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General Info


How long does it take to beat Wreckfest and unlock all trophies?

Around 20-25 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Wreckfest and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Wreckfest have online trophies?


Does Wreckfest have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Wreckfest have missable trophies?


Does Wreckfest have glitched trophies?

Yes, Highballer.

What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Wreckfest?


Does Wreckfest have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Wreckfest Trophy Guide and Road Map

Wreckfest is exactly what it says on the tin; a festival of wreckage. In this 20-to-25-hour Platinum journey, you’ll be crashing, crumpling, crushing, and colliding your way through a plethora of violent vehicle-on-vehicle events and having a lot of fun along the way. With this Wreckfest Trophy Guide in hand, you can be sure you’re doing everything you need to for a swift and buttery-smooth ride to that Platinum Trophy.

Wreckfest Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

The Settings

In Wreckfest, you can change the difficulty for two things; Driving Difficulty, and AI Difficulty.

Driving difficulty has three pre-set options (Easy, Normal, Hard) which affect ABS, Traction Control, and Stability Control assists. You can actually fine-tune these, however, by changing the settings for each of them individually. There’s no reason to change this from “Easy,” though, as it won’t affect your trophies.

AI Difficulty seems to affect two things; How aggressive the AI is and how fast they’re willing to go on straights. Again, there’s no reason to change this from “Novice,” the easiest difficulty, because it won’t affect trophies.

One other setting which is useful to know about is the setting for vehicle damage. You can leave this on “Normal” for the most part (especially for deathmatches), but if you want a helping hand in races, you can set this to “Realistic.”

Realistic vehicle damage makes the cars wreck insanely fast, but that includes you. If you set it to Realistic during races, and avoid getting hit as much as possible, most of your opponents will crash and/or wreck themselves, making it much easier to blaze straight by them.

Money and EXP exploit

There’s a way to make some quick EXP and Money by setting up a custom event in such a way that you can earn 16,000-20,000 exp per run and 3,000-5,000 credits to boot!

You’ll need to set up an event with the settings shown below:

  • Map: Motorcity Circuit
  • Car: Any, but if you haven’t progressed the game much, the rental Hammerhead (L) is a solid choice.
  • Event Options > Event Type: Banger Race
  • Event Options > Opponents: 23
  • Event Options > Laps: 60
  • Event Options > AI Vehicle: Lawn Mower
  • Event Options > Damage: Realistic
  • Difficulty > Driving Difficulty: Custom
  • Difficulty > Shifting: Automatic
  • Difficulty > ABS: Off
  • Difficulty > Traction Control: Off
  • Difficulty > Stability Control: Off
  • Difficulty > AI Difficulty: Expert

By making the game as difficult as possible, you’re multiplying your EXP and Cash gain dramatically. You don’t need to win or even complete the event. In fact, it is much quicker if you purposefully wreck yourself within the first 30 seconds.

Ram into as many of the lawnmowers as you can and crash on purpose at every corner to damage your vehicle until you wreck. If you get a few good hits in before you’re wrecked, you should get about 18,000exp and 3,000 credits per run. The runs won’t take very long since you will be intentionally wrecking yourself.

If these instructions are unclear, I also prepared a video guide for doing this:

Phase One – Career Mode

Coming into the game for the first time, your best place to start with our Wreckfest Trophy Guide would naturally be Career Mode, in which you can learn the ropes, unlock plenty of vehicles and earn bundles of cash and exp!

However, if you want to get the Online Trophies out of the way first, that would be a perfectly sensible decision, and you can refer to Phase Two for details on that and then return to this phase once you’re ready.

Throughout Career Mode, you will need to meet the points threshold to complete each Championship by competing in events. This is easily done because you can change AI difficulty and adjust the level of damage.

You also don’t need to win every event or complete every bonus objective, but you will need to complete every Career Challenge.

Career Challenges and Bonus Objectives look very similar, so check out the Highballer trophy for information on which events you need to complete and where they can be found. I’ll also make it clear for each Championship trophy which events contain challenges.

