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How long does it take to beat Minit and unlock all trophies?

About 4 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Minit and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Minit have online trophies?


Does Minit have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Minit have missable trophies?


Does Minit have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Minit?

You will need to complete the very short game once and then again on New Game +. You may then need up to two more playthroughs for "MINIMALIST" and "PACIFIST, SORT OF".

Does Minit have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

How to Unlock All Trophies in Minit for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Minit Trophy Guide. Minit is a unique Zelda-inspired top-down adventure game with some very retro graphics.

The unique element of this game comes from the curse mechanic. The sword you collect at the start of the game inflicts you with a curse wherein you have just 60 seconds to live. Each time you die, you’ll be returned home but will get to keep any items you collected.

This very fun mechanic means that you can chip away at game progress in small minute-sized chunks.

On top of the game actually being a great concept with fantastic execution, the trophy journey is just a measly 4 hours long!

Phase One – 100% Playthrough

In this first phase of our Minit Trophy Guide, we’ll focus on taking our time to collect every item, coin, and heart as well as beating the story for the first time.

You’re very welcome to complete a blind playthrough of this very short game before proceeding with this trophy guide. Nothing is missable so you’ve got total freedom to do that and then return to this guide when you’re ready to get serious.

There is a point of no return in the factory where you can spawn the final boss by hitting a machine with the “Mega Sword.” Don’t do this until you have all items.

Sure, they’re not technically missable, but you may end up having to jump through a few more hoops on future runs if you don’t collect everything here first.

There are really not too many items to collect and I’ve provided handy tips below to help you find everything you need! I also included some misc trophies in this playthrough which it would be better for you to earn now.

Note that you can also attempt to unlock the “PACIFIST, SORT OF” trophy here by avoiding killing any snakes for your full playthrough.

Collection Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




The ADVENTURER trophy will unlock when you pick up an item for the very first time.

This is guaranteed to be the sword on the beach southwest of your home. You will eventually need to find and collect all 17 items for COLLECTOR.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



To unlock the COLLECTOR trophy, you will need to find and collect all 17 Items in the game. Use the table below to locate and collect each one.

SwordGo south from your house, then west to a beach. The sword is on the shore.
Watering CanGo South from your house and then east across the bridge. Cut through the bushes in the northeast corner with the sword to reach a clearing with the Watering Can.
CoffeeKill all 5 Crabs in a single run (3 are north of the cafe, 2 are south of your house) and then go to the Cafe, two screens west of your house. When you enter, the cafe owner will give you coffee as thanks.
Lighthouse KeyGo north from the coffee shop and then east. You’ll see some boxes that you can now push with the power of coffee. Behind them there’s a Lighthouse key on the ground.
FlashlightEnter the Lighthouse with the Lighthouse Key and then go up to the very top where you’ll find the Flashlight on the balcony.
Sword ThrowerObtained from the Oasis Ghost.
Fast ShoesOnce you have at least 7 of the game’s 19 coins, go to the Sneaker Hut and use them to purchase the Fast Shoes.
Gardening GloveFrom your second house, the Campervan, grab your Watering Can and then keep going south until you find a stranger. Water the stranger with the watering can to save them from dehydration.
From there, go to the Sign Maker and the Stranger you saved will open a west-bound path into a cave containing the Gardening Glove.
BoatwoodOnce you have the Gardening Glove, you can cut down the tree outside the Snake Cave, which will give you the Boatwood needed for TOURIST.
Press PassNorth from the tree where you get Boatwood, kill the two archers to spawn some lillypads you can cross the water with. Continue north to find this item.
Basement KeyAfter completing TOURIST and using the Stranger’s Boat to reach the island, cut down the tall tree to find the Basement Key, which allows access to several Basements including the Beach Hut and Sneaker Hut Basements.
FlippersAfter finding all Hotel Guests and unlocking EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, you will get access to the Flippers, which allow you to now swim in water.
GrinderThis item is found in the same area as the SAFETY INSPECTOR puzzle. In the western-most puzzle room, you will see a hidden fourth box across the water.
Use the three other boxes to create a bridge over the water. Next, push the fourth box into the machine to grind it up. You’ll receive the Grinder item for doing this.
TrophyEnter the mines and head south. Usually, a box will block your path but now that you have the Grinder you can destroy it.
Swim to the east (this water damages you so be quick) and enter a pipe hidden on the edge of the screen.
Follow the pipe to a small campsite and then enter the tent to set it as a checkpoint.
Continue on westward, following the pipes until you reach a Trophy Room. In here, only one trophy does not sparkle. The dull trophy is this item and you should grab it. Don’t grab any sparkling trophies because they will explode and kill you.
This is a nod to Indiana Jones when he needs to choose the Holy Grail and chooses the least extravagant goblet.
Mega SwordSolve the southern SAFETY INSPECTOR puzzle.
Broken SwordThe final item. You will get it automatically by defeating the final boss, so you can pass the point of no return without having this item.

