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A Plague Tale: Innocence Collectibles Guide

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A Plague Tale: Innocence Collectibles Guide

Welcome to our A Plague Tale: Innocence Collectibles Guide for PS4 & PS5. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all Curiosities, Flowers, Gifts, and Alchemist Carts. Check out our A Plague Tale: Innocence Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

Chapter 1

Gift #1 Whistle. When you first enter the de Rune estate, there will be some stables to your right with a ladder inside. Climb the ladder and check the table for the Duck Whistle.

The stable inside the de Rune estate

Curiosities #1 Spices. When you enter the house, there will be a kitchen to your right. Connected to this kitchen is a storage room with a ladder that leads to a wooden walkway. Climb the ladder and check the table at the end of the walkway for the Spices.

Entrance to the kitchen

Curiosities #2 Tablecloth. Heading upstairs, you will encounter a maid outside a door. She will mention a gift for Amicia waiting in her bedroom. Head into the hallway where the maid went and follow her into the first room on the left (Amicia’s bedroom). On the bed is the Tablecloth.

Chapter 2

Gift #2 Amulets & Talismans. At the start of the chapter, you will approach some buildings huddled up to the town wall and gate. On your right, you will pass a wooden stall with an orange cloth roof. Look to the right of this stall, and you will spot a tree covered in green leaves. Between the tree and the stall, you will be able to see a small jetty/dock with the Amulets & Talismans.

The jetty in the distance

Curiosities #3 Soap. You will come to some stone steps when you head into the town, and Amicia will yell out to someone. When this happens, look to your right down a street, and you should see a stone bridge in the distance. Cross it and follow the path a little bit until you can take a right into a small courtyard. There is a small table in the corner to your right with the Soap.

The bridge in the distance
Entrance to the courtyard

Curiosities #4 Incense & Herbs. When you reach Clervie’s house, she will send you upstairs to collect some gear. In the bedroom is a table on the left side of the bed with Incense & Herbs.

Chapter 3

Gift #3 Rosary. At the start of the chapter inside the church, there will be an altar at the far end. To the right of this altar is a small table with some candles. Sitting on the table is the Rosary.

The altar inside the church

Flower #1 Carnations. It’s impossible to miss this one. Hugo will find it and run over to it. You must interact with it to continue.

Curiosities #5 Brew. Eventually, you will enter a room swarming with rats. You must climb a ladder so you can break a shackle on a chandelier. You will notice an iron gate to the right of this chandelier that Amicia and Hugo can climb through. Break the chandelier and quickly descend the ladders and enter the darkened room. In the far right corner is a pot of Brew.

Hanging brazier and the metal bars that you can enter to the right

Curiosities #6 Crusader Tabard. Amicia and Hugo will be separated. You will then proceed into a room where you have to knock down some braziers with Amicia’s sling to help Hugo safely descend a ladder. When they reunite, climb the ladder Hugo came down from and look for a small wooden box to the right.

The room where you must reunite with Hugo
Ladders leading to the curiosity

Chapter 4

Curiosities #7 Hermetic Vessel. At the start of the chapter, you will be on a path with a wooden fence to your right. When you spot a break in the fence, head through it and towards a jetty/dock. Hugo will run to the end of it and start talking about frogs. If you look to your left, you will spot a small camp with smoke coming from a recently extinguished fire. Approach and look at the base of the nearby tree stump for the Hermetic Vessel.

A break in the fence
Jetty to the right and the smoke in the distance

Gift #4 Diary of an Alchemist. Hugo wanted to play Hide-and-Seek in the same orchard; searching the riverbank to the right will reveal a broken rowboat and a corpse. The Diary will be next to the corpse.

Flower #2 Aquilegia. When you get to Laurentius’ house, instead of asking Hugo to climb through the open window, check the tree down the right side of the house for a flower.

Outside Laurentius’ house

Curiosities #8 V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Inside Laurentius’ house, head upstairs to find two doors. Check the door on the right to find a desk with a parchment detailing a formula called V.I.T.R.I.O.L on it.

Chapter 5

Flower #3 Gladiolus. Shortly after starting the chapter, you will pass under a collapsed tree, and Hugo will jump out of some bushes holding an English shield. Walk forward until Hugo begins to run towards the aqueduct, and you should see a path to your left. Follow the path as it loops towards the riverbank where you started the chapter. The flower is right at the end of the path (you can see the flower from the riverbank).

You can see the Gladiolus above and to the left of Lucas
Look for this path that leads back in the direction you came from (the aqueduct is behind Amicia in this screenshot)

Curiosities #9 Sickle. While traversing the aftermath on the battlefield, you will have to light a brazier on a cart. Directly to your left is a soldier standing by a wooden box. You will have to kill the soldier and push the cart to where the soldier was stood to collect the Sickle.

