Stray I Am Speed Speedrun Checklist


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PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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July 19th, 2022


Annapurna Interactive


BlueTwelve Studio

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A Checklist of All Story Objectives in Stray to Help You Complete the Game in Under 2 Hours for the “I Am Speed” Trophy/Achievement.

Welcome to our Stray Speedrun Checklist. Within, you’ll find the story objectives, divided up by Chapter and displayed in the ideal order.

Using this while playing through your Stray Speedrun, you will be able to refresh yourself on any story objectives and keycodes. This way, you can prevent getting lost and have an easier time unlocking the I am Speed trophy/achievement.

Note that no collectibles will be pointed out here; it’s purely for completing the game fast. If you need collectible locations, check out our Stray Collectibles Guide.

Chapter One: Inside the Wall Story Objectives

  1. Nuzzle all three Cats
  2. Sleep on the carboard
  3. Follow the linear path until a cutscene plays.

Chapter Two: Dead City Story Objectives

  1. Follow the lights along the linear path to a room with a large fan at the back.
  2. Grab a bucket and drop it into the fan to stop it spinning.
  3. Continue past the fan to an area with many paint cans.
  4. Knock down some of the four side-by-side paint cans to reach an air con unit on the opposite building.
  5. From there, climb up to a blue paint pot and knock it into the glass below.
  6. Enter the broken window and continue along the linear path to the Zurk Chase.
  7. Complete the Zurk Chase Sequence and then follow the lights through the city to a small room with another fan.
  8. Behind the cardboard boxes on the left side of the room, pull the back power source from the wall socket to switch the fan off.
  9. Go past the fan and continue through the vents to Chapter Three.

Chapter Three: The Flat Story Objectives

  1. Walk on the keyboard by the TV in the living room until a door opens.
  2. In the new room, collect the four power units in the room and then plug them into the main console.
    1. One is on top of the shelves on the left side of the room.
    2. One is in the computer-on-wheels on the right side of the room, just pull the lever next to it to move it out.
    3. Once the above computer has been moved, climb on top of it to reach another power unit.
    4. The final power unit is on the table at the center of the room.
  3. Once all four power units are connected, another secret room will open up.
  4. Climb the shelf on the left side of the newly-opened secret room and knock a box off.
  5. In the box, there’s a drone. Pick it up and bring it into the previous room and place it on the console in the previous room to reactivate it.
  6. Receive the keys and backpack from B-12 and then use the keypad by the apartment door to leave.
  7. Next to the next door there’s another keypad. Enter 3748 to open it.
  8. Follow the linear path and B-12’s instructions until the Chapter ends.

Chapter Four: the Slums Story Objectives

  1. Follow the linear route through the Slums.
  2. Meet “Guardian” and then show him the Postcard in your inventory, he will show you where Momo lives.
  3. Head up to the rooftops and look for some bots throwing paint cans to each other.
  4. Approach the lower-most bot and press on him. Wait until he’s about to throw the can and then press to meow. He will drop it and the laundromat owner will come out to clean it.
  5. Head inside the laundromat and grab the bottle of detergent from the table on your left.
  6. Take the detergent to the merchant down the stairs to the right of “Guardian.” Trade the detergent for electric cables.
  7. Take the cables to “Grandma” at the clothing store and she will give you a poncho in exhange.
  8. Scratch the door of Elliot Programming near Grandma to be let inside. Head upstairs and give the poncho to Elliot. Now he owes you one for later.
  9. Return to the rooftops and then enter each of the three apartments with blue back-lit signs outside them. Inside each one is a notebook to grab.
    1. Doc’s is in a safe behind four stacks of books in a library-esque apartment. The key for the safe is on a sheet of paper in the bedroom.
    2. Clementine’s is on the computer tower next to a monitor at the back of an apartment.
    3. Zbaltazar’s is inside a stack of white cardboard boxes, near the front door of the apartment you enter via the rooftop ventillation.
  10. Bring all three notebooks to Momo’s apartment.
  11. Speak to Momo and show him the Postcard to get his Journal.
  12. Show him the other three Journals and he’ll ask you to help him set up a transceiver.
  13. Leave via the window he opens and ride the bucket lift to the next Chapter.

