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How long does it take to beat Balan Wonderworld and unlock all trophies?

About 50 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Balan Wonderworld and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Balan Wonderworld have online trophies?


Does Balan Wonderworld have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Balan Wonderworld have missable trophies?


Does Balan Wonderworld have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Balan Wonderworld?

One, with A LOT of cleanup.

Does Balan Wonderworld have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide and Road Map

Balan Wonderworld is a bizarre and ugly-looking adventure pieced together by the team behind the classic Sonic Adventure games and Nights into Dreams. Though undeniably flawed at face value, the unique costume-based gameplay at least offers a few hours of curious fun. With this Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide and Road Map in hand, hopefully, your journey to the Platinum will be as smooth as possible.

Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

There are a lot of things that this game doesn’t tell you. Void of any tutorial–save for a couple of pop-ups here and there–it can be easy to miss features you have at your disposal.

First, though, I should point out that this game’s control scheme is a bit unorthodox. For some reason, , , , , and all do the same thing. And not just in-game, either; when navigating the menus, the same is true of the button layout.

This means you can’t just press to back out of menus, that’s something which tripped me up a few times.

If you’re playing on PS5, I recommend using as your action button. Purely because they have actually gone out of their way to use the adaptive triggers, and the effect is different depending on which costume you have equipped.

Changing and Managing Costumes

Whenever you start a level or reach a checkpoint, if you stay on the disc-like checkpoint marker for a few seconds, the lighting in the scene will dim and a small tent will appear in front of you.

You can speed this up by holding any of the action buttons while stood on a checkpoint, but it’s a little sketchy and doesn’t work right a lot of the time.

In here, you can see all of your costumes, organised by the chapters they’re found in (useful for knowing where to go to recover one if you lose it) and you can use this menu to select the three costumes you’d like to use.

This isn’t really necessary until Phase Two of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide, but it doesn’t make sense that the game doesn’t introduce you to this feature in any way.

It’s certainly a useful feature that you will end up using a lot.

Golden Balan Statues

Another thing that isn’t really explained is that not all gold Balan statues are found just floating around in the levels. There are 7-9 Balan Statues in every Act but only 6 are ever found in the level, the remaining 1-3 are from something called “Balan’s Bout,” which is a mini-game found at large golden top hats hidden in each Act.

You cannot get all 7+ statues in any Act on your first attempt as a lot of them require you to have abilities you’ll get from other costumes later in the game.

Also, the boss fight of each Chapter works a little differently to the main Acts. In each boss fight, you’ll use two of the new costumes you’ve picked up in that chapter against the boss in an attempt to beat them. Every boss goes down after three hits.

To get all 3 Gold Statues from a Boss fight, you have to deal damage to them in three different ways. There’s no way to see what these requirements are, you’re expected to just figure it out, but our Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide can help you with that.

Photo Mode

Even though the Photo Mode in Balan Wonderworld has poor controls, it can actually serve a useful purpose as there’s few limitations on where and how you can use it. Therefore, if you need to look at something above you, below you, or around the corner, but the in-game camera is giving you some grief, you can use Photo Mode.

You can find it in the Pause Menu under “Miscellaneous.”

Resetting Levels

There are many reasons you might want to reset a level. Sometimes, a change you made in the stage has blocked a section off. Other times it might be that you need to fight the mini-boss again, attempt a Balan’s Bout hat a second time, or just want a Raindrop from the end of the level again.

You can reset levels by defeating that Chapter’s boss. It’s not something you’ll need to worry about now, but it will be a big part of the long end-game grind.

Phase One – Play the Story, Collect What You Can

During this first phase of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide, you’re just going to want to complete the story. Obviously, if you collect everything you possibly can on your way through each level, you’ll have a lot less to do in the subsequent phases of this Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide.

You may even want to frequently return to previous levels with new costumes as you progress further into the story, and I welcome you to do that too.

