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How long does it take to beat A Short Hike and unlock all trophies?

About 3-4 hours.

How difficult is it to beat A Short Hike and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does A Short Hike have online trophies?


Does A Short Hike have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does A Short Hike have missable trophies?


Does A Short Hike have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in A Short Hike?


Does A Short Hike have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

A Short Hike Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our A Short Hike Trophy Guide. A Short Hike is a cute and calming Animal Crossing Inspired exploration game in which you simply enjoy your relaxing little island vacation. You’ll meet plenty of interesting characters and discover myriad secrets in this mini 3-to-4-hour platinum journey!

Phase One – Reach the Peak

The best way to get acquainted with the game and how it works is to use this phase of our A Short Hike Trophy Guide to focus on simply reaching the top of Hawk Peak. Along the way, explore as much as you like.

Once you’ve reached the peak for the first time, you should have everything you need to explore the rest of the island, ready to clean up all of the extra trophies in the second phase of this A Short Hike Trophy Guide.

Hawk Peak Trophy

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hawk Peak

Make it to the top of the mountain.



Hawk Peak is the highest point of the entire island. Your main story objective is to just reach that peak, but you may find this difficult without enough Golden Feathers to reach the top.

Check out our A Short Hike Collectible Guide for all Golden Feather locations.

Phase Two – Do Everything Else

Now that you’ve reached the peak, it’s time to fully explore (almost) every nook and cranny of this quaint island getaway. None of the trophies below are particularly difficult, and you can easily get all collectibles and everything else by simply being curious and exploring.

However, if you’re in some sort of rush and want to just get everything over with, consider using our A Short Hike Collectible Guide, which will help you find all of the Feathers, Fish, and Flower Sprouts.

Collectible Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Feather Finder

Collect 10 golden feathers.


The Feather Finder trophy will unlock once you have collected your first 10 Golden Feathers, which are used to increase your stamina for things like running, climbing, and flapping to gain height while gliding.

Check out our A Short Hike Collectible Guide for all Golden Feather locations.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Feathers Forever

Find every feather.


To unlock the Feathers Forever trophy, you will need to find and collect all 20 Golden Feathers in the game as well as the two Silver Feathers.

Check out our A Short Hike Collectible Guide for all Feather locations.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Fish Are Biting Today

Trade every species of fish from the journal.


To unlock The Fish Are Biting Today trophy, you will need to catch all 14 different basic forms of fish in the game and then trade each one with the Duck Ship Captain on the northeast side of the island.

Check out our A Short Hike Collectible Guide for all Fish locations, where to find a Fishing Rod, and how to acquire the Fish Journal.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Green Thumb

Water every sprout.

To unlock Green Thumb, you will need to water all of the sprouts on the island using the Bucket tool.

Check out our A Short Hike Collectible Guide for all Sprout locations as well as instructions on where you can find the Bucket.

Misc Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Parkour Master

Beat each parkour race once.

There’s a character in A Short Hike called Avery. This little fellow will hide in three different places around the island for you to find him and race him.

Note that you will benefit greatly from having the running shoes for this, which allow you to use Golden Feathers to sprint while holding .

To get them, go to Blackwood Trail and speak to the Rabbit NPC there. She will tell you she has lost her headband and ask you to help her recover it.

Speak to the turtle NPC that is found running along the Blackwood Trail circuit and he will give you his headband. Bring it back to the Rabbit and she will give you some Running Shoes.

See the sections below for instructions on where to start each race. I even included video recordings of my successful runs.

The Lighthouse Race

You will be limited to three feathers for this race.

Look for Avery next to a big tree with a white ribbon on it. It can be found in the Royal Ridge region on the west side of the island.

He will then challenge you to reach the Lighthouse door before him.

I’ve prepared a video of my run to serve as reference if needed:

The Abandoned Building Race

You will be limited to five feathers for this race.

Speak to Avery next to the large ribbon-wrapped tree overlooking the graveyard on the north side of the island to begin the race.

You’ll be heading to the Abandoned Building on the western side of the island.

I’ve prepared a video of my run to serve as reference if needed:

The Mountaintop Race

You will be limited to nine feathers for this race.

Once you’re prepared, head to the visitor center after reaching the top of Hawk Peak for the first time, and you’ll find Avery nearby. He will race you all the way to the top of Hawk Peak.

I would recommend earning the Green Thumb trophy before attempting this so that you have as many Rubber Flower shortcuts active as possible!

I’ve prepared a video of my run to serve as reference if needed:

To unlock the Parkour Master trophy, you will need to win all three of these races by beating Avery to the finish line in each race.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Not A Scratch

Complete the boating challenge in under 45 seconds.

