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How long does it take to beat Hades and unlock all trophies?

75-100 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Hades and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

Does Hades have online trophies?


Does Hades have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Hades have missable trophies?


Does Hades have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Hades?

As a roguelite, this game requires a great many runs. One trophy will require you to visit 1800 rooms, equivalent to 80 runs..

Does Hades have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Hades Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Hades Trophy Guide and Road Map. As a Roguelite, Hades employs die-and-retry gameplay but unlike roguelikes such as Risk of Rain 2, Roguelites (Returnal and Hades) use storytelling and permanent resources to give some permanent progression. This way, every single run counts. And that has never been more true than in Hades and its long, grind-heavy, trophy journey.

Hades Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

God Mode

God Mode is a setting that can be switched on or off at any time from the in-game settings menu. Without it, this game’s platinum becomes a solid 7/10 difficulty so I’d recommend only leaving this setting off if you’re keen on a challenge.

Hades God Mode Setting

With God Mode active, Zagreus will receive 20% less damage, and every time that you die this will increase by 2% until it reaches a cap of 80%.

If you turn God Mode off, it will remember the damage reduction percentage you have built up, so if you wish to turn it back on you’ll resume where you left off.

As God Mode only affects how much damage you take, it will be good for surviving longer and struggling less, but won’t make that platinum any quicker to obtain, so you should still be prepared to buckle in for a long one.

Trophies Not Popping

Sometimes, for some unknown reason, trophies won’t unlock when they should (i.e. when you fulfill the requirements). If this happens, don’t panic.

This seems to happen quite a lot, but if you just move to another room the trophy should unlock then.

A good example that others have reported is the trophy for petting Cerberus 10 times (Three-Headed Boy). The trophy should unlock when you pet Cerberus for the tenth time, but sometimes it won’t unlock until you enter your room.

Phase One – Escape

In this first phase of our Hades Trophy Guide, your sole focus should just be to escape. By doing this, you will learn and unlock various features and mechanics, as well as getting a good grasp of the game and how everything works.

There’s a handful of things you can be doing now to make your life easier later but nothing too extraneous:

  • Speak with every character you can. If there’s a “!” above their head, they have a new unique line of dialogue for you to read. There are some things you can only get by speaking to characters, such as the Codex that Achilles will give you.
  • Use your Chthonic Keys to unlock weapons in the courtyard through the back exit from your bedroom. Only after you have all 6 weapons should you use them at the Mirror of Night.
  • Weapons with a purple aura will give a 20% increase in Darkness. This is a good excuse to try out different weapons each run, as well as the fact that bosses will give you repeat rewards only if you beat them with a different weapon each time. You’ll eventually need to successfully escape with each weapon at least once, so it is good to get accustomed to each one.
  • Use Gemstones at the House Contractor to buy upgrades to the dungeons, but don’t waste them on cosmetic changes to the House of Hades unless you have a great surplus.
  • Give any nectar you find to every character you can at least one time. This way you will receive a Keepsake from each character and you’ll eventually need them all. You can use the codex to see if you have already received a keepsake from a character (the first heart with a bow on it will be red instead of grey).
  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements for Friends Forever. To avoid a long and arduous grind later on in your trophy journey, you should be working on upgrading keepsakes as much as you can. Switch Keepsakes frequently and stop using ones that you have already maxed-out.

Your attempts to escape may be a great struggle for quite a long time. It took me 17 attempts to finally escape. In my opinion, the best strategy for escaping in the early game is to use the Stygian Blade and then try to get the “Cursed Slash” boon from a Daedalus Hammer.

The cursed slash boon, which is only available for the Stygian Blade, will allow you to heal 2HP with every normal attack that hits an enemy. The downside is that it reduces your max health by 60%. But if you spend your run making your attack stronger and faster, as well as collecting any Centaur Hearts you can find, you will quickly become near-invincible.

Hades Victory Stats
The stats from my first successful run.

First Escape Trophies

The trophies in this section of our Hades Trophy Guide will all unlock as you make your way through the underworld and eventually mount a successful escape for the first time.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Escaped Tartarus

Clear Tartarus



To unlock the Escaped Tartarus Trophy, reach and defeat the game’s first boss, then cross the threshold into Asphodel. Tartarus’ boss will appear after 14 rooms.

Hades Escaped Tartarus Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Escaped Asphodel

Clear Asphodel



The Escaped Asphodel trophy will unlock once you cross the threshold into Elysium, after reaching and defeating the game’s second boss. Asphodel’s boss will appear after 24 rooms.

Hades Escaped Asphodel Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Escaped Elysium

Clear Elysium



Exit Elysium after reaching and defeating the game’s third boss to unlock the Escaped Elysium trophy. Elysium’s boss will appear after 36 rooms.

Hades Escaped Elysium Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Is There No Escape?

Clear an escape attempt



The fourth and final area “Styx” works a little differently from the others and so is a lot easier, but it does include the final boss who is a real challenge to defeat. If you are successful, however, you will have escaped for the first time and will get the “Is There No Escape?” trophy.

Phase Two – Complete the Story, Complete Prophecies, and more…

Congratulations on successfully escaping!

…You’re nowhere close to finished.

There’s a laundry list of things you need to handle in this Second Phase of our Hades Trophy Guide, but I imagine that–by now–you have made up your mind on whether or not you wish to continue. Throughout your many future runs, you will need to be constantly working on and thinking about the following things…

Completing the Story

Completing the Story will require 10 successful escapes. This can seem pretty daunting after you’ve only just made your first successful escape, but the more you play, the easier it will get.

You should try to use a different weapon for each escape. This way, you’ll get more rewards from bosses and you’ll also be making progress towards the Master of Arms trophy/prophecy.

We won’t focus on this until Phase 3, but you should also try to complete runs with different Pact of Punishment modifiers active. These will become selectable once you begin your escape after successfully escaping for the first time. To unlock the Harsh Conditions trophy, you would need to escape at least once for each of the 15 modifiers. Stacking modifiers will reduce the required number of successful escapes.

Purchasing Work Orders

You should spend your Gemstones and Diamonds at the House Contractor to buy everything under the “Work Orders” section, everything else is just cosmetic and doesn’t have any value, except for the Lounge Upgrades.

Hades House Contractor Work Orders Tab

Dusa will eventually ask you to purchase 12 upgrades for the Lounge, which is the only time you’ll ever actually need to purchase anything other than a Work Order.

You’ll eventually want to have purchased 50 things from the House Contractor. Once you run out of Work Orders, then it is okay to start spending resources on the cosmetic items in other tabs.

Completing Prophecies

Keep a close eye on the “Fated List of Minor Prophecies” at the desk in your room. Not only will you need to complete 50 for Had to Happen, but there are also 10 specific Prophecy-related trophies you will want to earn.

Hades Fated List of Minor Prophecies

Prophecies will become available over time and you’ll get some very useful rewards for completing them, regardless of whether there’s a trophy on the line.

