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Who Are PlatGet

Our names are Connor and Ash, but you’ll get to know us through our PSN IDs; TheDblTap and MrZhangetsu.

With almost 400 platinum trophies under our belts collectively, we’ve only been trophy-hunting for a few years and see ourselves as anything but experts or pros; however, we noticed something we didn’t like about video-game “journalism” and wanted to provide our own alternative.

Reviewers are getting less and less personal. We feel like we’re getting to opinions of robots who were told the right way to talk about a game and what they should and shouldn’t say. Suddenly huge rifts appear between publisher reviews and user reviews, and the climate of “professional” reviews starts to become less and less trustworthy.

So here’s where we come in. We’re honest and personal in our reviews. We’re open about our strengths and weaknesses and where our personal bias might be influencing our opinion, we keep an open mind, and most of all, we do our best to platinum every game before we review it. We believe in experiencing a game to its fullest before attempting to trash-talk it or big it up.

Through this, though our site is aimed at Trophy Hunters, “regular” gamers can rest assured that when they get a review from us on a game, it’s coming from someone who knows it inside-out.

What is PlatGet?

The reviews on our site aim to do three things;

  • We review the game itself; how is it to play? How does it perform? That sort of thing. We then award it a trophy ranking from No Trophy to a Platinum Trophy based on how good the game is, in our honest opinion.
  • We summarise the Platinum Trophy Journey as we experienced it – what it entailed and the challenges we faced – so that our Trophy Hunting readers know what to expect before they head out to plat a game we have reviewed.
  • We offer one of three verdicts; Pass, Play, or Plat. This is our suggestion; based on our experience with “platting” the game, we let you know whether we recommend you Pass on the game and don’t play it, Play it just for fun, or go the extra mile and Plat the whole thing!

We also don’t limit ourselves to Platinum Trophy Reviews. We also get so deeply stuck-into platting a game for one of our reviews that we come out the other end with a full Trophy guide in hand or just some helpful tips for trophies we struggled with.

As well as that, we’ll also occasionally release an article on a topic we find interestinga fun but relevant side-project, or a very community-rousing debate.

How Can You Support Us?

We use Google Ads on our site and do so as lightly as we deem reasonable; we never want our site to become like other gaming journalism sites which hit you with 3 pop-ups, a full-page takeover ad, and another ad every paragraph, so we’re careful to ensure the advertising is non-intrusive, which limits our earnings dramatically.

To support us and the work we do here, you can ensure that we’re whitelisted from your adblocker, enabling us to make a small amount from you simply browsing the site!

We also have Amazon Links to purchase relevant games on Review and Guide pages in the sidebar, so if a game takes your interest, consider using our Amazon links, and we’ll get a slice of their profits!

Why Support Us?

Working a full-time job alongside upkeep on our beloved site can be draining. Often a full day’s work is followed up by a full day of writing.

It has its high-points, of course, as we find ourselves gaming a lot of the time – though often we’re playing awful games, so we can tell you it’s not worth it.

These are choices we have made, though, and we don’t think we should expect support just because we put in the graft.

We’ve had many incredibly supportive run-ins with members of the trophy-hunting community. It has been incredibly touching to see so many people enjoy what we do, so we want to do better, we want to go bigger, we want to shoot for the moon and write more reviews, plat more games, write more extensive guides, but we can’t do that without community support.

In the interest of honesty, here is how any and all support will be spent:

  • Hosting and Site Maintenance
  • Enabling us to keep ad placements on the site at a minimum
  • New games to Platinum for reviews or guides
  • Marketing and Promotion where necessary
  • Equipment to support future additional endeavors such as more video content

We’re very excited to see where the future of PlatGet takes us and hugely appreciate anybody who supports us in any way, financially or otherwise.

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