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Where to Find all Nexomon in the Original Nexomon on Console

Welcome to our Nexomon Location Guide. In this guide, we will help you to locate all 310 Nexomon for the Original Nexomon game. If you are looking for Nexomon locations in Nexomon Extinction, check out our Nexomon Extinction Location Guide.

I have divided this guide up into discernible sections based on the chronological order that you will visit each location.

Note that each area consists of multiple “screens” and you should not just focus on one area. Move around a bit and try different screens and grass patches until you find what you need.

You will not be able to find every single Nexomon in the wild this way, a small number of them will need to be evolved, so if you cannot find the Nexomon you are looking for, consider evolving the prior Nexomon in the evolution chain.

Press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) to search for the Nexomon you need if you are here looking for a specific Nexomon. On Google Chrome for Mobile, you can click the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser and then select “Find in Page” to search for what you need. You can search by number or name.

The rarity of each Nexomon is indicated using a symbol, the key for which is here:

  • Common ●
  • Uncommon ♦
  • Rare ★
  • Mega Rare ✪
  • Ultra Rare ✹

East of Home – South of Parum Town

As you might expect, this area is accessed by heading east from your home, and stretches on until you reach Parum Town.

# Nexomon RarityDetail
003HobynIn Grass
008PandicubIn Grass
018PerleoIn Grass
035SaxiaIn Grass
066TerbiteIn Grass
090DandelloonIn Grass
092AlpocaIn Grass
120MustinoIn Grass
148VentofawnIn Grass
154OwlieIn Grass
169BastenIn Grass
220SheralIn Grass
253FleeciusIn Grass
274VulazyIn Grass

Mountain Passage

The Mountain Passage is found by entering the cave at the north side of Parum’s eastern-most screen.

# Nexomon RarityDetail

East Mountain Passage – West Mountain Village

When you exit the Mountain Passage on your way to the Mountain Village from Parum Town, you will find yourself in this Viridian-colored area west of the Village.

# Nexomon RarityDetail
022CamoleonIn Brown Grass
023FanfrouIn Grass
054ChirpointIn Grass
068SilkmaidIn Brown Grass
106RataponIn Grass
151BrowiIn Grass
163StoaicIn Brown Grass
250CheekmunkIn Grass
256FruifIn Grass & Brown Grass
289VelokittiIn Grass & Brown Grass

East of Mountain Village

Head East out of the Mountain Village to find this high-altitude path. You will come here as part of the story to find Overseer Remus. It leads to a charred land West of Ignitia.

# Nexomon RarityDetail
015Flexel In Brown Grass
029ScurrelIn Brown Grass
031ParrpyIn Grass
046AmphantIn Brown Grass
048PolenblomIn Grass
078ThranoIn Grass & Brown Grass
146BerawnIn Grass
172CavelIn Brown Grass
190RoohopuIn Grass
217AngaloIn Brown Grass
205CloboltIn Brown Grass
265PercharaIn Grass & Brown Grass
277BlizoIn Grass & Brown Grass

West of Ignitia

This area is first entered from the north by passing through the area East of Mountain Village. You will need to pass through here to reach Ignitia. The charred ground and brunt trees are indicative that you’ve entered this area.

# Nexomon RarityDetail
012IgniaIn Brown Grass
015 FlexelIn Grass
017StooguIn Brown Grass
019BulkenIn Brown Grass
029ScurrelIn Grass
046AmphantIn Grass
072FlamingloIn Brown Grass
086FlandleIn Brown Grass
128IgneampIn Brown Grass
146BerawnIn Grass
172CavelIn Grass
181BarkyIn Brown Grass
190RoohopuIn Grass
202FumousIn Brown Grass
238TokaIn Brown Grass
265PercharaIn Grass
262FeroseraIn Brown Grass
277BlizoIn Grass
286SprunkIn Brown Grass

East Ignitia

Exit Ignitia from the east end and you’ll reach this area. You will head through this area as part of the story to recover a package for Ron. Leaving this area to the south leads you into Khan’s Jungle.