That being said, our main goal here is just to finish the main campaign, which will also serve as an opportunity for you to have a blind playthrough and enjoy what the game has to offer.

Unmissable Story/Gameplay Trophies

The trophies in this portion of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide are all completely unmissable. You’ll earn them by simply playing through the campaign and there’s nothing additional required. They consist of a trophy for each chapter of the game as well as a few activities you’ll be unable to avoid doing at least once.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Storm Survivor

Complete Chapter One

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Marine Mates

Complete Chapter Two

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bug Buddies

Complete Chapter Three

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
I Can Fly

Complete Chapter Four

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Triumph for Trees

Complete Chapter Five

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Kitty Companion

Complete Chapter Six

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Children of Chess

Complete Chapter Seven

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
In Love at Last

Complete Chapter Eight

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Feelings Laid Bare

Complete Chapter Nine

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Painted Perfection

Complete Chapter Ten

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Zero to Hero

Complete Chapter Eleven

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Seen Again

Complete Chapter Twelve

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Balance Restored

Defeat Lance

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dress Rehearsal

Don a costume for the first time

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Maestro of Mystery

Collect your first Balan statue

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Defeat a Negati for the first time

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gate Guard

Defeat a Negate-guarding Negati for the first time

Third Acts

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Three-act Play

Complete every Act Three

After you’ve finished the game’s main 12 Chapters and 24 Acts, then beat the final boss, there will be some Act Three levels added to every chapter, leaving you with 12 more levels to play! Each of these levels contains more Balan Statues, though this time they are “Multicolor” Balan statues and thankfully do not involve any Balan’s Bout minigames.

To unlock this trophy you just need to play through them, you don’t need to collect everything.

Phase Two – Collect Everything

During this second phase of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide, you should now have most of the costumes in the game from simply making your way through the game’s Chapters and Acts. With this collection of costumes (and at least knowledge of where to get them back if we lose some), we can now revisit each stage to collect all Golden Balan Statues and more.

Here’s a breakdown of what will be involved:

  • Complete the Costume Collection
  • Perform on Every Stage
  • Get “Excellent” on every Balan’s Bout minigame
  • Play every Sports Minigame
  • Feed Tims between every Act to keep progressing towards a complete Tower o’ Tims
  • Collect every Balan Statue, both gold and multicolored.

Note that, even though you can quit back to the Tim Garden from any checkpoint after collecting what you need when revisiting a level, I recommend that you actually finish the level each time, because you’ll be given a raindrop.

Stage Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Beginner Busker

Perform on a stage for the first time

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Veteran Busker

Perform on every stage

Stages are round drum-like platforms with a musical note on them. They can be found in several Acts and cannot be performed on without a musical costume such as the “Metal Bad Boy” costume.

With a musical costume equipped, all you need to do is jump onto the stage and you’ll automatically perform. You’ll get a few drops in return. “Beginner Busker” will unlock when you first do this but you’ll need to find and perform on every stage for “Veteran Busker.”

You can find stages in the following levels:

  • Chapter 1 Act 1
  • Chapter 2 Act 1
  • Chapter 4 Act 2
  • Chapter 8 Act 1
  • Chapter 9 Act 1
  • Chapter 11 Act 1

If you need some help locating them, check out our Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide.

Collectible Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Drowning in Drops

Collect over one thousand drops in a single act

Drops are found everywhere. They’re the main collectible item and are equivalent to Rings in Sonic or Coins in Mario. They’re used in the hub world to feed your Tims so it’s always a good idea to pick up any that you see.

Collecting 1000 in a single level is very easy once you’ve beat the game’s final boss. In the Chapter 3 Act 3 stage, you’ll find lots of quickly-respawning groups of small seed-like enemies. When you kill a lot of enemies back-to-back the number of Drops they drop is multiplied per enemy. So, using a Pumpkin Puncher or Bullet Kid costume to take them out quickly will net you a lot of Drops, fast.