Note that a good chunk of prophecies will ask you to use every boon at least one time. This seems hard to keep track of, but actually, when you are selecting a boon from a god, you will see that there’s a small scroll icon next to any boons you haven’t selected before. Using this, you can easily see at a glance whether there’s a new boon on offer that you haven’t used yet.

Unlocking Keepsakes & Increasing Favor

Whenever you have Nectar, you should continue prioritizing gifting it to characters you haven’t yet given any to. The first gift for every character except Hades will result in you receiving a Keepsake from the character.

Acquiring a Keepsake in Hades

You can track this from your Codex by looking for a heart icon with a small bow on it on each character’s codex page. If you’ve received their gift, the heart will be red.

Hypnos Codex Page Hades

Once you’ve received every Keepsake and unlocked Something from Everyone, you can then start giving characters extra Nectar. For each character, once you have given them ~6 Nectar, they will ask a favor from you. Many of these favors are attached to Prophecy Trophies and so I’ve put together a list of characters you should prioritize:

Character to PrioritizeRequired for
NyxNight and Darkness Prophecy
ChaosNight and Darkness Prophecy
SisyphusEnd to Torment Prophecy, Complete Set Chthonic Companion
OrpheusMusician and Muse Prophecy
EurydiceMusician and Muse Prophecy
AchillesDivided by Death Prophecy, Complete Set Chthonic Companion
PatroclusDivided by Death Prophecy
Dusa Complete Set Chthonic Companion
MegaeraComplete Set Chthonic Companion
SkellyComplete Set Chthonic Companion
ThanatosComplete Set Chthonic Companion

The above should also help you unlock the Grown Close trophy.

Completing Misc Trophies

Another thing that is not a key focus in this phase, but which you might like to work on a little bit, is the list of miscellaneous trophies. Have a peek at the selection and see if there are any you’d like to get a head-start on.

Complete the Story

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Family Secret

Complete the main quest in the story


Completing the main story in Hades requires that you successfully escape 10 times. There’s nothing more to it than that; no weapon requirements, no specific prophecies, just reach the end 10 times.

That being said, you can use this as an opportunity to make some real progress towards the other trophies in this phase of our Hades Trophy Guide.

Unlock all Weapons

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you spend your Chthonic Keys unlocking the remaining weapons so you can try to use each one to escape. By doing so, you’ll unlock the Arms Collector trophy in this portion of our Hades Trophy Guide.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Arms Collector

Unlock each of the Infernal Arms

There are various weapons available to unlock in the training area through the back exit from your room. To unlock each weapon, you will need Cthonic Keys. The number of keys you will need differs for each weapon, and some weapons are not available right away, see below:

WeaponAvailabilityCthonic Key Cost
“Stygius” – Stygian BladeYou will have this weapon from the start of the game.N/A
“Varatha” – Eternal SpearAvailable from the start.4
“Aegis” – Shield of Chaos Available from the start. 3
“Coronacht” – Heart-Seeking Bow Available from the start. 1
“Malphon” – Twin Fists of MalphonAvailable once the four weapons above have been unlocked.8
“Exagryph” – Adamant RailAvailable once the five weapons above have been unlocked.8

To unlock the Arms Collector trophy, you will need to purchase all 5 additional Infernal Arms for a total of 24 Cthonic Keys.

Hades Arms Collector Trophy

Prophecy Trophies

There are many prophecies to complete during this phase of our Hades Trophy Guide, and you should try to be working on them as often as possible. You don’t necessarily need to have them all unlocked before moving on to Phase Three of this guide, but you should at least start working on them now.

You could still be working on them at the very end of your trophy journey because many of these prophecies rely on you getting specific randomly occurring dialogue. Just make sure you’re always talking to everyone and giving Nectar to all related characters, this way you can ensure you’re always making as much progress as possible.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Had to Happen

Fulfill any 15 Prophecies

At the House Contractor, once you have reached Asphodel for the first time, and purchased the “Fountain Chamber, Tartarus” work order, you will now see an option to purchase the “Fated List of Minor Prophecies.”

Hades Fated List of Minor Prophecies Work Order

Purchase it to add a desk to your bedroom, from which you can view various quests to complete. There are many which you will need to complete for your platinum:

So, given you need to complete those 10 prophecies, that leaves just 5 more to complete to reach the total of 15 to unlock the Had to Happen trophy. There are a few that you will complete as part of the story, and you may even complete some naturally. Just check through the list after each run to see what you right be able to work on, and try to make a little more progress each time.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Night and Darkness

Fulfill the ‘Night and Darkness’ Prophecy

Before working on this trophy, you should do the following:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Give 6 Nectar to Nyx.
  • Give 6 Nectar to Chaos.
  • Unlock access to the Administrative Chamber (see Back to Work).

Note that when giving Nectar to Chaos, you’ll have an easier time if you equip his Keepsake, which will allow you to enter Chaos Gates without sacrificing HP to do so.

Once the above is complete, the Night and Darkness prophecy will be available on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies and you can earn the Night and Darkness trophy by completing it.

To begin, speak with Nyx and you’ll learn of a needed upgrade to the Eldest Sigil (found in the Administrative Office). You will now be able to purchase the “Eldest Sigil Restoration” Work Order from the House Contractor for 3,142 Darkness.

Once you have purchased this, you will be able to collect your reward from the Fated List for this prophecy and the Night and Darkness trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Back to Work

Earn access to and enter the Administrative Chamber

The Back to Work trophy is required for both the Night and Darkness trophy, and the End to Torment trophy. Both related prophecies will require you to have access to the Administrative Chamber.

The way to unlock the chamber is seemingly rather random, and there’s no way to force the event to trigger.

Occasionally, when you return to the House of Hades, you will be able to press on your bed to “Rest” and it will actually let you. In these cases, there’s usually an objective to do so in the top-left corner of your screen.

About to Rest in Bed in Hades

On one of these occasions, you will have a flashback about Zagreus being late to work.

A Flashback in Hades

This will remind him of his previous Administrative Access which you will then be able to purchase from the House Contractor. It appears as “Administrative Privilege” under the Work Orders tab.

Administrative Privelige Work Order in Hades

Purchase the Work Order for 2 Diamonds and then enter the Admin Chamber (far left side of the House of Hades). The Back to Work trophy will then unlock. If not, leave the Admin Chamber again and it will.

Hades Back to Work trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Chthonic Colleagues

Fulfill the ‘Chthonic Colleagues’ Prophecy

The Cthonic Colleagues Prophecy is one of the easier ones to acquire and will be available from the moment you purchase the Fated List from the House Contractor.

