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How long does it take to beat River City Girls and unlock all trophies?

Around 7 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat River City Girls and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does River City Girls have online trophies?


Does River City Girls have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does River City Girls have missable trophies?


Does River City Girls have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in River City Girls?

One with Loiter Mode and exploits, or two if done legitimately..

Does River City Girls have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

River City Girls Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

River City Girls is an old-school side-scrolling beat-em-up similar to the Scott Pilgrim game. This title is part of the River City series, typically featuring Kunio and Riki as the main characters. This time, however, we follow the tale of their girlfriends; Misako and Kyoko. With this River City Girls guide in hand, you’ll have everything you need to secure the Platinum Trophy for this excellent game!

River City Girls Trophy Guide: Before You Begin


I just wanted to make it known from the top that although there is a trophy for completing the game on Hard Difficulty, all it really means is “Defeat the last boss on Hard Difficulty.” So you can legitimately just play on Normal difficulty and then switch to Hard Difficulty just before the boss fight!

You can even finish the game completely and then fight the final boss again using “Loiter” mode on Hard Difficulty and earn the trophy that way! With a fully-leveled character, it’s actually pretty easy!


This game has several co-op trophies which require you to have a second player handy. The game is generally more fun and quite a bit easier with a friend, so I actually quite strongly advise playing in co-op mode if you can.

However, since River City Girls only has local co-op and you can’t play online, not everyone will be able to play the entire game in co-op. For that reason, I have included exploits and workarounds for every Co-op trophy so that you can still earn the Platinum regardless of how many friends are in your immediate vicinity. But you will need a second controller.

Another option is to use Share Play. By using the PS4/PS5 Share Play feature, you can allow friends on the opposite side of the planet to play the game with you as though they’re sat at your side on the sofa. The only downside with this option is the reliance on you both having an excellent internet connection.

Loiter Mode

When you’ve beaten the game, if you select and attempt to load a finished save file, the game will give you two options; “New Game +” or “Loiter.”

New Game + is great, and you’re free to use it for Phase Two of this River City Girls Trophy Guide, but it means a full reset of the game, which can be a pain for some trophies.

Therefore, in the third and final stage of this River City Girls Trophy Guide, we’re going to use Loiter mode. This will keep all of your progress and allow you to explore the map, earn exp, purchase items you’ve missed, and more. It’s perfect for getting 100% completion, and it even lets you fight the final boss again as many times as you like!

Phase One – Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty, Complete all Godai Quests, Destroy all Statues

During this first phase of our River City Girls Trophy Guide, there are a few objectives, but nothing too unmanageable;

  • Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty – Just reach and defeat the boss at the end of the game. Doing this will earn us plenty of trophies and a charm item that we need for a secret boss.
  • Complete all Godai Quests – You need to do this for 100% completion eventually, but it’s better to get these 5 quests out of the way on your first run so you don’t need to worry about them later.
  • Destroy all Sadu Statues – There are 25 of these which, again, are better to deal with sooner rather than later, so you can keep your New Game + run to a minimum. Doing this will also unlock the second charm item that we need for the secret boss.

Other things you can do to help your progress are;

  • Purchase any Consumables and Accessories you can – Towards the end of this Trophy Journey, you’ll need to achieve 100% completion of the game. Doing so will require you to have purchased every accessory, used every consumable, and more. To help give yourself a head-start, purchase any food, healing items, and accessories you can.
  • Recruit everyone– Sometimes during a fight, the last enemy standing will beg for mercy. At that time, you can approach them to grab them and you can then choose to recruit them or beat the lights out of them. You should always choose recruit . There’s a tab on the phone which keeps track of all the enemies and enemy variants you’ve ever recruited. You’ll eventually need to have recruited most of them at least once, so don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Complete the Game in Co-op Mode – If you are able to play co-op with a friend, you will get a trophy for doing so. We’ll focus more on this in phase two of this River City Girls Trophy Guide, but it’s just something to consider if you wish to unlock Don’t mess with us! early.