You don’t even need to compete in every event, as long as you get enough points to advance to the next Championship.

Career Mode Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Storm Warning

Win Your First Career Race.

Simply win your very first event and this trophy will unlock! I personally unlocked this in the Lawnmower deathmatch at the start of the Career; “Eat Dirt!”

You don’t even need to complete a race in Career Mode to unlock this trophy, despite the misleading trophy description, you’re free to start a custom solo or multiplayer race and win that.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Regional Juniors Champion

Complete Regional Juniors Championship.

You will need to earn 1,200 points in the Regional Juniors Championship to unlock this trophy and proceed to the next Championship.

Be sure to complete the challenges in these Regional Juniors events for Highballer:

  • Eat Dirt!
  • Mean Machine
  • Settle it in the Dirt
  • Couch Craze
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
National Amateurs Champion

Complete National Amateurs Championship.

In the National Amateurs Championship, you will need to earn 1,800 points to unlock this trophy and proceed to the next Championship.

Be sure to complete the challenges in these National Amateurs events for Highballer:

  • The Great Escape
  • Ramming it Down
  • Harvesters from Hell
  • Supervan Smash-up
  • Limousine Demolition
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Challengers Champion

Complete Challengers Championship.

In the Challengers Championship, you will need to earn 2,200 points to unlock this trophy and proceed to the next Championship.

Be sure to complete the challenges in these Challengers events for Highballer:

  • Destroy all Supervans
  • Attack of the Killer B (Requires Killerbee Vehicle)
  • Motorhome Madness
  • Wolf Pack (Requires Roadslayer Vehicle)
  • Driven to Destruction
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Pro Internationals Champion

Complete Pro Internationals Championship.

For the Pro Internationals Championship, you will need to earn 2,600 points to unlock this trophy and proceed to the next Championship.

Be sure to complete the challenges in these Pro Internationals events for Highballer:

  • Double Trouble
  • Diesel and Destruction
  • Motorhome Racing
  • The Underdog
  • The Convoy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
World Masters Champion

Complete World Masters Championship.

The World Masters Championship requires you to earn 3,600 points to unlock this trophy and finish Career Mode.

Be sure to complete the challenges in these Pro Internationals events for Highballer:

  • Slaying the Road (Requires Roadslayer Vehicle)
  • School Run
  • Big Rig Racing
  • Double Decker Destruction
  • Destroyer

You should also complete “Twisted Chaos” to unlock the “Venom” vehicle if you still need more vehicles for Junk Collector.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete All Career Challenges.

It’s easy to confuse Career Challenges with Bonus Objectives, as they both appear in similar places on the UI. Career Challenges are only found when the event card says “CHALLENGE” on it. They’re twice the size of normal event cards.

The challenge will then be displayed at the top of the HUD for the duration of the event.

You can use the table below to figure out which events you’ll need to complete, which rewards you will unlock (vehicles in bold), and what the Challenge objectives are.

Eat Dirt!LawnmowerWreck 3 Opponents
Mean MachineTristarFinish in 1st Position
Settle it in the DirtLawnmower PaintFinish in 1st Position
Couch CrazeSofa CarFinish in 1st Position
The Great EscapeSupervanFinish in 1st Position
Ramming it DownRammer RSFinish in 1st Position
Harvesters From HellHarvesterWreck 3 Opponents
Supervan Smash-upRammer RS Sport Air FilterWreck 3 Opponents
Limousine DemolitionLimoOut-Survive All Opponents
Destroy All SupervansSchool BusWreck 8 Opponents
Attack of the Killer B*Killerbee SFinish in 1st Position
Motorhome MadnessMotorhomeWreck 3 Opponents
Wolf Pack**Wolf Skin (Roadslayer)Finish in 1st Position
Driven to DestructionReward Paint (Limo)Finish in 3rd Position or Better
Double TroubleDouble DeckerFinish in 1st Position
Diesel and DestructionReward Paint (School Bus)Out-Survive All Opponents
Motorhome RacingStreet Valves (SpeedBird)Finish in 1st Position
The UnderdogBoomer RSFinish in 1st Position
The ConvoyBig RigFinish in 1st Position
Slaying the Road**Roadslayer GTFinish in 1st Position
School RunRoof Bar (SpeedBird)Finish in 1st Position
Big Rig RacingReward Paint (Big Red)Finish in 1st Position
Double Decker DestructionReward Paint (Double Decker)Wreck 3 Opponents
DestroyerDerby Lip (SpeedBird)Out-Survive All Opponents
* Requires Killerbee vehicle. ** Requires Roadslayer vehicle.