Once you have all 17 items, including the Broken Sword, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



The TREASURE HUNTER trophy will unlock when you pick up a coin for the very first time.

You will eventually need to find and collect all 19 coins for TREASURE HOARDER.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



To unlock the TREASURE HOARDER trophy, you will need to find and collect all 19 Coins in the game. Use the table below to locate and collect each one.

#Coin Location
1Inside a breakable pot in your home.
2Push the boxes next to the cafe into the water to the left, creating a bridge you can use to reach the hidden area containing this coin to the northwest. Or you can just swim once you have the Flippers.
3Outside the Snake-filled cave, take note of a small “X” on the ground. Head to that location inside the cave to find a secret passage through the wall heading west. Navigate the darkness leading to a room with a chest containing a coin.
4North of the sign-maker there’s a quicksand pit. Enter it and allow yourself to sink down into the room below. Inside, head all the way south and open the chest to find a coin, but the only way out once you have it is to die.
5Outside of the Sneaker Hut, hit the dumpster to get this coin.
6West of the Sneaker Hut there’s a breakable wall. Behind the wall you’ll find a chest containing this coin.
7This coin is found in a chest outside of the Ruins. To find the ruins, from the sneaker hut go south, east, east, north, north, and then north again.
8Received from the Eastern ARCHEOLOGIST puzzle.
9Received from the Northern ARCHEOLOGIST puzzle.
10From outside the hotel entrance, go up to the top of the screen and then walk down against the back of the hotel near the right side to enter a hidden storeroom containing this coin.
11When you go north of the hotel, there are some bushes containing bandits that will try to ambush you. They are related to one of the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH hotel guests. Defeat them three times (die in between each attempt) to earn a coin.
12Once you have the flippers, you can swim in the river east of to the Snake Cave. Swim up through the waterfall at the top of it to the next screen and you’ll see a chest containing this coin.
13Under the pot next to the cafe, there’s an entrance to the sewers. Head inside and then go North to find a room full of bats. Kill all of the bats to unlock the door which you can head through to find another chest containing this coin.
14Return to the room that you can access after defeating the bats from Coin #13 and follow the water south to reach another chest containing a coin.
15The island that the old man from LISTENER informs you about has a coin on it.
16In the factory, enter the room to the south and then get in line. Wait just 30 seconds and the plant in the room will spontaneously explode, leaving behind a coin.
17After using the Press Pass to access more of the Factory, go east until you enter a toilet. Go south from the toilets to find a shipping department.
Enter the back of the northernmost truck to find a hidden coin.
18Before getting this coin, you’ll need to shut down the factory. After using the Press Pass to access more of the Factory, enter the eastern room with a water cooler. Continue south a few screens until you see a huge drill.
Hit the two arms holding the drill up to release it and then hit the back of it to make it dig a tunnel to the Campervan.
On the left side of this tunnel, you’ll see the coin in plain sight.
19Head into the Mines, go east, and then use the Grinder item to break the box that blocks access to the southern areas. Go south and then run across the conveyor belts to reach another chest containing the final coin.

Note that once you have collected all 19 coins, you can collect one of the 6 hearts needed for FULL AIDER from the Sneaker Hut basement.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



The FIRST AIDER trophy will unlock when you pick up a Heart for the very first time.

