewrai Katana Weapon Gold Chests
Box Helmet Helmet Gold Chests
Box Armor Armor Gold Chests
Royal Crown Helmet Quest Reward
Royal Robes Armor Quest Reward
Family Jewels Weapon Quest Reward
Slashy Head Helmet Quest Reward
Slashy Scarf Armor Quest Reward
Slashy Sword Weapon Quest Reward
Grrratitude Helmet Quest Reward
Hope Armor Quest Reward
Family Weapon Quest Reward
Gentlebros Armor Quest Reward
Governor Shirt Armor Quest Reward
Kit’s Armor Armor Quest Reward
Dragonsbane Weapon Quest Reward
Flamefang Weapon Quest Reward
Frostwing Weapon Quest Reward
Darkhorne Weapon Quest Reward
Faith Helmet In the “Hidden Cave” Dungeon
Courage Armor In the “Lonely Cave” Dungeon
Willpower Weapon In the “Secret Cave” Dungeon

Obtain All 7 Skills

Light of the Arcane

Obtained 2 skills


Skills can be bought and upgraded at Mage Towers found all across the map. You’ll very likely earn the “Light of the Arcane” trophy early as it only requires you to purchase a second skill on top of the fire skill you learn at the start of the game.

That said, you will need to learn all 7 Skills to unlock the Power of the Arcane Trophy.

Purr of the Arcane

Obtained 4 skills


Once you’ve acquired 4 of the 7 skills required for the Power of the Arcane Trophy, you will receive the “Purr of the Arcane” trophy.

Power of the Arcane

Obtained all 7 skills


There are just 7 Skills in Cat Quest. Each one of them can be found at Mage Temples that are very easy to spot on the map when zoomed-out . Each Skill will cost 50 gold to purchase, but can then be upgraded with more gold investments. Upgrading your skills isn’t required for any trophy, but it will help a lot, especially with the final bosses.

Cat Quest_20240528190452

Use the table below to track down any Mage Temples you’re struggling to locate:

Skill Name Temple Location
Healing Paw
Bermewda’s Triangle
Lightnyan East Pawt
Near Iota Ruins
Near Windmew City
On an island Southwest of South Point
On an island Northeast of Death Isle

Activate all Monuments

Felingard Lore

Located one monument


You’ll likely earn the “Felingard Lore” trophy quite early as you just need to find and activate a single monument. That said, you will need to activate them all for Felingard Loremaster.

Felingard Loremaker

Located half the monuments


When you’ve found and interacted with half of the 15 monuments required for the Felingard Loremaster trophy, you’ll receive the “Felingard Loremaker” trophy.

Felingard Loremaster

Located all monuments


The Felingard Monuments are hidden all across the world map. They’re very easy to spot if you just zoom out with and any that you haven’t yet interacted with will have a “?” icon over them. A fair few of them are found on the islands off the coast, so be sure to check those.

Once you’ve interacted with all 15 at least once via , you’ll receive the Felingard Loremaster trophy.

Reach Level 99


Reached level 10

There’s no hope of beating Cat Quest without reaching well beyond Level 10, so you can rest assured that the “Catventurer” trophy will unlock naturally.

However, you’ll need to go on to reach Level 99 for the Super Catventurer trophy!

Furry Catventurer

Reached level 50


Considering you’ll want to be at least level 65 before taking on Cat Quest’s final boss, you should also unlock the “Furry Catventurer” trophy naturally on your way through the main quest. Don’t stop there, as you’ll need to reach level 99 for Super Catventurer.

Super Catventurer

Reached level 99


Even after you’ve beat the main quest, completed every side-quest, and cleared every dungeon, you’ll probably still have a fair amount of level-grinding ahead of you to finally reach Level 99.

There are three locations that are well-suited to level-grinding as the enemies within drop a lot of exp. Those are:

  • Icy Glaive
  • Furrbidden Fields (not a dungeon, but the enemies here are tough and drop plenty of expif you can beat them)
  • Hidden Cave

You’ll want to be at least Level 70 before you can comfortably grind exp at those locations, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Upon finally reaching level 99, the Super Catventurer trophy will be all yours.


Le Platinum Trophy


After collecting every trophy in this Cat Quest Trophy Guide, the "Le Platinum Trophy " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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