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Where to find all 23 Side Characters in Biomutant on PlayStation 4

When you meet an important Side Character in Biomutant, a short cutscene will play, letting you know who they are and giving you a close-up on their model. Each of these 23 characters are either tied to the main quest in some way or will offer you a Side Quest to complete.

16 of these characters are required for the “Social” trophy, so looking for all 23 will benefit you on your journey to the platinum. All 23 Characters will have a small model that shows up on the map when you’ve met them for the first time.

I’ve put them in the order that I think you’re most likely to meet them as you work your way through the story, but you may well meet them in a different order.


You’ll first meet Out-of-Date as part of the story before even finishing the tutorial. You’ll find him being attacked by Scavengers towards the end of the Bunker.

The game also calls him “the Old-One” and “the Wheeled-One.”


The first time you meet Goop will be in a flashback scenario when you first visit your Childhood Village as part of the story. He can later also be found at Subnautica Station, Co-ordinates – X: 10450, Y: -24688. You’ll need to meet him again in present time for the story anyways.


You will meet Gizmo during the flashback sequence in your Childhood Village, too, as part of the story. You can also find Gizmo later at the Chugyard, Co-ordinates – X: -11581, Y: 14344. You’ll be heading here as part of the story later on.


You will meet Moog on Steepdeepo in the Deadzone as part of the story, Co-ordinates – X: -69500, Y: 24500, after getting your Mekton from Gizmo.


Boom can be found near the Motojus Station in Puffduff Bluff on the outskirts of the Deadzone, Co-ordinates – X: -106400, Y: 47600. He has a small stall with fireworks strapped to it which is fairly easy to spot.

He will give you a sidequest called “Charred for Coal.” There’s also a Psionic Shrine just behind his stall, just so you know.


Pebble can be found at Knack Hill, Co-ordinates – X: -124300, Y: -9000, slightly west of Sknapptrutt Outpost.

He will give you the sidequest “Pebble’s Climbspot Tests.”


Klick is found in a place called Anywhere, at Co-ordinates – X: -34900, Y: -48200, just slightly northeast of Murkadorpus Outpost, and directly east of Bio Nucleus 6D.

He can help you upgrade your Klonkfist so that it can break down tougher walls, allowing you to access more secret areas!


West of Urfidurf Outpost, near the water’s edge, there’s a small wooden platform called Bullibull Glade, Co-ordinates – X: -119000, Y: -67600. It’s not far west from the town of Namby.

There, you can meet Jumble, a “Jus” (Juice) salesman. He will give you a side quest to find a Rainbow and discover what’s at the end. You should absolutely do this as you will get a trophy just for doing it!


Sprill Slope, Co-ordinates – X: -146000, Y: -175000

Honki can be found in a house at the top of Sprill Slope, which is a short distance southeast from the World Tree. It’s pretty easy to spot on the map against the green of the surrounding area.

You can get a trophy for buying something from him, but you’ll need to finish two side quests for him first.


To the east of Suburbia, northeast of Urfidurf Outpost, you can find a place called Spurftop, Co-ordinates – X: -94000, Y: -147800. It’s just slightly west of Flibberdit.

There, you’ll find a stall owned by a character called “Trim.” He’s a “Furdresser.” Speak to him to get a side quest which will take you to the next character on our list…

Complete the two side quests for him and he’ll cut and dye your hair!


Juju is in a place called Faraway, northwest of Netra Fortress, at Co-ordinates – X: -75300, Y: -244100. If you accept the quest from “Trim” (the previous character in this list) you will have a waypoint leading you directly to Juju.


Sinkidink, Co-ordinates – X: 32500, Y: -64000

After meeting Goop and acquiring the Googlide as part of the story, he will task you with meeting Gulp in Sinkidink to ask him about Gumquacks. The quest marker will take you straight to him.

Once you’ve captured the Gumquacks that Goop needs, you can speak to Gulp again for a side quest which will lead to you beating him in a drinking challenge for a trophy!


You can meet a character called “Knirk” on a log outside Domp Outpost, who will tell you about Lump’s Pastries and give you a Side Quest to meet him. This will put a waypoint on your map for Lump’s location, making him easier to find, but you don’t need to do this. You can just go straight to Floatboat, Co-ordinates – X: 90800, Y: -138500, and meet him there.

Floatboat is under the southeastern World Tree root, just northwest of the arena where you fight the World Eater Porky Puff.


North of Netra Fortress and southeast of the Gnoat Paddock where the story asks you to meet Noko, there’s a place called Brightlight, Co-ordinates – X: -31300, Y: -326000.

There, you can meet Mito, who will give you a quest called “Flameflies.” Note that if you play the main quest far enough, Noko will actually send you to meet Mito as part of the story!


You will need to meet Noko at the Gnoat Pen as part of the story, Co-ordinates – X: -71700, Y: -327600. Eventually, Out-of-date will send you to meet her as part of your main quest and you’ll naturally get a marker showing you where to find her.


Chubsa is found at the Glurp Paddock, Co-ordinates – X: -197200, Y: -54900. He’s sitting on his porch with a fishing rod out as though he’s fishing… But there’s no water. Speak to him and he’ll give you a side quest called “Walking Village.”


Nova can be found at the top of the tower southwest of Underfoot Outpost at Watchout, Co-ordinates – X: 277500, Y: -85900.

Speak to her to start a Side Quest called “Twinkle Thwarting.” You should complete this Side Quest for a trophy called “Twinkle Twinkle.”


You will unavoidably meet Whizz at the Surgesurf Factory as part of the story leading up to the Western World Eater boss fight, Co-ordinates – X: -369362, Y: -118594.


Gill can be found at Burblebottom, directly east of Pichu Fortress and north of the Fume Foundry, Co-ordinates – X: -351000, Y: -191700. You will actually be sent to meet him as part of the story leading up to the Western World Eater boss fight.


As part of the story when working up to the Western World Eater, you will be sent to visit End-of-the-Line, Co-ordinates – X: -217300, Y: -272800, in search of Chu-Chu for a “Grease-Sprinkler.”

As such, you’ll get a waypoint showing you exactly where to go!


Southeast of Lotus Forest you can find the Hex Hut, at Co-ordinates – X: -111200, Y: -399600. This is where Maya calls home, she will give you the Side Quest “Pinpricker.”


At the south edge of the Kluppy Dunes, you can find the Blimp Station, Co-ordinates – X: -237100, Y: -342700, which is where you can meet Lobo.

Unfortunately, this part of the map is extremely hot so if you want to go up there you will need the Heatzone suit. Just entering this area will give you the side quest “The Heat Zone Suit,” the waypoints for which you can then follow to the Heat Zone Pingdish. Activate the pingdish and use it to scan for a signal, that signal will be where the Heat Zone suit is hidden. Head over and acquire it.

When you get to Lobo, she will give you a side quest called “Frankendog.” Complete the objectives of this side quest and the subsequent side quests offered by Lobo to eventually get access to her Blimp, which you will need for the next character.


You can’t reach this character’s location without first completing the line of side quests given to you by Lobo, the previous character on our list. She will let you ride her blimp which is the only way to access Out-and-About at the very top of the map, Co-ordinates – X: -328700, Y: -378000, where Sol can be found.

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