You will eventually need to find and collect all 6 hearts for FULL AIDER.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



To unlock the FULL AIDER trophy, you will need to find and collect all 6 Hearts in the game. Use the table below to locate and collect each one.

#Heart Location
1Go west from the house you started at and use the Watering Can on the strange plant in the grass at the top of the screen. Once done, press to kill yourself and then repeat 2 more times to receive a heart.
2After passing through the cave full of snakes, go east to find a Bull enemy. Kill it to receive another heart.
The best way to defeat it is to repeatedly make it charge into one of the rocks at the middle of the area. When he’s stunned, hit him with your sword and then move away. Repeat until you win.
3Unlock BEST FRIEND to also receive a heart.
4Go west from the graveyard and then push up against the northern wall. There’s a secret block here. Push it upward to enter a hidden cave containing this heart.
5Complete the Southern ARCHEOLOGIST puzzle.
6Once you have collected all 19 coins and unlocked TREASURE HOARDER, enter the basement of the Sneaker Hut to receive another heart.

Once you have all 6 Hearts, the FULL AIDER trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



The MARINE ENTHUSIAST trophy will unlock when you hit a Tentacle for the very first time.

You will eventually need to find and hit all 8 Tentacles for MARINE BIOLOGIST.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



In the SECRET TEMPLE in the desert, there are four puzzles. One of these puzzles requires you to find 8 tentacles for a poor Octopus.

To unlock the MARINE BIOLOGIST trophy, you will need to find and hit all 8 Tentacles in the game. Use the table below to locate and hit each one.

#Tentacle Location
1South of the Campervan home, you’ll find an area with several snakes and a skeleton. There’s a tentacle in the water on this screen.
2Head north 2 screens from the first house. Kill the two archers to spawn the lillypads and use them to cross the water.
Go north 1 screen and then destroy the tree stump and go west. Push the box and align it with the Tentacle on the water shore before you push it south into the water.
Stand on the very edge of the box to get just south enough to throw your sword at the Tentacle.
3Under the pot next to the cafe, there’s an entrance to the sewers. Head inside and then go East to find a room full of water. Using the series of boxes to avoid the shark, swim anti-clockwise around the outside of the area to reach a final box on the far west side. From there, you can hit the Tentacle.
4In the Secret Temple, enter the west room to find the Octopus who wants you to find all 8 Tentacles. Use the Flippers to swim north from here to enter another room with a Tentacle inside.
5The island that the old man from LISTENER informs you about has a Tentacle next to it. Stand on the east coast of the island and stab the Tentacle from the land.
6When riding the boat to an island for TOURIST, you will pass a Tentacle. You’ll need to try and hit it on your way past.
7Enter the basement of the Beach Hut on the TOURIST island and go east twice to reach a room full of teleporter pads. Hold in here until you stop moving. From there, head south and you’ll see the next Tentacle in the water.
Use the Teleporter pad on the right to reach the other side of the box on the left. Push the box into the water so that you can stand on it and hit the Tentacle from there.
8After using the Press Pass to access more of the Factory, enter the eastern room with a water cooler. The Tentacle is inside the Water Cooler.

The MARINE BIOLOGIST trophy will unlock once you’ve hit all 8 tentacles in a single playthrough, but don’t forget to return to speak to the Octopus at the Secret Temple. He will give you the Turbo Ink item required for the COLLECTOR trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



The “TRAVELER” trophy will unlock when you use a Televator for the very first time. See WORLD TRAVELER for more about Televators.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



Before you can use a Televator, you will need to activate them. This can be done at the island you need to visit for TOURIST.

There are three puzzles to solve on this island:

  • Push the box outside the Beach Hut west to complete the west bridge. Cross the bridge to find the first puzzle.
  • Push the box outside the Beach Hut east and then south to complete the south bridge. Cross the bridge to find the second puzzle.
  • Chop down the tree north of the Beach Hut to get the Basement Key. Enter the Basement of the Beach Hut and then go east to a room full of teleporters. Hold until you hit a wall, then step on the teleporter southwest of you to be taken to the single teleporter on the upper-right. There, go east to find the third puzzle.

