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Where to Find All Feathers, Sprouts, and Fish in A Short Hike

Welcome to our A Short Hike Collectible Guide. This guide was created to supplement our A Short Hike Trophy Guide and so will only cover collectibles required for trophies. Therefore optional collectibles like Treasure Chests will not be covered.

A Short Hike is an intentionally open-world game so there is little linearity which might help me to guide you to each collectible chronologically. As such, this A Short Hike Collectible Guide is divided by collectible type, and each short collectible guide will reveal the locations of all collectibles in the order I was typically able to find them.

The Compass

This guide is going to use compass directions quite frequently, but due to the fact that the camera changes angle automatically, you will need the compass to be able to tell which way is north at any given time.

You can acquire a compass from the Wolf character on the coast between the cabin the game starts at and the Visitor’s Center.

Once you have the compass, press and then press on the compass icon to activate it. You will then be able to see a compass in the top-right corner at all times!

Where to Find All Golden Feathers in A Short Hike

Golden Feathers #1 & #2

You can purchase your first two Golden Feathers from Ranger Jon the Goat near a campfire at the visitor center. It will cost you 40 coins for each feather.

Golden Feather #3

Go Northeast from the Visitor’s Center to find this next feather on a raised plateau.

Golden Feather #4

First, collect 15 shells from the coasts on the island and then take them to Jen, the young girl near the waterfall southwest of the house where you started.

Then, once she makes a necklace, take it to Aunt May at the Ranger’s Cabin. She’ll give you a Golden Feather.

Golden Feather #5

First, collect the small toy shovel north of White Coast bay and then bring it to the Frog NPC (Jim). He will trade you a normal-sized shovel for it.

Now, leave him for a while, returning occasionally to speak to him. After a while, Jim’s Sand Castle City will grow to its fullest size and a golden feather will appear nearby.

Golden Feather #6

Along the Blackwood Trail, you will meet a rabbit NPC who has lost her lucky headband. Head directly east from this NPC to find a Golden Feather on a rock near the edge of a waterfall.

It’s southwest of the Lighthouse.

Golden Feather #7

In a golden chest at the top of the lighthouse. You can either climb up the lighthouse with about 6 Golden Feathers, water the sprout behind the lighthouse to bounce up, or just head further up the hill and glide down to it.

Golden Feather #8

In a hidden treasure chest up the hill from the Lighthouse. To acquire it you will first need to get the Shovel from Jim the Frog at White Coast bay.

Next, head up the path north of the lighthouse, and stop at the point where you can see the tip of the lighthouse’s shadow on the ground.

Dig in this spot to reveal a chest. Open it with and you’ll receive the Golden Feather.

Golden Feather #9

In the Royal Ridge Region on the western side of the island, you can find a large stone tower with a gold chest on top. To reach the chest, hike up the path leading higher and more north, then jump and glide south from the waterfall onto the roof of the tower.

Or you could just climb the tower with enough Golden Feathers.

Inside the chest, you will find a Golden Feather.

Golden Feather #10

Outside the firewatch cabin at Outlook Point on the west side of the island there’s a golden chest containing this Golden Feather.

Golden Feather #11

Southwest of the firewatch cabin at Outlook Point, on a cliffside ledge. It’s easier to glide down to it from above, but you could also climb up.

Golden Feather #12

North of Meteor Lake you will find a ridge with Sprout #12 on it.

Climb up the cliffside next to this sprout (or water the sprout and bounce on the flower) to find a Golden Feather on the wall.

You will need around 6 Feathers to reach it.

Golden Feathers #13-#16

Follow Hawk Peak Trail and you’ll come to a point where the trail goes up the cliff wall. There, at the base of the wall, you’ll find a shady-looking fellow who sells up to 4 feathers for 100 coins each.

Golden Feather #17

Get a score of 10 in the Beachstickball court on the far northwest coast of the island.

Golden Feather #18

Inside a chest on a small ledge along the northern-most cliff face of the island. You can either climb up to Hawk Peak and then glide down the north side of the island until you find the ledge, or look for Avery next to the tree overlooking the graveyard and climb the cliffside directly above the tree.