To complete the Chthonic Colleagues Prophecy and unlock the Chthonic Colleagues Trophy, you will need to speak to every character on the prophecy’s list at least one time. Below you will find the names of these characters and where they are found:

CharacterWhere to Find
HadesYou can find Hades at the front desk in the House of Hades.
NyxNyx is often lurking in a corner near the door to your bedroom.
CharonDuring any escape attempt just visit his shop. Charon’s shop is found behind paths marked with the sack icon.
ThanatosReach Elysium after defeating Alecto or Tisiphone and he will appear randomly to challenge you.
HypnosIn the House of Hades. Always found leaning against the wall opposite Hades’ desk.
MegaeraThe first boss.
AlectoBeat Megaera a few times and Alecto will randomly appear in her place during an escape attempt.
TisiphoneSame as Alecto, though it seems you need to have beat Alecto at least once before she will appear.
ChaosHead into a Chaos Gate (once available) and interact with the Chaos Boon.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
War-God’s Bloodlust

Fulfill the ‘War-God’s Bloodlust’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Kill at least 2,000 enemies (cumulatively).
  • Give Ares 6 Nectar.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, the next time you interact with an Ares boon orb, he will give you the “War-God’s Bloodlust” prophecy.

The prophecy, now viewable on the Fated List, will ask you to get a cumulative total of 10,000 enemy kills. Thankfully, this counts every enemy you have killed since the start of the game. After killing 10,000 enemies, collect an Ares boon and he will acknowledge your feat. Only then can you collect your reward from the Fated List, and the War-God’s Bloodlust trophy will unlock.

War-God's Bloodlust Trophy in Hades

If you wish to see how many enemies you have killed so far, you can do so from the Scrying Pool in your bedroom if you’ve purchased it from the House Contractor.

Scrying Pool in Zagreus' Bedroom, Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
End to Torment

Fulfill the ‘End to Torment’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Give Sisyphus 6 Nectar.
  • Unlock access to the Administrative Chamber (see Back to Work).
  • Have Sisyphus introduce you to “Bouldy”
  • Attempt to “Talk?” to Bouldy
  • Attempt to “Gift?” Nectar to Bouldy on your next visit, then attempt to “Talk?” to him again.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, you will need to continue visiting Sisyphus in Tartarus until Zagreus asks what he can do to help Sisyphus’ situation. Sisyphus will humbly decline your help, but you will unlock the prophecy.

Continue talking to Sisyphus to learn more about his sentence. You should also attempt to frequently speak with Hades and Megaera to learn more.

Eventually, after speaking with Nyx, you’ll be able to find Sisyphus’ contract in the Administrative Chamber and then a new Work Order will appear at the House Contractor called “Knave-King’s Sentence.”

The Knave-King's Sentence Work Order at the House Contractor in Hades

Purchase the new work order for 4 Diamonds and the “End to Torment” prophecy will be completed. Head to the Fated List to collect your reward and the End to Torment trophy will unlock.

End to Torment trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Musician and Muse

Fulfill the ‘Musician and Muse’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fountain Chamber, Tartarus work order from the House Contractor
  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Purchase the Court Musician’s Sentence work order from the House Contractor.
  • Purchase the Pool, Scrying work order from the House Contractor.
  • Purchase the Court Music Stand work order from the House Contractor.
  • Give Orphaeus 5 Nectar.
  • Give Eurydice 5 Nectar.

Once the above requirements have been achieved, you may proceed. After you’ve given Orpheus the first nectar, there’s a chance he will be singing whenever you return to the House of Hades (see Urge to Sing). As if the low chances of that happening weren’t painful enough, you now specifically need to hear him sing a song called “Good Riddance,” the same song that Eurydice is always singing when you find her in Asphodel. Getting this to happen is a little tricky…

The Court Music Stand, Hades

This can only happen if you have the Court Music Stand, hence my suggesting you purchase it before starting. This adds a stand next to Orpheus, from which you can choose specific songs. Good Riddance won’t be on this list, though, you first need to acquire the Sheet Music from Eurydice, but this should have happened when you were visiting her to give her the 5 nectar.

Eurydice gives Zagreus the sheet music for Good Riddance in Hades

After you’ve finally heard Orpheus singing “Good Riddance” you need to speak to him two more times. So go off and complete two more runs, ensuring you speak to him after each one, and the Musician and the Muse prophecy will finally appear. Yep, all that was just to get the damn thing to show up.

Orpheus singing Good Riddance in Hades

To complete the Musician and Muse prophecy and unlock the trophy by the same name, you will need to have given both characters the 5 nectar as I suggested, and then you’ll need to wait for a conversation with Nyx about something in the Administration Chamber that could help. Go into the chamber and inspect the scroll-stack to then be able to purchase the “Singer’s Gamble” work order from the House Contractor for 3 Diamonds.

Orpheus will now have the means to visit Eurydice, and your prophecy will be completed. Head to the Fated List to collect your reward and the Musician and Muse trophy will unlock.

Musician and Muse trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Urge to Sing

Compel Orpheus to sing again

This trophy will be acquired naturally while you work your way towards the Musician and Muse trophy.

Unlocking the Urge to Sing trophy will first require that you have unlocked Orpheus, the court musician, by buying the “Cour Musician’s Sentence” work order from the House Contractor for 1 Diamond (Hydra Boss Reward).

It won’t be available at the House Contractor until you have done the following:

  • Made it as far as Asphodol in an escape attempt.
  • Purchased the “Fountain Chamber, Tartarus” work order from the House Contractor.
  • Purchased the “Fated List of Minor Prophecies” work order from the House Contractor.
  • Purchased the “Pool, Scrying” Bedroom Decor from the House Contractor

Once Orpheus is available, he can be found on a chair next to the House Contractor. There, gift him some Nectar with so that he gives you a gift (you’ll need to do this anyway for Something from Everyone). Now, purchase the Court Music Stand from the Work Order tab of the House Contractor, and then you just need to wait.

The Court Music Stand Work Order in Hades

On one of your return visits to the House of Hades, there’s a chance that Orpheus will be singing. Approach him and listen to his song for a moment before speaking to him. After the two of you speak, the Urge to Sing trophy will unlock.

If not, it should unlock when you enter another room.

Hades Urge to Sing trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Divided by Death

Fulfill the ‘Divided by Death’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Complete either Musician and Muse or End to Torment.
  • Give Patroclus 6 Nectar.
  • Give Achilles 6 Nectar.

After completing the requirements above, speak to Achilles and Patroclus frequently until PAtroclus tells you to tell Achilles to “Risk it all.”

Pass the message on to Achilles and you’ll receive the “Divided by Death” prophecy. To complete the prophecy and unlock the Divided by Death trophy, you will need to speak with Nyx until she mentions Achilles’ contract. Go to the Administrative Chamber to review his contract and then visit the House Contractor and purchase “Hero’s Sacrifice” from the Work Order tab for 5 Diamonds.

Hero's Sacrifice Work Order at the House Contractor in Hades

Afterward, visit the Fated List to collect your reward and the trophy along with it.

Divided by Death Trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dark Reflections

Fulfill the ‘Dark Reflections’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Speak to Nyx after collecting at least 600 Darkness (cumulatively) and she will unlock the ability to switch between Red and Green talents at the Mirror of Night.
  • Use chthonic keys to unlock every talent on the Mirror of Night.