The soldier in the distance is stood next to the Sickle

Curiosities #10 Oliphant. When you shoot down the two corpses from the tree to distract the rat swarm. Head to the left of where the bodies fell to find an open chest and a soldier’s corpse. The Oliphant will be on the floor.

Hanging corpses you have to shoot down

Gift #5 Ballastella. You will reach an area where Lucas has to operate a trebuchet so that Amicia and Hugo can go collect a stick. When you have the stick and made it back to Lucas, use the nearby fire pit to ignite the stick and head to the area to the left of where Amicia and Hugo went. There is an unlit fire pit and a bundle of sticks nearby. The Ballastella is next to the fire pit, propped up against a wall.

The campfire with the collectible

Chapter 6

Gift #6 Knucklebones. When following Melie, Amicia will signal Arthur to distract a guard by knocking over a barrel of spears. Melie will then enter a nearby tent with sleeping soldiers inside and several bottles. The Knucklebones are on a table to the left of the tent. It’s trickier to go through the tent to collect the bones as it takes a few seconds longer, and the guard will likely spot you. You will have an easier time if you head up the outside towards the table.

The tent with the bottles (you can creep outside up the left side for an easier time getting the curiosity)

Curiosities #11 Pound Sterling. Melie and Amicia will enter a tent. Melie will begin looting the place, and Amicia will inquire about a chest that Melie can unlock for her. After then leaving the tent, you will come to a communal dining area. Opposite this area is a sort of wooden bastion. Inside on a table is the Pound Sterling.

Stood in the middle of the dining area

Curiosities #12 Declaration of War. Once Amicia gets her gear and Hugo back, you will progress through an area with multiple tents. On the left side of this area is a paddock with some horses and an archer. Connected to this paddock is a tent with an anvil and many horseshoes. On a stool in this area is the Declaration of War.

Chapter 7

Curiosities #13 Horseshoe. After completing the water wheel puzzle, you will be in a room with a workbench where you can upgrade your gear. If you look to the left of the workbench, you can see the Horseshoe hanging on a wooden wall. To get it, you must shoot the shackle on the door to the right of the horseshoe so you can climb inside from the waterwheel.

You can see the Horseshoe and the destructible shackles through the holes in the wall.

Flower #4 Hawthorn. When you enter the dilapidated village, head to your immediate right to find a house with a destroyed wall. Inside is the flower. Ensure you do not go beyond the well in the middle of the village, as it will trigger a cutscene.

Curiosities #14 Map. After the cutscene in Melie’s and Arthur’s hideout, Amicia will have to make her way through a dark forest while avoiding the area’s patrolling soldiers. At the end of this area is a campfire with two guards stood close by. Kill them or distract them from the table with the Map at the back of this small camp.

Map (after killing the two guards nearby)

Alchemist Cart #1 You will be taught how to craft Luminosa to clear the rats so you can enter the cart. It’s impossible to miss.

Gift #7 Vinegar. Once you see the exterior of the chateau for the first time, ascend the stairs and take an immediate left. Follow the path until you get to a door that Melie can unlock for you. Inside on a table is the Vinegar.

The door Melie can unlock

Chapter 8

Curiosities #15 Iconography. At the very beginning of this chapter, Hugo will lead Amicia down spiral stairs. Instead of following Hugo, look to your right, where the stairs leading up are blocked. The Iconography is sitting on the overgrown steps.

Gift #8 Alchemical Crucible. After visiting Lucas in his new lab, follow Hugo back up to the room where you started. He will lead you through a room that is quite overgrown. In this room, in the grass on the left, is the Alchemical Crucible.

Curiosities #16 Bird Language Manual. You will talk to Melie by a barrel. After she’s finished speaking, look behind the barrel for this Bird Language Manual (all we need now is a book on bird law).

Flower #5 St. John’s Wort. After the cutscene by the tree with Hugo, check the area to the left. Hugo will already be crouched down by it.

Chapter 9

Flower #6 Lavender. Immediately at the beginning of the chapter, you will pass a fallen tree to your left. Check the base of the tree for the flower.

Curiosities #17 Sheepskin. You will enter a house with some bodies hanging from a rope. You have to shoot them down to distract the rats and kill the guard that comes to investigate. Once you’re able to move freely, search the chest at the back of the house on the ground floor for the Sheepskin.

House with corpses hanging from the ceiling

Curiosities #18 Piece of Transis. As part of the main progress route, you will have to move a wooden cart in the cemetery. You can traverse the wall directly behind the cart. Jumping over the wall and down a ledge will reveal a sarcophagus. Inside is the Piece of Transis.