Chapter Five: Rooftops Collectibles

  1. This level is a very linear one. Make your way to and through the construction site using your meow and door switches to bait and trap Zurk so you can continue to progress.
  2. At the top of the construction site, use the transciever on the antenna to complete your objectives.
  3. Ride the Bucket Lift back to the Slums to reach Chapter Six.

Chapter Six: The Slums Part 2 Collectibles

  1. Check the note on the TV to see that Momo has gone to the bar.
  2. Leave Momo’s apartment via the window and then speak to Momo at the bar.
  3. When he’s done talking to you on the stools, follow him to Seamus’ house and then enter via the hole he opens in the wall.
  4. Show Seamus Doc’s Diary to get him to help you.
  5. Knock down the small portrait to the right of the secret door at the back to reveal a keypad.
  6. Enter 2511 into the keypad to open the secret room.
  7. In the secret room, knock the box off the top of the shelves on the left and collect the broken tracker from inside.
  8. Show the tracker to Seamus to progress the story and then leave when he opens the door for you.
  9. Go to Elliot Programming and show him the broken tracker, he will fix it for us since we gave him that poncho earlier.
    1. If you didn’t give him the Poncho in Chapter 4, go to the rooftops and scare the lower-most paint-throwing bot as he’s about to throw the can.
    2. He’ll drop it in front of the laundromat and the owner will open the door.
    3. You can get the Detergent from the Laundromat.
    4. Use the Detergent to buy the Electric Cables from the tradesman near Guardian.
    5. Give the Electric Cables to Grandma to get a Poncho.
    6. Give the Poncho to Elliot.
  10. Bring the tracker back to Seamus at his home.
  11. Follow him to the next Chapter.

Chapter Seven: Dead End Collectibles

  1. Go through the gate opened by Seamus.
  2. Follow the linear path, riddled with Zurk who you’ll need to avoid.
  3. The sequence will end at a fallen truck. Climb the truck and the nearby pipes to create the path above.
  4. Continue along the linear path to an apartment in a Zurk-infested area.
  5. Proceed to the back of the apartment and enter via the window.
  6. Go downstairs to meet Doc.
  7. Interact with the high-powered flashlight on Doc’s desk.
  8. Leave the apartment with the fuse Doc gives you and follow the cables to a fusebox.
  9. Place the fuse in the fusebox and the generator will start up, summoning several waves of Zurk.
  10. Make your way back to the apartment, with the help of Doc and his Defluxor.
  11. Follow doc to the door downstairs.
  12. Use the Defluxor to kill the Zurk at the gate.
  13. Move the two barrels to reach a vent high up on the left side.
  14. Go through the vent and pull the switch at the other side to open a shutter.
  15. Pass under the shutter into a room with lots of Zurk. Kill the Zurk with your Defluxor.
  16. A shutter will open, revealing Doc being attacked by Zurk. Kill them with your Defluxor.
  17. Speak to Doc and then follow him to another Shutter which he’ll open for you.
  18. Follow Doc to the door back to the Slums. He’ll open it, and a cutscene will play, ending the Chapter.

