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How long does it take to beat The Pathless and unlock all trophies?

Around 10 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat The Pathless and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Does The Pathless have missable trophies?


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Trophy Guide

The Pathless Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4 and PS5

Welcome to our Trophy Guide for The Pathless.

Phase One – Cleanse the Spirits

During this phase of The Pathless Trophy Guide, you will want to complete the main objectives but you do not want to complete the game or fight the final boss. There is a secret extended ending you can earn and we will be aiming to see that in Phase Four, thus completing the game then.

If for whatever reason you do finish the game then you can simply press “Continue” when booted back to the title screen and you’ll be loaded in just before heading to the floating island, giving you the opportunity to complete the requirements for the secret ending and then finish the game a second time.

You should progress until you have freed all four spirits and unlocked access to the ruins which lead to the floating isle, but do not head there yet.

Unmissable Main Objective Trophies

The following trophies in my The Pathless Trophy Guide will be unlocked naturally by following the main objectives, therefore you don’t need to concern yourself with them, just play through the game, freeing the Spirits, but remembering not to finish the game just yet.

Trophy Image
The Adventure Begins

Reach the mainland.

Trophy Image
Cleanse the Elk

Cleanse the Forest Plateau.

Trophy Image
Cleanse the Lizard

Cleanse the Redwood Steppe.

Trophy Image
Cleanse the Snake

Cleanse the Great Plains.

Trophy Image
Cleanse the Bear

Cleanse the Mountain Tundra.

Phase Two – Explore the Island

During this phase of The Pathless Trophy Guide, you will now free-roam the island and its different areas. Throughout the game if you press you’ll get a sonar vision which shows you your objectives, however, you’ll also notice that with each building and landmark the pulse touches, they will either light up in a pale blue or a dark red.

The pale blue glow indicates that you have completed everything in that location. A dark red glow around a location indicates there is still something to do. This will either be a Lightstone to collect, a Lantern puzzle, or some crystals to obtain.

These places are easier to find from high up, so reaching high ground is vital to uncovering these locations. However, if you have cleansed every spirit so far then you should have the “Super Flap” ability from Kumo, allowing you to simply hold in mid-air to use several flaps and reach a great height with ease.

Collect all Lightstones

Throughout this Pathless Trophy Guide you will have been collecting small emblems signifying each of the Eagle Mother’s children, which you then used to cleanse each child. There are always more emblems in the area than you needed in order to cleanse them. Therefore, during this phase, you will want to find all of them and complete the puzzles which will allow you to collect them.

Trophy Image

Complete the puzzle at the Monastery.

In the Forest Plateau, one of the Elk Spirit’s Lightstones is found inside a large monastery.

By completing the puzzle within this monastery in order to earn the Lightstone, this trophy will be unlocked.

As your goal in this phase is to collect all Lightstones, this trophy will come naturally.

Trophy Image
Light of Cernos

Collect all the Elk lightstones.

There are 12 Elk Lightstones in total. 3 of them will be used to cleanse Cernos, leaving 9 to find and use for receiving Cernos’ Gift.

The trophy will pop upon you collecting the 12th Lightstone.

Trophy Image
Textile Workshop

Complete the puzzle at the Textile Workshop.

The Textile Workshop is a building in Redwood Steppe which you will likely find during this portion of your journey.

Inside, there is a puzzle which will grant you access to a huge cache of yellow crystals, but there is no Lightstone within.

Trophy Image
Cold Hike

Reach the old fortress.

In the Redwood Steppe area, there’s a tall white tower at the end of a bridge connected to a mountain.

At the top of this mountain there is a large Fortress containing a Sauro Lightstone which is also the location for some of the Pathfinder Lore.

Reaching this location by climbing the mountain will cause this trophy to unlock.

Trophy Image
Light of Sauro

Collect all the Lizard lightstones.

There are 15 Lizard Lightstones in total, you will use 6 of them to cleanse Sauro’s spirit, leaving 9 to find and use for receiving Sauro’s Gift.