Once the above requirements have been completed, you will need to successfully escape the Underworld with each talent active and upgraded at least once. As you can only switch between red and green talents, and there’s no way to have all of the talents active at the same time, you will need to complete at least 2 successful escapes to be able to complete the prophecy.

Hades Dark Reflections Prophecy

Once you have done that, collect your reward from the Fated List and the Dark Reflections trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Harsh Conditions

Fulfill the ‘Harsh Conditions’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Escape the Underworld once to unlock the Pact of Punishment modifiers.

Once the above requirements have been fulfilled, you will get access to the Harsh Conditions prophecy. The prophecy must be completed to unlock the Harsh Conditions trophy, and to do so you must successfully escape with each of the 15 Pact of Punishment modifiers active at least once.

Hades Harsh Conditions Prophecy

You can technically unlock this trophy by completing 15 successful escapes, one for each modifier, but if you are feeling braver you should stack them to reduce the number of required runs.

Hades Pact of Punishment

Note that in order to unlock the Skelly’s Last Lamentations trophy you will need to complete a successful escape with a heat of 16, which will require a run with multiple modifiers active so you should try to combine the two trophies.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master of Arms

Fulfill the ‘Master of Arms’ Prophecy

Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Use Chthonic Keys to unlock all 6 Infernal Arms.
Hades Master of Arms Prophecy

Once the above requirements have been fulfilled, you should receive the “Master of Arms” prophecy. This will basically require you to successfully escape at least once with each of the 6 Infernal Arms equipped.

Some of these are more difficult than others. I, for one, found the Twin Fists particularly difficult to escape with, but with a bit of practice and a few upgrades on your weapons, you’ll have an easier time.

When complete, collect your reward from the Fated List and you’ll receive the Master of Arms trophy too.

Master of Arms trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Slashed Benefits

Fulfill the ‘Slashed Benefits’ Prophecy


Before attempting this trophy, you should ensure you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies work order from the House Contractor.
  • Successfully escape one time to unlock the Pact of Punishment modifiers.
  • Complete a run (escape not necessary) with the “Benefits Package” modifier active.

Once the above requirements have been fulfilled, you’ll be able to view the Slashed Benefits prophecy on the Fated List. It will essentially require you to have seen every possible perk that this modifier can bestow upon an enemy.

Slashed Benefits Minor Prophecy in Hades

This is complete RNG and there’s a pretty high chance that this trophy will take a very long time to earn, so I suggest completing every future run with this modifier active to reduce the required grind.

Hades Benefits Package Modifier on the Pact fo Punishment

Once the prophecy has been completed, collect your reward from the Fated List and the trophy will unlock too.

Slashed Benefits Trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Grown Close

Forge a bond with any character

The Grown Close trophy will come naturally while working on many of the prophecies listed in this portion of our Hades Trophy Guide or the Chthonic Companion trophy, but if you choose not to do those then all you need to focus on is giving enough Nectar (around 6 typically) to a character to reach the locked heart icon on their Codex page.

Charon's Locked heart in the Hades Codex.

Once done, you’ll need to complete a favor for them to remove the padlock. After that, you can give them Ambrosia (Elysium boss Bounty) to max out your bond with them. The trophy will unlock shortly after.

Hades Grown Close Trophy

Unlock all Keepsakes

Unlocking all Keepsakes is something that will take a while to do, so you should always keep it in mind during this Phase of our Hades Trophy Guide. As soon as you collect any Nectar, you should be thinking about who to give it to next.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Something From Everyone

Unlock each standard Keepsake


There are 25 Keepsakes to collect in Hades, and each one of them is acquired in the same way except the Sigil of the Dead and the Pom Blossom (I’ll come back to those). To acquire a keepsake, you must give a gift of Nectar to a character and they will give you the keepsake in return.

You can check which keepsakes you need by opening the codex and reviewing each character page. One of the hearts under their name should have a bow on it, this indicates that once the heart is filled (by giving them Nectar), you will receive a Keepsake. Subsequent gifts will not result in receiving a Keepsake.

Hypnos Codex Page Hades

Note that you will need to get Keepsake from the Gods of Olympus such as Zeus and Poseidon. To do so, you need to gift their boon orb, as you won’t actually meet them.

Receiving the Adamant Arrow Keepsake from Artemis in Hades

In the case of Hades’ Sigil of the Dead keepsake, you must first finish the story (by escaping successfully 10 times) and then give Hades two Nectar. He will then give you the Sigil of the Dead. If you haven’t completed the story, the second heart on Hades’ page is locked and you cannot gift him Nectar more than once.

The situation with the Pom Blossom is somewhat similar. You simply can’t gift Persephone at all until you have finished the story (by successfully escaping 10 times).

Here’s a breakdown of the 25 Keepsakes and who to get them from:

Old Spiked CollarCerberus
Myrmidon BracerAchilles
Black ShawlNyx
Pierced Butterfly Thanatos
Bone HourglassCharon
Chthonic Coin PurseHypnos
Skull EarringMegaera
Distant MemoryOrpheus
Harpy Feather DusterDusa
Lucky ToothSkelly
Thunder SignetZeus
Conch ShellPoseidon
Owl PendantAthena
Eternal RoseAphrodite
Blood-Filled VialAres
Adamant ArrowheadArtemis
Overflowing CupDionysus
Lambent PlumeHermes
Frostbitten HornDemeter
Cosmic EggChaos
Shattered ShackleSisyphus
Evergreen AcornEurydice
Broken SpearpointPatroclus
Pom BlossomPersephone
Sigil of the DeadHades

Once you have all 25 Keepsakes in your possession, the Something from Everyone trophy will unlock.

Unlock all Chthonic Companions

Chthonic Companions come from characters much like Keepsakes do, but you will need to go the extra mile to squeeze a companion out of them during this phase of our Hades Trophy Guide.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Rare Collectible

Equip a Chthonic Companion

Chthonic Companions can only be obtained from six specific characters by maxing out your bond with them (see Grown Close). To unlock the Rare Collectible trophy, you will first need to unlock a Chthonic Companion (see Complete Set) and then equip one from the Keepsake display case.

Hades Rare Collectible Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Complete Set

Earn all Chthonic Companions


As explained for the Rare Collectible trophy, Chthonic Companions are legendary keepsakes that can only be acquired by maxing out your bond with six specific characters.

Receiving the Companion Rib Chthonic Companion from Skelly in Hades

Below, I have listed the six characters with whom you need to reach max bond and the requirements for doing so.

Megaera – Companion Battie

  • Gift Megaera 6 Nectar.
  • Defeat her and her sisters in a few more runs, checking in with Megaera each time you return to the House of Hades.
  • Gift her Ambrosia once you can to receive Companion Battie.

Thanatos – Companion Mort

  • Gift Thanatos 6 Nectar.
  • Beat his score the next time he shows up in an escape attempt. If you don’t, this won’t reset anything, just keep trying until you do.
  • Gift him Ambrosia to receive Companion Mort.