Once you have activated all three terminals, the Televators will become active!

#Televator Location
1In the basement of the Beach Hut on the island from TOURIST.
2Enter the Hotel and go up to the second floor. In the southeast corner you’ll find this Televator.
3Enter the basement of the Sneaker Hut shop to see this Televator in plain sight.

After you have used each Televator at least once, each of which connects to a secret hub area, you will unlock the WORLD TRAVELER trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




Before using the Mega Sword to shut down the factory and enter the final boss fight in your first playthrough, make sure you have collected every item from the COLLECTOR*, TREASURE HOARDER, and FULL AIDER trophies first.

*The “Broken Sword” item required for “COLLECTOR” is unlocked from the final boss fight, so you will need to have all 18 items except that last one.

If you’ve done so, the “HI MY NAME IS MARY” trophy will unlock when you beat the final boss.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



From the first house, go south and then cross the bridge to the east. There, cut through the shrub in the upper-right corner to find a secret path leading up to the Watering Can.

Once you have grabbed it, quickly run back to the house and then press while facing your dog to sprinkle water on him.

He’ll shake the moisture from his fur, as dogs tend to do, and then the DOG WASHER trophy will unlock!

If you don’t get back to your home in time, you’ll see that the Watering Can spawns right outside now so you can just grab it, head inside, and water your dog!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



Southwest from your house, you’ll find a Lighthouse (south from the Cafe). Standing by the Lighthouse is an old man.

When you approach him he will begin to speak very slowly. It takes around 40 seconds for him to say everything he has to say, so you’ll need to approach him quickly with enough time to spare for him to finish.

If done correctly, the LISTENER trophy will unlock after the word “SOUTH!”

The full dialogue he provides is directions to an island where you’ll find a few things you need for the Platinum.


Before you can follow his directions you’ll need the Flippers, but once you have them you should go to the island.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



In the Desert area, there’s a place called “SECRET TEMPLE.” To reach it easily, you can do south from the Campervan twice and then east to the SECRET TEMPLE.

Head inside and you’ll see that there are four possible directions, each of which contains a different puzzle.

West Puzzle

In the west room, you will find an Octopus who has lost all of his tentacles. To complete this puzzle, you’ll need to find all 8 Tentacles hidden throughout the game and hit them with your sword. See MARINE BIOLOGIST for all Tentacle Locations.

The first Tentacle is north of the Octopus, but you’ll need the Flippers to reach it.

South Puzzle

The South Puzzle requires the Fast Shoes item. You can buy these from the Sneaker Hut to the east of the Campervan home for 7 coins.

Once you have them, you’ll be fast enough to reach the end of the South Puzzle’s labyrinth before you die.

East Puzzle

The East Puzzle requires the Watering Can item. Bring it into the SECRET TEMPLE with you and then use it to put out the fires on the east side of the room.

Now that you can enter the East Puzzle room, use the Watering Can to put out the fires while avoiding the bat enemies.

If you take any damage, the door at the far end of the room will close, so be very careful.

Once you reach the other side without taking damage, enter the doorway and collect your reward from within.

North Puzzle

The North Puzzle is a strange one and will have you returning several times. Basically, you need to sacrifice yourself in this room. Just enter the room and press to die.

The issue is, you need to do this four times, one for each of the homes in the game. Each time you unlock a new home, you will need to make your way to the SECRET TEMPLE from there and then kill yourself in the northern room.

Once you’ve done this from all four homes, the skull-engraved door at the north end will open, letting you proceed inside.

Once you have completed the requirements for all four of these puzzles, the ARCHEOLOGIST trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



If you go North from the Hotel and then North again, you’ll find a small graveyard. Enter it and collect the bone from the ground.

Take the Bone all the way back to your Starting Home and give it to your dog to unlock the BEST FRIEND trophy.