Chapter Eight: The Sewers Collectibles

  1. Head straight to the sewers, which you can access by going left from Guardian.
  2. Follow the linear path to Momo and get on his boat. He’ll begin rowing you into the sewers.
  3. When he stops, get off and pull the switch behind the Zurk pods.
  4. Avoid/kill the Zurk until Momo gets closer and then jump back onto his boat.
  5. When next you stop, speak to Momo, and he’ll manually open a large gate for you.
  6. Head through the gate that he opened via the floating barrels and proceed deeper into the Sewers.
  7. When you reach a room filled with Zurk pods, look for a switch that will open the gate. Use the Defluxor if needed.
  8. When the gate is open, sprint through the sewers, avoiding the Zurk.
  9. When the chase sequence ends, head through the pipe to another pod-filled room. You need to pull the switches at both sides of the gate to open it. Avoiding the Zurk as you do so.
  10. Proceed through the gate to an area with a large red eye, where a cutscene will play.
  11. When the cutscene ends, sprint through the Zurk chase sequence, without use of your Defluxor, until you reach safety.
  12. Press on B-12 twice to wake him and then press on the console by the fans to switch them off.
  13. Jump into the fan and then continue along the linear path.
  14. When you reach a barricade in the tunnel, squeeze through the small gap and you’ll be at Antvillage, Chapter 9!

Chapter Nine: Antvillage Collectibles

  1. Chapter 9 is the shortest chapter when you don’t want collectibles.
  2. Start by going up to speak to Zbaltazar.
  3. Once done, climb up to Midtown at the top of Antvillage to end the Chapter.

Chapter Ten: Midtown Collectibles

  1. Follow the linear alleyway to the train.
  2. Pass through the train and head up the escalators.
  3. Go through the hole in the chainlink fence and then head out the doors opposite. Follow this path to reach Midtown.
  4. Continue to the holo-robot at the center of the main plaza and then go right, to the apartment complex.
  5. Look for Clementine’s apartment on the third floor and enter via the window.
  6. Explore the apartment until you meet Clementine and then show her the polaroid in your inventory.
  7. Follow Clementine to hear her plan.
  8. Leave Clementine’s apartment and jump on each of the three security cameras in the complex.
  9. Once all three cameras are destroyed, grab a cassette from the feet of the bot in a white hoodie.
  10. On your way out of the apartment complex, look for a restaurant with red lights on your right.
  11. Inside, jump onto the shelves at the back of the restaurant and knock the crate of beer bottles onto the snoozing bot’s head.
  12. Follow the newly-awakened bot to a hat store nearby and jump into the cardboard box outside, in-front of the annoyed-looking bot.
  13. The previously-snoozing bot will carry you into the store, and you can grab a Work Hat from inside.
  14. Return to the holo-bot in the plaza and then go left and down the stairs.
  15. Head into the clothing store on your right and head right to the back, where you’ll find a stereo.
  16. Use the cassette tape you got on the stereo to distract the store owner.
  17. While he’s distracted, grab the Work Vest from the mannequin in the window.
  18. Leave and go down the alley next door to find Blazer. Show him the note Clementine gave you.
  19. Give him the Work Hat and Work Jacket. He’ll then sneak you into the factory.
  20. Make your way through the factory to the control room at the end, which you access by rolling a barrel.
  21. Inside, activate the printer-looking robot with and it will follow you.
  22. Lead it to the chain-link fence on the left side of the room and then jump onto it.
  23. Jump into the fenced-off area and open the gate with the switch. You can now access both printer-bots.
  24. Lead the robots onto the buttons on both the left and right sides of the room.
  25. Then, roll the barrel onto the third button. You can now grab the battery from the machine at the center.
  26. With the battery, run out the doorway opposite the one you entered through and ride the bucket lift back to Midtown.
  27. Head back to Clementine’s apartment, avoiding the Sentinels along the way.
  28. Look at her planning board to find a clue as to where she went. Interact with the following four items in her apartment:
    1. The Lava Lamp in the kitchen.
    2. The lamp on the round coffee table.
    3. The crystal in the attic space.
    4. The Mannequin in the bathroom.
  29. You can now leave Clementine’s apartment. Avoid the Sentinels and make your way back to the red-colored restaurant from earlier.
  30. Opposite it is an alleyway where a bot is leaning out of a high-up window.
  31. Climb the pipes and canopies in this area to reach the window, and the bot will let you into the Night Club.
  32. Grab the Strange Drink from the bar.
  33. Bring it to the bot leaning against the wall near the stage to receive a lever.
  34. Use the lever to lower one of the holographic dancers on the stage.
  35. Jump on top of the lowered hologram and wait for the DJ to raise it again.
  36. Jump from the hologram onto the Night Club’s upper levels.
  37. Use the left-most and right-most buttons on the console to set the lights up correctly.
  38. Run across the lights to reach Blazer and end the Chapter.