Semi-Missable Trophies

Here’s a selection of trophies you should look out for in this phase of our River City Girls Trophy Guide. If you miss them, you can always go back and get them via Loiter Mode or during New Game +, but for a smoother ride, you should aim to get them in this first run.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Your lessons are boring!

Attacked Mr. Rudis.


Right at the start of the game, you’ll be locked in detention with a few enemy students and your teacher, Mr. Rudis, who can be found at the far right, next to the chalkboard.

Walk over to him and hit him with to unlock this trophy straight away.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Killed by Math

Was defeated in detention.


In the same detention room at the start of the game where you earn the “Your lessons are boring!” trophy, you will need to let the students defeat you to unlock this trophy.

Simply stand still and wait for them to very slowly and inefficiently whittle your health down enough to kill you. The trophy will unlock just before the Game Over screen drops down.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Help an Old Pal?

Completed all of Godai’s quests.


You will first meet Godai (voiced by Jacksepticeye) as part of the story in Crosstown (North Ravine Lane), and his first quest is your main objective. From that point on, you will meet him in every subsequent stage of the game. Here are his five quests, including the first one:

Mission #LevelObjective
1CrosstownGo to Merv Burger and buy him a Merv Double for $24.
2UptownGo to the Fashion District and destroy the gold statue of the Mayor.
3DowntownGo to Shanty Town, Transit Station, Rear City Streets, and Skid Row to destroy the expensive cars found at each of those locations.
4Ocean HeightsEnter the bathroom at Ocean Heights Park and beat up “One-Hit Tommy.” Note that his name is accurate, and he can defeat you in just one hit.
5Sanwaki TowerFind and defeat five red Yakuza enemies, known as “Snitches.” You’ll be notified at the bottom of the screen whenever you defeat a snitch.

Once you have completed all five quests, this trophy will unlock. Note that the first one is the only one you actually need to hand in, and the rest will complete as soon as you finish the objective.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Smashed Statues

Destroyed all Sabu statues.



There are 25 Sabu Statues to find altogether. They’re usually not all that hard to find, but if you’d like a helping hand getting this trophy, then you can check out our River City Girls Sabu Statue Locations guide for image-assisted instructions on where to find all 25 statues.

Story Trophies

The trophies in this section of our River City Girls Trophy Guide will all unlock naturally via story progression and cannot be missed.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Shop until they drop?

Enter the Mall.



After completing Godai’s first quest, you’ll need to try and enter the Mall, but you’ll find it is locked. There’s a young man just outside the entrance in a white jacket who you can speak to; his name is Hiroshi.

He’ll give you the quest leading to you finding the key to open the mall. You can then follow the exclamation marks on the map to eventually end up inside. As this is a story objective, you can’t miss this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bona fide bargain

Obtain an item from the Pawn Shop.



While looking for an item to offer Hibari for an audience with her, you’ll end up at a Pawn Shop run by a Skeleton, from whom you buy a Gold Cat statue and unlock this trophy right after.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master of Unlocking

Find the keys in the junk yard.



As part of the story in Downtown, you will meet a man named Kenji, who has a Crane with which he can remove the junk blocking the entrance to the Subway. To get him to help you, though, you need to retrieve the keys from the trash compactor, which requires fighting many zombies.

Once you have the keys, the trophy will unlock. This is an unmissable part of the story.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
An Explosive Entrance

Enter the Penthouse.



To reach the final boss fight, you will need to find 4 explosive charges and then bring them to a yakuza member in an eye patch by the penthouse elevator. Once you do this, the trophy will unlock. As part of the story, this is unmissable.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Real Workout

K.O. Misuzu.



Misuzu is the game’s first boss, so you can’t miss this trophy as you’ll need to beat her to progress.

As the first boss, her attack pattern is simple. She will either charge you or jump at you. Avoid her attacks and then hit her until she falls down. Don’t get cocky, though, or she’ll hit you as she gets back up. Just down her and then retreat. It’s slow but safe.

Repeat until she’s defeated, and this trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeating the Dark Arts

K.O. Yamada.



You will fight Yamada as part of the story after the Construction Site section of Crosstown.