005PiraIn Brown Grass
010FlybusterIn Brown Grass
027EmotelIn Brown Grass
033CandramaIn Brown Grass
052MolobombIn Brown Grass
058KindalaIn Brown Grass
100DrashIn Brown Grass
114BozofinIn Brown Grass
142MagpotIn Brown Grass
160TropiIn Brown Grass
223HeifryIn Brown Grass
227MagnymphIn Brown Grass
244KindeorIn Brown Grass
247ClonkeyIn Brown Grass
268PoniriusIn Brown Grass
274VulazyIn Brown Grass

Khan’s Jungle

To reach the Khan’s Jungle area, go east from Ignitia and then head through the south exit where you’ll find a lush and vibrant green environment.

021FlorantisIn Grass
028TryflapIn Grass
032BowishIn Grass
074EeleIn Grass
076CordyantIn Grass
118SeedreadIn Grass
157SeaguardIn Grass
211HissaIn Grass
199TycrocIn Grass
259FluzardIn Grass
283BevyIn Grass

Jungle Cave

Inside the Khan’s Jungle area, you’ll find a small settlement with a Store and Healing Center. Just south of the store there is a ladder that you can’t climb down at first, but it leads into the Jungle Cave. The Jungle Cave is small, consisting of just 3 screens, and you’ll come here as part of the story when looking for the Hidden Village.

020Kiklick Anywhere
026Nekomba Anywhere
038Durtworm Anywhere
132Porapora Anywhere
184Cronic Anywhere
193Obelink Anywhere
208Tinito Anywhere
256Fruif Anywhere
280Fethra Anywhere

South Hidden Village

This is the long jungle area between the Jungle Cave and the Hidden Village, you’ll pass through here as part of the story while looking for Overseer Khan.

004AlgamaidIn Grass
014SpinaIn Grass
021FlorantisIn Grass
040BreeshyIn Grass
104SproutiIn Grass
126BlurkIn Grass
134TreemiIn Grass
138HoppetiIn Grass
166LeafeggIn Grass
229MandrassIn Grass
271SpinkIn Grass
292PetrilIn Grass


The Tree is exactly what it sounds like. A very big tree. You’ll climb this as part of the story shortly after arriving in the Hidden Village for the first time.


West Phantom Citadel

You will arrive here automatically as part of the story after the Hidden Village. It contains the Phantom Citadel Warp Totem, the first Warp Totem you’re able to use.

007ToxiporeIn Grass
022CamoleonIn Grass
025TurbinhaIn Grass
087ThermoflyIn Grass
110SilkphaIn Grass
130HonbuzzIn Grass
138PompatielIn Grass
155BulieIn Grass
196SylphiIn Grass
257LubergIn Grass
290AccaIn Grass

Old Port

Leave the Phantom Citadel town by going east and you’ll reach the Old Port area. The low fog from the last area persists here too, but there are some new Nexomon to find.

001PlatyfooIn Grass
007ToxiporeIn Grass
044CharoonIn Grass
105LantoraIn Grass
122BunrockIn Grass
232CotondeeIn Grass
235RocstrichIn Grass
272VivizardIn Grass
275VulpepIn Grass

Hilda’s Maze

Go North through the Graveyard from the Phantom Citadel Town to enter Hilda’s Maze. You’ll need to pass through here for the story in order to reach Overseer Hilda.


Outside Hendrick’s Restaurant/Palmaya Kitchen

You will arrive in Palmaya as part of the story on your way to Royalle City. This particular grassy area is at the back of “Hendrick’s Restaurant” at the north side of Palmaya, which is blocked at first but can be accessed fully once you’ve beat Merida at Volleyball.

018PerleoIn Grass
025TurbinhaIn Grass
073FlaringoIn Grass
075EelowattIn Grass
102KyteIn Grass
200GnaligatorIn Grass
230MandroveIn Grass
242DriftleIn Grass
254ShrepianIn Grass
293FriliaIn Grass

Palmaya Pier

This area is east of Palmaya, and is a complex system of piers that don’t really make functional sense. You will learn to fish here but cannot fully explore until you’ve defeated Overseer Hendrick. It leads to Palmaya Beach.


Palmaya Beach

The sandy Palmayan beaches can be reached by heading east through Palmaya Pier. You’ll need to pass through here to reach Royalle City for the story.

004AlgamaidIn Grass
010FlybusterIn Grass
013ShashockIn Grass
018PerleoIn Grass
041SkoiIn Grass
070PentapusIn Grass
088JellufoIn Grass
099TwillowIn Grass
127SpurkIn Grass
140AziteIn Grass
144GervoreIn Grass
161TropiteIn Grass
185SonicocoIn Grass
209TomathornIn Grass
240AristokanIn Grass
263FiriusIn Grass
275VulpepIn Grass

Palmaya Beach > Forest Transition

This tiny tansitionary area consists of just two screens between the Palmaya Beach area and the Western Forest.