When you reach the end of the level and have collected most of the Drops in the stage. just start returning to different areas where enemies spawn and farm them, it shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes of farming.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Collect your first raindrop

A raindrop is a special type of drop with a rainbow coloration. They can be found at Father Tim statues and by completing Acts a second time (Act 3 stages will always give a Raindrop at the end). You’ll need to find at least one Father Tim statue to unlock the Hello, Father trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hello, Father

Discover the Father Tim statue

Father Tim statues are large Tim statues with big wings. The easiest one to find is in the Second Act of the Third Chapter. Once you reach the end of the level, you’ll find that there are three platforms in-front of the tree at the end.

One goes left, one goes down, and the other goes up. If you hop on the platform going left and then use the Sickle Slinger costume to hit the blue floating switch blocks, the platform will ferry you over to a secret area where you’ll find the Father Tim statue at the back.

He’ll drop a raindrop, which is perfect for unlocking the Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Casual Costume Fan

Collect twenty costumes

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Costume Collector

Collect fifty costumes

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Full Wardrobe

Collect every costume

Every Act contains 2-3 costumes, which means you’ll make most of your progress on the three trophies above by simply playing through the game. There are 80 costumes required for the “Full Wardrobe” trophy, which you can find in the following Acts listed on the table below. If you need more direct instructions for finding these things, check out our Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide, which will help you find everything from costumes to statues in every Act.

Note that a lot of these cannot be unlocked until you return to the stage with a costume from another stage. The Collectible Guide will definitely help with this but I wanted to point it out so you don’t waste too much time trying to find a costume that you can’t actually get yet.

Tornado Wolf1-1
Jumping Jack1-1
Metal Bad Boy1-1
Dainty Dragon1-2
Pounding Pig1-2
Dynamic Dolphin2-1
Bubble Blower2-1
Double Jumper2-2
Lovely Lantern3-1
Web Wrangler3-1
Itsy-bitsy Elf3-1
Sickle Slinger3-2
Dusk Butterfly3-2
Soaring Sheep4-1
Aero Acrobat4-1
Box Fox4-1
Laser Launcher4-2
Happy Horn4-2
Guardian Bird5-1
Lickshot Lizard5-1
Lucky Egg5-1
Sickle Slayer5-2
Gear Prince6-1
Pumpkin Puncher6-1
Pounding Duck6-1
Air Cat6-2
Quad Cannon7-1
Speedy Cheetah7-1
Floaty Flower7-1
Tackling Bull7-2
Paladin Puncher7-2
Seal Skater8-1
Frost Fairy8-1
Hardy Hammer8-2
Frost Giant8-2
Iron Panda9-1
Rail Runner9-1
Happy Blaster9-1
Slow Tortoise9-1
Pounding Robot9-2
Merry Ghost9-2
X-Ray Ape10-1
Inky Blaster10-1
Air Unicorn10-1
Sneaky Lizard10-2
Double Trouble10-2
Key Mouse11-1
Water Blaster11-1
Iron Apollo11-1
Flame Blaster11-2
Vacuum Blaster12-1
Invisible Man12-1
Fixer Upper12-1
Jolt Tiger12-2
Sun Walker12-2
Super Skater1-3
Leap Frog2-3
Bullet the Kid3-3
Gear King4-3
Lucky Bird5-3
Lethal Vacuum Blaster6-3
Triple Jumper7-3
Lethal Laser Launcher8-3
Moon Walker9-3
Dawn Butterfly10-3
Airy Apollo11-3
Air Double Trouble12-3
Balan CostumeTim of Legend
BaseballerBaseball Minigame
GolferGolf Minigame
BowlerBowling Minigame
FootballerFootball/Soccer Minigame
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Balan Wannabe

Play a round of Balan’s Bout for the first time

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Heir Apparent

Complete every round of Balan’s Bout ranked “Excellent”

Balan’s Bout is a minigame you can find in every level. Look for a giant golden top hat floating somewhere in the stage. When you approach it, it will transform into Balan. Walk into Balan, and the minigame will start. Completing one for the first time will unlock “Balan Wannabe.”