He’s not too tough but has some devastating attacks you need to be careful to avoid. When he teleports, he will be vulnerable for a short second before using his attack, so I recommend using a move like rolling punch to interrupt his attack and get a few licks in before dashing to safety ahead of his next teleportation.

Be careful not to let him pin you on the roof edge, or he’ll knock you off, dealing a lot of damage. Note, however, that if you knock him off the roof, you’ll also deal extra damage to him.

Once you’ve reduced his health by a third, he will start spawning three items to orbit him. Two will be heavy electronics that will deal a lot of damage if they hit you, but the third will be an apple. Try to collect this apple as it will heal you.

Use the Construction Site’s proximity to the mall and neighboring stores as an opportunity to stock up on healing items for the fight. You can access them via the phone menu.

Once you finally defeat Yamada, this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fashionable Beatdown

K.O. Hibari.



Hibari is the third boss at the end of the Uptown section. Compared to the last two, I actually think this is a fairly easy boss. Make sure you have a good hefty stock of food you can use to heal yourself mid-fight, and then start playing defensively.

Hibari spends most of the fight up in the air, so your only option is to avoid her attacks and defeat any of the enemies she spawns. Avoid being hit until an opportunity presents itself.

At a certain point in her attack pattern, she will spawn a large circular cloud underneath her and start aiming at you with a knife.

Your objective is to avoid the knife and make her throw it at such an angle that she hits herself with it when it ricochets off the walls. This will stun her and bring her down to the ground, where you can start beating on her.

Usually, the opposite corner is the best place to get her to throw her knife as it’ll bounce right back at her.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Bye Bye

K.O. Abobo.



Abobo is the boss at the end of the Downtown section of the game. He’s a refreshingly easy boss who you can pretty much just beat on. Just follow him around the room, interrupting his attacks by hitting him. If you’ve purchased some strong attacks from the Dojo, then this is the place to start using them.

He’s going to get some good hits in for sure and deals a good chunk of damage with each hit, but as long as you have some food items, you can keep your health bar stocked out while you whoop his sorry behind.

The “Legal Drugs” store in the Rear City Streets area has some great healing items.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
So Metal

K.O. Noize.



The Noize Boss Fight occurs at the end of the Ocean Heights stage and is actually pretty easy! Just avoid the colored discs when she’s on stage until she drops down to the dancefloor, then attack her as much as you can before she goes back up on stage. Rinse and repeat until she is defeated and the trophy unlocks!

Again, you should bring some food items to heal, but you might not need them as much here.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Like Father Like Daughter

K.O. Sabuko.



I strongly recommend visiting the “Legal Drugs” store in Downtown’s “Rear City Streets” to purchase as many First Aid Kit items as you can carry. These will offer a large HP boost when used, and you’ll need them to get through this fight.

Sabuko is the final boss of the game and appears at the end of the Sanwakai Tower stage. She has a secret fourth segment to her health, so don’t expect her to go down once her health is depleted.

During the first phase of the fight, she’s basically a normal enemy, except she can teleport and is annoyingly good at breaking good combos.

Once you reduce her health enough to enter the second phase, she will spawn extra enemies to deal with and begin spawning blurred clones. Avoid the clones and look for her crisp original self to whoop on.

In the third phase, she will spawn more enemies to take down. She’ll then add water abilities to her repertoire, so look out for the new ranged attacks.

In the fourth and final stage of the fight, she adds to her abilities again and has access to devastating fire attacks. Stay on your guard and keep damaging her when you can until she goes down.

If you’re trying to earn, Don’t mess with us! with minimal hassle, this final phase is the time to spawn in a second player. Once her health is low, that is.

Phase Two – Secret Character, Hard Mode, and Co-op

In this second phase of our River City Girls Trophy Guide, there are quite a few objectives you will want to complete which all require you to finish the game again.

You can either use New Game + to beat the game again and collect all of these game-completion trophies or use Loiter Mode to take advantage of all of the workarounds and avoid doing a full second playthrough.