Skelly – Companion Rib

  • Gift Skelly 6 Nectar.
  • Unlock 4 different Weapon Aspects (Aspect of Zagreus doesn’t count).
  • Then the next time you return to the House of Hades after a run, speak to Skelly and he’ll ask you to kill him with the Stygian Blade with Level 5 Aspect of Zagreus. Do that.
  • When he respawns, give him Ambrosia on your next visit and receive Companion Rib.

Sisyphus – Companion Shady

  • Gift Sisyphus 6 Nectar.
  • Complete the End to Torment prophecy (see End to Torment).
  • Gift him Ambrosia to receive Companion Shady.

Achilles – Companion Antos

  • Gift Achilles 6 Nectar
  • Complete the Divided by Death prophecy (see Divided by Death).
  • Gift him Ambrosia to receive Companion Antos.

Dusa – Companion Fidi

  • Gift her 6 Nectar to receive the “A Place of Revelry” prophecy.
  • Complete the prophecy by purchasing 12 items from the “Lounge” tab at the House Contractor, must include one rug upgrade plus the “Service, Deep Cleaning” and “Service, Detailing” upgrades.
  • Gift her Ambrosia to receive Companion Fidi.

Once you have completed everything listed above, you should have all 6 Chthonic Companions in the large boxes at the bottom of your Keepsake Display Case, and the Complete Set trophy will be yours.

Complete Set trophy in Hades

Phase Three – Complete the Epilogue, Complete Pact of Punishment runs, and more…

During this third phase of our Hades Trophy Guide, you’ll be focusing a lot more on the Pact of Punishment and how it works. By using different weapons at different heat levels, you can see in the “Bounties” section, in the bottom-left corner whether you will earn Bounties from each region or not. By using this system, you’ll need to farm Titan Blood and Diamonds with which you can unlock all weapon aspects, which is one of our main goals for this phase.

The Pact of Punishment in Hades.

Along the way, you should try to use the Pact of Punishment to earn the other Pact of Punishment Trophies and then use the Titans Blood Bounties you earn to unlock the Weapon Trophies.

Now that you’ve beaten the story, too, you should attempt to Complete the Epilogue during this phase as well. If you have any Prophecy Trophies left that you didn’t complete during the last phase of this Hades Trophy Guide, then now would be a good time to focus on those too.

Lastly, remember to continuously swap out your Keepsakes throughout this entire phase of your trophy journey to ensure you’re making progress towards Friends Forever, which we will focus on heavily in the next Phase of this Hades Trophy Guide.

Complete the Epilogue

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One for the Ages

Reach the epilogue of the story

To reach the game’s epilogue, you must first unlock The Family Secret by completing 10 successful escapes.

After that, Persephone can be found in the House of Hades on occasion, and she will give you a prophecy titled “The Queen’s Plan.” You will need to complete this prophecy by forging a bond with 6 Olympian Gods. This will mean gifting them each 6 Nectar via their Boon Orbs during escape attempts. You will need a total of 36 Nectar to do this.

After each God receives 6 Nectar, they will request a favor of you. Complete the favor and you will be able to gift them Ambrosia, thus allowing you to max out your bond with them. Most gods require 7 hearts so will need an extra Nectar, but Hermes requires 8 hearts, and Demeter needs only 6 hearts.

Even after you’ve done all that, you will need to then speak with each god several times until they mention Persephone. Once each of the 6 gods you chose has mentioned Persephone, the “The Queen’s Plan” prophecy will be complete, and you’ll have access to a second prophecy called “Family Reunion.”

With the Family Reunion prophecy active, you must speak to all 9 gods once to see a line of dialogue where Zagreus invites each one to the House of Hades. Once all 9 Gods have been individually invited, speak with Persephone to complete the prophecy.

The One for the Ages trophy should unlock the moment the epilogue cutscene is ended, but you may need to enter another room.

One for the Ages trophy in Hades

Pact of Punishment Trophies

The below trophies in this section of our Hades Trophy Guide will all require you to make use of the Pact of Punishment feature which allows you to set modifiers before heading out on an escape attempt.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Champion of Elysium

Clear Elysium with the ‘Extreme Measures’ Condition

The Champion of Elysium trophy requires you to successfully reach and defeat the boss of Elysium with a specific Pact of Punishment modifier active; Extreme Measures.

Pact of Punishment with three levels of Extreme Measures applied in Hades.

The Extreme Measures modifier changes the boss fight in each region. For example, you will need to fight all three Fury Sisters at once in Tartarus, and will need to fight the Bone Hydra on more treacherous terrain.

Each time you stack an Extreme Measures modifier, it will add new techniques for one boss. So, one use of the modifier will affect Megaera & her sisters, the second stack will affect the Hydra, and a third stack will finally affect the Minotaur and Theseus.

All this is to say that if you want the Champion of Elysium trophy you will need to add three stacks of the Extreme Measures modifier, and then defeat the Minotaur and Theseus at the end of the Elysium region.

Champion of Elysium trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Useless Trinket

Earn the first of Skelly’s prizes

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Skelly’s Last Lamentations

Earn the second of Skelly’s prizes

As you progress through the game, completing more and more escapes, Skelly will eventually tell you about his three prizes. They will appear in the bottom corner of the courtyard, next to the doorway you head through at the start of every escape attempt.

Skelly's concealed prizes in Hades.

The prizes will be awarded to you if you successfully escape the Underworld at increasing Heat Levels. See the table below for the heat level required for each of the two related trophies:

First PrizeEscape with a Heat Level of 8The Useless Trinket
Second PrizeEscape with a Heat Level of 16Skelly’s Last Lamentations
Third PrizeEscape with a Heat Level of 32

As you can see, there’s no need for you to get the Third Prize, so don’t bother unless you want the challenge.

Weapon Trophies

Unlocking and utilizing the aspects of your weapons will be a key focus during this phase of our Hades Trophy Guide, as you’ll see from the related trophies below.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Weapon of Fate

Clear an escape attempt with a hidden Weapon Aspect

Once you have unlocked all 6 Infernal Arms (see Arms Collector), you will be told about the ability to upgrade Weapon Aspects using Titan Blood. To do so, first pick up a weapon with . Then, you can press again on the greyed-out weapon to “Reveal” its Aspects.

Option to "Reveal" the Stygian Sword's Aspects in Hades

This will open a menu where you can use Titan Blood (rewarded for defeating Tartarus and Styx bosses) to increase each weapon’s stats.

The Stygian Blade's Aspects in Hades
Maxing out an aspect for the first time will unlock Blood Bound.

On this menu, you’ll see that there is a fourth aspect at the bottom that cannot be upgraded or unlocked until you have done something specific (See Infernal Arms for more information on unlocking Hidden Aspects).

Hidden Aspect of Guan Yu for Varatha the Eternal Spear in Hades

To unlock the Weapon of Fate trophy, you must unlock the hidden aspect for one weapon, equip it, and then successfully escape the Underworld with that weapon.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Blood Bound

Max any Weapon Aspect

See Weapon of Fate to learn about Weapon Aspects.

