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How long does it take to beat Dave the Diver and unlock all trophies?

30-40 Hours depending on how you play and some RNG elements..

How difficult is it to beat Dave the Diver and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Dave the Diver have online trophies?


Does Dave the Diver have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Dave the Diver have missable trophies?

Does Dave the Diver have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Dave the Diver?


Does Dave the Diver have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Dave the Diver Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation

Welcome to our Dave the Diver Trophy Guide! Dave the diver is an impressively extensive resource management game with enough content to blow you away. The modest team of devs over at MintRocket have truly given their all and made a mockery of Triple-A developers who continuously fumble in front of our eyes.

Trophy Hunters, too, are in for a wonderful treat as the game offers up a very reasonable and enjoyable trophy experience, only slightly marred by one Missable Trophy, and one that relies heavily on luck.

Phase One | Story & Missable Trophy

There is just one Missable Trophy in Dave the Diver, so you can safely enjoy the game at your own pace for the most part. Just make sure that when you see the objective “Infiltrate the Sea Blue Base” you keep a keen eye out and don’t miss the Ration Eater trophy.

Every other trophy in this phase will come naturally, and you can remain mostly at-ease throughout the entire thing. That said, you will come up against a few grind-y trophies at the end of the game, so it’s good to do the following things to speed things up for yourself:

  • Always open any red crock pots you see underwater, they sometimes contain Cat Food, which you’ll need at least 20 of.
  • When you do have Cat Food, be sure to visit the Sushi Bar during the day to feed the cat on the left side of the bar. You can only feed the cat once per in-game day so doing it daily helps you avoid a 20-day grind in the post-game.
  • Once you have access to the GYAO! Minigame, make sure you look after the virtual pet every day, you’ll need to raise five of them to full maturity. See GYAO! Master for more info.
  • When Udo starts giving you “FishMon” quests, do them immediately and prioritise them. You need to complete 5 of these, but they’re only available once per in-game week. See Strange Fish for more info.

Missable Trophy

Ration Eater

Ate rations.


Dave the Diver’s one and only missable trophy; Ration Eater can only be unlocked during a specific story sequence and so it’s imperative you watch out for it and don’t overlook it by mistake.

Play through the game until you’re given the objective of Infiltrating the Sea Blue Base. Head into the base and you’ll need to complete a short stealth sequence inside the facility.

On the very top floor of this facility, just after the cardboard box you need to roll over, you’ll see a tin of Military Rations on the floor.

Make sure you press on these rations to eat them. If you proceed without eating the Rations you cannot get back here and will need to re-attempt on another save for the trophy.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Undersea Gunslinger

Completed the gun tutorial.



Very early in the game, you will be asked to recover 1 Rope and 1 Scrap Iron from the blue hole. Once you do and you return to the boat with them, you’ll be automatically taken through the Gun Tutorial, after which you’ll receive the Undersea Gunslinger trophy.

Better Equipment

Made first equipment upgrade.



On one of your first few mornings, you’ll be given a tutorial on how to upgrade your equipment through the iDiver app.

As part of this tutorial, you’ll acquire the first Diving Suit upgrade for free, thus unlocking the “Better Equipment” trophy.

Bancho Sushi is Back!

Fixed the Sushi Restaurant.



When you start Dave the Diver, you’ll be 100 dollars in debt, and one of your very first objectives is to make $100 to pay for repairs to Bancho Sushi. Once done, you’ll unavoidably receive the Bancho Sushi trophy!

Angry Shark!

Caught first shark.


There are many reasons to catch Sharks in Dave the Diver, including new recipes and NPC requests. Whatever your reasoning, the first time you kill and capture a shark, you will unlock the “Angry Shark!” trophy.


Reached Bronze Level in Cooksta.


As you feed your guests better and better food, you’ll gradually accumulate likes and follows on your “Cooksta” account. Achieving just 10 Likes on Cooksta will increase your Cooksta Rank to Bronze, unlocking the Influencer trophy.

Deep-sea Diver

Entered the Deep Sea for the first time.



You will receive the Headlamp as part of the story, which allows you to head to new depths of the sea. Upon entering the new depth, you’ll unavoidably receive the “Deep-sea Diver” trophy.