013ShashockIn Grass
021FlorantisIn Grass
028TryflapIn Grass
088JellufoIn Grass
096FowlingIn Grass
099TwillowIn Grass
144GervoreIn Grass
161TropiteIn Grass
188ShrubbitIn Grass
197VozetteIn Grass
240AristokanIn Grass
266GalvariaIn Grass
278BlizbrowIn Grass

Royalle City West Forest

After the two transition screens above, you will be in the West Forest, which leads directly into Royalle City.

023FanfrouIn Grass
034ReplicantiIn Grass
055VanarostaIn Grass
064MonkapowIn Grass
170FelynthIn Grass
245AsteorIn Grass
269FavoliaIn Grass
287ExpunkIn Grass

Royalle City Sewers

As you might imagine, this area is located within Royalle City itself, and you’ll pass through here as part of the story while helping the Bounty Hunter with his mission. You can enter via the open manhole cover on the west side of town.


Royalle City East Forest

Exit Royalle City via the eastern exit to find yourself in this vibrant green area between the port and the city. You’ll need to pass through here to access the ferry and progress the story.

001PlatyfooIn Grass
014SpinaIn Grass
022CamoleonIn Grass
024ArigamiIn Grass
029ScurrelIn Grass
035SaxiaIn Grass
049PolerinaIn Grass
060RobattIn Grass
069WeabrideIn Grass
082MigletIn Grass
116VulticIn Grass
121FuzztinoIn Grass
133MushamushaIn Grass
137PincertronIn Grass
149TornadyrIn Grass
151BrowiIn Grass
167FlousperIn Grass
191RooskipaIn Grass
201FerodileIn Grass
231ManzanIn Grass
252HoardentIn Grass
255RaamuIn Grass
258ArctivoreIn Grass
285BedamIn Grass
294CorozardIn Grass

Solus West Desert

This area is where you will arrive when you get off the ferry from the last area. This desert which still suspiciously contains bright green grass leads to Solus City.

030DiggaIn Grass
013ShashockIn Grass
062CactinoIn Grass
091DandemillIn Grass
108AulotIn Grass
173DromerufIn Grass
183AbaddogIn Grass
249MalfunctorIn Grass
264CarnagriusIn Grass
279BlizlooIn Grass

Grunda’s Chamber

This cave is found at the bottom of the Solus City Dig Site and contains elements of a ruined temple. You will explore here as part of the story, but it is a dead-end and does not lead to any other areas.


Solus East Desert

Head East from Solus City to find yourself in this desert area which, again, somehow still has vibrant grassy patches. You’ll head through here to reach the Train to the Frozen Tundra.

005PiraIn Grass
014SpinaIn Grass
016TyreggIn Grass
019BulkenIn Grass
027EmotelIn Grass
037NutchokIn Grass
063CacteoneIn Grass
080DunefinIn Grass
115DrakuzaIn Grass
145VorapestIn Grass
186ResonectIn Grass
224HamooIn Grass
233TaffacaIn Grass
236JagstrichIn Grass
246StelmoIn Grass
270MistralionIn Grass
291JeetaIn Grass

Frozen Tundra South Forest

Catch the Train from the station east of Solus City to end up in this snow-coated area leading to a small town in the center of the Frozen Tundra.

011FropipIn Grass
015FlexelIn Grass
018PerleoIn Grass
024ArigamiIn Grass
045ParchyonIn Grass
056FurpyIn Grass
147HexopusIn Grass
085VenowarIn Grass
093AlpaniaIn Grass
123BoxrockIn Grass
147KumachoIn Grass
156WiselieIn Grass
159SeaphonIn Grass
180BogarpIn Grass
198IdoletteIn Grass
204VapratIn Grass
213ColumbraIn Grass
261TorrexIn Grass
276KitsunoxIn Grass

Frozen Tundra West Forest

Another snow-coated and evergreen-laden forest found adjacent to the town within Frozen Tundra. Simply head through the western exit from the town to end up there.