Once you have the ability to upgrade weapon aspects, increase any aspect to Max and the Blood Bound trophy will unlock. The best aspect to do this on is the “Aspect of Zagreus” (available on all weapons) because it only requires 1 Titan Blood per upgrade. Upgrading it to max will cost only 5 Titan Blood.

Hades Blood Bound trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Infernal Arms

Unlock all Weapon Aspects

See Weapon of Fate to learn about Weapon Aspects.

Once you have the ability to upgrade weapon aspects, you will see that each weapon always has the following:

  • The Aspect of Zagreus
  • 2 locked Aspects which can be purchased with Titan Blood
  • 1 locked “Hidden Aspect” which cannot be purchased

To unlock the Infernal Arms trophy, you will need to unlock all four aspects on all 6 weapons, for a total of 24 aspects. As each weapon already has the first aspect unlocked, you need to unlock 18 aspects.

Each weapon has two locked aspects which you can just unlock with Titan Blood. Unlocking all of these aspects will cost 3 Titan Blood per weapon, so you’ll want 18 Titan Blood in total.

That just leaves the Hidden Aspect on each of the six weapons. These aspects must be unlocked by completing secret requirements. See the table below for each hidden aspect and how to unlock them. You must unlock the Eternal Spear’s Aspect of Guan Yu before any others can be unlocked.

Achilles revealing the Hidden Aspect of Guan Yu for Varatha the Eternal Spear in Hades
Achilles revealing the first Hidden Aspect, Aspect of Guan Yu for Varatha.
WeaponHidden AspectUnlock Instructions
“Varatha” – Eternal SpearAspect of Guan YuAfter escaping for the first time, speak to Achilles every time you return to the House of Hades. Eventually, he will tell you about Hidden Aspects and tell you how to reveal the Eternal Spear’s. Go to the courtyard behind your bedroom and interact with the spear after this to reveal the Hidden Aspect.
“Stygius” – Stygian BladeAspect of ArthurSpeak with Nyx every time you return to the House of Hades until she tells you how to unlock the Aspect of Arthur.
“Aegis” – Shield of ChaosAspect of BeowulfSpeak with Chaos during an escape attempt while wielding the Shield of Chaos. Eventually, he will reveal how to unlock the Aspect of Beowulf.
“Coronacht” – Heart-Seeking BowAspect of RamaSpeak with Artemis (via an Artemis Boon Orb) during an escape attempt with the Heart-Seeking Bow equipped, she will eventually reveal how to unlock the Aspect of Rama.
“Malphon” – Twin Fists of MalphonAspect of GilgameshWhen exploring Elysium, sometimes miniboss rooms (the door has a skull icon with a single red chevron next to it) you must face the Minotaur without Theseus. To learn how to unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh, you will need to defeat the Minotaur with the Twin Fists of Malphon equipped and then speak with him afterwards.
“Exagryph” – Adamant RailAspect of LuciferSpeak with Zeus (via a Zeus Boon Orb) during an escape attempt with the Adamant Rail equipped, he will eventually reveal how to unlock the Aspect of Lucifer.

Once you have unlocked all 24 Weapon Aspects across the Six Infernal Arms, the Infernal Arms trophy is all yours.

Infernal Arms trophy in Hades

Phase Four – Max all Keepsakes and Misc Cleanup

You’ve finally reached the final phase of our Hades Trophy Guide! The last main thing we need to do is to finish getting all of your Keepsakes up to Rank 3. This is an insanely long grind, especially if you haven’t been consistently working on this throughout your trophy journey.

Aside from that, there are just a few miscellaneous trophies to collect, some of which you may have already unlocked in your many escape attempts leading up to this point.

Additionally, it is okay to still be working on some Prophecy Trophies at this point, as they can be quite tricky. Just be sure to check which you still need and keep their requirements in mind as you play.

Once you’re done here, you’ll have a platinum trophy to really be proud of. Congratulations on getting this far either way!

Max all Keepsakes

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Friends Forever

Max-rank each standard Keepsake


This trophy will require you to own all 25 Keepsakes (see Something from Everyone).

Each of the 25 Keepsakes is rank 1 when you acquire it, as indicated by the star underneath its icon. They can be upgraded to a maximum of Rank 3, where there will be three stars under the icon.

A Rank 3 Keepsake in Hades

To upgrade a Keepsake, you must use it through a set number of encounters. The below table shows the number of encounters required for each rank:

Keepsake RankUpgrade Requirements
1 starDefault
2 starsComplete 25 Encounters
3 starsComplete 50 more Encounters (75 total)

The insanely-grindy Friends Forever trophy requires that you upgrade all 25 Keepsakes to rank 3. That means clearing at least 1,800 encounters, providing you change Keepsake as soon as one is maxed out.

Once all 25 Keepsakes have been unlocked and upgraded to rank 3, the Friends Forever trophy will unlock immediately.

Friends Forever Trophy in Hades

Miscellaneous Trophies

This final section of our Hades Trophy Guide contains many misc trophies unlocked for a plethora of different activities. Have a browse and see which ones you have left, you may be pleasantly surprised to find you have already unlocked some.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hold the Onions

Clear an Infernal Gate without taking damage

Infernal Gates (also known as Erebus Gates) can only be accessed after you have purchased the “Gateways, Erebus” work order from the House Contractor.

To get it to show up, you must first have done the following:

  • Successfully escape once.
  • Purchase all the “Fountain Chamber” work orders.
  • Purchase the “Fated List of Minor Prophecies” work order.
  • Purchase the “Keepsake Collection, Regional” work order.
  • Purchase the “Plunder, Lesser” work order.
  • Purchase the “Urns of Wealth, Lesser” work order.
  • Purchase the “Court Musician’s Sentence” work order.
  • Purchase the “Contractors Desk, Deluxe” work order.

Once you have unlocked the Infernal Gates, they won’t be accessible unless you’re on a run with a specific Heat Level.

With each increase of 5 Heat Levels, you will be able to access Infernal Gates in each region. See the table below:

RegionInfernal Gates unlock at…
TartarusHeat Level 5
AsphodelHeat Level 10
ElysiumHeat Level 15
StyxGates do not appear in this region.

For the purposes of this trophy, you only really need a Heat Level of 5, so you can get into the easiest Infernal Gates. With everything set up correctly, head out on an escape attempt and look for an Infernal Gate.

An Infernal Gate in Hades

Once inside, you will face a plethora of tough enemies. To unlock the Hold the Onions trophy, you will need to complete the full encounter without getting hit once. This is easier with a ranged weapon and Athena’s Divine Dash boon.

If you’re successful, you’ll get a reward. If you are not, you’ll receive an onion which recovers a measly 1HP.

Hades Red Onion Infernal Gate Consolation Prize.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
To Charon’s Credit

Earn a Loyalty Card

To Charon’s Credit is a trophy that cannot be earned until you have escaped the Underworld for the first time. Once you’ve done that, there’s a very small chance of Charon having a back of money spawn behind him.

