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Where to Find all Warden Phantoms in the Original Nexomon on Console

Welcome to our Nexomon Warden Phantoms Guide. In this guide, we will help you to locate all 65 Warden Phantoms.

The Warden Phantoms don’t start to appear in-game until after you have defeated Omnicron twice as part of the story. When you load back in, Miriam will tell you about their presence and you can then begin searching for them.

There are 10 Phantoms of each color relating to an elemental type. For each element, there is a Legendary Nexomon that you can receive by defeating the 10 Phantoms of the corresponding color.

The remaining 5 Phantoms are Zeigler Phantoms and won’t appear until you have defeated the first 60.

The guide below lists these Phantoms in order rather than grouping them by color. This way, you can start at your home on the east side of the map and then start working your way west across the map to find all 60 phantoms.

#1 – Ogoon Phantom 1

The first red Ogoon Phantom is found inside your house, where your adventure started.

#2 – Darine Phantom 1

The first Darine Phantom can be found outside your home, on the dirt patch by the benches.

#3 – Krowr Phantom 1

The first Krowr phantom is found next to the punching bag where the gym bros were training when you first arrived in Parum. It’s to the north, behind Miriam.

#4 – Tikala Phantom 1

The first Tikala Phantom is outside the entrance to the Mountain Passage on the east side of Parum.

#5 – Darine Phantom 2

The second Darine Phantom is found inside the Mountain Passage in plain sight along the main path.

#6 – Ogoon Phantom 2

You will find the second Ogoon Phantom just south of the entrance to the Mountain Village.

#8 – Hexia Phantom 1

Hexia’s first phantom is upstairs in a house within the Mountain Village.

#7 – Krowr Phantom 2

Krowr’s second phantom can be found on the east side of the spa area in the north of the Mountain Village.

#9 – Tikala Phantom 2

The second Tikala Phantom you’ll find is next to the fireplace in a house on the east side of the Mountain Village.

#10 – Titan Phantom 1

Titan’s first phantom is found next to a bridge along the path east of the Mountain Village. Exit the village and follow the linear route until you see them.

#11 – Darine Phantom 3

You will find the third Darine phantom in the area where the grassy mountain path meets the charred grounds leading to Ignitia. Just follow the path from the Mountain Village to Ignitia and you’ll find them.

#12 – Ogoon Phantom 3

Ogoon’s third phantom is in front of a bookshelf in one of the houses in Ignitia.

#13 – Tikala Phantom 3

Look for Tikala’s third phantom in one of the houses in the north of Ignitia.

#14 – Titan Phantom 2

Titan’s second phantom can be located along the route leading east out of Ignitia.

#15 – Ogoon Phantom 4

The fourth Ogoon Phantom is inside the lab building on the center of the metal platform found in the area east of Ignitia.

#16 – Krowr Phantom 3

Look out for Krowr’s third phantom at the end of a side-path in the area east of Ignitia.

#17 – Tikala Phantom 4

Head to the small settlement in the Khan’s Jungle where the secret passage to the hidden village is, and head behind the old lady’s house to find Tikala’s fourth phantom.

#18 – Darine Phantom 4

From the area where Phantom #17 is found, head east 2 screens and you’ll see Darine’s fourth phantom overlooking the water on a small island.

#19 – Krowr Phantom 4

Look for Krowr’s fourth phantom along the route from the Jungle Cave to the Hidden Village.

#20 – Ogoon Phantom 5

Ogoon’s fifth phantom is standing next to a sign at a dead end in the side-path east of Phantom #19.

#21 – Tikala Phantom 5

Tikala’s fifth phantom is hiding by the bed upstairs in the house at the center of the Hidden Village.

#22 – Hexia Phantom 2

Hexia’s second phantom is also found indoors within the Hidden Village, in a building at the west edge.

#22 – Darine Phantom 5

Begin climbing the tree at the back of the Hidden Village to find this fifth Darine phantom about halfway up.

#24 – Titan Phantom 3

The third Titan phantom can be found looking gloomily across the grim waters from this bridge to the east of the Phantom Citadel Warp Totem.

#25 – Ogoon Phantom 6

Ogoon’s sixth phantom is standing outside the Phantom Citadel health center.

#26 – Tikala Phantom 6

The 6th Tikala Phantom is found inside the shop at the Phantom Citadel.

#27 – Krowr Phantom 5

The fifth Krowr Phantom is hidden next to the webbed-up grandfather clock in the house next to the graveyard gates.

#28 – Darine Phantom 6

Head into Hilda’s Maze at the north side of the Phantom Citadel town and look for this 6th Darine Phantom within, on the last screen.

#29 – Tikala Phantom 7

Head all the way through Hilda’s Maze to the mansion at the north end and you’ll find Tikala’s 7th phantom hiding between a tree and the mansion.

#30 – Ogoon Phantom 7

Go inside the mansion at the north end of Hilda’s Maze to find Ogoon’s seventh phantom in the dining hall.

#31 – Hexia Phantom 3

Hexia’s third phantom is tucked away in the corner of Ron’s shop at Palmaya.

#32 – Hexia Phantom 4

Look for Hexia’s fourth phantom inside one of the homes in Palmyra.