In Balan’s bout, you need to press when Balan’s transparent “shadow” lines up perfectly with him in the scene. Doing so will activate whatever attack he’s charging up and progress the fight. If you time this correctly you’ll get an “Excellent” rating on each attack, and then at the end of the bout, a majority of “Excellent” attacks will equal an “Excellent” rating, in which the hat on the results screen is gold.

You need to get an excellent rating on every single Balan’s Bout for the “Heir Apparent” trophy. Unfortunately, there’s 48 of them. This trophy is brutally unforgiving and is definitely the hardest part of the trophy journey.

I find that it helps to focus on one part of Balan’s body, like a foot or a hand, then once that part is lined up, hit (I prefer to use rather than , though).

The worst thing about these is that once you’ve completed the minigame it can’t be replayed until you leave the level, defeat the boss of that chapter again, and come back. So if you mess up, you need to restart the level, fight the boss, load the level back up and go all the way back to the gold top hat. You also can’t restart it or quit out of it once you’ve started so that can be frustrating when you mess up near the start.

You can kind of recover, by just closing the game when you mess up. You can then just load the game and you’ll be back at the Isle of Tims as if you never went into that Act. However, any other statues you collected during that time will be lost too, so this method is only really useful for when you have everything else you need from a level.

If you’re trying to get more than one Balan’s Bout statue in a single run, I’d recommend going back to the Isle of Tims each time you complete one, so you don’t have to do them all everytime you reset.

If you need help locating them all, use our Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Balan’s a Happy Chappy

Collect every gold Balan statue

There are 8 Balan statues in each act, and while they’re not that difficult to find, getting all 8 will require returning at a later date with more specialised costumes to help you reach new areas.

As we’re in the second phase of this Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide, though, I expect that you’ll have most costumes from your first run and will be ready to do a return playthrough where you return to grab any statues you missed or couldn’t reach in your first run.

You will also get up to 3 golden Balan Statues in every Boss Fight for damaging the boss in three different ways.

Struggling to find them all? This Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need for full completion of every Act!

Additionally, the X-Ray Ape costume from Chapter 10 Act 1 will allow you to see Drops and Balan Statues through walls, highlighted in green. This is very useful for spotting those tricky-to-find collectibles.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Balan’s a Really Happy Chappy

Collect every multicoloured Balan statue

Multicoloured Balan Statues are just like Gold Balan statues and are found in the same ways, but they’re only found in “Act 3” stages. Act 3 stages are unlocked once the main 24 Acts have been completed.

Collect them all to earn this trophy. The best thing about these is that there are no Balan’s Bout events to complete!

Struggling to find them all? This Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need for full completion of every Act!

Tim Trophies

The trophies in this portion of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide involve the small cute penguin-blob characters known as “Tims.” For anyone who has played Sonic Adventure 2, there’s a whole chao-garden-like experience to be had with the Tims in that you can feed them to increase their abilities and then explore minigames and unlockable content with them.

Tims can be found and managed between levels in the hub world, so you’ll be working on a lot of these trophies each time you return from an Act.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Tea Tim(e)

Feed a drop to a Tim for the first time

When you return from an Act and find yourself back in the hub world, surrounded by Tims and flowers, approach any flower patch and press to throw down some of your Drops of the color matching the flower patch. So, if you have a lot of yellow Drops, situate yourself upon a bed of yellow flowers and press to scatter your yellow Drops.

The nearby Tims will come over and gleefully chow down on the drops. Doing this for the first time will unlock this trophy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Populate the Isle of Tims with thirty Tims

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Populate the Isle of Tims with one hundred Tims

Populating your Isle of Tims with ore Tims is a fairly easy but slow process. One way to get new Tims is by collecting eggs which are hidden throughout every stage. Sometimes the Tims who accompany you into the level will bring you eggs that they have found, which is certainly useful!