Borrowing 300 Obol from Charon in Hades

When you approach the money it will prompt you to “Borrow” 300 Obol from Charon. He will not be pleased about this, and will teleport you to his domain.

Fighting with Charon in Hades

There, you must fight and defeat him to get him to drop a Loyalty Card, which grants you a generous 20% off all purchases at his shop. Unfortunately, it only lasts for the current run.

Receiving Charon's Membership Card in Hades.

Pick up the Loyalty card and the “To Charon’s Credit” trophy will unlock right away.

Hades To Charon's Credit Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Blessed by the Gods

Choose 100 different Olympian Boon effects


The Blessed by the Gods trophy is one that you’ll be working on throughout your entire time with Hades. You will collect many Olympian Boons in each escape attempt, but only the unique ones you collect will count towards the trophy unlocking.

Hades Blessed by the Gods trophy.

On the Fated List of Minor Prophecy, once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll be able to acquire prophecies for each god, which clearly display every Boon they offer and whether or not you have collected them.

The Goddess of Wisdom Olympian Boon Prophecy on the Fated List

Having these prophecies adds a handy feature to the list of boons when you collect a boon orb. There will be a small scroll icon next to the names of boons you haven’t collected yet. This way you know at a glance which boons you have never collected before.

The scroll icon indicator on the Boon Selection Menu in Hades

If you keep an eye out for this icon and always collect boons you still haven’t tried, you’ll be able to reach the cumulative total of 100 unique boons long before you’re done with the game.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Thanks, But No Thanks

Purge a Legendary Boon

Throughout the Underworld, you will occasionally see small blood fountains, decorated with skulls. They’re guaranteed to appear in the post-boss room between each stage of the underworld. When you approach one, you will see the Sell prompt.

Pool of Purging in Hades

To unlock the “Thanks, But No Thanks” trophy, you must sell a Legendary boon to this fountain for the first time. This will sting, because Legendary Boons are the second-most powerful boons you can acquire, but if you want that trophy you’ll just have to bite the bullet.

Hades Thanks But No Thanks Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Tools of the Architect

Choose 50 different Daedalus Hammer enchantments

Tools of the Architect, much like Blessed by the Gods, is a trophy that requires you to collect a certain number of unique boons. For Tools of the Architect, however, you will need to collect unique boons for your weapons from Daedalus Hammer pickups.

Hades Daedalus' Hammer

Again, you will find Fated List prophecies for each weapon once you have collected a unique enchantment from a hammer with them equipped.

Hades The Eternal Spear Fated List Prophecy

There are around 12 enchantments for each of the 6 weapons, meaning there are over 70 Daedalus Hammer enchantments available and you need just 50 of them.

Again, these prophecies add scroll icons to enchantments you have not yet collected once you have the scroll for the weapon you’re using, so you can easily track which ones to collect.

The Daedalus Hammer selection menu with a scroll icon indicator.

Once you have used a cumulative total of 50 unique weapon enchantments, the Tools of the Architect trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Well Versed

Fully Unlock the Olympians’ Codex entries

You will obtain the codex from your third conversation with Achilles but it will be empty. You can then collect information about each of the characters in the codex by speaking to them. The Well Versed trophy specifically relates to the Olympian Gods in the codex, which are on a page titled “Olympian Gods.”

To fill out the Olympian God pages, you will need to speak to them by collecting their boons during escape attempts. Working on Blessed by the Gods is something that will help greatly with this trophy.

If you check an Olympian God’s page in the codex, you’ll be able to see on the right-hand side, in gold text, how many more times you need to collect a boon from a god to unlock more codex information about them. If you have finished the page it will say “Entry Complete” instead.

Poseidon's Codex page in Hades

The Well Versed trophy will unlock once you have collected enough boons from all 9 Olympian Gods to fill their codex pages.

Well Versed Trophy in Hades
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Day-or-Night Trader

Trade 20 times with the Wretched Broker

Progress until the Lounge area opens up in the House of Hades and you will find the Wretched Broker inside to the right.

The Wretched Broker's location in Hades

He will allow you to trade permanent resources for other permanent resources. For example, you can trade 10 gemstones for Chthonic Keys.

Trading with the Wretched Broker.

To unlock the Day-or-Night Trader trophy, you should complete 20 trades via the Wretched Broker.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Home Makeover

Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor

Once available, the House Contractor can be found next to Hades’ desk in the House of Hades. At the contractor, you can use Gemstones, Diamonds, and sometimes Darkness, to purchase work orders and House of Hades cosmetic upgrades.

As stated before in this Hades Trophy Guide, I recommend focusing on Work Orders (in the Work Order tab) before you start buying cosmetic upgrades for the House of Hades.

The House Contractor's Work ORder list in Hades

There isn’t really any way to track your progress except for the “A Simple Job” prophecy.

The "A Simple Job" Prophecy on the Fated List in Hades

It will keep counting past the 30 purchases required, but as it doesn’t count every purchase you will unlock the trophy before the prophecy’s counter reaches 50.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
River Denizens

Catch a fish from each region

To unlock the River Denizens trophy, you will first need to purchase the “Rod of Fishing” from the House Contractor for 1 Diamond (Hydra Boss Reward).

The Rod of Fishing available for purchase from the House Contractor's Work Order tab in Hades.

Once you have the Rod of Fishing, keep your eye out for sparkling spots during your subsequent escape attempts. Next to these spots, you can press to start fishing. You’ll get one chance to catch a fish at these spots, so pay attention to the controller vibration and on-screen prompts to press at the right moment.

Unlocking the River Denizens trophy will require you to catch a fish in all five regions; Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, Styx (where Cerberus is), and Greece (after a successful escape).

All five regional fishing spots in Hades.
What all five regional fishing spots look like. (Not always in the same place, but similar).

Note that it is actually possible for a fishing spot to spawn in the realm of Chaos, but you don’t need one from there.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Nyx’s Mirror

Have at least one rank in each Mirror of Night Talent

The Nyx’s Mirror trophy requires you to spend darkness to upgrade every talent in the Mirror of Night once. This includes all the default red talents, and the green talents you can access once Nyx gives you the ability to switch.

Hades Mirror of Night.

You will need to use Darkness to upgrade every red skill one time, then switch to the green skills and upgrade each of those skills once too. Even though you can’t have them all equipped simultaneously.

This act will cost at least 3,265 Darkness, so you will need to progress quite a considerable amount into the game before attempting to unlock this trophy. Note that you can use a Chthonic Key to reset your talent purchases. This will give you all of your Darkness back so that you can evenly distribute it across all skills, acquire the Nyx’s Mirror trophy, and then use another Chthonic Key to recover your Darkness and spend it how you actually want to.

You can see how much Darkness you have in total by checking the stats on the Save Load screen when you start the game up from the main menu.

Once you’ve put darkness into every talent at least once, and all are simultaneously upgraded once or more, the Nyx’s Mirror trophy is all yours. You may need to leave your bedroom for the trophy to pop.