Time Limited

Far to the north of the map, across the bridge north of the graveyard, you will find a boat shack on a little island.

Speak to the proprietor of the shack to rent the motorboat key for 100 coins. You can then use that on the motorboat to your left to be able to control it and explore the ocean around the island.

Once you have the key, speak to the proprietor’s daughter who is “dying of boredom” on the ground in front of the shack. Offer to bring her on the Motorboat with you.

Once she is accompanying you in the boat, speak to her. First, she will ask you to make the boat go as fast as it can. Do that for a while and then speak to her again.

she will introduce you to a boating challenge in which you will need to pass through all checkpoints in the correct order in under 2 minutes for a Golden Feather.

If you want this Not A Scratch trophy, though, you will need to do it in under 45 seconds!

This will likely take some practice. Also, don’t worry about trying to do it perfectly on your first try, as there’s a story event that occurs and breaks the boat.

To fix the boat, visit the Duck Ship Captain on the northwest side of the island, who can repair it for you. Once repaired, you can attempt the race properly by speaking to the proprietor’s daughter again.

The race will be pretty much the same except without the thing that broke the boat, plus you will now be penalised for hitting rocks, so be careful!

45 seconds actually isn’t that difficult of a time to achieve, I made it in 33 seconds and I was being very careful with the accelerator.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Eat a piece of toast.

Next to the Visitor’s Center, there’s a sign which states “The infamous local dish ‘Strawberries and Toas’ was invented HERE at Hawk Peak! Please join us at 5PM to enjoy a delicious serving of the historical dish!”

As the sign instructs, either wait until 5PM local time or change your system’s clock to 5PM. Once you’ve done so, talk to Ranger Jon, the Goat NPC at the Visitor’s Center to receive toast.

Select it from your inventory to eat it and unlock the “Crispy” trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Only You Can Prevent Campfires

Put out 4 campfires.


To put out Campfires on the island, you will first need a Bucket. The bucket can be found on a ledge high above Meteor Lake, next to a small pond and an informational sign.

Once you have the bucket tool, enter a body of water with it equipped to fill it and then press on a campfire with a filled bucket to extinguish the fire.

There are way more than 4 Campfires in the game and they are typically found where NPCs gather, so just focus on getting the bucket (also required for the Green Thumb trophy) and then keep your eye out for Campfires to extinguish.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Remember This Day Forever

Get the commemorative hat.

On the far northwest coast of the island, you’ll find a small sports court where you can play “Beachstickball”, speak to the NPCs there to learn how it’s played and then you can start a game anytime by standing in the square on the left side of the court and pressing .

All you really need to do is hit the ball back to the other side of the court each time it is sent towards you. Hit the ball back with your stick by pressing . In order to unlock the commemorative hat and along with it the Remember This Day Forever trophy, you will need to prevent the ball from touching the ground fifteen times.

The goal is 30 points but each time your opponent hits the ball adds a point too, so you actually only need to hit it yourself fifteen times, not thirty.

This will take a lot of practice as the timing can be a bit odd, so you may end up finding this to be the hardest trophy in the game. However, if you just persevere and get in plenty of practice I’m sure you can eventually manage to reach the required score of thirty.

The best advice I can give you is to watch the ball’s shadow. You will essentially want to be standing next to it when you press to hit the ball back, but you will also need the ball to be low enough that it’s almost touching your head.

I recorded my successful attempt in case it proves useful:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Photo Friends

Get your photo taken.

Close to the top of Hawk Peak, you’ll find a fox NPC who is in need of feathers. You first need to reach Hawk Peak alone and then return and speak to them again, to tell them all about it.

Lend them some feathers to help them reach the peak. Head up there yourself to speak to them at the top and you’ll take a photo together, unlocking the Photo Friends trophy!

Phase Three – Finish the Story and Collect Your Platinum

With every other trophy in hand, it’s safe for you to now bring the game to an end and earn the final trophy.

Finish the Story

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The End

Take a nice long nap.


Once you have collected every other trophy that you want to collect, and have reached Hawk Peak at least once for the story events that take place there, return to your cabin on the southeast coast of the island.

Speak to your Aunt May to summarize the events of your journey and then you’ll be able to enter the cabin. Approach it and press then select “sleep” to bring your adventure to an end.

The credits will play and you will receive the The End trophy when they end.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Vacation Maximized

Collect every other trophy.

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this A Short Hike Trophy Guide, the “Vacation Maximized” platinum trophy will unlock.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for an A Short Hike Trophy Guide. Consider checking out our other guides!

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