The trophy will pop upon you receiving the 15th Lightstone.

Trophy Image

Complete the puzzle at the Bathhouse.

The Bathhouse is a building found in the Great Plains region, not far from one of the towers, along the edge of a river.

Similarly to the Textile Workshop, there is not a Lightstone in this building but there is a large cache of yellow crystals instead. To access them you will need to solve the multiple ring puzzles in the building, which is also how you’ll earn the trophy.

Trophy Image
Light of Nimue

Collect all the Snake lightstones.

There are 15 Snake Lightstones in total, you will use 6 of them to cleanse Nimua’s spirit, leaving 9 to find and use for receiving Nimua’s Gift.

The trophy will pop upon you receiving the 15th Lightstone.

Trophy Image
High Flyer

Reach the highest updraft above the mountain.

Throughout the Mountain Tundra region, there are many small updrafts scattered around in the air. These updrafts are most easily seen with the sonar vision active.

To earn this trophy you will need to use some of these updrafts as well as your Eagle’s flight abilities to reach the highest updraft in all of the tundra.

The highest updraft can actually be seen from most parts of the map, and you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the yellow crystal cache at the top of it, helping you to be sure you’re identifying the right one.

You’ll notice that there are several smaller updrafts connecting it to a large Rhino-like skull at the edge of the map.

You should end up at this skull as part of this portion of your trophy journey anyway as there is a Bear Lightstone to be found there, so once you are done collecting said Lightstone, climb to the Rhino-like skull’s horn and use it to reach the nearby updraft.

Glide from updraft to updraft until you have reached the apex of the final and highest updraft where you’ll receive a yellow crystal cache and this trophy to boot.

Trophy Image

Reach the observatory.

The Observatory is a tower-like structure on the mountain range along the edge of the Mountain Tundra area.

There is no Lightstone here, simply a cache of yellow crystals, and the observatory can be seen from quite far away, as well as the path up the mountain which leads to it.

Simply reach this Observatory and the trophy will unlock as you arrive.

Trophy Image
Light of Kumo

Collect all the Bear lightstones.

There are 15 Bear Lightstones in total, you will use 6 of them to cleanse Kumo’s spirit, leaving 9 to find and use for receiving Kumo’s Gift.

The trophy will pop upon you receiving the 15th Lightstone.

Trophy Image
Hunter of the Light

Collect all the lightstones.

Once you have collected all 12 Cernos Lightstones, 15 Sauro Lightstones, 15 Nimua Lightstones, and 15 Kumo Lightstones, this trophy will unlock.

Deliver the Extra Lightstones to the Spirits

Once you have all Lightstones for each individual spirit, you must take them back to the place where you cleansed them, there you’ll find tall pillars with several holes in them, one in each domain.

If you deliver all remaining Lightstones to these locations, the spirits will bless you with gifts, which will result in you earning the trophies below.

You can track which spirits have given you their gift via the Manual Save function in the pause menu. Normally, a spirit that you have cleansed is displayed as a white icon, but when you have received their gift this icon will turn gold.

Trophy Image
Gift of the Elk Spirit

Obtain the Gift of the Elk Spirit.

Return to the round building where your boss fight with Cernos ended and deliver 9 Lightstones to the golden pillar you will find within.

You will then need to follow Cernos to its final resting place where it will bestow a gift upon you, granting you auto-regeneration of stamina.

Trophy Image
Gift of the Lizard Spirit

Obtain the Gift of the Lizard Spirit.

Return to the mural where you boss fight with Sauros ended and deliver 9 Lightstones to the golden pillar you will find there.

You will then need to follow Sauros to its final resting place where it will bestow a gift upon you, granting you a greater speed boost from shooting talismans.

Trophy Image
Gift of the Snake Spirit

Obtain the Gift of the Snake Spirit.

Return to the round building where you boss fight with Nimua ended and deliver 9 Lightstones to the golden pillar you will find there.

You will then need to follow Nimua to its final resting place where it will bestow a gift upon you, the ability to glide faster.