The easiest way to do this is to first activate all of the Televators on the Island (See WORLD TRAVELER). Then you can use the Televator on the second floor of the Hotel to quickly return to the starting home where your dog is.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



There is a way to activate hints in Minit, but it’s a bit tricky.

First, go to the Haunted House which you can find by going north from the Hotel. Continue past the Graveyard and you’ll find it.

There, you’ll see that every room is identical and there’s a TV in the center. You can either go upstairs or downstairs.

To solve this puzzle, go up or down the stairs as you wish and check the TV on each floor. Keep this up until the TV says “THIS IS THE RIGHT FLOOR! – MARY.”

Once this has been done, leave the house without going up or down the stairs again. Hint ghosts will spawn at several locations in the game, previously marked by a skeleton. At each of these locations, they will give you a hint for what to do next.

One of these locations is right outside the Haunted House, so approach Mary the Ghost when you’re back outside to unlock the GHOST HUNTER trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



The PUNCTUAL trophy is fairly easy to get but probably won’t unlock naturally.

You’ll just need to find an item, coin, or heart, and then stand next to it until the timer in the upper-left corner of your HUD reaches 1 second.

Once you have only a second left to live, quickly grab the item, coin, or heart before you die and the trophy will unlock.

If you really need to, you can just start a new game and then use the Sword to unlock this trophy within the first minute of your playthrough.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



This is the easiest trophy in the game by far. Simply enter the Cafe to the west of the starting home and then hit the Jukebox in the corner repeatedly.

Each time you do, the music will change. Eventually, you’ll put on a track that makes the nearby customer smile, unlocking the CONNOISSEUR trophy.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




Finding and defeating the Oasis Ghost is an important part of the story, making the EXPLORER trophy unmissable.

To find the Oasis Ghost, keep heading south from the Campervan home to reach the Endless Desert.

Just keep walking in the Endless Desert until you find the Oasis Ghost. Hit it once with your sword to defeat it, unlocking the EXPLORER trophy.

You will also get the Sword Throw ability, which will be very useful for collecting all Tentacles.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




There are four homes you can use as checkpoints throughout the game. The second one is the Campervan on the Desert Campsite. All you need to do to set it as your current checkpoint is enter it.

Doing so for the first time will unlock the HOME OWNER trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




The island contains many items required for the Platinum, as well as a series of teleporters (or “Televators”) that will be very helpful.

To reach the island, first, you must use the watering can on the stranger who is two screens south of the Campervan home.

He will go to meet you at the Sign Maker. To reach the Sign Maker, go west from the Campervan and then south across the quicksand.

When you reach him, you’ll find that the passage to the west is now open. Go to the very end and collect the Gardening Glove beyond.

Return to your starting home and head north to the Snake Cave. Nearby, you’ll see a huge tree with no branches. Use your sword to chop it down (which is now possible thanks to the Gardening Glove).

Collect the Boatwood that falls from the tree and bring it to the Stranger next to his boat near the Lighthouse southwest of your starting home.

He will thank you but say that he needs more time. To speed things up, press to die and then speak to the boatman again, he should be willing to ferry you to the island. If not, repeat until he’s sitting out on the water.

On the island, you’ll find another new home at the Beach House and you’ll unlock the TOURIST trophy when you make land.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




To reach the hotel, do the following:

  • Go north from the cafe past the crabs and cut down the cluster of trees.
  • Go all the way north until you reach a pond.
  • Chop down the trees at the back of the pond to open a path heading east.
  • Go east one screen to find the hotel. You’ll need to head upstairs to save it as a checkpoint.

Once you have access to the Hotel, the receptionist will ask you to find some Hotel Guests so he can open more rooms.