Here are your main objectives:

  • Complete the Game with a Secret Character – When you beat the story in the first phase of this trophy guide, you will unlock Kunio and Riki as playable characters. You will need to beat the game as one of them. Alternatively, see A New Challenger for exploit details.
  • Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty– You could do this run on Hard Difficulty to unlock another trophy, or there’s a workaround you can use if it’s too difficult, see TAKE THE WORLD ON for more info.
  • Complete the Game in Co-op – If you haven’t already, you should take this opportunity to complete the game with a friend for Don’t mess with us! This is the best time to do it because one of you can use your levelled-up character from the first playthrough and the other can use the Secret Character for the A New Challenger trophy. If you’re not able to, though, there is an exploit for this trophy too! See Don’t mess with us! for exploit info.

Game Completion Trophies

The following trophies in this portion of our River City Girls Trophy Guide all require you to finish the game under certain conditions. Note that they all do have some exploits you can take advantage of to avoid having to run the entire game again.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Don’t mess with us!

Complete the game in Co-Op.

Local Co-op

Reach and defeat the final boss with a friend playing as player 2!

As noted at the top of this River City Girls Trophy Guide, River City Girls only has local co-op. The only way to do this online is by using the PlayStation 4/5’s Share Play feature.

If you are in a position where you really can’t get anyone to help you, then there’s an easier way. All you have to do is reach the final boss in single player*, and then right at the last moment before defeating the last boss, just press on a second controller to bring in a Player 2. The trophy will unlock when you finish off the boss!

*Note that you can also load up Loiter Mode on a completed save and defeat the final boss again, which will still work.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Completed the game on Hard.


So for this trophy, sure, you could play the entire game on Hard Difficulty, but if you’d like to avoid that hassle, it’s good to know that there’s an exploit.

Play the game on Normal Difficulty right up to the final boss fight* (your New Game + run is the best place for this), and then just before heading into the fight, pause the game and select “Save & Quit” from the phone’s settings menu.

Now, select “Hard” difficulty when loading your save back up and head into the final fight. It will be a tricky fight, but if you have enough food items to heal with, you’ll be perfectly fine. Defeat her on Hard Difficulty, and this trophy will unlock.

I found that the fight was actually pretty easy on Hard Difficulty when using a Level 30 character for whom I’d purchased all skills at the Dojo.

*Note that you can also load up Loiter Mode on a completed save and defeat the final boss again, which will still work.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A New Challenger

Completed the game with a secret character.

When you finish the game for the first time, you will unlock the male characters Kunio and Riki. To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to beat the game with one of those two characters.

You could do a full New Game + run and use Riki or Kunio if you like. You can double it up with the Don’t mess with us! trophy by having a second player join. That way one of you can keep using the already-leveled character you used in your first run and have a much easier time beating the game.

In order to avoid a full New Game + Playthrough, though, you could use the same exploit used for Don’t mess with us! and have a second controller handy to add Kunio or Riki to the fight in the last moments of the Sabuko boss fight. The trophy will unlock when the fight ends, even if they never landed a hit.

Phase Three – Cleanup

In this final phase of our River City Girls Trophy Guide, you just have a few more objectives to accomplish, such as defeating the game’s secret boss, but the majority of your time in this phase will be spent mopping up any trophies you have missed.

Here are your main objectives:

  • Defeat the Secret Boss – When all of the Statues have been destroyed and the game has been completed at least once, you will have the two items needed to fight the final boss via Loiter mode.
  • Reach Max Level with a Character – You’ll need to earn EXP by fighting enemies to reach max character level (30).
  • Reach 100% Completion – Complete all quests, recruit all characters, and purchase all items & skills for that 100% completion rating!
  • Unlock any remaining Misc Trophies

Defeat the River City Girls Secret Boss

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
O.M.G. Seriously?

K.O. the secret boss.

The secret boss requires two playthroughs and can only be fought on a New Game + save. This is because you need two charms equipped in the Accessories tab of your phone to fight them instead of Sabuko at the end of the game.

The first of these charms, Mami’s Charm, can only be acquired by destroying all 25 Sabu Statues in the game. See Smashed Statues.

The other is Hasebe’s Charm, which you will get for completing the game for the first time. On any difficulty solo or otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

Once you have both accessories, equip them before entering the room where you originally fought Sabuko, and when you head inside, the secret boss will be there instead.