If Avery is not there, you have probably already done the Mountaintop Race, but the tree will still be identifiable thanks to its white ribbon.

Golden Feather #19

There’s a Raccoon NPC who paints on a canvas in various locations throughout the game. When you speak to them, they move to a different location. Their dialogue will hint at where they’re going next.

The first place you’ll find them is on the cliff-edge southwest of the Visitor’s center.

They will then move to the Blackwood Forest Lighthouse, you can find them just to the west of the Lighthouse there.

They then move to the source of one of the rivers. The easiest way to find them is to head up the Hawk Peak Trail until you meet the blue bird NPC who sells Golden Feathers for 100 coins, then go left from him and follow the river to its source.

The next place you’ll find them is at the Graveyard on the north side of the island. Speak to them and they will move again.

This time you will find them at Overlook Point, painting away outside the Firewatch cabin.

The final place you will find them is just outside the Visitor’s Center, once you speak to them here they will give you the Golden Feather.

Golden Feather #20

To get this Golden Feather you will need to complete the Boating Challenge. You can read more about that under the “Not a Scratch” trophy in our A Short Hike Trophy Guide.

Where to Find All Silver Feathers in A Short Hike

Silver Feather #1

If you go to Outpost Point and look through the binoculars there, you’ll be able to see a very tall island in the distance. You can actually reach this island either via the motorboat or just gliding from the Outpost.

Either way, once you reach the island, climb to the top to find a Silver Feather.

Silver Feather #2

Speak to the blue bird NPC who sells Golden Feathers for 100 coins and ask him what his deal is. You’ll eventually learn that he needs money for his tuition. Offer to pay it and he’ll give you a wristwatch “to sell on the internet”.

Instead, head to the camper vans northeast of the visitor’s center and speak to the Goat NPC there. Return his wristwatch to him and you’ll receive a Silver Feather.

Where to Find All Sprouts in A Short Hike

The Bucket

Before you can water any Sprouts, you will need to collect the Bucket tool. The Bucket is found next to a pond and an informational sign on a ledge high above (and north of) Meteor Lake.

With the bucket equipped, enter a body of water to fill the bucket, then press with a filled bucket on a sprout to water it. It will then grow into a flower which will act as a shortcut, allowing you to reach higher parts of the island with ease.

Sprout #1

Next to your house.

Sprout #2

Along the path you take at the start of the game, just after the waterfall and bridge, you will find this first sprout near to the NPC who demands 15 shells.

Sprout #3

Just south of the Visitor’s Center where Ranger Jon sells Golden Feathers.

Sprout #4

Up the hill northeast of the two trailers where you meet a Goat NPC who’s lost his watch. The sprout is found at the side of the trail leading north from White Coast.

Sprout #5

Next to a pond on the way up to Blackwood Trail from the Visitor’s Center.

Sprout #6

North of the Rabbit NPC in Blackwood Trail, west of the Lighthouse, next to a waterfall.

Sprout #7

At the top of the Waterfall next to Sprout #6.

Sprout #8

West of Sprout #7. Use Sprout #7 and you’ll see Sprout #8 at the apex of your bounce.

Sprout #9

Just behind the Lighthouse in Blackwood Trail.

Sprout #10

Northeast of the Stone Tower (where Golden Feather #6 is found) on the western side of the island (Royal Ridge Region), this sprout is found next to a waterfall.

Sprout #11

Northeast of the sunbathing frog at Meteor Lake.

Sprout #12

Next to the informational sign north of Meteor Lake Overlook, where the Bucket is acquired.

Sprout #13

On a ridge directly north of Meteor Lake. As you can’t climb with a filled bucket, you will need to fill your bucket at the pond above (where you got the bucket), and then glide down to the sprout.

Sprout #14

Southeast of the Beachstickball court on the far west side of the island.

Sprout #15

From the last sprout, head right and follow the coast until you find this sprout.

Sprout #16

Jump up using the last sprout to find this one on a ledge in the cliff wall.

