All Cyber Neko+ Statues in ANNO: Mutationem

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All Cyber Neko+ Statues in ANNO: Mutationem

There are a total of 25 Cyber Neko+ to be found in ANNO: Mutationem. None of them are truly missable as the areas you can find them in are accessible after the story.

Skopp City Cyber Neko+ Statues

Ann’s Statue

After Ann receives a package at the start of the game, head into her closet to find a statue on the table.

I accidentally picked this one up before taking a screenshot

Bench Statue

Cross the street outside Ann’s apartment and look for a statue on a bench to the right of the HapSnap burger stand.

Manhole Statue

Behind the Weapon shop is a manhole that you can interact with for the Don’t Judge a Manhole by its Cover trophy. The man inside the manhole will ask for a Minty Delight—you can buy one by an ice cream stand to the right of the Weapon Shop—and when you give him one he’ll give you a statue.

Forklift Statue

On the ground next to a forklift at the North-West part of Skopp city.

Margaritia Cyber Neko+ Statues

Sicilian Statue

Inside The Sicilian Jar on the counter to the right of Nakamura is a statue.

Dolly Apartment Statue

Inside Dolly’s Aparment Stair Room at the top of the stairs on an end table.

Freeway 42/Underground Base Cyber Neko+ Statues

Bunkbed Statue

Inside a room with bunkbeds to the right of Thomas in Underground Base A is a statue sitting on a bunkbed.

Power Generator Statue

At the very top of the Power Supply Area is a room with a dead body inside and on a crate is a statue.

Staff Lounge Statue

To the very left of the second teleport pool you find in the Underground Base Area A section is a room called Staff Lounge A312. On the floor inside is a statue.

Tribe Statue

This statue can be found on a table in the Residential Area, Tribe Camp part of the map in the Underground Base.

Archive Statue

Inside the Biological Research Base is an Archive Room that you will have to hack to get into. Inside on a table is a statue.

Divergence Statue

This statue is sitting on the ground on the far right in the Divergence Camp area.

Base Exit Statue

At the exit of the Biological Research Base in the Passage B2L1 area.

Noctis Cyber Neko+ Statues

Chip Ace Statue

Inside the Chip shop to the right of the nightclub is a statue on the counter.

Bed Statue

A statue can be found on the edge of a bed inside an apartment. The building in question can be found to the right of the food stand area in the middle of the city.

Shelf Statue

Inside the building across from the Weapon Shop on a shelf on the left wall. It’s partially hidden.

Bench Statue

On a bench in an alley opposite the OK!-chan hologram in the Northern part of Noctis.

Harbour Town Cyber Neko+ Statues

Mutant Boxing Statue

Opposite the Mutant Boxing sign is a man in a white shirt with a statue next to him.

Nest Statue

Inside the Nest bar on the counter next to a cyber Corgi is a statue.

Weapon Shop Statue

After rescuing Luhrs you gain access to his shop and inside is a statue.

Research Base Cyber Neko+ Statues

Resource Area Statue

Once you have the Level 3 access card, ride the elevator in the Research Base – Resource Area part of the map to floor 2 and search the far right of the room with the people floating in tubes.

Arsenal Statue

Near a table inside the Arsenal room in Research Base – Area B.

Data Statue

On a table at the very far right of the Central Administration Zone – Data Room area.

Staff Statue

On a bunkbed inside the Staff Quarters room in the Central Administration Zone.

Test Tube Statue

In the Special Poject Control Area is a large test tube with a man floating inside. Tucked in the gap to the right is a statue. This statue is locked behind the “false ending”. To reach this room you have to interact with a teleporter in the Encrypted Transit Chamber room.

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