Undersea Civilization!

Discovered the under-sea village.



You will unavoidably receive the “Underea Civilisation” trophy at the end of Chapter 2.

A Dark and Cold Place

Discovered the Glacial Passage.



You will eventually need to enter the Glacial Passage as part of the story, and many story events will lead up to this expedition. Upon entering the passage for the first time, the “A Dark and Cold Place” trophy will unlock.


Entered the Glacial Area for the first time.



After a lot of preparation, you will enter the Glacial Area as part of the main campaign, unavoidably receiving the “Achoo!” trophy when you do.

A Peaceful Blue Hole

Watched the ending credits.

You will unlock the “A Peaceful Blue Hole” trophy at the end of the credits, which play automatically when you complete the final story objectives.

While watching the credits, try to destroy all of the developers’ names before the credits end. If you succeed, you’ll unlock Dev Killer. Don’t worry if you miss you chance, though, you can replay the credits via the “Minigames” app in your phone.

Phase Two | Cleanup

In this second phase of our Dave the Diver Trophy Guide, there’s a fair amount of work ahead of you still, depending on how much side-content you enjoyed as you made your way through the game’s story campaign.

I’ve divided the trophies up below into groups just to help you navigate, but you’ll essentially want to be working on all of these things each day. There’s quite a few grindy trophies too, as you’ll need a lot of money for upgrading the farm and training your employees. Add to that the weekly FishMon, the five GYAO you need to raise, and the 20 times the cat needs feeding, and you’ve got a pretty hefty time investment to commit to as well.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the game up to this point and find joy in extending the gameplay for the next 10-15 hours as you mop up.

Side Quest Trophies

New Undersea Friend

Completed the Dolphin's request.



The Dolphin’s appearances at the start of your dives are a random event that can sometimes occur.

The first two times that the Dolphin appears, it will lead you to a Pink Dolphin trapped in a net. Both times, you will need to cut it free.


Then, the third time the Dolphin appears will be in the form of a boss event, whereby you’ll need to defeat three pirates, who have tranquilizer guns.

Upon defeating those pirates and saving the Pink Dolphin for the third time, you will receive the “New Undersea Friend” trophy!

Dumplings in the Water

Mima's restaurant opened.

Mima is the owner of the Dumpling Shop in the Sea People’s Village. When you speak to her, she will give you a side quest to go and collect ingredients for her.

After completing these requests 3 times, she will open her Dumpling Shop, allowing you to purchase food from her using Bei—the Sea People currency—to receive a temporary buff.

As soon as this feature becomes available, the “Dumplings in the Water” trophy will unlock!

Feeble Blacksmith

Duwa's workshop opened.

Duwa is the owner of the Blacksmith in the Sea People’s Village. Eventually, when you’ve progressed the story a good amount, he will begin offering you Sidequests.

Just complete any sidequests he offers as and when he offers them and, eventually, it will lead to him opening his workshop, from which you’ll be able to purchase upgrade materials for your weapons.

As soon as this feature becomes available, the “Feeble Blacksmith” trophy will unlock!

The Seaweed is Growing!

Gumo's seeweed farm opened.

Kazhin is the owner of the Plant Shop in the Sea People’s Village. As you progress through the story, he’ll gradually offer more and more side-quests. After you’ve completed a few for him, he’ll give you a bag of Seaweed Seeds that can only be grown on the farm in the Sea People’s Village.

Once you have the seeds, take them to Gumo at the Seaweed Farm and complete his sidequests until he lets you plant them. Once done, the “The Seaweed is Growing!” trophy will unlock!

Misc Restaurant Trophies

Culinary Master

Enhanced 5 dishes.


When you are preparing dishes to go on your menu, you can enhance them by pressing and then spending the same ingredients it takes to make the recipe to upgrade it. For example, to upgrade Mackerel Scad Sushi to Level 2, you need to provide 3 Mackerel Scad that you’ve caught.

To unlock the “Culinary Master” trophy, you just need to upgrade a total of 5 dishes in this way.