Note: This gift will make the trophy “Epic Flight” a tiny bit more difficult to earn, so perhaps consider earning that misc trophy first.

Trophy Image
Gift of the Bear Spirit

Obtain the Gift of the Bear Spirit.

Return to the volcano where you boss fight with Kumo ended and deliver 9 Lightstones to the golden pillar you will find there.

You will then need to follow Kumo to its final resting place where it will bestow a gift upon you, the “Ultra Flap” improvement on “Super Flap”.

Trophy Image
Gifts of the Tall Ones

Collect the gift from every spirit.

Once you have delivered 9 Lightstones to each golden pillar in the four regions, and received a gift from each of the four spirits, this trophy will unlock upon receiving your fourth gift.

Complete Lantern Puzzles

In your journeys across each domain, attempting to collect all Lightstones, most of the red incomplete locations you visit will actually just contain these lantern puzzles. Lantern Puzzles are small events in which you will have to complete an action in order to spawn a small floating lantern, which will earn you small crystals used to upgrade your Eagle’s flight abilities.

There are a few different types of lantern puzzle and some are totally unique, but I’ll attempt to describe each of the most common puzzle types and solutions below, as part of this The Pathless Trophy Guide, to help you complete them.

Lantern Lighting Puzzles

For these puzzles, you will find small lanterns in a single area, each is a different height with up to 5 diamond shapes on it’s sides.

You must first find the shortest one with only one diamond shape and approach it, causing it to become lit.

Then work your way to the second, third, fourth, and fifth tallest lanterns in that order until all are lit.

Bell-ringing Puzzles

When you approach one of these puzzles, you’ll see a pale blue circle of light on the ground, step on it and the nearby bells will begin ringing out in a certain order.

You will need to shoot each of the bells in the same order.

Stay Airborne Puzzles

For these puzzles there are two stone plates on the ground, each with an engraving on it.

You will need to stop on one and then reach the other without touching the ground, by using the talismans which spawn between them. You may use the Eagle to glide a small amount at the end for better positioning but if you use the Eagle too excessively, the attempt will be void and you’ll need to start again.

Fire Arrow Puzzles

For these puzzles you’ll see multiple unlit torches and just one or a few which are lit.

You will need to fire an arrow through the lit torch to light your arrow aflame mid-flight so that it can light the unlit torches when it reaches them.

You will sometimes need to bounce the arrow off a mirror to hit a torch around a corner.

Ring Shot Puzzles

For these puzzles you’ll find a ring-shaped panel on a wall with a certain number of icons above it.

The icons dictate how many rings your arrow must pass through before hitting it.

You will either need to find an angle where this is possible or move rings nearby via your Eagle to line them up correctly.

You may sometimes need to use mirrors to bounce an arrow around a corner.

Missing Statue Puzzles

Often you might find a group of statues standing on plinths but one will simply be a plinth with no statue on top.

Naturally, you want to stand on the statue-less plinth and face the same direction as the other statues to solve the puzzle.

Hidden Object Puzzles

Often you’ll come to a location where it isn’t clear what you need to do, so you will activate your sonar vision with to find that there is an invisible object to interact with.

Most of the time this is just a single target you need to hit with your bow, but often it can be more complex like a series of floating torches you must light.

Trophy Image
Secret Seeker

Discover 15 lanterns.

Trophy Image
Great Secret Seeker

Discover 30 lanterns.

Trophy Image
Expert Secret Seeker

Discover 45 lanterns.

The above trophies will be earned upon completion of 15, 30, and 45 Lantern Puzzles respectively.

Unlock 10 “Flaps”

Trophy Image
Sky Master

Get 10 flaps.

Throughout the game, you will find many small yellow crystals. You will receive enough to unlock an additional wing-flap for cleansing each of the Spirits, you’ll earn a handful for each lantern you discover, and you’ll also find various chests containing crystals and a few loose crystals too.

These crystals fill up a bar above your stamina, which is used to unlock new “Flaps” for your Eagle. These are simply the number of times you can press to gain additional height while flying.