There are 9 guests to find in total, use the table below to locate each of them:

#Guest Location
1Go west from the hotel and you’ll see a snorkel poking out of the pond there. Stand next to the snorkel and it will say “BLUB.” Stay next to the Snorkel for as long as you can, if you stay there long enough the guest will come up for air and go to the Hotel.
2Go north from the hotel to find a group of bandits hiding in bushes. They will jump out to ambush you when you head far enough north, but you’ll see a fifth member of their team who doesn’t have a weapon. This is the Hotel Guest.
Kill all the bandits while being careful to leave the Guest alive and then speak to them.
3Go north from the hotel and then west to find an NPC standing on a movable block. They’ve lost their wallet!
As you push the block they’re standing on, they’ll tell you if you’re “HOT” or “COLD”. The warmer you are, the closer you are to the wallet.
Keep this up until you successfully reunite the Guest with their Credit Card and they’ll go to stay at the hotel.
4Go East from the Hotel, where you’ll find some boxes next to the water. Push these boxes and you’ll find a guest under one of them.
5Go north twice from the hotel and then go east.
Here, there’s an NPC who is using the trees to hide from you. Chop down every last tree until he has nowhere left to hide. He’ll then go stay at the Hotel.
6Go east of the hotel and then head south and into the mines. Pass through to the other side. There, press the switches to repair the bridge and the final guest will cross it to go stay at the Hotel.

Now that all guests have been sent to the Hotel, you’ll unlock the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH trophy, but most importantly you’ll now have access to the roof, where you can acquire the Flippers!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




You can access the Factory via the bridge east of the Hotel, but you’ll need to first pass through the mines to reach the bridge switches.

Once inside the factory, you’ll need to solve three puzzles to shut it down.

East Puzzle

Head East through the Factory until you reach a toilet stall.

Go south from there to find a Shipping area, where you can enter a doorway to the southwest. Enter it and then head north up to a conveyor belt.

Riding on the conveyor belt, hit all of the buttons to shut the machine down.

West Puzzle

This puzzle requires the Flippers, so make sure you have them before attempting. You can reach it by heading West from the East Puzzle or by entering from the mines and going to the northeast corner.

Cross the water to the puzzle and then push all three boxes into the machine to shut it down.

South Puzzle

The last puzzle is a bit trickier. To start with, from the Watercooler room, go South and then head downstairs.

From there, head north and then destroy the machine in the bottom-left to turn off the electric barriers.

Now, go South and back up the stairs. From there, go south again to find a Drill. Hit both sides of the Drill to free it and then whack it from behind to dig a tunnel to the Campervan.

Go inside the Campervan and make a checkpoint, then head back through the tunnel and back down the stairs from earlier.

This time, go south continuously until you meet an NPC who wants you to hit the machine. Hit it with your sword and then run back upstairs and through the tunnel to your Campervan. Grab the Watering Can from outside the Campervan and then bring it to the machine you hit earlier.

Sprinkle some water on it to shut it down, completing the third puzzle.

Once you have completed the requirements for all three of these puzzles, the SAFETY INSPECTOR trophy will unlock and you’ll have the “MEGA SWORD” needed to finish the game!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image




Once you have unlocked the SAFETY INSPECTOR trophy and acquired the Mega Sword, you can go to the large machine in the center of the factory and hit it with the Mega Sword.

Hit it three times to destroy it and start the final boss fight. The boss is pretty easy. There are three phases to this fight. Throughout all three phases, avoid his projectile blades.

In phase one, attack the blades that are around the edges of the arena. You can push the boxes to block the boss’ projectiles while you do this.

In the second phase, there will be some floating swords that you can’t hit. Eventually, they’ll slam into the ground in an attempt to harm you. Avoid the attack and then quickly attack the blade while it’s white.

Repeat this until phase three begins. During phase three, the boss has some large swords that spin around him. Wait for the swords to stop moving and then hit one. Repeat until the phase ends.

In the boss fight’s final moments, you’ll be surrounded by small blades and the boss looks pretty scared of you. Hit him just once at this point to finish him off.

Once he’s defeated, approach the toilet in the Factory and you’ll flush the sword automatically, ending the game.

Phase Two – New Game +

After you’ve completed your first playthrough, you’ll get a results screen. Press on it to proceed to the credits.

Mash through the credits and final cutscene to unlock “SECOND RUN.” From the next menu, select “NEW GAME +” to begin your second run playthrough.

This phase of our Minit Trophy Guide is dedicated to your second playthrough. It won’t be much harder, but see ANOTHER MINIT for a list of changes to the playthrough.

