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The Surge Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our The Surge Collectibles Guide for PlayStation 4. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all Audio Logs, Iron Maus Comics, and Shining Coins. Check out our The Surge Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

The Surge Collectibles

If you have the “The Good, the Bad and the Augmented” DLC, you can use the Testing Chambers to fast travel between areas rather quickly. Whenever you encounter a Testing Chamber door in a new area, go inside to unlock it. Inside the Testing Chamber, you will see a row of doors all lined up that connect to each area of the game providing you with a sort of fast travel (you must have entered the Testing Chamber door in each area for the corresponding door to unlock inside).

Abandoned Production

Iron Maus Comic #1 / Issue #1 Hiding on the floor near the smelting machine in the far right corner of the poisoned area.
Shining Coin #1 Automatically dropped into your inventory after defeating the smelting machine.
Audio Log #1 / The Liberator – Arrest Warrent In the underground tunnels. From the Testing Chamber door, take a right and follow the tunnel straight down to a security door. Standing in front of the door is a message terminal with an audio log.

Central Production B

Audio Log #2 / Mallory Stark – Waiting for Help In the OPS.
Audio Log #3 / Mallory Start – The Nightmare Begins Exit the OPS and follow the path forward past an elevator and down to the right where the Firebug Boss was lowered into the floor. Take a right and on the floor next to a pile of canisters covered in white plastic is an audio log.
I accidentally picked it up before taking the screenshot, but it will be on the floor roughly where Warren is facing
Iron Maus Comic #2 / Issue #45 Sitting on top of a container in the room with the vending machine cult. This room also connects to the R&D area. You have to jump from the pile of canisters to the container by holding and then pressing to jump.
Audio Log #4 / Mallory Start – Waiting in Vain At the foot of the bed near the shortcut back to the OPS. Walk across the pipe to the shortcut, and take a right and follow the red-lit corridor up to the audio log.
Audio Log #5 / Fuck Ferguson! In a room in the Recycling area. The room has some mechanical parts laying around and a rocket thruster hanging from the ceiling.
Shining Coin #2 & #3 Just beyond the Fuck Ferguson! audio log is a large open area with two smelting machines.
Audio Log #6 / Official Announcement: “Raging Drones” Head through the Toxic Waste Disposal corridor until you enter a room with an enemy hiding in the doorway. Behind the enemy is a message terminal with an audio log.
Audio Log #7 / Mallory Stark – Journey in the Dark Keep following the path after the previous collectible until you spot the signs leading you towards OPS and the Trains. Walk past these and up some stairs (a walker drone might attack you). Immediately turn around and look near the blue boxes for an audio log.

Resolve Biolabs

Shining Coin #4 To the right of the two large labs in the open area. There are some chairs and a stage nearby playing a video on loop. While facing the stage, look to your left and you should see a smelting machine in a poisoned area. (Liquidator & Elite Hazard armor negates poison damage).
Audio Log #8 / Autopsy Excerpt – Victim #7 Drop down the hole into the “sewer” near the Biolabs. Follow the path until you head down some metal stairs and turn around. The audio log is under a pipe.
Audio Log #9 / Concerning Ed… Carry on following the path from the above collectible until you enter a room with workstations. The audio log will be sitting on a desk.
Iron Maus Comic #3 / Issue #9 On the corner of a desk to the right of the Concerning Ed… audio log.

Central Production B, 2nd Visit

Audio Log #10 / Mallory Stark – Chaos Theory In the OPS on a message terminal. (missable: this audio log will despawn if you progress too far into the story without picking it up).
Shining Coin #5 Backtrack to the train that leads to Resolve Biolabs and head across the bridge towards the big metal door. You will have to use your drone to open it. Inside is the final smelting machine.
Audio Log #11 / Happy Birthday! Climb up the stairs in the Circulation Tower to the top until you reach a corridor with an audio log at the entrance.
Audio Log #12 / Reminder Head down into the Resolve Chemical Refinery via the Circulation Tower. In a corridor is a message terminal with an audio log.