The secret boss isn’t too difficult, but bring plenty of healing items and watch out for the fact that they also have an extra fourth health segment too. The trick to that fourth phase of the fight is to attack the little angel flying around the room instead of the other character.

Defeat the secret boss, and this trophy is yours!

Reach Level 30 with one Character

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Power Up

Reached Max Level.

Max Level is fortunately just Level 30. By the end of a normal-difficulty run, your character should be around level 25, and if you chose to do a New Game + run using that character then you’ll certainly have reached level 30 by now.

If not, you can use Loiter Mode to replay Sanwaki Tower multiple times for exp. Or leave this trophy until last and then just play a New Game + run until you get the EXP you need.

Achieve 100% Completion

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Reach 100% completion.


You can see the current completion percentage on your save file when loading it from the main menu.

This rating takes into account a lot of factors, and so there are a few things we can confirm you will need to do.

  • Finish the main story at least once.
  • Complete all Side Quests. There are only 5 missable side-quests; 4 of Godai’s 5 quests, and the one from the cook in the school canteine (return with the keys you get from beating the first boss).
  • Destroy all Sabu Statues. I can’t actually confirm that this is required, but you will be doing it anyway to get the Platinum due to the Smashed Statues trophy. We have a guide for all Sabu Statue locations here.
  • Unlock all Special Moves for all 4 Characters. Misako, Kyoko, Kunio and Riki will all learn moves as they level up, plus more moves will become purchasable at the dojo the higher their level. By level 12 you will be able to purchase every possible move from the dojo. So, naturally, you will need to take the time to level them all up to level 12, and then spend your money at the dojo buying every possible ability. This needs to be done on all 4 characters.
  • Buy and eat every food item at least once. Make sure you check every store. If the description of the item is unavailable then that means you haven’t eaten it before.
  • Buy every Accessory. It seems that only purchasable accessories count for this trophy, the two $5000 accessories from the Secret Shop and the accessory you get for finding all the the cats in New Game + are not required. You should buy all accessories on one character so that you can keep track of which ones you have. If a character owns an accessory already it cannot be bought again from the shop and there’ll be a large check-mark indicating it is already owned.
  • Recruit each enemy type at least once – In your phone on the “Recruits” tab, you can see everyone who ever surrendered and was recruited by you. Each character has a tab on the right, with each of their variations being represented as a dot next to the active tab. You do not need to recruit all variants. You do need to recruit just one of each enemy type, though.

A lot of testing went into putting together that definitive list, but it can be confusing because there are a lot of things in the game — like Cat collectibles in New Game + or the many, many variants of every recruitable enemy — which you’d expect would affect the completion but they don’t.

Also, if you are sure you have reached 100% completion but the trophy isn’t unlocking, save & quit. This worked for me and the trophy unlocked when I checked my save file to see the completion rating.

Miscellaneous Trophies

This final section of our River City Girls Trophy Guide contains all the miscellaneous trophies you should be collecting throughout your entire time with the game. Many of them are difficult to miss and you will already have them, so take the time to browse the collection thoroughly and see which ones you may still need. This is the final hurdle on the road to Platinum Victory!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Full Service

Destroy a vending machine.

You can find vending machines all over the game’s many locations, but the soonest you can find one is after heading down the school stairs at the start of a new game. When you head down the stairs to “2nd Floor Hallway A” in River City High, there will be a red vending machine right next to you.

Beat it up using and attacks until it is destroyed.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
River City Ransom

Collected $5000


For this trophy, you will need to have $5000 on you at one time. This is quite a big ask as you’ll need to spend your money on new moves at the dojo and food items to recover during boss fights. That being said, during New Game Plus, you’ll be spending money a lot less, which will give you plenty of opportunities to save up.

There is another way, one which I discovered by accident. If you play the entire game solo, the other character will earn all of the money that you do but won’t be spending it because you’re playing without them.

That means that if you earn over $5000 cumulatively, then bring in a character you’ve never used via the use of a second controller; they will have that cumulative total in their inventory, meaning that this trophy unlocks with them in your party.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Carpe diem

Defeated an enemy with a fish.