Culinary Researcher

Researched 5 new dishes

As you complete an evening at the Sushi Restaurant, you’ll receive some Artisan’s Flames, one for each star in the night’s rating. These flames can then be spent in the “Research” option at the Sushi Bar to add new menu options. To unlock the Culinary Research trophy, you just need to research 5 different recipes.

You will research one as part of the tutorial for this system, but will then need to unlock more. 4 Recipes get added to the Research menu when you reach Bronze Level on Cooksta (Influencer trophy), so once you do that you’ll be able to research the four extra dishes needed for this trophy.

Artisan's Flame

Researched 30 new dishes.


To unlock “Artisan’s Flame,” as with Culinary Researcher you must use the Artisan Flames you get from running the restaurant at night to research dishes as and when they become available.

Continue doing this until you’ve researched 30 new dishes in this way, and the trophy will unlock. You need to research at least 32 dishes for Cooksta Influencer anyway.

Shop's Lookin' Good!

Bought First Interior Item.

Early in the game, you’ll be introduced to the “Interior” menu on the menu bar at Bancho Sushi. To unlock the “Shop’s Lookin’ Good!” trophy, you just need to purchase and install any interior decoration from this menu.

Three free “Oriental Modern” counter upgrade won’t unlock the trophy, you’ll have to actually spend money on something.

A Bancho Sushi Regular

Achieved Platinum rank in Cooksta.

To unlock the “A Bancho Sushi Regular” trophy, you need to reach Platinum Rank in the Cooksta App. Platinum Rank has three requirements:

  • You need 200 likes on the Cooksta App
    • Just keep serving people great food every day and this will rise naturally.
  • You need one menu item with a taste of at least 250
    • Upgrade menu items to increase the taste of them until one is above 250. For me, this was Level 7 Marlin Sushi.
  • You need to have researched at least 19 dishes
    • You will unlock more dishes in the research option by progressing the story, completing side quests and events, and increasing your Cooksta rank. Research at least 19 using your Artisan’s Flames.

Once you achieve the above, open the Cooksta app and switch to the “Rank Up” tab. There, press to call the Cooksta reviewers over to Bancho Sushi. Once they increase your rank, the trophy will unlock!

You’ll need to continue on to reach Diamond Rank for Cooksta Influencer.

Cooksta Influencer

Achieved Diamond rank in Cooksta.

After unlocking the A Bancho Sushi Regular trophy, you’ll have a long way to go to achieve Diamond Rank, and you likely won’t achieve it until well into the post-game.

To achieve Diamond Rank, you need to continue working on the following things:

  • You need 720 likes
  • You need one menu item with a taste of at least 375
  • You need to have researched at least 32 dishes

Just keep chipping away at this while you earn money for the Farm Upgrades and Staff Training. The hardest of the requirements to meet is a taste of 375, but I recommend just hoarding a late-game creature’s meat—Narwhal is a good option and easy to find in the Glacial Area—and then just keep upgrading the meal until you achieve the taste needed.


Trained employees to level 20.

To unlock the “Leadership” trophy, you need to train just one employee all the way up to Level 20. You can do this via the “Staff” tab at Bancho Sushi.

The issue, however, is just how much money this will cost you. You’re going to need to accumulate a lot of money in the Sushi Bar to pay for the upgrades, $327,542 to be exact…

Level Cost
2 150
3 215
4 308
5 442
6 635
7 911
8 1,307
9 1,875
10 2,690
11 3,859
12 5,537
13 7,943
14 11,395
15 16348
16 23,452
17 33,644
18 48,264
19 69,239
20 99,328

Fed cat 20 times.

When you are on a dive, you will sometimes find small red crock pots laying around. Inside these pots, you will get cooking ingredients like Salt and Oil. There’s also a small chance that they will contain Cat Food!

Each time you find some Cat Food, take it to Bancho Sushi during the day and press on Momo the cat to begin feeding her.

You basically need to do this 20 times in total to unlock the “Catman” trophy, but you can only feed her once per day, so you’ll need to remember to visit Bancho Sushi and feed Momo each day.

Note that after you have unlocked the Momo’s Secret trophy, you will need to feed a different cat, but in the same place at the same time.

Momo's Secret

Got to know Momo a little better.

After you have fed Momo 5 times (see Catman), Bancho will remark that he doesn’t know where she goes at night.