Chapter Eleven: Jail Collectibles

  1. Swing your cage left and right until it hits the pipe on your left and opens.
  2. Jump to the pipe and then climb to a red vent high above you.
  3. Pass through the vent into the cell next to yours.
  4. Jump onto the left wooden beam to push it forward.
  5. Go around to the right-most wooden beam and jump onto it.
  6. Jump down onto the cage hanging from the left beam.
  7. Proceed across the barrels and through the open cell door.
  8. Avoiding the Sentinels, make your way to Clementine’s cell on the second floor at the opposite end of this detention hall.
  9. Once you reach him, go out through the bars opposite and loop around into the security room, where you can grab the keys.
  10. Bring the keys back to Clementine and then follow jer until a cutscene plays.
  11. After the cutscene, follow her downstairs.
  12. When Clementine stops, jump through the gap in the reception window.
  13. Avoiding the sentinels and lasers, make your way to the switch at the back of the room, deactivating the cell containing B-12.
  14. Make your way to B-12, collect him, and then return to Clementine.
  15. Use B-12 to open the door where Clementine was waiting for you.
  16. Knock a brick off the green dumpster and Clementine will throw it through the window.
  17. Approach Clementine to climb on her head and she’ll help you climb through the broken window.
  18. Pull the switch in the security room and then Clementine will open the next gate for you.
  19. You need to trick the Sentinel into going into the storage room on the left and then shut him inside. Teh easiest way to do this is to close you both in there and then slip through the bars of the gate.
  20. Follow Clementine to another two Sentinels. Do the same to them, bait them into the storage room, close the door, then slip through the bars to get out.
  21. Follow Clementine through a doorway.
  22. Pass through a vent on your right, into an area with a small truck.
  23. Open the door for Clementine by pulling the lever.
  24. Approach the truck and scratch at the keys in the door to alert Clementine.
  25. Jump on the back of the truck and Clementine will reverse it to the gate.
  26. Jump from the truck onto the gate and then follow the linear path to a switch.
  27. Pull the switch and then quickly run back to the gate and over it, avoiding the Sentinels.
  28. Continuing to avoid the sentinels, use your best serpentine maneuvers to reach the back of the Truck again.
  29. Clementine will drop you off at the train station from the start of Chapter 10.
  30. Go back down the escalators to the train.
  31. Pass through the train and follow the cable to a slot where you can place the battery we stole from the Factory.
  32. Return to the train and use the Subway Key on the console inside at the front to start it up and end the chapter.

Chapter Twelve: Control Room Collectibles

  1. When the train stops, get off and go up the escalators to a waiting room.
  2. On the left side, there’s a big glass door leading to the Control Room.
  3. Interact with the printer-like robot nearby to make it follow you.
  4. Lead it to the electronics panel left of the Control Room door and it will automatically position itself underneath.
  5. Interact with the keypad on the right of the door twice.
  6. The panel above the printer-like robot will open. Jump onto the robot and scratch at the panel to open the door.
  7. Inside the control room, interact with the only blinking monitor, B-12 will activate the systems.
  8. At the center of the control room there’s several command stations with screens and keyboards. Standing on the keyboards will make the screens toggle on/off. Make sure all the screens are on to reveal the next piece of the puzzle.
  9. Next, look for three monitors with orange padlocks on their screens. Net to each of these screens is an electronics panel you can interact with and then scratch. Once the panel has been scratched, the screen will go blue and can be hacked by B-12. Do this for all three.
  10. Once done for all three monitors, pick up B-12 and place him on the console near the big window.
  11. When the cutscene ends, leave the control room and then proceed through the huge red doors to your right.
  12. Proceed up the stairs to end the game.

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