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The Callisto Protocol Collectibles Guide

Collectible Guide

Where to Find all Data-Bios and Implant-Bios collectibles in The Callisto Protocol for PS4 & PS5

Welcome to our The Callisto Protocol Collectibles Guide. There are a total of 43 (20 Data-Bios & 23 Implant-Bios) to find and collect in The Callisto Protocol. Implant-Bios are specifically Data-Bios that you “harvest” from corpses whereas Data-Bios are pick-ups you find while exploring. You will have to find all Implant-Bios as well as the Data-Bios pick-ups to unlock the Grim Reaper trophy. You can track which Data-Bios you have collected and in which chapters by pressing and then to navigate to the Data-Bios tab.

Chapter 1 - Cargo

Data-Bio #1 - Jacob Lee: Jacob's Job

As soon as you can walk around as Jacob on the Cargo Ship UJC Charon you will see an unlocked door to your left. The game will use this door as a tutorial to teach you how to open doors. Go inside and open the locker on the left by the bunk to find the first Data-Bio.

Chapter 2 - Outbreak

Data-Bio #2 - Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Mahler's Appointment

Quite a fair bit into the chapter you will come across a security robot that you must avoid while trying to make it through the medical wing. As soon as you are free from the robot—Jacob will mention he’s in the clear—you will reach an operating room. In the far right corner next to the door that reads Medical Ward M105 is a Data-Bio.

Data-Bio #3 - Elias Porter: Elias' Anticipation

After visiting the armory and collecting the Stun Baton you will make your way back to the cellblock where you initially met Elias. There will be 4 enemies you need to deal with and then you can hop over a waist-high obstruction to reach Elias’ cell. Inside is a Data-Bio.

Data-Bio #4 - Cpt. Leon Ferris: Ferris' Lament

After meeting Cpt. Ferris again for the second time you will see this Data-Bio sitting on the table in front of you after the cutscene.

Chapter 3 - Aftermath

Implant-Bio #1 - Sgt. Eric Jane: Locked Door

Acquired to progress the story.

Implant-Bio #2 - Ofc. Pruitt Matos: Laundry

In the area on the other side of the Laundry door will be two doors that lead to Laundry B2 and Maintenance B3. Head through the Laundry B2 door and follow it into Office B112 to find a corpse with an Implant-Bio.

Data-Bio #5 - Duncan Cole: Secret Room 1

Backtrack and head through Maintenance B3 and interact with the panel on the wall next to the Workshop B415 door. Inside the Workshop room you can crawl through a vent at ground level to your right. Follow the path and drop down the levels until you reach a room to the right of some ladders. Inside on a table is the Data-Bios.

Implant-Bio #3 - Dr. Ewan Hayes: MedLab Outbreak

Backtrack to the Maintenance B3 door and head into Maintenance B414 and proceed forward until you enter Medical Ward C101. After opening the door there will be a corpse on the ground with an Implant-Bio.

Implant-Bio #4 - Ofc. Dachs Symmons: Hanging Guard

After acquiring the GRP you will reach a room with orange lighting and the corpses of guards hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room is a corpse with a Implant-Bio.

Implant-Bio #5 - Ofc. Kerry Brown

While searching the basement for the fuse you will see a large orange glowing spinning fan. Head around the right to get behind it and you will see a corpse on the ground with an Implant-Bio.

Implant-Bio #6 - Tadgh Song

After riding the gondola grab the two Fuse Switches and climb on the boxes to reach the catwalk above the entrance. There will be a corpse with an Implant-Bio right in front of you.

Data-Bio #6 - Dani Nakamura

This Data-Bio can be found inside the cell you become trapped in during a cutscene.

Chapter 4 - Habitat

Data-Bio #7 - Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Corruptors

Shortly after the start of the chapter you will be crawling through some sewage when a boy is snatched by an off-screen enemy. Keep moving through the path until you reach a catwalk with a door to your left that says Purification B H207. Just in front of this door is a box you can climb on to reach a Data-Bio.

Implant-Bio #7 - Ofc. Bruno Vorenus: Crosswired

Just to the left of the Purification B H207 door is a ground-level vent that you can crawl through. Exit the vent into a large room and in the far corner is a corpse with an Implant-Bio.

Data-Bio #8 - Dr. Jae Moon-Bell: Cocoons

Progress through the chapter some more until you reach a door called Storage Hall H239 (ignore the Water Control H262 door for now). Go inside and proceed through the decontamination chamber into a lab. In the corner of the Lab is a corpse with a Data-Bio on the ground.

Implant-Bio #8 - Ofc. James Reese: Suicide Guard

Acquired to progress the story.

Data-Bio #9 - Ofc. James Reese: Security

When you reach the Oxygen Processing room, head left through the Botanical H624 door to your left and follow it to the end to get this Data-Bio.

Implant-Bio #9 - Sgt. Bill Pekelo

Acquired to progress the story. There are reports of this Implant-Bio being bugged. Check your Data-Bios after picking this up and if it’s still grayed out after picking it up, load an earlier autosave and collect it again.