This trophy may unlock early, just before the “Destroyer” Challenge. This actually happened in my playthrough.

Don’t worry if you don’t get lucky and have it happen to you, though, the Destroyer Challenge is actually quite easy and a lot of fun!

Phase Two – Online Multiplayer

This second phase of our Wreckfest Trophy Guide is going to take you online. There’s just a single trophy to unlock but this will be a lot easier if you boost it with a friend.

Win 20 Online events

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Human Lover

Win 20 Events In Multiplayer.

The Human Lover trophy wants you to complete 20 Events online with other players, so you could jump in some random lobbies and do your best to win against whoever is there, but this trophy could take quite a while if you take that approach.

Instead, I recommend you do what I did and have a friend come online with you and let you win. If you’re setting up the private lobby yourself, then you can even set things up in such a way that the race will take just 15-20 seconds, and you can get the trophy in about 10 minutes!

Set your lobby up with the following settings in that case:

  • Location: Bloomfield Speedway
  • Track: Dirt Oval
  • Laps: 1

Phase Three – Cleanup

The majority of the trophies in this phase of our Wreckfest Trophy Guide have probably come to you naturally and easily as you make your way through the game’s Career Mode, but there may be a few you do not yet have. Check the list below and ensure you’ve got them all so you can collect your Platinum!

Player Rank Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dirty Roller

Reach Player Rank 10.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Trashing Around

Reach Player Rank 25.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Showing Some Dedication

Reach Player Rank 50.

Reach levels 10, 25, and 50 respectively to earn each of the three trophies above. You’ll likely earn the first two during your time in Career Mode but will probably need to exp-grind for level 50. The best way to do this is using the EXP/Money Exploit mentioned at the top of this Wreckfest Guide, or you can just replay events as you see fit.

Collect 20 Vehicles

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Wheeler Dealer

Collect 10 Vehicles.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Junk Collector

Collect 20 Vehicles.

You can unlock this trophy without actually buying many vehicles, just complete the challenges for Highballer and you will have most of the cars in the game by the end. Some of the Career Challenges, such as “Attack of the Killer B” will require you to purchase vehicles though, here’s a list of the vehicles you will eventually need to purchase for these Challenges:

  • KillerBee 4,030 Credits
  • Roadslayer 16,100 Credits

There’s also 15 vehicles you will win from Career Challenges. See Highballer to find out where and how!

You can also get a vehicle called “Venom” as a reward from an non-challenge event called Twisted Chaos; the final event in the World Masters Championship.

That just leaves two more vehicles you will need to purchase. The cheapest are:

  • Firefly 4,320 Credits
  • Gremlin 4,830 Credits

If you need some more money, try the Money/EXP exploit.

Wreck and Get Wrecked

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Maniac Driver

Wreck 50 Opponents With School Bus.

Before you can attempt this trophy, you’ll first need to complete the Challenge in “Destroy all Supervans,” found in the Challengers Championship.

Once you have done that and have access to the School Bus vehicle, start a custom match with the following settings:

  • Map: Bloomfield Speedway (Figure 8)
  • Car: School Bus
  • Event Options > Event Type: Banger Race
  • Event Options > Opponents: 23
  • Event Options > Laps: 60
  • Event Options > AI Vehicle: Lawn Mower
  • Event Options > Damage: Realistic
  • Difficulty > Driving Difficulty: Easy
  • Difficulty > AI Difficulty: Novice

Then drive into the center of the track, where the figure-8 converges in the middle, and block one of the roads in such a way that all of the oncoming traffic has to crash into your side.