In total, you’ll earn 5 naturally as part of the story, the other 5 are up to you to earn by collecting yellow crystals. You will not need to find all yellow crystals.

Collect enough crystals to earn a total of 10 flaps (indicated by the number at the top and center of your HUD) and this trophy will unlock.

Look out for Lore

As you explore the map and visit each location you’ll also notice lore in the form of blue orbs found floating above the bodies of the deceased, these orbs contain their last messages.

To earn the below trophies you will need to collect these by approaching them and pressing to gather Lore.

Trophy Image
Ancient Whispers

Discover 15 lore messages.

Trophy Image
Echoes of the Past

Discover 30 lore messages.

Trophy Image
Wisdom of the Ancients

Discover 45 lore messages.

To earn above three trophies in this phase of The Pathless Trophy Guide, you will need to find 15, 30, and 45 blue orbs respectively. These trophies are very easy to earn as the orbs are so plentiful and common, therefore you may even earn them naturally in your initial playthrough.

Trophy Image
The Pathfinder’s Tale

Find all the lore of the Pathfinder’s story.

This trophy is much more complex as you will need to find and collect four specific pieces of Lore, for which there is a process:

  • In each area, there are three towers you will have activated in order to fight the area’s boss and cleanse it of darkness.
  • One one of these three towers in each of the four areas on the mainland, there will be a dead body with an orb over it.
  • Collect the orb to receive a clue about the location of a cluster of pathfinder lore. The corpse will be facing the direction of the lore’s location, making it easier to locate.
  • Once you figure out where you need to go, collect the lore at that location from blue orbs and stone tablets and repeat this process for all four areas until the trophy pops.

Below is some information on where to find each location.

Forest Plateau Pathfinder Lore

The clue in the Forest Plateau domain points to a prison hidden in the trees nearby.

Upon arrival you’ll see myriad corpses, each having pathfinder lore. There are 5 in the courtyard, one in the corridor to the left, one in the corridor to the right, and one on the roof of the building at the highest point.

Redwood Steppe Pathfinder Lore

The clue in the Redwood Steppe domain points to the fortress atop a mountain near a white tower and bridge structure.

Starting at that tower and bridge, climb up the mountain to a fortress where you’ll also earn the Cold Hike trophy.

Here, there is a Lightstone and many more corpses from which you can gather Pathfinder Lore. There are 7 corpses in the courtyard and 4 in the upper walkways for 11 in total.

Great Plains Pathfinder Lore

The clue in the Great Plains points to a shrine in a nearby valley.

Enter the shrine to find more slaughtered soldiers who have lore to collect. There are two tablets near the entrance and four corpses nearby.

You will need to solve the puzzle at the back of the shrine (hint: the height of the tiles on the floor corresponds to the height of the switches you need to hit). Doing so will open a grate in the floor leading down to a Lightstone, one more tablet, and two more corpses.

Mountain Tundra Pathfinder Lore

The clue in the Mountain Tundra points to a tower-like building called the “Sword Shrine” which is clearly visible in a ray of light on a nearby mountaintop.

Work your way up to it and once again you’ll find multiple blue orbs containing lore. There are eight corpses in the courtyard as well as two stone tablets.

There are also two stone tablets you will need to find inside the shrine.

If you have visited all four locations and believe you have collected all of the lore but the trophy does not pop, then you will need to revisit each location once again to find the lore you missed.

For me, I had missed the two tablets in the courtyard of the Mountain Tundra location.

Phase Three – Clean Up Misc Trophies Before Finishing the Game

The following trophies in this The Pathless Trophy Guide are not tied to progression or collectables and will require you to simply use the game’s mechanics as intended, or complete an inconsequential action.

Miscellaneous Bow Trophies

The below trophies in this part of The Pathless Trophy Guide are tied to completing feats with the bow, mostly shooting Talismans.

Talismans are the small red diamond-shaped objects which you shoot to gain stamina, run faster, and jump further.

Trophy Image
1000 Talismans Shot

Shoot 1,000 talismans.

