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All Posters in ANNO: Mutationem

There are a total of 25 Posters to be found in ANNO: Mutationem.

Skopp City Posters

Ironfist Nancy

On a wall at the far right on floor 8 of Ann’s apartment.

The Alloy Sisters

On a wall at the far left of Skopp city.

Wonderland of the Mind

On the wall behind the Virtual Idol hologram at the North-West part of the city.

Dragon Sword

To the very right of the Wonderland of the Mind poster.

The efficient and diversified Eindersohn Group

On a wall in an alley behind the bookstore.

Margaritia Posters

Night of Evil Creature

This poster can be found to the right of the parking area and directly below The Sicilian Jar. It’s possible this poster is mislabelled in the game as the title on the poster in-game is “Insomnia” yet appears as “Night of the Evil Creature” in the Archive. There is a poster for a Night of the Evil Creature poster in-game but is named “Blood Night” in the archive; not sure if this is a bug.

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From the Insomnia poster head left and past the stairs that lead up to The Sicilian Jar to find this poster on a wall.

Yesterday No More

Head to the North-West corner of Margaritia and you will find this poster on a wall to the left of Vinessee Vineyard.

Blood Night

Head to the right and up the stairs of where you found the A Dangerous Day poster and you will see this one on the wall under a sign that says prbbs. It’s possible this poster is mislabelled in the game as the title on the poster in-game is “Night of the Evil Creature” but appears as “Blood Night” in the Archive.

Superconductor Cowboy

Inside The Sicilian Jar on the far right wall is a poster of an android gunslinger.

Cat Sphere Diagram

Inside The Sicilian Jar and up the stairs in the back is Ryan’s room. On the wall opposite the door is a poster.


Inside the Unknown Room area in Dolly’s apartment is a poster on the far left wall.

Freeway 42/Underground Base Posters


This is a large poster on the wall above the stairs in the Residential Area, Tribe Camp part of the Underground Base.

Teenage Mecha Sewer Warriors

On a wall to the right of a ladder inside the Divergence Camp area in the Underground Water Channel Base.

Noctis City Posters

Dark Mirage

Travel to the very East of Noctis city to find this poster next to the Weapon Crafting shop.

R30 Product Advertisement

Behind the Weapon Crafting Shop is a large poster with the words “Fist Industry” on it.

The developing and evolving Eindersohn Group

On a wall outside the ROM Shop in the Northern part of Noctis City.

Cleopatra Sylph

On a wall outside Nocturn Maze by the road.

OK!-chan’s Wonderful Concert

On the wall outside the Weapon Crafting shop. This poster appears during the quest to find OK!-chan’s identity.

UFO Invasion

On the back wall in the Corridor area inside the Information Broker’s Home.

The Ring Agents

On a wall on the second floor of the building you find OK!-chan in during the quest to find her identity,

Mecha Pharoah’s Temptation

On the wall inside the room before the first Teleporter Spring you discover.

Harbour Town Posters

Legendary Fighting Star

To the left of the MR Boxing arena and under a Mutant Boxing poster.

No Way to Escape

On a wall opposite the Person Who Throws Objects.

The Shape of Water

On a wall to the right of the Black Market shop.

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