Climbable wall

Alchemist Cart #2 Eventually, you will come to a small wooden bridge over a stream of water. If you look across the stream to the left of the bridge, you will see the Alchemist Cart. You will have to cross the bridge and dispose of the two guards nearby before you attempt to enter the cart. There is also a swarm of rats blocking your path to the cart; you can use Luminosa to clear them out.

Gift #9 Chessboard. At the end of the chapter, just before entering the Library, hook around to the right to find a small alcove with the Chessboard. There are 4 soldiers nearby that you will have to deal with.

Chapter 10

Flower #7 Daisy. You will enter a room with two soldiers searching piles of books. There is a lamp nearby that you can use to release a swarm of rats from an alcove. Inside the alcove is the daisy.

It’s dark in the alcove, so the flower can be hard to see

Curiosities #19 Study of a Skinned Person. After being introduced to Rodric via a cutscene, you will have to follow him as some soldiers escort him. As you pass through a room lined with wooden benches, dispose of the guard or distract him, and search the benches on the right for this study.

Room with benches lining either side

Curiosities #20 Theriaque. After saving Rodric and entering the underground library with the moving bookcase puzzle, check the far left corner of the room for a small alcove that you can enter. Inside is the Theriaque.

Gift #10 Reading Stone. Whilst leaving the Library, Rodric will teach you how to command him to dispatch guards silently. The second guard you can tell Rodric to dispatch will be stood near an Alchemist Chest and a table. Search the table for the Reading Stone.

The room where Rodric can be used to stealth kill the second guard

Alchemist Cart #3 When you make it outside, you will be in a courtyard. In the right corner of the courtyard will be a wooden barrier you can traverse. Hopping over it, you will see a swarm of rats blocking your path to the cart; use Luminosa to clear them.

Chapter 11

Flower #8 Rhododendron. When you reach the circular courtyard with Rodric, descend the ladder and take a right. Search the outermost section of the circle to find the Rhododendron.

Chapter 12

Gift #11 Calamus. At the start of the chapter, Lucas will operate a lamp so Amicia can make it past some rats. Before you do that, search the house directly behind Lucas. There are rats inside; you can use Odoris to lure them out and Ignifer to trap them.

House opposite the lamp that Lucas operates

Curiosities #21 Harnois Helmet. Inside the de Rune house, you will see two corpses of the servants that lived there. You can see a chest against the wall when encountering the second corpse (there’s also a table and some candle holders there too). Search the chest for the Harnois Helmet.

Flower #9 Cinquefoil. Immediately after leaving the house, turn left and follow the path to this flower.

Alchemist Cart #4 At the end of the courtyard, you will come to a cart that needs to be ignited, and Lucas will push it. Before you do that, turn around, and you will see the Alchemist Cart right behind. You can use Ignifer on the lamp outside the cart and Luminosa on the rat swarm in front of you.

The cart at the end of the courtyard

Curiosities #22 Family Tree. In the underground alchemy lab. Look for a giant copper still on the right.

Chapter 13

Curiosities #23 Ragdoll. As you walk through the town in Amicia’s hallucination, look for a broken door by the gate where Clervie is stood. The Ragdoll is inside.

Broken door in Amicia’s dream

Curiosities #24 Knight Figurine. When you reach Hugo’s room, turn right and enter the room on the right. The Knight Figurine is on the table.

Flower #10 Daffodil. When reunited with Hugo, look for the Daffodil in a small opening in the trees on the right.

Chapter 14

Flower #11 Black Nightshade. In the courtyard where you have to follow Nicholas. It’s on the far right bushes when you enter the courtyard. It can be tricky to get this flower and the Captain Sidekick trophy.

Chapter 15

Flower #12 Rockfoils. After talking to Lucas, enter the door nearby and turn right. You should see it sitting next to a table.

Chapter 16

Alchemist Cart #5 After Melie and Lucas leave the group, have Rodric take out the first guard and move forward until you see a fence and a white cross painted on some wood. The Alchemist Cart is just beyond there. There is another guard stood outside the cart that you can have Rodric dispose of.

White cross painted on some wood

Curiosities #25 Discipline. When you use Hugo to kill two guards for the first time in this chapter, there will be a small alley to your right that leads to a dead soldier. The Discipline is by his corpse.

Small alley leading to the collectible

Flower #13 Christmas Rose. While Rodric breaks down the door to the burning house, you will be attacked by a wave of soldiers. After killing them, head through the gates that the big armored soldier came from and head left to find this flower.

The doors that the wave of guards came from

Curiosities #26 Inquisitor’s Manual. Before entering the Cathedral, you will fight some soldiers at the gallows. To the right of the gallows is some barrels. Behind them is the manual.

The steps leading up the gallows

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