Keep playing the game and you’ll eventually get a short cutscene where Dave is cleaning the bar alone at night and hears Momo’s mew.

You’ll then need to complete a short minigame where you essentially just need to keep up with Momo and be careful not to alert her too much to your presence, as indicated by the on-screen gauge at the left.

Once you’ve successfully followed Momo, you’ll learn her secret and receive the “Momo’s Secret” trophy at the end of another cutscene.


Bancho Sushi formed a branch restaurant.

Each week, even after you beat the game, a reporter will come to Bancho Sushi and bring with her one of the world’s greatest Chefs.

You’ll then be given a couple of days to gather required ingredients for the event and will then need to complete a cooking minigame.

To unlock the “Manager” trophy, you first need to beat all three of these VIP guests in the head-to-head cookoffs. The chefs you’ll face (in order) are as follows:

  1. Wang Pang in “Chinese Cuisine Contest”
  2. Alex in “Whose Fried food is the Best?”
  3. Pastro in “Bancho’s Ordeal? Pasta Contest!”

After you’ve beat all three, go to the new Branch the morning after, where the trophy will unlock.

Misc Shop & Service Trophies

Arms Craftsman

Enhanced gun 3 times.


During Chapter 2, you’ll be introduced to the option of Upgrading Weapons.

To do it, you open the Weapon Shop app in your phone and then press to open Duff’s Laptop, where the Upgrade Tree is.

Each Upgrade will require various resources you can find while underwater. To unlock the “Arms Craftsman” trophy, you just need to craft at least 3 enhanced guns from this tree.

It does not need to be the same gun; when I unlocked the trophy I’d upgraded the following guns:

  • Red Sniper >>> Tranquilizer Mosin-Nagant
  • Net Gun >>> Medium Net Gun
  • Underwater Rifle >>> Underwater Rifle II.
Blacksmith Helper

Sold 200 items at workshop.


After unlocking Feeble Blacksmith and unlocking access to Duwa’s Blacksmith Workshop, all you need to do to unlock the “Blacksmith Helper” trophy is to sell a cumulative total of 200 items to him in exchange for Bei.

You can sell all the same stuff that can be sold to Cobra, you’ll just get Bei instead of money.

Professional Farmer

Installed sprinklers in the garden.

Once you have access to the Farm, you can speak to Otto and select the “Shop” option to access Otto’s Market, where he sells seeds for you to plant. He also sells upgrades for your equipment and the farm itself, though.

To unlock the “Professional Farmer” trophy, you need to upgrade your watering can twice, for $2,000 and then $3,000.

Once done, you’ll have access to the “Sprinkler” upgrade for $4,000. Purchase it and the trophy will unlock!

My Wonderful Rice Field!

Rice field expanded to maximum.

Once you have access to the Farm, you can speak to Otto and select the “Shop” option to access Otto’s Market, where he sells seeds for you to plant. He also sells upgrades for your equipment and the farm itself, though.

To unlock the “My Wonderful Rice Field!” trophy, you need to upgrade the Rice Field twice, to Level 3.

My Wonderful Field!

Vegetable farm expanded to maximum.

Once you have access to the Farm, you can speak to Otto and select the “Shop” option to access Otto’s Market, where he sells seeds for you to plant. He also sells upgrades for your equipment and the farm itself, though.

To unlock the “My Wonderful Rice Field!” trophy, you need to purchase the “Expand Field” upgrade three times, thus unlocking all four rows of the vegetable farm.

Misc Diving Trophies

Scrap Metal Collector

Picked up 100 items.


Despite its name, you don’t earn the Scrap Metal Collector item by just picking up Scrap Metal. The trophy progresses with each resource of the same kind. For example; Wood, Copper Ore, Silver Bowls, Bits of Rope, Shard of Glass, Scrap Iron, and more!

You’ll probably be collecting most of these resources anyway, making it quite likely that you’d unlock the Scrap Metal Collector trophy naturally.

Either way, upon picking up your 100th item underwater, the trophy will unlock.

Dave the Sniper

Caught 10 fish with a Sniper Rifle.


