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When we first started PlatGet, it was just another review site. We would earn the platinum trophy in a game, and then summarise the journey in a review-like format to give Trophy Hunters an idea of what the journey is like, and whether we’d recommend playing the game.

While we were happy with this format, we slowly started feeding Trophy Guides into the work we do. Over time, we began to enjoy creating Trophy Guides more and more until reviews began to feel like a chore, something we no longer enjoyed. Add to that the fact that people were just generally less interested in our reviews than our guides and eventually the quality of our reviews began to suffer.

At a certain point we simply accepted this fact and decided to change how we do things. You will now find “Quick Review” sections in many of our trophy guides, giving you an at-a-glance overview of the game and our recommendations/thoughts in a convenient format within a guide’s introduction.

We feel this works much better and so made the decision to archive our reviews for good and proceed with the new format. You can still find our historical collection of reviews here on this page, but it likely won’t be updated very often.

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