Research & Development

Audio Log #13 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #2 On the floor in the OPS.
Audio Log #14 / Mallory Stark – Behind the Curtain In the service tunnels where you get attacked by a nanite enemy (the ones that stand up after being killed). Follow the tunnel until you see a sign pointing to the OPS. To the left of the sign is an audio log.
Audio Log #15 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #1 In an unmapped area. To get there, head along the catwalk with the red floor, that overlooks the Exhibition Hall, until you enter a corridor. Take an immediate right into a service tunnel and use an exo-lift to go down a level. Immediately turn right and take another ex0-lift. Eventually, you will drop into an unlit room with a message terminal.
Iron Maus Comic #4 / Issue #44 On a desk in lab 11 of the Restricted Projects area. To get there, head into lab 12 and follow the service tunnel to the left. Go up the exo-lift and follow the tunnels until you reach another exo-lift. When you emerge at the bottom, you will be in lab 11.

Executive Forum

Audio Log #16 / Mallory Stark – Dangerous Game Just past the OPS is a room with 3 enemies. To the right of the room is a service tunnel. Inside on the far right is an audio log.
It’s hard to see because there are broken boxes on it, but that little yellow bit is the audio log

Research & Development, 2nd Visit

Audio Log #17 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #17 Now that you have the security upgrade, head to where you found Audio Log #15. Directly opposite the message terminal is a security door you can open. Inside this locked room is a message terminal with an audio log.
Audio Log #18 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #14 Head to the left of the previous audio log and past a poison corridor. In this new room will be another message terminal and audio log.

Executive Forum, 2nd Visit

Audio Log #19 / Mallory Stark – Deeper into the Burrow After defeating Black Cerberus, head up the elevator and check the corner of the next room for an audio log.
Audio Log #20 / Operation Ferguson Inside the Executive Forum, head down the stairs into the rocky scenery below to find an audio log tucked away in the corner.
Audio Log #21 / Mallory Stark – Betrayed Shortly after the previous audio log, you will enter a service tunnel that will open up into a small room with an enemy inside. In the corner of this room—where you entered—is an audio log.
Iron Maus Comic #5 / Issue #103 As you progress further up the Executive Forum, you will come to a security barricade. Beyond this barricade is an office and on the back wall is a comic perching on a small ledge.
Security barricade
Audio Log #22 / Mallory Stark – Alone Return to the security barricade and hop the black railing in front of it. You will land in some white stones and there will be an audio log nearby.
Audio Log #23 / Interrogation Excerpt Head into the room opposite where you can find Don Hackett and take the exo-lift down into the Re-Education Camp. Behind a metal sheet near the entrance is an audio log.
I accidentally picked it up (again), but it will be behind that large metal plate leaning against the wall
Audio Log #24 / Mallory Stark – Part of the Machine When facing the stairs that lead up into the Executive Boardroom, head into the service tunnel to the right and take the exo-lift down into the Server Room. In the corner, near a corpse, is an audio log.


Audio Log #25 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #5 When heading up the staircase shortly after entering the Nucleus, follow it all the way to Floor 2 – Refueling to find an audio log.
Audio Log #26 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #11 When you step out onto Floor 2, head left until you see some light coming from behind a big red container. On the other side of this container is a large room with an audio log.
Audio Log #27 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #8 After calling the OPS up to Floor 2, head to the left of the OPS and down some stairs. Progress through the next room until you pass through a poison-filled corridor towards an enemy. Next to the enemy is a drop; jump down. Keep going forward until you can turn right down some stairs that leads to an exo-lift. At the top of the exo-lift is an audio log.
Iron Maus Comic #6 / Issue #23 Progress as you would normally until you reach the room where you upload the virus. In the corner with a message terminal by the stairs is a comic book.
Audio Log #28 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #23 Walk past the terminal where you upload the virus and head into the next area. Near a corpse on a ledge is an audio log.
Audio Log #29 / Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #6 When you reach the 3rd floor and overcharge the controls in the room near where you call the OPS up to the 3rd floor, head into the service tunnel behind the overcharge point. Follow it until you use an exo-lift that leads directly to the audio log.
Overcharge point on the 3rd Floor

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