One of the many kinds of ranged weapons you can get from purple Gun Crates is Sniper Rifles, such as the basic “Red Sniper Rifle.” Once you’ve found and picked up a Sniper Rifle for the third time, it’ll be available to craft via the Weapon Shop on your phone, meaning you can start every run with a Sniper.

Whether you craft your own or just rent every time, if you want the “Dave the Sniper” trophy, you need to use Sniper Weapons to kill and collect a cumulative total of 10 fish.

The sniper’s unique traits are the long range you can hit targets from, and the over-penetration on each round, allowing you to kill whole rows of fish at a time. So, even though you only get 3 shots, you can kill multiple fish at once.

Mister Melee

Caught 20 fish with melee weapons.


In Dave the Diver, you have access to a little knife on each dive. You can use the knife by pressing to slash a short distance in front of yourself. You can also find stronger weapons with more range, power, and speed. They’re found in orange crates, but you won’t be able to bring them with you and they only last for the duration of the current dive.

To unlock the Mister Melee trophy, you just need to use any of these Melee weapons to kill and collect at least 20 fish. This is cumulative and so can be done across several dives.

Saved Dave!

First time bringing Dave back from the brink of death.

When you run out of oxygen on a dive, you’ll see a Game Over screen but will then be allowed to choose just one item to recover from your dive.

Choose your rarest item and then you’ll be teleported back to the boat, where the “Saved Dave!” trophy will unlock the first time this happens.

Predator of the Blue Hole

Caught 300 fish.


All you need to do for the “Predator of the Blue Hole” trophy is catch a cumulative total of 300 Fish. This is very likely to unlock naturally, since catching fish is a good majority of the gameplay.

Interestingly, you can actually call “Operator” from your phone and ask them for random stats about your save. One of the stats they will read out to you is how many fish you’ve caught so far.



Took 10 photos at Photo Spots.



Throughout the game, there are many opportunities to take photos at Photo Spots. These sometimes occur as random events while you’re exploring, whereas others are tied to scripted story and sidequest events.

You’re likely to come across more than just 10 of these while making your way through the game, especially because the Sea People Murals you need for Sea People Historian also count toward this trophy.

Sea People Historian

Captured all of the Sea People murals.


There are just 2 Murals you won’t photograph on your way through the story, this is because you’re pushed out of the location by story events and will need to revisit those areas again to get your photos.

The two murals in question are both in the Glacial Passage. The first is in the room to the left of the big mirror room (the one you use a crowbar to direct a beam of light with).

The second is in the lower-most chamber of the Glacial Passage, where a particular enemy was hiding during the story.

Once you have photographed both of those murals and progressed the story enough to have photographed the rest, return to your boat and Udio will come to get the photos from you. When he leaves and your results open up, the “Sea People Historian” trophy will unlock.

Weapon Collector

Collected all the blueprints.


When exploring on a Dive, you will sometimes find Weapon Crates which contain ranged weapons that you can use for the duration of your Dive.

Eventually, you will unlock the ability to craft and upgrade weapons to bring with you from the start of a Dive, so you don’t need to rely on finding the one you want.

To do this, though, you first need to acquire a weapon’s Blueprint. You get Blueprint fragments each time you find a weapon underwater, and getting three will unlock the full blueprint so that you can craft the weapon.

Essentially, you need to find all 8 weapons underwater 3 times each to unlock every blueprint and receive the “Weapon Collector” trophy.

Creature Hunter

Defeated all bosses.

There are 12 Boss Fish to fight in Dave the Diver, most of them are faced as part of the story, but you will need to go out of your way a little to complete the rest by progressing sidequests and doing some night fishing. Use the table below to see which bosses you still need to face and how to find them.

You can see which bosses you’ve already defeated by going into the “Marinca” app on your phone. Bosses have purple holo-foil cards at the bottom of each tab.