Another way to get new Tims is to feed a Tim until it is quite large, and then throw a smaller Tim at it ( > ). The larger Tim will pop, splitting into a smaller version of itself and an egg.

Approach any eggs you have in the Isle of Tims and they’ll slowly hatch as long as you stay stood by them. Once you’ve hatched 100 new Tims, the two trophies above will be all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Tim of Legend

Bring the Ultima Tim into the world

The Ultima Tim is not too difficult to get, it just takes a lot of time, patience, and luck. That’s right. The developers chose to curse us with another RNG-based trophy… Fun.

The first thing you need to do is collect Raindrops. Raindrops can be found at Father Tim statues and you’ll also receive one everytime you complete a level for a second time.

When you have raindrops you can give them to the Mother Tim statue in the hub world to fill up the meter on the base of the statue. You’ll need to fill up this meter three times, and then the statue will ask for a King Tim (A Tim with a little crown).

Getting a Tim with a little crown will require having two Tims with three badges on their chests. Feed a Tim 30 Drops of each color (blue, pink, and red) and they’ll get a badge for each one, chances are that if you feed your Tims after every level, you’ll have plenty with three badges.

Then, you need one of the two three-badge Tims to eat enough that they grow to a large size. When you approach a large Tim, a speech bubble will appear with a Tim in it, this is to indicate that if you pick up and throw a small Tim at it, it will split into a small Tim and an egg.

For a chance at getting a King Tim (White Tim with a little crown) you need to throw a small Tim with three badges at a big Tim with three badges. This is complete luck and RNG, so best of luck!

Note: Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to finish building the Tower of Tims and you do not need a Tim with a hat on. You simply just need a lot of luck, and two three-badge Tims. However, it has been theorised that these things can increase your chances of getting a King Tim. So it’s worth finishing the tower just in-case and, of course, if you get a three-badge Tim wearing a hat by chance then use it!

Also, you can save yourself the trouble of having to get two more three-badge Tims every time RNG isn’t on your side if you save the game before combining your Tims. That way, when it fails, you can just close the game, load it back up, and try again! Rinse and repeat until you get lucky!

You won’t be able to pick up the King Tim right away because he’s so small. So either feed him if you can or just go into any level and then return to the garden. He’ll then be big enough to carry. Take that King Tim to the Mother Tim statue and you’ll get your Ultima Tim!

Once you have the Ultima Tim, it will take you to a small island up above the Isle of Tims where you can collect the Balan Costume, which you’ll need for the Full Wardrobe trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Clockwork Happiness

Unlock the Tower o’ Tims

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete the Tower o’ Tims

Whenever you feed your Tims, they’ll return the favour by running on a strange hamster-wheel contraption next to a counter at the center of the island, or using the Tower of Tims once you have some of it.

When they do this, the counter will increase by 1 for each use. You need the counter to reach the Sub-Objective goal, which is in the bottom-left corner of the screen whenever you’re in the Isle of Tims hub.

These Sub-objectives will unlock things for the Tims to interact with, and every few Sub-Objective completions, you will unlock a piece of the “Tower of Tims.”

“Clockwork Happiness” will unlock once you have placed a Foundation at 30 points and the first section at 70 points.

“Tick-tock,” however, will require you to complete all possible Sub-Objectives, the last one being to “Fully repair the Clock of Happiness” at 24,000.

Play Every Minigame

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Solid Sportsmanship

Play every mini game in every chapter

Almost all Chapters will have at least one Act with a costume gem in it that contains special temporary sports-based costumes, such as a Baseballer. To unlock this trophy, you will need to find them all and play them once. There’s no need to actually do well in them, which is good because some of them are actually pretty tricky.

Once you’ve played every minigame one time, this trophy is all yours! Our Balan Wonderworld Collectible Guide will show you where to find them all, but here’s a list for convenience:


Hidden Secret Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Somebody Stop Me

Catch a fleeing cast member

Normally, in Balan Wonderworld, you cannot touch any of the NPC characters because they fade away before you can reach them. However, when enemies spawn, they all scatter and this no longer applies. Though, usually, it wouldn’t matter because they run away so quickly that it’s unlikely you’ll get that near to them anyway.