This trophy is likely to occur early in your playthrough, especially if you use the talismans a lot to travel quickly across the ground.

All you need to do is shoot 1,000 talismans over the course of your journey, the trophy will pop upon shooting your 1,000th talisman.

Trophy Image

Shoot 5 talismans while airborne before touching the ground.

This can be earned quite early in the game, and many Lantern Puzzles will actually ask this of you, meaning you may already have the trophy.

To accomplish this feat, jump in the air and shoot a talisman to receive a small boost, keeping you airborne. Repeat this 4 more times without touching the ground in-between shots to stay airborne and the trophy will pop once you shoot the fifth talisman.

Trophy Image
Skill Shot Master

Chain 10 skill shots in a row.

In The Pathless, a Skill Shot is performed when you shoot an object or talisman with the meter only half-filled.

When you hold to charge up a shot with the bow, a diamond-shaped meter will appear around the target and begin to fill up. There is a white notch on the bottom corner of this diamond meter and releasing to fire your arrow once the meter reaches this notch will trigger a Skill Shot.

To earn this trophy, you will need to do 10 of these trick shots in a row. You can do this while travelling through the game, using the various talismans along the way, but this can be quite tricky.

The easiest way to earn the trophy is to find a static target that you can shoot multiple times, such as a stone ring. execute 10 skill shots in a row on this static target and the trophy will pop upon the 10th skill shot.

Trophy Image
Trick Shot

Bounce an arrow off two mirrors.

There are a few puzzles which will actually require you to do this so it will happen naturally, but the one that I found was a puzzle in the Redwood Steppe area, by a large statue.

The aim of the puzzle was to get fire from a single torch behind the large statue to two torches in front of the statue and collect a Lightstone.

Part of the puzzle’s solution is to line up two mirrors behind the statue and bounce an arrow off both to extend the arrow’s reach to a torch in the distance.

Miscellaneous Traversal Trophies

The following trophies in this The Pathless Trophy Guide require you to accomplish a feat of traversal.

Trophy Image
Epic Flight

Fly for over a minute without touching an updraft.

To earn this trophy, you will need to stay airborne for a full minute via use of the Eagle.

There are various ways to earn this; for example, you could climb a mountain in the Great Plains area and then glide from one side of the plains to the other (as I did). Or perhaps you could glide from a tower in the Great Plains or Redwood Steppe regions down to the Forest Plateau region. Alternatively, progress until you reach the Mountain Tundra region and glide down from the mountain tops into the Great Plains region.

The only caveat is that you cannot use an updraft. Neither to gain height nor to sustain your flight. If you come into contact with an updraft at any point since leaving the ground, the trophy will be void until you touch solid ground again.

Earning more Eagle Flaps will make this trophy much easier, as you can get additional height before beginning your glide. I myself had 8 when I attempted the trophy.

Trophy Image
Super Slide

Slide 400 meters down a steep slope.

For this trophy you just need to find a steep slope long enough for you to slide 400 meters down it.

The mountainous areas are best for this. I managed to achieve it by sliding down one of the mountain slopes near the Fortress in the Redwood Steppe area, but there are many more opportunities for this in later domains.

Trophy Image
Epic Landing

Fall 150 meters without gliding and land hard.

You can do this trophy from any of the spirit towers that you need to deliver Lightstones to in order to cleanse a Child of the Eagle Mother.

From the top of any of these towers, simply jump off without gliding and allow yourself to fall all the way to the ground. There’s no fall damage, the Hunter will just strike a cool pose and walk it off.

My trophy screenshot is taken at a really weird time for some reason, but this is the tower I leapt off to earn the trophy.
Trophy Image
River Rider

Drift 300 meters down a river.

You can earn this trophy in the Forest Plateau near the start of the game. Simply find a river which is deep enough that you cannot stand up in it, causing the Hunter to begin to swim. Then, head up-stream a good amount. Once you’re confident you are far enough upstream, enter the water and then put the controller down.

