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This is just Part 5 of the guide and covers only Ilum. If you haven’t read the introduction in Part 1 I recommend that you do.

You can find the other parts here:


Important: As I acquired the Force Echoes trophy during the Kashyyyk portion of the guide and anybody else following the guide should have done so also, I will only be showing the locations of secret echoes from this point on, except for a few obvious echoes along the way and any required for exploration completion.

If this proved to be repeatedly problematic and I get plenty of people asking me to include the other echoes, I’ll do my best to do so at a later date, but it really shouldn’t be necessary at this point.

Note also that one encrypted log on this planet is unavoidably unlocked as part of the story, it’s the only one on Ilum.

Shattered Lake

When you first arrive on Ilum, step out of the Mantis and immediately head right, through the gap in the walls. Follow this path to a somewhat lengthy wall-running section at the end of which there is a secret echo.

Head back across the walls to the Mantis and now take the left path towards the Jedi Temple. Climb all the way to the top of it, like you did for the story. Feel free to grab the echo near the marker at the top.

Head to the opposite side of the ledge now where you’ll see some crystals you can smash. Behind them is a chest to open.

From the echo (hat on the right) go across to the crystals over on the left in the distance. The chest is behind those.

Go all the way back down to the bottom now, and head inside the entrance to the temple.

Jedi Temple

You’re going to be attacked by more Haxion Brood Bounty Hunters in here, unfortunately. But I’m certain you’ll make short work of them.

Continue on through the temple as normal – pass the Meditation Point, and jump into the water. Once in the water, dive down and you should have no trouble seeing the chest near a pillar on the left as you make your way to the other end of the underwater cavern.

Just past this chest (on the right if you’re facing the front of the chest), however, there is a smaller tunnel you can swim through which leads to a climbable ledge. Clamber up it and head further in to find nothing more than an echo, but your map will be more completed.

Dive back into the water and then continue on towards the Crystal Caves.

Crystal Caves

Once you’ve climbed out of the water into this area, head left along the wall and follow the linear path ahead until you reach the Meditation Point. To the left, you’ll be able to see two Jedi Statues, jump up onto the ledge between them.

Continue on until you come to a group of Imperials, defeat them and then cut your way through the crystals blocking a doorway on your left, revealing a wall-run segment and a narrow passage you can enter. When you come out of the other side, look down over the ledge to see a secret echo in the distance. You can use the icy slide on your right to reach this.

Force push the rock which it was next to in order to open a new path, head down this newly opened route to a climbable wall and head up. You’ll be back at the Meditation Point. Go back between the two Jedi statues and this time go right where you went left last time. You’ll come out to a large open space with a secret echo at the back near a rope which is clearly the way to reach it.

You can’t swing directly to it, but you can swing to a wall-run segment leading to another rope. Follow this route of wall-runs and beams until you reach the echo in question.

Jump back down to the rope and swing back across. From there, turn left and you should see an archway in the ice, head through there to be treated to a chest, but at the cost of facing some Imperials.

Turn around and head up the ramp on the left to find some wall-run segments. After these you’ll eventually reach another climbing wall, which curves off to the left near the bottom, leading to another echo. Go and get it, just to ensure 100% exploration.

Afterwards, climb all the way to the top of this very same wall. From the top, you’ll be able to see a large pool below you and a smaller one to the left. Jump into the bigger one directly below you and dive underwater to find another chest.

Now you can surface and just above where this chest was, in the very back corner of this area, there’s an opening in the wall, head through there into the Imperial Trench area.

Imperial Trench

From the Meditation Point just inside the opening you entered, turn right and you will see a climbing wall. Go over and jump onto it to make your way up to a ledge on your left. As soon as you round the corner you’ll see the chest in front of you.

Prepare for the sweet sound of the Collector trophy popping because you just collected every single Chest and Secret in the game!

The only trophy left on our agenda is for getting 100% exploration on every Planet, so what’s left? Well, we’re not quite done here. Luckily for you, all you should need to do is hop up that ledge on your left and enter through the doorway in order to enjoy the glorious sound of another trophy popping!

If, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for you, check your planet map. You’ll be able to see by hovering over each planet what your completion is for each one. If one of them doesn’t say “Explored” with a little check-mark next to it, then open the map for that planet and you can check the completion for each area individually to see which one you need to revisit.

Hopefully though, that’s it and you have every collectable you needed!

Thanks for choosing us for your guide needs, I hope this more walkthrough-like format proved quite useful in expediting your Platinum Journey as it was a gruelling process writing it all out and I hope you’ve genuinely enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order as much as I did!


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