Well, if you do manage to catch up to and touch them, you’ll get their costume and this trophy!

When it happened for me, it was very much an accident because the cast member got stuck on the environment and, in a game as poorly-constructed as this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find this happens a lot.

I saw that particular cast member get stuck many more times at the start of Chapter 7 Act 1, so that might be a good place to farm it.

There’s also a Key Mouse on the bridge at the start of Chapter 11 Act 1 who is very easy to catch. I caught him accidentally a few times.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Backstage Pass

Find your way backstage for the first time

For this trophy, you need to find a secret back-stage area. There’s one in Chapter 6, Act 2. Just after the first checkpoint (not where you start, the first checkpoint you reach), there are some buildings to the left.

Head to the very end of this row of buildings and there’s a narrow path wrapping around to the left. Head to the very end of this path and look around the corner, you’ll be able to see a ledge sticking out.

Use a costume in which you can jump and hop over to the ledge, where you’ll find a young girl in her dressing room. Approach her and she’ll become startled, unlocking the trophy.

Phase Three – Combat Cleanup

This third and final phase of our Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide involves fighting Negati enemies in their many forms. Many of these trophies are for things you may well achieve naturally, but if you have missed them, then that’s what this whole phase is for! Have at them!

Combat Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Non-stop Negativity

Defeat one thousand Negati

Negati are small somewhat-cute enemies which spawn throughout the game. They always seem to spawn in the same places and will often respawn just a couple of minutes later, making them fairly easy to farm.

After completing the game, you’ve probably already made good progress towards this trophy’s goal of defeating 1000 Negati, and you’ll surely make more progress yet by working through all the trophies in Phase Two of this Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide.

If, after all that, you still somehow need to defeat a few hundred, you should go into Chapter 3, Act 3. There, you’ll find enemies spawning in large groups and they can easily be dealth with using a Pumpkin Puncher or Aero Acrobat, whichever you prefer.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Combo Breaker

Defeat five Negati in a row

For this trophy you need to quickly defeat five Negati in a row. Chapter 3 is great for this because small groups of simple seed-like enemies spawn there quite often.

In particular, a great spot is found in Chapter 3 Act 2. At the end of the level, there’s three platforms which move when a blue switch is activated. One goes up, another goes down, and the third goes left. You want to ride the middle one upwards until it stops in front of a mirror. Jump into the mirror and you’ll end up inside a tree.

A large group of those same simple seed-like enemies spawn, and by using a good combat costume like the Sickle Slinger (which is found in that Act) you can quickly take them out back-to-back, unlocking the trophy. You’ll even get a golden Balan Statue here if you didn’t have it already.

Lanced Negati Trophies

At the end of some levels, you need to fight a miniboss to unblock the path to the level-end tree. These special minibosses need to be hit three times, and usually don a theater mask of some sort.

Well, there’s actually special harder versions of these enemies which only spawn when you’re in Hard Mode. Starting hard mode is a little tricky, as you will need to kill a lot of Negati without dying for it to start. You will know when you’ve reached Hard Mode, because every enemy that spawns will be red. If there’s just a handful of red enemies spawning, you need to farm enemies a little bit longer.

You’ll also get a red thumbs-up stamp when you finish a level while Hard Mode is active. Your hard mode status will continue between levels as long as you don’t get hit at any point!

At that point, you’ll need to reach the miniboss fight without taking a hit and a Lanced version has a chance of spawning. If you get a red variant instead of a Lanced version, close the game and load it up again, you’ll be back at the start of the level, still unscathed. Approach the boss again to see if it is a lanced version again. Rinse and repeat for each boss.

These red variants do not count.

Simply quitting to the Isle of Tims won’t suffice, and you’ll make the game save, which will lock in the miniboss’ form.