When you first arrive on the Beach in Ocean Heights, you’ll see a massive fish on the shoreline ahead of you (it can be found in a lot of other places like the Aquarium and the Fish Market too). Walk up to it and press to pick it up.

With the fish equipped, press to attack enemies and to throw it. You’ll need to hit someone with it enough times that they die before the “weapon” breaks from overuse.

Once you have successfully dispatched a foe using this fish as a weapon, the trophy will unlock immediately.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
You’re out!

Catch a dodgeball thrown by your ally.

Local Co-op

The dodgeball item actually looks a lot more like a Netball or Volleyball than a Dodgeball, but it will show up in a few places throughout the game. The best place to consistently get access to these dodgeballs is in the basketball court to the left of the River City High Entrance.

The entrance to the court is here behind this tree.

Once you have a dodgeball, you will need a second player. If you’re already playing in co-op, then this will be a lot easier. If you’ve decided not to or don’t have a friend available, then don’t worry; you can do this alone. You need a second controller.

First, set up Player 1 and Player 2 to be facing each other. Then, with your finger on the / button of Player 1’s controller, press on Player 2’s controller. When the ball gets near to Player 1, hit / quickly to parry the attack (like Perfect Parry), which will cause you to catch the ball, unlocking the trophy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Back at me!

Catch a boomerang.

You can always find the boomerang at the left entrance of the Toy District in Uptown. You can pick it up by pressing when standing over it.

To throw the boomerang, just press . It will travel forwards quite a distance, hitting any enemies along the way, then it will begin returning to you. Again, it will hit every enemy in its way, but it doesn’t discriminate. When it reaches you, it can damage you as well, unless you catch it.

To catch a boomerang, you must block / exactly when the boomerang hits you, essentially a parry like you need to pull off for Perfect Parry.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Friendly Beatdown

Defeated an enemy by hitting them with another enemy.

To unlock this trophy, you will first need to level a character up to Level 6, at which point they’ll learn an ability called “Human Weapon.”

To use it, knock an enemy onto the ground and press over their body. This will cause your character to pick up the enemy and wield them as a weapon. You can then hit other enemies with your new Human Weapon by pressing or throw the Human Weapon by pressing .

Alternatively, from the start of the game, you have a chance of stunning an enemy while beating them up. If an enemy is stunned (stars over their head), you can grab them just by walking up to them. While you have an enemy grabbed, you can press to throw them.

Use a Human as a weapon in either of these ways to defeat an enemy, and the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Perfect Parry

Parry 10 enemy attacks.


To parry an attack, you need to press the block button (/) at the exact moment that an enemy attacks you. This can be quite tricky to pull off, and it’ll require a bit of practice to get the timing right.

You will know when you’ve successfully parried as there will be a flash effect and a gleaning metal sound effect to go with it. The opponent you parried will then be stunned for a short moment, too.

The trophy will unlock once you have successfully pulled off a parry move 10 times. This doesn’t need to be back-to-back or even in the same playthrough; the cumulative total will be built upon as you play.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Equip a new outfit.

To unlock this trophy, start by bringing up your phone with . From there, press / to switch tabs until you reach the “Accessories” tab. There, you’ll be able to see all of the accessories you’ve purchased or acquired so far.

Highlight any accessory with and then equip it by pressing on it and then again on the desired equip slot. The trophy will unlock immediately.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

That wasn’t very nice!

Local Co-op

This trophy requires a local co-op (or share play co-op) partner. Have your friend join the game by pressing , and then beat them up until their health is depleted to unlock the trophy.

Note that Friendly Fire is turned off by default; you’ll need to go into the settings and turn it on to beat up your friend.

If you don’t have a friend handy at the moment, that’s fine too. You can grab a second controller. The second player doesn’t need to do anything, so you can have them stand there while you beat them up; no friend required!

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
River City Hero

Obtain all trophies in “River City Girls”.

The platinum will unlock once you have acquired every other trophy in this River City Girls Trophy Guide.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a River City Girls Trophy Guide. Consider checking out our other guides!

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