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Where to find all 15 Old World Gadgets in Biomutant on PlayStation 4

Note that the Old World Gadgets Trophy is currently bugged in v2.01 of the game. There is no fix yet, but if you have the disc version of the game you can just install v1.01, disconnect from the internet to prevent updates, and then collect the objects listed here to unlock the trophy!

UPDATE: The game has since been patched and the bugged trophies are no longer an issue. Ensure your game is up-to-date and you can unlock this trophy. If, like me, you completed the requirements of this trophy before the patch was released, just load your save on an up-to-date installation of the game and the trophy will unlock on load.

There are many Old World Gadgets to find in Biomutant, a lot more than 15 of them, that’s for sure. You can actually find enough of them to earn the trophy from the very start of the game in around 1 hour, provided you skip everything and go straight to their locations.

Finding 15 unique types of gadget will unlock the trophy “Old World Gadgets.” There are around 3 of each type to find, meaning you get several chances to find each gadget type.

Whenever you find one, you will need to do a short puzzle to complete the “Gadget” and for it to count towards the trophy. You’ll also get a Side Quest when you find the first of each type which will lead you to 4 others, if you want them.

Below I am listing the locations of the first of each of the 15 types that I managed to find while simply exploring, most of which are found in the southern regions where the game starts:


Bricktown, Co-ordinates – X: 7600, Y: 9400

The Fry-Sparker is the next Old World Gadget in Brick Town and can be found on the second floor of a building at the south side of town.


Bricktown, Co-ordinates – X: 11500, Y: 700

When you first arrive in Brick Town, you’ll be given a Side Quest with an objective to find all three of the Old World Gadgets in the area. The Clothes-Soaker is one of them. You can find it in the north-east corner of Bricktown, in an abandoned Laundromat.


Bricktown, Co-ordinates – X: 6400, Y: 10500

The Flush-Stool is found in the basement of a building in the south-west corner of Bricktown, behind a closed door.


Plant Hut, Co-ordinates – X: -144700, Y: -14200

The Mindmonitor is found inside one of the greenhouse buildings at the “Plant Hut” location in Sector 7D, slightly northwest of Sknapptrutt Outpost.


Krossway 4E, Co-ordinates – X: 2500, Y: -90700

Northwest of Domp Outpost, you’ll find Krossway 4E, just south of a Cold Zone, close to the Hogga Hum vendor. The Krossway has two buildings, one containing a Fry-Sparker and the other containing this Eye-Box. If you already found the Fry-Sparker I listed above you can use the Fry-Sparker side quest to find this location easily.


Leftovers 6E, Co-ordinates – X: -64700, Y: -60700

Found inside the ruined building at Leftover 6E, which is just south-west of Urfidurf Outpost. Past Pingdish 6E. There’s a captive character you can rescue there so there will be a side quest waypoint at the building if you have the “Captives” Side Quest.


Suburbia, Co-ordinates – X: -141300, Y: -114800

The Raylighter is behind a closed door in the basement of a house on the south-west side of Suburbia.


Suburbia, Co-ordinates – X: -137900, Y: -126700

The Terra Globus is found near the center of Suburbia in a crumbled-down house.


Ranchu Makeglow, Co-ordinates – X: -183800, Y: -91800

West of Suburbia, past the Southwest Root, there’s a patch of pink on the map. This is Ranchu Makeglow. Here, you can find the Stringplonk in the ranch house, just inside the doorway.


Motojus Station, Co-ordinates – X: -55000, Y: -165000

East of Suburbia and Urfidurf Outpost, close to a long bridge that has been cut in half by the World Tree’s Southeast Root, you’ll find a Motojus Station. Inside the building there, you’ll find the Stronkbox next to a door.


Krossway 3I, Co-ordinates – X: 68300, Y: -270500

If you’re working your way through capturing all of the outposts in the game, when you come to attack the Quirkquarp outpost on the east edge of the map, you’ll be tasked with going to a nearby Krossway to the southwest and fixing the Arcshooters.

While there, look for the Pling-Plong Booth against a wall in the south-east corner of the Krossway.


Peekspot 4I, Co-ordinates – X: 44900, Y: -294600

When attempting to take over the Netra Fortress, you’ll by sent to the nearby “Peekspot 4I” location to recover a Hardhat to be used as a component in a siege weapon.

Whilst there, climb the rope up into the Watchtower and you’ll find the Ring-Dinger right in front of you.


East of the World Tree you can find Bio Nucleus 7H, at Co-ordinates – X: -119300, Y: -217000. There, in a small corrugated metal shack on the southern side of the area, you can find a Radionic.

Bleep-Bleep Cupboard

Munchhouse 7I, Co-ordinates – X: -143400, Y: -279200

The Munchhouse in Sector 7I can be found northeast of the World Tree. There will be a large group of enemies outside, but once you have dealt with them head into the restaurant and go upstairs to find the Arcade Cabinet next to a big hole in the wall.

Spiral Groover

You can find a Spiral Groover in the Thoroughfare west of Granito Outpost, Co-ordinates – X: -3700, Y: -318000.

To activate the Spiral Groover, you need a Vinily Record. When you locate the Spiral Groover, you will get a side quest which leads you to the matching Vinily Record. The reason I suggest this specific Spiral Groover is because the Vinily Record fo this one is in the same building, in a drawer on the bottom floor.

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