If you find that after you’ve beat the miniboss it isn’t respawning then, just as with the Balan’s Bout hats, you’ll need to defeat the boss of that chapter to get everything to reset.

If you take damage during one of the Lanced Miniboss fights, it’s totally fine, you can still earn the trophy. Also, if you want to stay in Hard Mode you can just close the game once you have the trophy, even if you got hit by the miniboss, because you can’t lose the trophy once you have it and don’t need the game to save the fact that you did it.

Use the below information in this Balan Wonderworld Trophy Guide to identify the best places to find and fight each of the “Lanced” miniboss variations. The only exception is the “Ghostli” enemy which isn’t a miniboss.

My combat costume of choice is the Paladin Puncher but the Pumpkin Puncher is a close second. Their attacks are direct, targeted and fast, making them great for quickly dispatching groups of enemies without taking a hit.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lanced Endlessli

Defeat a Lanced Endlessli

The Lanced Endlessi can spawn in Chapter 1 Act 2 or Chapter 6 Act 2. You will need to be in Hard Mode and must reach this Miniboss without taking damage to have a chance of it spawning. If the boss is red or you take damage, immediately close the game and reload to try again.

This miniboss fight is pretty much the same, except the orbs that it fires are a lot bigger. I found it easier to use Frost Fairy to beat it by air-walking above it’s attacks. That being said, I still got hit and had to use a nearby Tornado Wolf costume to finish it off.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lanced Multipli

Defeat a Lanced Multipli

The Lanced Multipli can spawn in Chapter 2 Act 2 or Chapter 4 Act 1. You will need to be in Hard Mode and must reach this Miniboss without taking damage to have a chance of it spawning. If the boss is red or you take damage, immediately close the game and reload to try again.

There will be two “real” Multipli to hit in Lanced form and you’ll need to hit both before it can multiply again in order to damage it. Then repeat two more times to defeat it. The trophy will unlock once you do.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lanced Plenti

Defeat a Lanced Plenti

The Lanced Plenti can spawn in Chapter 5 Act 1 or Chapter 8 Act 1. You will need to be in Hard Mode and must reach this Miniboss without taking damage to have a chance of it spawning. If the boss is red or you take damage, immediately close the game and reload to try again.

This boss is faster than usual and spawns enemies more frequently, but with a fast-attacking costume like Paladin Puncher or Pumpkin Puncher you can hit it as soon as it becomes vulnerable before it can even spawn an enemy. The trophy will be yours once you’ve beat it.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lanced Nessi

Defeat a Lanced Nessi

The Lanced Nessi can spawn in Chapter 9 Act 2. You will need to be in Hard Mode and must reach this Miniboss without taking damage to have a chance of it spawning. If the boss is red or you take damage, immediately close the game and reload to try again.

I would recommend doing it on 9-2 and bringing an Air Unicorn costume, so you can skip the more annoying sections like the rotating bridges and the room full of falling platforms.

This miniboss spawns a large pool of poison and fires huge orbs at you. The best bet is to either wait for the poison to disperse and then whack it with a Pumpkin/Paladin Puncher, or just use Frost Fairy to air-walk above everything and land on its head.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Defeat a Ghostli

The Ghostli enemy has a chance of appearing during any Hard Mode fight. If you get too close to him he will disappear but as long as you back away quickly he will come back. You can only hit him with ranged attacks for this reason.

The best way to farm him out of hiding is to find somewhere that only a small group of enemies spawn and then repeatedly fight them over and over until you get lucky and this big boi appears.

In my time farming the other Lanced Negati in hard mode, I saw this enemy spawn at least 5 times in that 90-minute time-span.

Once you’ve found and defeated one, the trophy will unlock.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Theatre off the Beaten Path…

Collect all trophies

You’ve restored balance to the world, kitted yourself out with many new costumes, and raised an army of adorable furballs! It’s time you were properly rewarded with this Platinum Trophy.

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