All Side Quests in ANNO: Mutationem

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All Side Quests in ANNO: Mutationem

There are a total of 10 Side Quests in ANNO: Mutationem though the tracker says 23 but this is due to some quests have their steps tracked as separate quests.

Skopp City Side Quests

Find the Suspect (Landlord)

After completing the main quest Hot Pursuit Ann will be back in her apartment in the Raymond Building of Skopp City. Leave, head towards the elevator, and inspect the door with the candles outside. A police officer will appear and ask Ann to look into the death of Bonnie Parker, and the disappearance of the Landlord. The landlord can be seen on the camera footage entering the elevator on floor 8, but be gone from the elevator on floor 6.

You will find another door with candles outside on floor 6 that you can inspect. Looking inside the room you might have now noticed the glowing shards on the wall and how the number of shards relates to the floor number. The sequence to follow is 8. 6. 3, 2, and finally 4.

On the 4th floor Ann will be teleported to a strange place with some platforms. Jump on them until you get to flat ground and run to the right for a bit before turning around and heading left. An elevator will appear and Ann will find the Landlord. Speak to him and the quest will end once Ann is back on floor 8.

Room 710

This particular quest counts as 4 quests in the tracker: Ask the Antique Shop Owner for Information > Investigate Room 710 > Talk to the Quarrelling Brothers > Identify the Perpetrator.

On the ground floor of Ann’s apartment in the Raymond Building in Skopp City is an angry man who’s complaining about the people on floor 8 throwing junk over the side—you might remember this from the first few minutes of the game. Talk to him and agree to help him out.

Head to the Antique Shop and talk to Siberius about the old computer and he will mention Ann’s neighbour in Room 710 ordered one just the other day. Return to Room 710 and knock on the door. There will be no response and Ayane will suggest talking to the people on floor 8. Talk to the two nearest NPCs and you will discover the computer belonged to them and they both accuse the other one of throwing the PC over the balcony. After the conversation ends Ayane and Ann will discover who the real culprit is. Go back down to the ground floor and talk to the angry man. You can choose either suspect; it doesn’t really matter.

Find the Weapon Blueprint

The gun shop owner—Zimmer—will ask Ann to find his missing weapon blueprint after she picks up the gift from Alan. You will need to travel to Freeway 42 to find the blueprint; you go there for story purposes anyway but you won’t be able to find it until you’re in the Biological Research Lab. You will have to fight a large robotic crab-like enemy that will drop the blueprint.

Find the Suspect (Intruder)

Talk to the police officer in Skopp city and he will ask Ann to track down an intruder. Hold to scan the environment and you should see some footprints. Follow them around the city and you will find the intruder—a woman and her dog. You can choose to turn her in to the police or give her money to help her dog.

Trace the Lead Singer

In Skopp city a man is waiting in the alley behind the Weapon Shop. Talk to him and he will mention that the lead singer and guitarist of a band his band have disappeared and asks Ann to find them. Travel to Noctis city and to the right of where Ann parks her car is a guy with a guitar. Talk to him and he will mention the lead singer is at the ROM shop.

Visit the ROM shop and you will discover that the lead singer isn’t really “there” and you can return to the guy in Skopp city to tell him the bad news. You can choose to say he’s not coming back or he’s dead; either choice will complete the quest.

Freeway 42 Side Quests

Mysterious Coins

Under Freeway 42 Ann will meet a man named Thomas Scott who will ask her to save his friend. After saving this friend, return to Thomas and he will ask Ann to find out if a coin he’s carrying is worth anything. You can travel back to Skopp City and speak to a pharmacist there who will say she can help you but you need at least 10 coins. Search the underground area where you met Thomas and return to the pharmacist once you have 10 coins and the quest will be completed once you receive 200 credits.

Repair the Cable Car

After preventing the attack for the Elder in the Underground Base talk to the guy on the platform outside Residential Area, Tribe Camp. He will tell Ann that his cable car is broken and ask her to retrieve parts to fix it. The parts will be dropped by the enemies in the next section. Once you have enough parts, head to Water Channel Platform U4-1 on the map and repair the cable car.

Noctis City Side Quests

The Mortal Cornbat Tournament

When Ann heads to Noctis City she can meet a humanoid corn man who tries to sell her some corn juice. It will quickly escalate into Ann taking part in a combat tournament against 3 opponents. Beat these 3 enemies and the corn man will give you the juice as a reward.

Find the Client

Ann can interact with a display in the middle of Noctis City that’s playing a clip of the virtual idol OK!-chan. Ayane will then mention that she wants to know who OK!-chan really is and that there’s a reporter nearby who can help. Talk to the reporter and then head across the street to pick up a poster—counts as one of the 25 total posters to collect in Anno: Mutationem—and a big guy will invite you to OK!-chan’s fan club.

Go talk to OK!-chan’s Fan Club President—he’s the dude waving glow sticks next to the big projection of OK!-chan—and he will mention he talks directly to OK!-chan… well, the delivery company that sends out OK!-chan’s props to be more precise. Ayane will then mention she knows someone who works for this company and he happens to be nearby; he will point you to a building.

Inside the building, check the first door you can interact with and look at the ground to find a flyer with a password written on it. Run up stairs and find the door that requires a passcode—there is a poster on the wall nearby that counts as one of the 25 total poster to collect in Anno: Mutationem—and put in the passcode you found in the first room. A cutscene will play and you will have to return to the journalist to finish the quest.

Find the Explosive Thief

Visit the Weapon Crafting shop and speak to the owner. He will mention some thieves ran off with some valuable explosives. Ayane will quickly mention she can track them by making Ann’s scanner pick up their recent footsteps. Follow the footsteps to the Northern part of Noctis City and you will find the culprits. This fight can be a bit tricky so make sure to evade a lot and use your heavy attack .

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