001PlatyfooIn Grass
003HobynIn Grass
011FropipIn Grass
015FlexelIn Grass
025TurbinhaIn Grass
029ScurrelIn Grass
035SaxiaIn Grass
059SeralaIn Grass
089JellienIn Grass
097SuavianIn Grass
113SeatuskIn Grass
139BosdourIn Grass
141AzitonIn Grass
150HurristagIn Grass
165WeavoltIn Grass
168FloreusIn Grass
207NimburstIn Grass
216CragodilloIn Grass
222ShermitIn Grass
267VoltosfereIn Grass
285BedamIn Grass

Old Woods

This short two-screen area can be found through the east exit from the Frozen Tundra. It’s yet another snow-capped forest area, but the Nexomon available here are at least different. This short path leads to the Gem-filled Cave that Juliet takes you to.

008PandicubIn Grass
023FanfrouIn Grass
024ArigamiIn Grass
047BoltuskIn Grass
083MoinkIn Grass
109AulionIn Grass
135TrimionIn Grass
162TrondleIn Grass
174MoundrianIn Grass
177KromaticeIn Grass
192JampaIn Grass
258ArctivoreIn Grass
279BlizlooIn Grass

Nexomite Cave

This is the cave you visit as part of the story in order to retrieve a mineral called Nexomite.


Outside Nexomon Tower

The three screens around the base of Nexomon Tower (north of the Frozen Tundra) are the last place in the game that you can find wild Nexomon. There are some powerful and rare Nexomon available in the grass nearby.

006GolematonIn Grass
019BulkenIn Grass
034ReplicantiIn Grass
057WalnormousIn Grass
061FrancelstudIn Grass
065GrushIn Grass
117EnerfoxIn Grass
189LagoroveIn Grass
234FroppeIn Grass
237OstridgeIn Grass
255RaamuIn Grass
294CorozardIn Grass

Netherworld Nexomon

I have chosen not to include the spawn infofor the Nexomon in the Netherworld here as there are no unique spawns. You can still get all 294 non-legendary Nexomon without ever visiting the Netherworld.

Note, however, that Mega Rare and Special rarity Nexomon are slightly more common in the Netherworld, so it is still worth exploring a bit, consider doing so while level-grinding in preparation for the final conflict.

Legendary Nexomon

There are two types of Legendary Nexomon; standard Legendaries, and Warden Legendaries.

The Standard Legendaries (Luxa, Fona, Grunda, Nara, Arqua, Ventra, Omnicron, and Metta) can be found anywhere, but you must first beat Omnicron twice (as part of the story), and collect all 41 Nexomite Fragments from the Netherworld. Once you have done both, speak to Miriam in Parum and she will build you an ancient radar that you can use to detect when one is nearby.

When you have said radar, a notification will sometimes appear at the top of the screen when you’re exploring to let you know that a legendary Nexomon is nearby. When you see it, stay in that area and run into Nexomon spawn points until the Legendary appears. You should then use a Golden Nexotrap to capture it on the first try, if you have any.

If you wish to farm legendary Nexomon, then you should find two screens where Nexomon can spawn, then repeatedly walk back and forth between the two screens until the Legendary Nexomon notification appears at the top of the screen. Look for and capture the Nexomon and then repeat until you have them all!

For Warden Legendaries (Ogoon, Titan, Tikala, Krowr, Darine, Hexia, and Zeigler), you will need to defeat all of the Warden Phantoms and they’ll then be given to you, no capturing necessary. We have a full Nexomon Warden Phantom Guide you can use to find and defeat all 65 phantoms.

You can track your progress towards collecting all Warden Legendaries by pressing .


Luhava is a Legendary Nexomon and is #310 in the Database. It can be encountered at any point in the game, from the very beginning. It has an exceptionally low spawn rate, however, and there is no “Legendary Nearby” indicator to let you know when or where it might spawn.

Its spawn rate does increase over time, however, and is directly tied to how many unique Nexomon you have captured. So once you get towards the end of the game and have a good collection of Nexomon, you should be able to get it to spawn.

In case you were wondering, I personally found Luhava just west of the Mountain Village after capturing 42 unique Nexomon.

Remaining Nexomon

As stated at the top of this Nexomon Locations guide, you won’t find every Nexomon in the wild. You will need to evolve some of them to get all possible Nexomon, so it’s time to direct your attention to your collection and see which ones you might need to evolve.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Nexomon Locations Guide. Consider checking out our other guides, such as our Nexomon Trophy Guide!

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