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How long does it take to beat Hidden Through Time and unlock all trophies?

3-4 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Hidden Through Time and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Hidden Through Time have online trophies?


Does Hidden Through Time have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Hidden Through Time have missable trophies?


Does Hidden Through Time have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Hidden Through Time?


Does Hidden Through Time have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Hidden Through Time PS4 Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our Hidden Through Time Trophy Guide. It’s honestly just like a Where’s Waldo/Wally book and there are no exciting ground-breaking features except maybe the fascinating ability to create your own levels. However, you don’t need to do that for any trophies… And I didn’t use it at all, so I have nothing to say about the game really.

It takes just a few hours to platinum and is a pleasantly therapeutic experience for the most part, so if – like me – you’re trying desperately to fill in the blank hours of avoiding Reddit between the US and UK PS5 launches, maybe you could give this plat a shot too.

Before You Begin: Tips

In each level you will need to find all of the available objects and therefore 100% complete the level. After a certain number of objects have been found in a stage, the game will tell you that you can skip ahead to the next level by pressing .

Don’t do this, as there is a trophy for finding every object in every level, so just keep going with each stage until you’re done.

Objects can often be found inside objects which you must first interact with, such as a tent which you need to click before it will open up – revealing the contents inside. Or a treasure chest which first needs to be clicked and opened to allow you to abscond with its contents.

Each item you need to find will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. One of these items will have a purple background, this means it is the one you are actively searching for and as such, a clue is displayed for this item within another purple box above it.

You can cycle through the items with and . Whichever item you have selected is the one for which the displayed clue is relevant.

Finding an item based on it’s clue

Note also that often the game will freeze when you finish a level. This is exacerbated if you earn a trophy upon completion of the level. It isn’t too noticable, but once you start playing online levels, the game can freeze for about 30 seconds when you finish one, and that can go up to around a minute if you also earn a trophy at that time.

Phase One – Complete Hidden Through Time’s Story Mode Trophies

For this phase, simply select “Story Mode” in the main menu, and then load the first level. You should be able to complete this whole phase in a single sitting if you have about 60-90 minutes to spare.

Unmissable Completion Trophies

It is important that you find every item to complete each stage. The clues are very helpful and you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find any particular item. Just remember to look under and inside things. A lot of items tend to be peeking around bushes, rocks, and trees, so check them vigilantly.

After about 5 of these levels you’ll have a good idea of where the developers generally like to hide things, and that intuition will have you completing the latter stages much quicker.

If you do indeed complete every stage and find every single item, then by the end of this phase you will have every single one of the below trophies with no additional effort on your part:

Trophy Image
Found You!

Find an Objective

Trophy Image
It’s right there!

Find Ten Objectives

Trophy Image
Those are rookie numbers!

Find Twenty Five Objectives

Trophy Image
You think your objectives are safe?

Find Fifty Objectives

Trophy Image
I will find them!

Find One Hundred Objectives

The above 5 trophies are awarded for finding 1, 10, 15, 50, and 100 hidden objects respectively. By ensuring you miss no objects during your Story Mode playthrough, you’ll guarantee these trophies within this phase, by the end of the Egypt levels.

Trophy Image

Find All Objectives Of A Map

Trophy Image
Map Scanner

Find All Objectives Of Five Maps

Trophy Image
Ten Times Tracker

Find All Objectives Of Ten Maps

Trophy Image
Fifteen Fully Found

Find All Objectives Of Fifteen Maps

Trophy Image
Compulsive Searcher

Find All Objectives Of All Maps

There are 26 stages in Story Mode which contain a total of 248 hidden objects. In order to earn “Compulsive Searcher” you will need to find all objects in all 26 stages.

By doing this, you’ll also guarantee the other 4 trophies above, which require you to find all of the objects in 1, 5, 10, and 15 stages respectively.

Naturally, you’ll earn the last of these trophies at the end of your Story Mode run.

Trophy Image
We’ve struck rock!

Find All Cavemen Objectives

Trophy Image
It’s good to find the King.

Find All Medieval Objectives

Trophy Image
The Found Legacy

Find All Egyptian Objectives

Trophy Image
It’s high noon

Find All Western Objectives

The game’s 26 levels are split up across 4 different themes; Caveman theme, Medieval theme, Ancient Egypt theme, and American Wild West theme.

Upon completion of each section, you’ll earn a trophy. The Caveman and Wild West themes last for 6 stages each, but the Medieval and Ancient Egypt themes last for 7 stages each.

By simply completing story mode, regardless of how many hidden items you find, you’re guaranteeing these 4 trophies will be yours.

Phase Two – Complete 50 Online Hidden Through Time Levels

This phase contains the real grind. You can either do this legitimately and play genuinely good online community creations for several hours… Or you can do what I did and reduce the remaining gameplay dramatically.

To do this, you will want to play only the easiest stages. Ones people have made specifically to help us Trophy Hunters out. To find these hilariously simple stages, use the “Order By” dropdown option in the Online Level selector, and select “Clear Percentage”, this will load all the stages with the highest clear percentage at the top.

There are 20 levels per page on the Online Level Selector, which means you will need to complete all the stages on the first 2 and a half pages of the level selection menu once you’ve filtered the options.

As all of these stages are simple, you’ll only need to do this for about 60-90 minutes to secure your trophy. Load up a nice podcast if you can to help you through the monotony of this process.

Glitch Notice: The online mode was heavily glitched for me, as it seemed to think I had played and rated every single online stage except for one. This was obviously not true as I’d never played the game before.

This had me concerned that perhaps I would be unable to complete 50 unique stages because there was only one I hadn’t completed. Luckily, the trophy seems to record this progress elsewhere, as I was still able to earn the trophy by completing 50 unique levels despite them supposedly already being completed.

On a side-note, here’s a stage I thought was really well-done despite being very small and quick.

Online Trophies

Trophy Image
Part of the community.

Complete An Online Map

Trophy Image
Online Tracking

Complete Five Online Maps

Trophy Image
Under the Firewall

Complete Ten Online Maps

Trophy Image
Deep Web Searcher

Complete Twenty Five Online Maps

Trophy Image
Online Search Engine

Complete Fifty Online Maps

The above 5 trophies are for completing 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 online stages respectively.

By earning the latter trophy for completing 50 online stages, you’re obviously guaranteeing that you’ll pick up the other 4 along the way.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Hidden Expert!

Found all Hidden Through time trophies

And last but not least, once you have every single trophy, this shiny new platinum is all yours to enjoy!

Check out our guides for similarly easy platinum trophies which take an hour or less to unlock in our post; 35 Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for this Hidden Through Time Trophy Guide, consider checking out our reviews and other guides!

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