Stay there, frequently resetting with and repositioning yourself until everybody has been wrecked by driving into your side. It is unlikely that all 23 will wreck from crashing into you, as they may crash into each other and other wrecked lawnmowers. You should get around 8-10 wrecks in total per run, but it doesn’t take long.

Once everybody but you has been wrecked, wreck yourself by crashing into roadblocks and fences. Now start the event over again and repeat until the trophy unlocks!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hating Them Tin Cans

Wreck 100 Opponents.

Between Career mode and the Maniac Driver trophy, it’s unlikely that you won’t earn this trophy naturally. Essentially, you just need to wreck 100 opponents throughout the entire game, not in a single match.

You can always set up some custom matches where you massively over-power the opponents and then go wild if you need a few more wrecks.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Glutton For Punishment

Get Wrecked 100 Times.

This is certainly not as easy as the Hating Them Tin Cans trophy, but if you haven’t been wrecked 100 times by the end of Career Mode, it is easy to farm. Just set up a custom Deathmatch event with the following settings:

  • Map: Any (Pick something arena-like such as Farfield Mud Pit)
  • Car: Lawmower
  • Event Options > Event Type: Deathmatch
  • Event Options > Opponents: 23
  • Event Options > Time: 20 minutes
  • Event Options > AI Vehicle: Big Rig
  • Event Options > Damage: Realistic
  • Difficulty > Driving Difficulty: Easy
  • Difficulty > AI Difficulty: Expert

You could use a Sofa Car instead of a Lawnmower, but a Lawnmower will help with the Garden Variety trophy.

All you need to do is drive into the enemies and they’ll wreck you very easily.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Look Mom, I Can Fly

Spend 5 Minutes In Air.

This trophy is cumulative so you can gradually build up 5 minutes of total airtime throughout the game. This is actually pretty likely to occur naturally because a lot of the tracks have bumps, ramps, and jumps that you’ll be going over at speed.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Garden Variety

Drive 1 Hour With Lawn Mower.

Contrary to what the trophy description says, you don’t need to actually drive for this trophy. If you don’t have this trophy after doing Glutton for Punishment, you can simply set up a custom Deathmatch where you’re in a Lawnmower, and there’s no AI.

Then just put your controller down and wait for the trophy to unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket.

You will need to first reach level 35 before attempting this trophy. Doing so will unlock Racing Engines.

You’ll want to upgrade your Rocket by equipping every high-end speed upgrade and then remove all armor to make it as fast as possible.

You will also need to tune your car like so:

  • Suspension: Stiff
  • Gear Ratio: Long
  • Differential: Between Limited and Locked
  • Brake Balance: Middle

Start a custom match on the Motorcity map with no rival AI and then progress until you reach the longest straight on the track. Back yourself up against the wall, so you have the longest stretch possible, and then slam down on the accelerator.

By the time you reach the end of the straight, you should hopefully have achieved 130MpH/210KmH and will unlock this trophy.

I also made a video guide for this if you need it:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Cash For Crashes

Earn 50 000 Credits.

This trophy is not cumulative, you must actually have 50,000 Credits at one time.

Earning 50,000 Credits sounds like a long task at first, but as long as you don’t go crazy buying every vehicle and every upgrade as soon as you can, it won’t take all that long to save up 50,000 Credits naturally.

If you do end up needing to farm some dosh, though, you can do so using the Money/EXP exploit explained at the top of this Wreckfest Trophy Guide.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master of Crashes

Collect All Trophies.

In as little as 20 hours, after completing every trophy in this Wreckfest Trophy Guide, the Platinum will be all yours!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for this Wreckfest Trophy Guide, consider checking out our reviews and other guides!

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