Boss Objective Details
Clione Queen Defeat the Clione Queen First, Complete the “Reticent Girl” sidequest, then the “Catch Clione” side-quest.
Giant Gadon Find the Glacial Passage Exit Story-related
Giant Squid The Leahs-chan Rescue Story-related
Giant Wolf Eel Destroy the Entryway Story-related
Goblin Shark Curious Child Complete the “Curious Child” sidequest given to you by the children in the Sea People Village.
Great White Shark Klaus Revenge Time! Complete the “Stormy Night” bosses, then Clara will arrive at your boat to give you the “Revenge Time!” trophy.
Helicoprion Ancient Control Room Story-related
Kronosaurus Check the Control Room Entrance Story-related
Mantis Shrimp Stormy Night 2 Enter the vortex on the next stormy night after completing the first “Stormy Night” sidequest.
Phantom Jellyfish Check the Control Room Entrance Story-related
Truck Hermit Crab Stormy Night After Sato introduces you to the concept of bosses that can only be fought by entering a vortex on a stormy night, so exactly that to face this boss.
Yawie Cause of the earthquake Story-related
God of Lightning

Caught a fish with Mjolnir.


In the Glacial Area, on the right-hand side, there’s a very small chance for an ice formation like the one pictured below to spawn.

When you find it, you should hit the top half with your knife until you expose the handle of the hammer caught inside.

Once you do, hold R2 on it and complete the QTE to extract Mjolnir (yes, Thor’s Hammer) from the ice.

It may take you quite a lot of dives before you so it, but when you have this incredibly rare melee weapon in your hands, approach the nearest fish and hit it with Mjolnir until it dies and then collect the fish.

After successfully catching any fish using Mjolnir (and Mjolnir alone), you will receive the coveted “God of Lightning” trophy.

You may see claims online that Mjolnir only spawns under certain conditions. After thorough testing I can confirm:

  • It does not need to be raining/stormy.
  • You do not need to visit the Sea People Village first, you can go straight to the Glacial Area from the boat and it will still spawn.
  • You shouldn’t need to kill multiple fish as long as you harvest/collect the fish you do kill with Mjolnir.
Strange Fish

Captured 5 FishMon.


Towards the end of the game, Udo (The Photographer), will begin bringing you “FishMon” quests.

Every Saturday, he will come up to the boat and tell you which FishMon to catch, what depth you can find it at, and what equipment you will need to capture it—So be sure to pay attention to his instructions!

You will have until Monday to catch the fish, so make sure you also prioritise them as they come up.

To unlock the “Strange Fish” trophy you need to catch a total of 5 FishMon, and there are many more than just 5 available in the game. It’s just a bit of a pain that you need to wait an entire in-game week between FishMon opportunities.

Misc Minigame Trophies

Dev Killer

Wiped-out all the developers.

You get your first shot at unlocking the “Dev Killer” trophy during the end credits. However, if you miss your chance, you can just replay the “Space Diver” minigame on your phone.

To unlock the trophy, you basically need to shoot and destroy all of the Devs’ names floating in space. You need to do this before the credits end, otherwise you’ll have to try again.

Ignore the aliens and don’t waste time trying to kill them, you’ll need every second you can get. Also, remember that the area does loop, so don’t waste time trying to keep track of where each developer’s name might be. If you find yourself lost, just pick a direction and commit to it until the names begin to spawn ahead of you again.

GYAO! Master

Raised 5 GYAO!s.


After you’ve cleared the “Stormy Night” sidequest, Sato will introduce you to little Tamagochi-style App called “GYAO!” You’ll find it under “Minigames” on your phone.

To raise a GYAO, you need to check its status and feed it or play with it as per its needs. You’ll also need to “Discipline” it each day to ensure it continues to grow.

If you see a purple skull icon in the top-right, administer medicine. If you see a little coiled brown present in the lower-right, clean it up via the toilet icon. Lastly, ensure you turn the light off at night when your GYAO is sleeping.

Eventually, after a few days of taking care of your GYAO, it will reach full maturity and whatever species it turns out to be will be added to your collection.

Once this happens, the trophy tracker will increase by 1. You need to raise 5 GYAO to full maturity.

To speed things up, access the Settings via the cogwheel icon in the GYAO app and then select “Rebirth” when your GYAO has matured into a full-sized creature (not an orange/blue fish).

This will reset the game so you can start again with an egg without waiting for your GYAO to die of natural causes (which takes 10-20 in-game days).



Collected all the Trophies.

After collecting every trophy in this Dave the Diver Trophy Guide, the "THE BEST DIVER " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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