If you wish to finish your trophy journey with this playthrough, and you haven’t earned them already, you should try to unlock PACIFIST, SORT OF and MINIMALIST trophies with this playthrough, otherwise you’ll need to complete another future playthrough to grab them.

Complete a Second Playthrough

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



Minit’s New Game + mode (called SECOND RUN) acts as a kind of Hard Mode, but is not much different from your first playthrough, so a lot of the things you learned from your first run will come in handy still in your second playthrough. However, to help keep things exciting, the devs have made a few slight changes to New Game + mode:

  • You now only have 40 seconds per life.
  • You have only one heart.
  • You can only get a second heart by collecting all 6 hearts.
  • Select enemies will have more health than before.
  • The coin you originally find in the breakable pot in your house is now in the Beach Hut home instead.
  • Some of the Crabs that the Cafe owner asks you to kill have moved. One is now on the way to the Watering Can and one is in the sewers below the Cafe.
  • The Old Man by the lighthouse will tell you about a different island with a different set of instructions.
  • There are now two Oasis Ghosts to find and defeat, not just one.
  • The Gardening Glove cave has changed and you’ll need to hit the signs with your sword to move through it.
  • The puzzle on the East side of the SECRET TEMPLE now requires you to extinguish all flames without taking damage to proceed.
  • The puzzle on the South side of the SECRET TEMPLE now has some shortcuts that allow you to make it in time on the new shorter time limit.
  • You now need to head deeper into the Endless Desert to find the Stranger who needs water.
  • The tree that you originally get the Boatwood item from next to the Snake Cave is now found next to the building where the Press Pass is.
  • The tree with the Basement Key on it is a lot taller.
  • The screen with the Hotel Guest who can’t find his waller now has Archer enemies.
  • The screen with the Hotel Guest who is hiding in the trees now has more trees.
  • The screen with the Hotel Guest who is hiding under a box now has more boxes.
  • Scorpions now spawn in the mine areas.
  • The Factory’s East Puzzle now has more buttons and a shorter timer.

Note also that due to your Broken Sword, SECOND RUN mode is the only mode where you can skip most of the Factory and just end the game early.

Once you have the Press Pass and access to the Factory, simply approach the Toilet and the playthrough will end early!

Reach and defeated the final boss in SECOND RUN mode, then the ANOTHER MINIT trophy will unlock.

Note that you specifically must play SECOND RUN mode, playing MARY’S MODE won’t unlock this trophy.

Phase Three – Optional Cleanup

If you have made it this far into our Minit Trophy Guide and don’t yet have the Platinum trophy, then one or both of the following has likely happened:

This phase of our Minit Trophy Guide is dedicated to cleaning up those remaining trophies.

Provided one of the trophies you missed isn’t HI MY NAME IS MARY, you will have full access to “Mary’s Mode” which will make your end-game cleanup a total breeze. See MINIMALIST for more info.

Pacifist & Minimalist Trophy Cleanup

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



To unlock the “PACIFIST, SORT OF” trophy, you will need to complete a full playthrough of the game without ever killing a snake. Snakes appear in four different locations throughout the game but won’t attack or harm you unless you walk right into them.

Avoid attacking them for a full playthrough and the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



Time Limited

To unlock the “MINIMALIST” trophy, you need to complete the game in under 26 runs. When your life lasts just a minute, this doesn’t seem like anywhere near enough time, but it’s about 25 minutes, so not too bad.

You can either complete this with a very speedy New Game + run during your second playthrough, or you can dedicate a separate playthrough to this trophy.

When you have completed the game 100%, unlocking HI MY NAME IS MARY, you get access to “Mary’s Mode.” Using Mary’s Mode makes this trophy extremely easy.

In Mary’s Mode, you play as Mary the ghost. She has infinite time to explore the map and cannot die (unless you press ).

Just complete the story while taking advantage of these amazing ghostly perks to very quickly end the game and unlock the trophy.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image


Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Minit Trophy Guide, the “LEGEND” Platinum trophy will unlock.

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