Data-Bio #10 - Ofc. Kyle Serra: Evacuation

When you reach the Utility room you can see a locked door to your left labelled Hall H631. Use your shiv to open the door and head all the way to the back to find this Data-Bio.

Chapter 5 - Lost

Data-Bio #11 - Miranda Kristofich: Terraforming

After reaching Elias you will enter a gated compound with an abandoned snow plough. Head into the building to the left of the plough—directly ahead of you—and find this Data-Bio on a shelf.

Implant-Bio #10 - Richard Cids

Acquired to progress the story.

Data-Bio #12 - Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Combustors

Once inside the tunnels you will crawl under some debris. On the other side is a room to your left with the Data-Bio inside.

Implant-Bio #11 - Lt. Devon Wayne: Close the Gate

After getting the Riot Gun from Dani you will head up some stairs into a room with two circular tables. Between the tables and the locked door on the far end of the room is a corpse with an Implant-Bio.

Implant-Bio #12 - Ofc. Aaron Taycho

Upon reaching the Prisoner Transfer S408 room you can find a corpse with an Implant-Bio stuck in a cylindrical turbine of sorts. Removing the Implant-Bio will cause a wave of enemies to attack (use the spinning turbines to your advantage).

Data-Bio #13 – Max Barrow: Max’s Concern

When you reach where Jacob’s ship crashed at the beginning of the game search the room next to where you found your very first Data-Bio.

Implant-Bio #13 – Sgt. Scott Dvitny: Eradication

After leaving Jacob’s ship you will enter a hangar with Dani. To your right is a large vehicle that you can enter via the back. On the ground inside the vehicle is an Implant-Bio.

Data-Bio #14 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Shipments

In the next room inside the hangar you will be greeted by some broken robots. In the far right corner by some stairs is a Data-Bio.

Chapter 6 - Below

Data-Bio #15 – Dr. Sheehan Yune: Field Log 1

After defeating your first blind enemy at the start of the chapter proceed into the next room to find a Data-Bio on a table.

Data-Bio #16 – Dr. Sheehan Yune: Field Log 2

Eventually you will come to Tunnel 3A which will be patrolled by several enemies. Defeat the enemies and proceed through the doorway with the blinking orange light. Take a left and you will see the Data-Bio on a crate.

Implant-Bio #14 – Dr. Sheehan Yune: Field Log 3

Once you have used the keycard to enter the Power Tunnels take the lit-up tunnel on your right to find an Implant-Bio rather than heading down further into the Power Tunnels.

Data-Bio #17 – Yannick Sage: Secret Room 2

Progress through the chapter until you climb a ladder and see the corridor that leads to the Power Reactor on your right. Straight ahead is a gap in the wall you can squeeze through to find the 2nd secret room and a Data-Bio.

Implant-Bio #15 – Arden Jeddha: Arcas Evacuation

After defeating the two-headed enemy on the platform, head towards the door once the platform stops and you will see a corpse on the ground with an Implant-Bio.

Chapter 7 - Colony

Implant-Bio #16 – Alex Wang: Miner Log 1

At the start of the chapter you will find a corpse on the ground on the main path. Hard to miss.

Data-Bio #18 – Derryn Barr: Miner Log 2

After being asked to reach the Tower by Dani you will enter a room with a ladder. On the shelf next to the ladder is a Data-Bio.

Implant-Bio #17 – Derryn Barr: Miner Log 3

Climb up the next set of ladders in the next section and look to your right to see an unlocked door with a red light coming from the window next to it. Inside is an Implant-Bio on a corpse.

Implant-Bio #18 – Yannick Sage: The Mole

After riding the elevator up to HighTown there will be a corpse with an Implant-Bio on the ground directly in front of you.

Implant-Bio #19 – Buidhe Reddwork: HighTown

On your way to HighTown you will come to two signs, one pointing to the Bathroom, the other pointing to the RoofTop. To the right of these signs—the direction the RoofTop sign is pointing—is a room with a corpse and an Implant-bio in it.

Implant-Bio #20 – Ji-Kwan Park: Miner Log 4

In the room you open up with a Fuse Switch is a corpse with an Implant-Bio on the ground.

Data-Bio #19 – Duncan Cole: Disagreement

After riding the platform after the boss fight near the end of the chapter you can find a Data-Bio to your right after stepping off the platform.

Chapter 8 - Tower

Data-Bio #20 – Dr. Tala Ismene: Observation

After opening the Fuse Switch door take a left and head to the end of the corridor to find the Data-Bio.

Data-Bio #21 – Dr. Tala Ismene: Taken

When you crawl through a vent in the Psych Ward and drop out the other end look to your right to see some stairs. Walk up the first set and you will see a Data-Bio.

Data-Bio #22 – Edward Bates: Experimentation

When you reach the room that Dr. Caitlyn Mahler opens for you there will be a Data-Bio on your right. If you have followed this guide without missing anything then the Grim Reaper trophy should unlock here and you can ignore the last Data-Bio since it doesn’t count towards the trophy.

Data-Bio #23 – Duncan Cole: Cole’s Triumph

After taking the elevator up to the Tower you can find the last Data-Bio on a desk at the back of the room.

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