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How to Complete All Quests in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Quests Guide. With this guide, we hope to give you just enough info to trigger, find, and complete all of the base-game quests.

Note that there are quite a lot of Side-Quests in Atelier Ryza where you don’t actually have to do anything. You just turn up, speak to the NPC, then the quest completes. To save us both a lot of headache, I’ve omitted those ones, and this guide will only display quests that you might have trouble with.

Some quests require you to synthesize/gather certain items or learn certain recipes. The best way to find/learn those is via our Atelier Ryza Synthesis Guide.

Once you’ve progressed far enough to access the World Map, you will see scroll icons next to regions that have available requests. You can then go through the list of areas and see the available quests on the right.

  • A red “?” icon means you can’t start the quest yet.
  • A green “?” icon means you can start the quest.
  • A green scroll icon means that you have accepted the quest, but you haven’t met the conditions required for turning it in.
  • A green “!” icon means that you can hand in the quest.

Press to open the map while exploring an area to find similar Side-Quest icons on the map, indicating NPC locations.

You can also view your active and completed Quests by opening the menu, and then selecting “Quests.”

Atelier Ryza Quests

Here you will find the details of any quests which actually have objectives to complete. Most quests unlock through story/questline progression, however, if you’re looking for a quest that isn’t showing up, try the following:

  • Sleep until Morning. Many quests require at least 24 hours to have passed since the last quest.
  • Complete some of your other quests, they may be part of a questline. Especially if they’re for the same Quest-giver NPC.
  • Check again at a different time of day. Some NPCs move or disappear completely depending on the time of day. It’s generally a good idea not to try completing any quests at Night as most NPCs are absent.

The Quests are listed below in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the Quest you need by name, but you may want to use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search for a specific term.