After about a minute or so, the river will have carried you 300 meters and the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
Forest Whisperer

Run with 6 animals.

This trophy can be quite tricky to figure out and may take a few attempts to successfully pull off.

The trophy requirement asks that you run with 6 animals at once, but isn’t very descriptive about what that means.

Throughout your journey you’ll come across many animals such as Deer, Rabbits, Boars, and Wolves. If you run by these creatures they will run away, but if you follow them you can run alongside them for a short while.

If you keep this up for long enough, using Talismans to match their speed, and following whichever direction they go, gold particles will spawn underneath them, indicating that you have bonded and they will now follow you.

To unlock the trophy, you will need to follow a creature until it bonds with you, and then run with it to another creature, follow that one until it bonds with you, and so on and so forth until 6 creatures have bonded with you.

The trophy will pop when the gold particles spawn for the 6th creature.

Note that wolves are the best for this, they’re quick enough that you won’t outrun them and lose them, and they also bond with you very quickly. The second best for this are Deer.

The trophy can be done in any region but the Mountain Tundra has the most Wolves, making it the ideal place to attempt the trophy if you can find a large enough stretch of flat ground so you can run unobstructed.

Note also that for some reason if you run too far or too fast you might lose some of the animals who have already bonded with you, which is very frustrating.

I’ve included below video footage of me accomplishing this trophy in the hopes that it will help.

Miscellaneous Storm Trophies

The following trophies are earned through completion of the storm sequences which occur when a corrupt spirit approaches you while you are trying to collect enough Lightstones to cleanse them.

Trophy Image
Storm Survivor

Survive 3 storm encounters unscathed.

During a storm sequence, the corrupt spirit will use it’s eye like a spotlight to try and spot you in the grass. The goal is to avoid being seen by the spirit and make it all the way to your Eagle.

To avoid being spotted you simply have to make sure you are not moving while the light from the spirit’s eye is on you.

To earn this trophy, you need to make it through a storm sequence without being seen at all, three times.

This is simple enough and I managed to earn the trophy after completing my first three storm sequences.

Trophy Image
Eagle’s Companion

Pet the eagle 4 times.

You can pet the Eagle at any time by pressing , allowing you to move to brush your hand across the Eagle’s body. However, this trophy description is misleading in that it does not explain that you need to pet the eagle while it is coated in darkness four times.

When you first meet the Eagle, this trick will be taught to you, and you will use the petting system to cleanse the bird’s feathers of the darkness.

Throughout the game, during storm sequences and around statues which it is scared of, the bird’s feathers will gather a buildup of darkness.

Simply pet the Eagle to cleanse it’s feathers 4 times in total throughout the game and the trophy will pop.

Phase Four – Finish the Story and Collect your Platinum

If by this point in The Pathless Trophy Guide you have now collected every Lightstone and the gift from each spirit, it is now safe to finish the game as the secret ending will be guaranteed.

If you finish the game without earning the secret ending, you can select “Continue” when returned to the game’s title screen. This will load you in just before you went up to the floating island, giving you opportunity to complete the requisites for the secret ending and complete the game again to view it.

View the Credits and the Secret Ending

Trophy Image
The Truth is a Pathless Land

Complete the game and view the credits.

Simply reach the game’s credits, watch them, and this trophy will pop once they end.

Trophy Image
A New Path Awaits

Witness the extended ending.

This secret ending is unlocked by having all the gifts from the spirits. If you complete the game without having every gift, you will not see this ending and cannot earn the trophy.

You can track which spirits have given you their gift via the Manual Save function in the pause menu. Normally, a spirit that you have cleansed is displayed as a white icon, but when you have received their gift this icon will turn gold.

The extended cutscene will play after the credits and the trophy will pop just before that, on the developer’s logo.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
No Path Untraveled

Collect all trophies.

With every other trophy in this The Pathless Trophy Guide in the bag, you’ll obviously earn this brand new Platinum to sport proudly within your collection. Congrats!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for this The Pathless Trophy Guide, consider checking out our reviews and other guides!

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