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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds Guide

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The full collectable guide for all echoes, chests, secrets, stim canisters and encrypted logs is available separately here as well as another separate guide for Enemy scan locations which, if you need it, you should follow alongside this guide as they both run in chronological order of a fresh playthrough, allowing you to gather everything you need in the order they’ll be available. This Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds guide has been pulled out separately because it is recommended you find these during your first play-through, as early as possible, to ensure they have time to grow whereas other collectables will require a lot of back-tracking and so it is better to acquire them after completing the Story.

Collecting and growing all 10 Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds will net you the following Green Thumb Trophy.

Follow the Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds Guide below to find each seed as you play through the game and be sure to plant them as soon as the opportunity presents itself. These are in the order you can earliest acquire them, so you can follow chronologically as you play.

1| Bogano – Subterranean Refuge – Kalpi Terrarium Seed

Your first arrival in this area should be just after your first Oggdo fight. From the meditation point you should be able to see some water down below with a Bog Rat. Drop down to kill the Bog Rat and then scan the surrounding waters with to find the seed you are looking for. Note that there is a Para Fish log nearby and ensure you are getting the seed when you scan and not this data log.

2| Zeffo – Weathered Monument – Royal Fluzz Terrarium Seed

After fighting your first two Heavy Assault Troopers in a cave at the weathered monument – one of whom is shooting you while you attempt to cross 3 pipes – and before climbing a rope to progress, there is a small path off to the left which loops around to a Scomp link device. The seed is right next to the device.

3| Zeffo – Windswept Ruins – Gillypod Terrarium Seed

From the start of the Windswept ruins, go to the Meditation point and at the other side of the area you should see a square rock with a Philak stood on top of it. Make your way over there where you’ll find the flower on the top of that very same rock and press to have BD-1 scan it.

It’s where the horned creature is stood in this image.

4| Kashyyyk – Imperial Refinery – Bonshyyyr Terrarium Seed

After moving a “Cutter” with BD-1’s overcharge ability, Cal will say something about a shortcut and how BD-1 didn’t know one was there, he just wanted to turn the Cutter on. Head into the newly opened shortcut, using the force to slow down a turbine in there. On the other side is a meditation point and a group of Stormtroopers who will get into a fight with some Wyyyschokk (big spiders). Take care of the enemies here and then find the seed nearby.

5| Zeffo (2nd Visit) – Crash Site – Dreamwort Terrarium Seed

You will at one point in the story need to return to Zeffo and the objective will take you through the “Imperial Headquarters”. Once you exit out the other side you’ll go down an ice slide into the “Crash Site”.

From the meditation point right in front of you, you’ll be able to see a large circular structure with a Jotaz patrolling it and a crashed spaceship to the right of it. This island is where you need to go.

It’s at the back-right corner of the right-most island here.

Head down there and kill the Jotaz and all of the Scazz which spawn afterward then head to the back of the island, opposite the crashed ship, to find this terrarium seed.

6| Kashyyyk (2nd Visit) – Gloomroot Hollow – Milk Grass Terrarium Seed

Just after first entering the Gloomroot Hollow and (probably) scanning the Jaw Plant for the first time, you’ll reach a fork in the path, go left across the Jaw Plant there and then climb up the ledge immediately to your left. Once up here you’ll find the seed with just another left-turn, BD-1 should already have run over to it.

7| Kashyyyk (2nd Visit) – Origin Tree – Mushbloom Terrarium Seed

Immediately after reaching the Meditation Point in the “Origin Tree” area, jump up the ledge ahead and directly in-front of you will be a low arch, behind which you can see some glowing mushrooms gathered around the base of a tree. Here is where you will get the Mushbloom seeds. Deal with the nearby enemies and then head over there to collect the seeds.

The yellow plant directly in-front of Cal in this image, past the arch.

8| Bogano (Return with Double-Jump) – Fractured Plain – Featherfern Terrarium Seed

After finishing your objectives on your second visit to Kashyyyk, you should now have the “Jedi Flip” Double-Jump ability with which you can acquire your 8th seed on Bogano, so head there before following your objectives to Dathomir.

Ahead from the ship and a little to the right is a zipline from the Bogdo Sinkholes. Since you can now go up ziplines, wall-run and double-jump over to it in order to quickly return to the Bogdo Sinkholes. Once up there, look to the right and jump across to platforms you see there. The plant is right in-front of you when you land on the other side.

It’s the plant on the opposite ledge in this image.

9| Dathomir – Swamp of Sacrifice – Bleeding Gut Terrarium Seed

At a certain point in the story you’ll come to a large fortress gate with Nightbrother Archers firing at you from atop it’s walls, forcing you to take a path to the left which leads to a long sliding section eventually depositing you in the Swamp of Sacrifice. Head left from where you land and you’ll see the plant you’re looking for.

10| Dathomir – Swamp of Sacrifice – Mushling Terrarium Seed

Just after getting the last seed, you’ll head to a nearby Meditation Point. From there, you’ll head up a large tree root and drop down into a new part of the swamp, filled with enemies. At the back-left of this area is an open space with a tree playing host to some more Undead Nightsister pods.

Defeat the Nightsisters once they spawn and then have BD-1 scan the nearby Mushrooms to gain your 10th and final seed. Remember to plant it as soon as you can to give it time to grow and you’ll soon have the Green Thumb trophy!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet for your Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds Guide needs, I hope this guide helps to expedite your trophy progress and I hope you’ve enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order as much as I have.


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