Sprout #17

Jump up again using the last sprout and you’ll reach the Abandoned Building, where you can find this sprout next to a box at the front.

Sprout #18

On the east side of the island, near a large Pylon south of the Ship Captain, you will find this sprout by a palm tree.

Sprout #19

Jump up using the last sprout and you’ll see this one on your left.

Sprout #20

Close to a cliffside on the northeastern side of the island, west of the Ship Captain.

Sprout #21

On your way up Hawk Peak Mountain, look for a point where the path splits at a red-ribbon marker.

Head left from this marker and you’ll see this Sprout on a snow-capped plateau close to the screen.

Sprout #22

As you follow the red ribbon markers up to Hawk Peak, look out for a broken bridge on the left side of the screen.

Once you see it, jump across and you’ll find this sprout on a small plateau.

Sprout #23

Just after the last sprout, on the above ledge where the hot spring is, you’ll find another Sprout.

Sprout #24

Return to the broken bridge and this time fall down below it. Near to the hot spring down there, on a small plateau, you will find this sprout.

Sprout #25

Between the Graveyard and the “Orange Islands” to the north.

Sprout #26

Next to a sign and a second bucket on the “Orange Islands” to the north, east of the Boating Shack.

Sprout #27

Follow the path from the last sprout to find this one where the trail ends.

Where to Find All Fish in A Short Hike

The Fishing Rod

You can find a Platypus Fisherman NPC on a wooden bridge at Meteor Lake who will teach you how to fish if you ask him. He’ll give you a fishing rod to help you get started.

The Fish Journal

On the northeastern side of the island, you will find a Duck NPC who happens to be a ship captain. Speak to them and trade them at least three different types of fish and you’ll acquire the Fish Journal, which will help you track which fish you have and haven’t caught yet.

Note that if you are going for the “The Fish Are Biting Today” trophy, you do not need to bring him any rare variants of fish, such as the Albino Crayfish, the Pink White Bass, or the Actually Rainbow Trout.

You just need to bring him the 14 fish listed here:

Fish #1 – Common Carp

Found pretty much everywhere; rivers, lakes, and even the sea.

I personally caught the Common Carp at Meteor Lake during the fishing tutorial.

Fish #2 – Crayfish

Found in ponds across the island.

I found the Crayfish in the pond outside the Visitor’s Center where you can purchase Golden Feathers from Ranger Jon.

Fish #3 – Spotted Brook Trout

Found in the ocean off any coast of the island.

I caught the spotted Brook Trout on a small west-coast beach, west of Ranger Jon’s Visitor Center.

Fish #4 – Rainbow Trout

Found in deep waters surrounding the island, as well as the deep waters at Meteor Lake.

I caught a Rainbow Trout at the beach outside my house.

Fish #5 – Brook Trout

Found in the deeper waters surrounding the island.

I caught a Brook Trout at the beach outside my house.

Fish #6 – Northern Pike

Found in Meteor Lake, where I caught mine.

Fish #7 – Bluegill

I caught this one in the bay at White Coast which I believe is the only place to find it.

Fish #8 – Salmon

Found at the base of waterfalls, except those that empty into the ocean.

I caught mine in the river at the base of the Waterfall in Blackwood Trail.

Fish #9 – Pumpkinseed Fish

Found in ponds across the island.

I personally found one in the pond north of the Visitor Center, at the end of the long bridge over the camper vans.

Fish #10 – White Perch

Found in calm rivers that are moving slowly.

I found mine in a river at Blackwood Trail.

Fish #11 – Yellow Perch

Found in the deep waters at Meteor Lake, where I caught mine.

Fish #12 – Catfish

Found in fast-moving rivers.

I caught mine in the river west of the bird NPC on the Hawk Peak trail that sells Golden Feathers for 100 coins.

Fish #13 – White Bass

Found in hot springs on Hawk Peak.

I found mine in the first Hot Spring you come across on the way up the mountain.

Fish #14 – Burbot

Found in fast-moving rivers, typically those that run downhill.

I found mine in the rapids around Royal Ridge on the west side of the island.

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