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Where to Find all 25 Sabu Statue Locations in River City Girls

In River City Girls there are three reasons to find and destroy all 25 Sabu Statues. The first reason is that it will earn you the Smashed Statues trophy. The second reason is that it contributes towards your 100% completion which is important when going for the Completionist trophy. And the third and final reason is that you’ll unlock one half of a two-piece charm required to fight the Secret Boss. You guessed it, there’s a trophy for that too!

Of course, without those three trophies, you have no chance of getting that Platinum, which is what we’re all about here at PlatGet! Don’t worry though, this information will help if you’re going for Steam or Xbox Achievements too!

River City High Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #1

The first Sabu Statue is hard to miss as long as you know what you’re looking for. It can be found sitting on the “Chemistry Class” desk. It’s one of the few Classrooms you will pass through on your way out of River City High at the start of the game.

Sabu Statue #2

The second Sabu Statue could be easily missed. You’ll eventually arrive on a catwalk above a swimming pool. There’s a ladder on the right that leads down into the pool area. On the right-hand side of the pool area is the door leading to the next area, so you may never actually check the left side of the pool.

Go to the far left to find the Sabu Statue sat at the pool’s edge.

Crosstown Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #3

As soon as you leave River City High, go all the way to the left and you’ll find this statue under a Sakura tree.

Sabu Statue #4

In the “Winding Way” street, look for this blue bin next to the Dojo. Jump onto the brown box, then onto the blue bin from where you can jump to the roof.

On the roof, you’ll see this Sabu Statue next to the Dojo’s sign.

Sabu Statue #5

The next is found in the “Back Alleyway.” After you steal the Security Guard’s keys, you’ll need to leave by heading through his garden and jumping over his fence. At the other side of his fence is this alleyway with a Sabu Statue next to the truck.

Sabu Statue #6

This Sabu Statue can be found hiding behind the leaves of the Palm Tree on the left in the Mall entrance, near the large water feature.

Sabu Statue #7

Once you reach the Construction Site, look for this statue on top of the red brick wall near the entrance.

Uptown Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #8

This statue is found inside “Coin-Op Arcade” which is a small building you can enter from the streets of Uptown.

The statue is hidden behind a basketball game at the right end of the arcade.

Sabu Statue #9

This statue can be found above a neon sign in the top-right corner of this level, high up and to the right of the bus stop. To hit it, dash then jump from the roof of the bus shelter and attack in mid-air with . Repeat until the statue breaks.

Sabu Statue #10

Next to the entrance to “Hibari” in the Fashion District of Uptown, you’ll find this Sabu Statue.

Sabu Statue #11

Inside Hibari, head to the next screen to enter the Sewing Room. In the top-right corner of the Sewing Room, you’ll find a metal cabinet with this Sabu Statue on top of it.

Sabu Statue #12

Eventually, you’ll head back to the Toy District and then through to the Pawn Shop there via a long stairwell with a busted elevator.

Once you’re inside the actual Pawn Shop, look in the bottom-left corner for this Sabu Statue.

Sabu Statue #13

After beating Hibari, your next objective is in Downtown. To reach Downtown, you need to head through a secret passage. Inside this secret passage, you’ll find this Sabu Statue peaking out from behind a pillar.

Downtown Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #14

After a bar filled with tiger-suit enemies, you’ll leave out the back exit into an area called “Back Alley”. In the top-left corner of this area, the Sabu Statue is sitting on the fence.

Sabu Statue #15

After the Back Alley where the last statue was, you’ll enter into “Rear City Streets.” There, look for this Sabu Statue on an awning above a shop in the middle of the area. You can use the nearby ladder to get up there.

Sabu Statue #16

This one is very hard to see, so you might destroy it without noticing when fighting enemies here, like I did. The statue is behind the fence to your right when you enter the Junk Yard in Downtown.

Sabu Statue #17

From the Junk Yard, instead of going left to the Skid Row, go through the right exit to Transit Station. In the top-right corner of this location, on top of a Bus Stop, you’ll find this Sabu Statue.

Sabu Statue #18

From the Transit Station, head south to end up in Downtown Park. The statue is on top of the fence in the top-right corner. You can reach it from the blue bin.

Sabu Statue #19

Head South again from Downtown Park to end up in Shanty Town. There, look behind the blue bin where Godai is hiding to find this Sabu Statue.

Ocean Heights Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #20

At the “Beach Storefronts” area of Ocean Heights, use the blue bin (which Godai is hiding in) on the far left to jump up onto the rooftops.

On that far-right side, above the path to the beach, you’ll find this statue.

Sabu Statue #21

Head through to the Beach from the Beach Storefronts and you’ll see this Sabu Statue peeking over the fence to your left.

Sabu Statue #22

In the Foyer of the Fancy Hotel, in the top-right corner, you’ll find this Sabu Statue sitting atop a plant.

Sabu Statue #23

In the “Beach Homes” area, just outside the hotel, you will find this Statue sitting on top of the awning over the Hotel Entrance.

Sanwakai Tower Sabu Statue Locations

Sabu Statue #24

After taking the elevator in the Casino, you’ll be in the Foor 8 Lobby area. Above the elevator doors, there’s an overhanging platform with this statue on it.

To hit it, dash from the right-hand wall, jump in the air, an then hit to kick it on your way past. Repeat until it is destroyed.

Sabu Statue #25

One of the rooms containing the explosives needed for the story in this level is a room full of money and washing machines called the “Money Laundering Vault.”

In there, look out for the final Sabu Statue sitting on the head of a bronze statue in the bottom-left corner.

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