Hades Nyx's Mirror Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Well Stocked

Buy 9 ‘Well of Charon’ items in one escape attempt

Throughout your escape attempts, you will occasionally see a cauldron filled with purple liquid. These cauldrons are known as Wells of Charon and act as mini shops where you can buy temporary boons and health items.

The Well of Charon in Hades

Each Well of Charon you find will have just three items available for sale, and you will need Charon’s Obol (the gold coin currency) to make any purchases.

Purchasing items from the Well of Charon in Hades.

To unlock the Well Stocked trophy, you should attempt to buy every item from three wells, thus purchasing a total of 9 in a single run. This isn’t always possible if you don’t have enough gold, though, so you may need to spread this goal across several wells.

The important thing is that you make a total of 9 purchases from the Well of Charon in a single run, at which point the Well Stocked trophy will unlock.

Hades Well Stocked Trophy.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Thorn of Thanatos

Get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly

To begin working on the Thorn of Thanatos trophy, you will need the Pierced Butterfly keepsake which you get from giving Nectar to Thanatos for the first time.

Hades Pierced Butterfly Keepsake

When the Keepsake is equipped, you will earn a 1% damage bonus for every encounter you complete without getting hurt. You will see an animated border around the butterfly’s icon on the left side of your HUD during an encounter if you haven’t yet been hit. Once you reach the end of an encounter without taking any damage, the bonus will increase.

Pierced Butterfly Bonus Damage Stack in Hades.
Track progress by pressing to see your current damage bonus. This will reset every run.

Additionally, if you upgrade the Pierced Butterfly to rank 2 by using it for 25 encounters, you will gain 1.5% per encounter. Upgrade it to rank 3 by using it for another 50 encounters and this will increase again to 2% per encounter. With the Pierced Butterfly fully upgraded to rank 3, you only need to complete 15 encounters without getting hit to reach a damage boost of 30%.

This is exactly what you will need to do for the Thorn of Thanatos trophy, which will unlock the moment that the damage bonus reaches 30%.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Haste of Hermes

Get 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume

To begin working on the Haste of Hermes trophy, you will need the Lambent Plume keepsake which you get from gifting Nectar to Hermes for the first time.

Hades Lambent Plume Keepsake

While you have the Lambent Plume equipped, you will get a 1% boost to Dodge chance every time you complete an encounter quickly.

The Lambent Plume Dodge Chance stack in Hades.

There’s no set time for this, it depends on the enemies and the room and so is changing every time. There is a small circle timer underneath the Lambent Plume icon on the left side of your screen which indicates how long you have.

Upgrading this Keepsake will offer a minimal increase in % gain. Once you reach rank 3 after 75 encounters with the plume equipped, you will only get 1.2% for each quickly-cleared encounter. This means completing 17 encounters quickly enough to get the dodge chance bonus to stack to 20%.

20% is the goal required by the Haste of Hermes trophy and it will unlock as soon as the plume’s effect reaches 20%.

Hades Haste of Hermes Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Death Dealer

Beat Thanatos by 15 kills or more

The first time you reach Elysium after defeating one of Megaera’s Sisters (Alector or Tisiphone), Thanatos will randomly appear in one of the rooms and challenge you to defeat more enemies than him.

Meeting Thanatos in Elysium, Hades

In the top-left corner, you will see a counter which tracks your kills vs Thantos’ kills. If you beat him, he will reward you with a Centaur Heart.

Competing with Thanatos in Hades

After that, he will appear at random during all future escape attempts.

To unlock the Death Dealer trophy, you need to beat Thanatos by a margin of 15 or more. This is very difficult to do in most cases because all of Thanatos’ attacks are one-hit-kills. Mercifully, however, he uses them sparingly.

Your best bet is to hope you find Thanatos earlier in a run. When this happens, use your strongest attack (for example, if your special has been upgraded by a boon, use that to deal the most damage) and target the weakest, unarmoured enemies–you’re going for quantity over quality, here.

If you successfully beat Thanatos by more than 15 kills, approach him to lock in your score, then the Death Dealer trophy will unlock.

Hades Death Dealer Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Friends in High Places

Use Greater Call to invoke an Olympian’s aid

A “Call” is an ability you will discover after your first few runs. To use it, you will first need to acquire a Boon from one of the gods which grants a Call ability.

Hades Ares' Aid Call

Once you have one, you’ll get a multi-segment gauge under your health bar. This “God Gauge” is your Call meter and for each segment that gets filled, you can use your Call ability once.

In addition, there is a much more powerful version of every Call ability called a “Greater Call.” Triggering a Greater Call requires a full God Gauge. Once your God Gauge is full and you use your Call ability, you’ll trigger a Greater Call and the Friends in High Places trophy will unlock when you do this for the first time.

Hades Friends in High Places Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bad Call

Use an Olympian’s Greater Call against them in a Trial

Trials can be found at random during any escape attempt. You will know a Trial door when you see one because it will have two Olympian God icons on the door.

Twin Boon Door in Hades

Inside, you will need to choose between the two Gods. Whichever god you don’t choose will spawn a wave or two of armored enemies, who you will need to defeat while the god uses their abilities to attack you. Survive this attack and you will get the second boon too!

For the Bad Call trophy, you need a few specific things in place. Firstly, you need a Call ability (see Friends in High Places for more about Calls and Greater Calls). Then, you will need to find a Trial room where one of the gods is the same god whose Call you have equipped.

Using Artemis' Call to Fight Artemis in Hades.

Inside the trial room, select the god whose call you do not have. Then, while the second god is attacking you, charge up your God Gauge until it is full (by attacking and being attacked).

Charging up a full God Gauge can be difficult in the earlier regions during an escape unless you have a boon that increases how quickly your God Gauge charges. In Elysium, where enemies are tougher, you’ll have an easier time.

Once your God Gauge is full, press to perform a Greater Call, essentially using the power of the God who’s attacking you against them. This will immediately cause the Bad Call trophy to unlock.

Hades Bad Call Trophy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Skelly Slayer

Slay Skelly 15 times


Skelly can be found in the training area through the back exit of your bedroom. He’s essentially a training dummy, there to take a beating from you so that you can test out your selection of weapons.

Skelly the Training Dummy in Hades

When you deplete Skelly’s health he will respawn a short moment later. To unlock the Skelly Slayer trophy, just deplete Skelly’s HP a total of 15 times.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Three-Headed Boy

Pet Cerberus 10 times


Cerberus can be found in the House of Hades lobby, next to Hades’ desk. When you approach him, you’ll see two options; Talk, and Pet. To unlock the Three-Headed Boy trophy, you must use the Pet option a total of 10 times.

Hades Three-Headed Boy Trophy

The trophy should unlock right away. If not, it should unlock when you enter your bedroom.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
God of Blood

Earn all other Trophies

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Hades Trophy Guide, the “God of Blood” platinum trophy will unlock.

Hades God of Blood Platinum Trophy

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