BFF or Die Trophy Guide

BFF or Die

14 Trophies (1350 Points)






PlayStation 4

Release Date

December 13th, 2018


ASA Studio, 2Awesome Partners, ASA Studio Limited


ASA Studio, 2Awesome Partners, ASA Studio Limited


How long does it take to beat BFF or Die and unlock all trophies?

~20 minutes

How difficult is it to beat BFF or Die and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10)

Does BFF or Die have online trophies?


Does BFF or Die have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does BFF or Die have missable trophies?


Does BFF or Die have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in BFF or Die?

One partial playthrough up to the end of zone 10, plus Cleanup

Does BFF or Die have a Platinum Trophy?


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BFF or Die Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our BFF or Die Trophy Guide. BFF or Die is a rather janky puzzle game in which you (optionally with friends) use various tools to avoid Mummies and collect aliens called Orbees.

Luckily for trophy hunters, the platinum only takes about 15 minutes to earn and requires you play as few as 10 levels.

Phase One – Complete the First 10 Zones

The vast majority of these trophies will be earned by playing the first 10 zones, but there are a couple of trophies which will require a little backtracking. For now, though, just focus on completing Zone 10 in this phase.

To finish a zone, you need to collect all of the round blue aliens (Orbees), and then make it back to the pod where you started. There, you’ll high-five your team-mate(s), which you need to do 10 times.

When it comes to zone 5, complete it after stepping on all pressure pads for a trophy. As soon as the trophy pops, pause the game and select “Retry” to start again. This time, complete the zone after stepping on no pressure pads for another trophy.

Unmissable Trophies

The following trophies will unlock through progressing to the end of Zone 10.

Trophy Image
Team Builder

High Five 10 times

Trophy Image
Time Traveler

Time-shift back to the Space Base 3 times

Trophy Image
Star Traveler

Complete zone 7

Trophy Image

Complete zone 10

Trophy Image
Push it Real Good

Step on a switch

Trophy Image
Resue Ranger

Rescue 33 Orbees

Zone 5 Trophies Trophies

As mentioned, you will need to complete zone 5 twice, once after stepping on all pressure pads, another time while avoiding stepping on any pressure pads. Both completions will result in a trophy if done correctly. Those trophies are as follows:

Trophy Image
Tread Carefully

Complete zone 5 without touching any floor-buttons

Trophy Image
Don’t Tread Carefully

Complete zone 5 and touch *all* the floor-buttons

Phase Two – Cleanup

There are just a few trophies left now, most of which will have unlocked naturally while you made your way through to zone 10, but if not, check the section below for instructions on earning them.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Who Needs a Plan?

Die 5 times

Trophy Image
Without a plan

Die 10 times

Dying in BFF or Die is as simple as walking into a Mummy. For the above two trophies, you will need to die a total of 5, and then 10 times. If you need to unlock either trophy once done with Phase One of the trophy journey, simply load any stage and purposefully walk into Mummies to rack up the extra deaths.

Trophy Image
Chaos Theory

See 6 moving hazards on screen at the same time

For this trophy, you need to see 6 “moving hazards” at once. Simply put; you need to have 6 Mummies on-screen at one time. The best place to earn this trophy is in Zone 6, as new Mummies will spawn over time. All you need to do is wait until 2 extra Mummies have entered the room and the trophy will unlock.

If it helps, you can use the grabber to pick up the new Mummies and drop them into the section in the center where the other four Mummies are, so that they cannot get to you.

Trophy Image
Power Lifter

Use the Grabber 10 times

Once acquired, you can switch to the grabber by holding .

The grabber can be used to pick up either Mummies or other players, and then drop them off in areas otherwise inaccessible. In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to use this grabber tool to move Mummies/Players 10 total times.

It’s very likely you will unlock this trophy naturally because the Grabber is very useful for completing the latter few zones.

Note that the grabber has a battery life, however, and if you use it too much you will drain the battery. This will force you to wait for a cooldown period, during which time the grabber cannot be used, leaving you in potentially difficult situations.

Trophy Image
Trigger Happy

Activate the drone launcher 22 times

The drone launcher is used in the second half of the game to bait Mummies over to drone towers. All you need to do for this trophy is activate it 22 times.

For this, wait until you’re in a safe area where all Mummies are boxed away (or use the grabber to place them in boxes) and then activate the drone launcher repeatedly until the trophy pops.

The drone launcher has a cooldown but is not limited to a set number of uses.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image

Get all the trophies

With all other trophies collected, this platinum will place itself neatly into your collection.

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

Check out our guides for similarly easy platinum trophies which take an hour or less to unlock in our post; 35 Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies.

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