#33 – Titan Phantom 4

Head to the Fisherman’s boat at Palmaya Pier (east of Palmaya) and you’ll find Titan’s fourth Phantom opposite the fisherman.

#34 – Darine Phantom 7

Darine’s seventh phantom is found at the dead-end of a south-bound side-path within Palmaya Pier.

#35 – Krowr Phantom 6

Look for a dead-end beach at the south of the Palmyra Beach area (east of Palmyra Port), where you’ll find Krowr’s sixth phantom.

#36 – Hexia Phantom 5

Look for Hexia’s fifth phantom in the office building on the right when you enter Royalle City from the south.

#37 – Ogoon Phantom 8

Next to the Manhole Cover used to access the sewers on the west side of Royalle City, you’ll find Ogoon’s eighth phantom.

#38 – Darine Phantom 5

Head inside the Royalle City Sewers to find Titan’s fifth phantom in plain sight along the main path.

#39 – Krowr Phantom 7

Continue all the way through the Royalle City Sewers to the temporary base set up at the end to find the seventh Krowr phantom in the middle of the room.

#40 – Darine Phantom 8

Darine’s eighth phantom is found right outside the front door of the Royalle City mansion where the spoilt young Overseer lives.

#41 – Ogoon Phantom 9

At the top of the stairs in the entranceway of the Royalle City mansion, you’ll find Ogoon’s ninth phantom looking down over the piano.

#42 – Krowr Phantom 8

Go to the Royalle City Bank and you’ll find the eighth Krowr phantom stood out front.

#43 – Krowr Phantom 9

You can easily find Krowr’s ninth phantom by leaving Royalle City via the east exit

#44 – Titan Phantom 6

Titan’s 6th Phantom is blocking the path along the bridge over the dam east of Royalle City.

#45 – Darine Phantom 6

Hexia’s 6th phantom is found just next to the entrance to the port, north of Phantom #44.

#46 – Titan Phantom 7

The 7th Titan Phantom is easily spotted outside the health center in the city at Solus Desert.

#47 – Tikala Phantom 8

Head inside the health center in Solus Desert to find Tikala’s 8th phantom on the west side.

#48 – Titan Phantom 8

The eighth Titan phantom is found by the fireplace in a house in Solus Desert.

#49 – Hexia Phantom 7

Head into Grunda’s Chamber south of Solus Desert and you’ll find the 8th Hexia phantom in plain sight along the linear path.

#50 – Ogoon Phantom 10

Ride the elevator down and then continue through Grunda’s Chamber until you reach another elevator, ride it down and continue until the next elevator. Climb the ladder to the west of the elevator doors and you’ll see Ogoon’s final phantom is awaiting you on the ledge above.

#51 – Titan Phantom 9

Take the elevator mentioned above deeper into Grunda’s Chamber to find the 9th Titan Phantom tucked away down the side of a pillar next to the main path.

#52 – Hexia Phantom 9

One screen south of the Solus Desert Train Station, there’s a small oasis, where you will find Hexia’s 9th phantom.

#53 – Darine Phantom 9

Darine’s 9th phantom awaits you in the snowy forest south of the Frozen Tundra. After getting off the train in the Frozen Tundra, take an eastern side-path on your way up to the Frozen Tundra’s central town and you’ll see them at the bottom of the steps.

#54 – Tikala Phantom 9

You can’t miss Tikala’s 9th phantom, who stands awaiting your arrival on the ice bridge leading to the Frozen Tundra.

#55 – Hexia Phantom 9

You will struggle to miss Hexia’s 9th Phantom standing outside the shop in the Frozen Tundra.

#56 – Tikala Phantom 10

Tikala’s final phantom is taking shelter from the cold inside the central house, east of the shop in the Frozen Tundra.

#57 – Titan Phantom 10

Taking refuge from the cold in the Frozen Tundra, Titan’s 10th phantom is inside one of the houses there.

#58 – Krowr Phantom 10

Duck into the igloo in the forest west of the Frozen Tundra (it’s the only one you can enter) to find Krowr’s final phantom tucked away at the back.

#59 – Darine Phantom 10

Darine’s final phantom lies in wait next to a log by the path to the facility west of the Forest Tundra town.

#60 – Hexia Phantom 10

Hexia’s final phantom awaits you on the bridge north from the Frozen Tundra.

#61 – Ziegler Phantom 1

Ziegler’s Phantoms don’t appear until you’ve defeated the other 60 phantoms. The first one can be found on the same bridge where Hexia’s 10th phantom was, just a bit further north.

#62 – Ziegler Phantom 2

Ziegler’s second phantom will spawn right outside the mansion in Royalle City.

#63 – Ziegler Phantom 3

Ziegler appears to have a thing for mansions, as his third phantom will make an appearance outside the gates of Hilda’s mansion.

#64 – Ziegler Phantom 4

Head to the area where you first found Remus, on the northern side-path east of the Mountain Village.

#65 – Ziegler Phantom 5

The final Ziegler Phantom will be waiting for you in your own bedroom. Go back and finish what you started!

Note that the trophies for collecting the Warden Legendaries won’t unlock right away for some reason. You will need to save the game and load it back up for them to begin unlocking.

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