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How to Synthesize the Wind Shoes in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Wind Shoes Guide. The Wind Shoes are a very useful item. When synthesized correctly, they can be used on green whirling gusts out in the field which will allow you to leap through the air to previously-unreachable areas. Many of these hidden areas contain Landmarks that you’ll need to find for the Atelier Ryza Platinum Trophy.

In this guide, we will show you the levels, key materials, and recipes required to craft the perfect Wind Shoes.

Gathering Materials

Before you begin, it’s important to have the right materials to proceed. You will need to have reached at least the story chapter titled “The Manmade Island: 1.”

Firstly, you will need a “Trihorn,” a golden Stag Beetle found only on Holy Arbor Branches. Go to Sanctuary Garden at Pynnor Holy Tower and look for broken tree branches with blue gems jutting out of them.

Use the Bug Net on these magical branches for a chance at finding the Trihorn. You’ll need at least one.

Now, use the table below to find and collect the other items we’ll need for synthesizing back at the Atelier. Check your inventory first to make sure you don’t already have stock of these items.

Cotton GrassUse your Staff on Bushes in the Shipyard, Traveler’s Road.Alchemy Fibers
Rainbow GrapeCollect rainbow grape bunches from the ground in the Rasen District, Kurken Island.Alchemy Paint
Animal HideCollect from skeletons in the Forest Clearing, Pixie Forest.Beastial Air
Dragon WingKill Mega Wyvern on Central Lime Plains, Traveler’s Road.Sorcery Rose
Delphi RoseUse a Scythe on the tall flowers in the Ancient Battlefield, Liese Valley.Sorcery Rose
Lapis PapillonUse a Bug Net on the tall flowers in the Ancient Battlefield, Liese Valley.Spirit Bottle
Arbor IvyScythe trees at Broken Defense Line, Liese ValleyWind Shoes

Crafting Recipes

Unfortunately, a lot of the recipes you will need to synthesize in order to get the Wind Shoes will require you to have an alchemy level of at least 34. Synthesize whatever you need to reach this level, but be careful not to waste any of the resources we just collected.

Once you have all the required materials, take them to your Atelier and do the following things to get the Spirit Bottle:

  • Unlock Alchemy Paint through the Mixing Oil tree.
  • Unlock Spirit Bottle through the Alchemy Paint tree.

With the Spirit Bottle, you’ll be able to craft the Wind Shoes. To unlock the Wind Shoes Recipe, do the following:

  • Unlock Natural Cloth through the Cloth tree (may need to craft Alchemy Fibers, hence the Cotton Grass).
  • Unlock Beastial Air through the Natural Cloth tree.
  • Unlock Sorcery Rose through the Beastial Air tree.
  • Unlock Wind Shoes through the Sorcery Rose tree.

Synthesizing the Wind Shoes

For your first pair of Wind Shoes, add plenty of Trihorn to the recipe and then synthesize. You’re actually going to need to use them on the second pair.

You want to try and get the traits “Movement Up S,” “Lightweight,” and “Wind Rider.” Movement Up S is the default trait, and the other two can be accessed via the recipe’s right-most branch. You will need at least one Trihorn and then plenty of electric-affinity insects to add five charges and activate the Wind Rider trait.

Without the Wind Rider trait, the Wind Shoes won’t be able to fly/leap through the air.

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