A Certain CluePatOld TownCreate 3 “Cloth” of at least 30 Quality and deliver to Pat.
Apprentice’s WorkRolfBoden DistrictSpeak to one NPC in Kurken Port, one NPC in Rasen District, and then, finally Fressher in Boden District.
Battle of BeautyJonnaKurken Port (After learning War Powder Recipe)Create a “War Powder” which has the “Gut Instinct” effect.
Between TravelsDanielOld TownCreate any “Magic Tool” item (i.e. Soft Rubber Stone) and then deliver to Daniel.
Broken HarmonicaDanielOld TownCreate 3 “Poison Smoke” items with at least 50 Quality and then deliver to Daniel.
ColleagueRolfOld TownBring 8 “Lumber” items such as Eiche, Flammable Bark, Palma Bark, or Building Material. Once you have a selection of any 8 Lumber items, deliver to Rolf.
Delivering SoundDanielOld Town (After completing “Broken Harmonica”)Craft an “Energianica” with the Graceful Melody effect applied
Doctor’s PastEdwardKurken PortCraft any 3 Supplements of at least
50 Quality, then deliver to Edward.
Dye House PreparationPatOld TownCraft a Composite Plate with at least 50 Quality and deliver to Pat.
Dye House Preparation 2PatOld TownCraft any 3 Ingot items or at least 60 Quality and deliver to Pat.
Elmer’s FeelingsCynthiaOld Town (Classroom)In the Boden District, speak to the woman in the southeast corner, near Edward.
In the Rasen District, speak to the portly woman next to the big tree southeast of Ryza’s house.
In Kurken Port, speak to the man in green pants next to the stairs, north of the fishing spot.
You’ll know if you spoke to the right people because a small cutscene plays when you interact with them.
When done, return to the Classroom in Old Town and report to Cynthia.
Familiar MerchantRomyKurken PortGather 6 Wasser Wheat and deliver to Romy.
Flying LoveJonnaKurken PortCraft a Bubble Bullet with the Balloon Bullet effect.
Fragrant MemoriesBarbaraBoden DistrictCraft a Delphi Rose Incense of at least 60 quality and deliver to Barbara.
Gina’s InterviewGinaBoden DistrictGather 3 Roteswasser Tonic and deliver to Gina.
Goat Milk DeliveryBascilaSecluded FarmJust go talk to Fressher in the Boden District.
Handyman in NeedRolfBoden DistrictIn the Boden District, speak to the redhead woman at the north side of the plaza.
In Old Town, speak to the portly man standing opposite the Bulletin Board at the north side of town.
In Kurken Port, speak to the blue-haired guy on the west side of the port.
You’ll know if you spoke to the right people because a small cutscene plays when you interact with them.
When done, return to Rolf.
Helping Her LegsBarbaraBoden DistrictCraft a Blessing Ointment of at least 30 quality and deliver to Barbara.
Intel Gatherer’s DaughterGinaBoden DistrictCraft 2 Delicious Bait and deliver to Gina.
Island DoctorEdwardBoden DistrictGather any three medicinal incredients, such as Taun, Tall Taun, Medicine Moss, and Kurken Fruit. Once done, deliver to Edward.
Island GardenBascilaSecluded FarmSynthesize a Plant Seed for the first time once you receive the recipe during the story.
Island ReporterPeterKurken PortCraft Honey of at least 40 Quality and then deliver to Peter.
Island TeacherCynthiaOld Town (Classroom)Gather any 3 Gemstone Materials and then deliver to Cynthia
Item RepairRolfBoden DistrictCraft 3 Composite Plate of at least 50 Quality and then deliver to Rolf.
Memorable PlaceEdwardBoden District (After completing “Delivering Sound”)Craft any accessory of at least 70 Quality and then deliver to Edward.
Memories of the ContinentBarbaraBoden DistrictGather Lantern Grass by using a Scythe on Lantern Flowers in the Flower Guard’s Garden. Collect at least 3 and then deliver to Barbara.
Merchant AgainRomyNorthern Fork, Traveler’s RoadDefeat the “Cloud Liner” Dragon enemy just up the road from Romy’s location.
Monster ShadowsGoatValley Path, Liese ValleyDefeat the “Boulder Soldier” enemy.
RolfOld TownCraft 4 Cloth of at least 50 Quality and then deliver to Rolf
New SpecialtyBascilaSecluded FarmCraft 3 Eltz Sugar of at least 50 Quality and then deliver to Bascila
Prepare for BattleJonnaKurken PortCraft Radiant Plate of at least 70 Quality and then deliver to Jonna.
PrinceJonnaKurken PortCraft 10 Flour with the Critical Finish Trait and then deliver to Jonna.
Prince?JonnaCentral Lime Plains, Traveler’s RoadDefeat the Lunaria Angel nearby.
Replacement CrystalPatOld TownGather 3 Fairystone Fragments and then deliver to Pat.
Sneaking Atop TreesGoatWhen you eventually get the Zettel Recipe, go into Arbor Ruins, Pixie Forest, and approach the tree where the Quest icon is. This will trigger the quest.Craft Zettel of at least 40 Quality and then deliver to the Goat.
Strange WishRomyKurken PortHead to Shipyard, Traveler’s Road, and go north through the tunnel. On your right at the other side, there’s a small flower garden. At the gates there are 2 pixie enemies. Defeat both of them (each fight is with two, so four in total) and then return to Romy.
Teacher’s CuriosityCynthiaBoden DistrictCollect 4 Roteswasser Tonic of at least 60 quality and then deliver to Cynthia.
Textbook MakingCynthiaBoden DistrictCraft 2 Alchemy Paint of at least 60 Quality
The Doctor is OutGuardianBoden District (After learning Sundry Remedy Recipe)Craft 2 Sundry Remedy with the Fast Acting Cure Effect
Waiting for the PrinceJonnaKurken PortCraft 2 Alchemy Fibers of at least 50 Quality
What is Alchemy?PeterSoft Rubber Stone is the first magic tool you’ll probably get and is easy to makeCraft any Magic Tool (i.e. Soft Rubber Stone) of at least 50 Quality and then deliver to Peter.
Where the Book WentGinaBoden DistrictIn the Boden District, speak to the man in the brown waistcoat, east of Edward.
Also in the Boden District, speak to the orange-haired girl next to the bench at the north side of the district.
In Kurken Port, speak to the portly woman near the supports for the bar, looking over the water on the west side.
When done, report to Gina.

There’s an NPC Quest-Giver called “Pamila” who won’t show up until you’ve completed everybody else’s Quests. All of her quests, except one, will auto-complete the moment they start. See the table below for details about the one exception:

Ancient KnowledgePamilaDefeat 1 Great GuardianCentral Lime Plains, Traveler’s Road

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